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02:16:43 PM Mar 10th 2013
Re new cut request: This page is like The Situation. Is there a reason why locking it doesn't work to fix the issues?
10:41:30 AM Mar 9th 2013
Re: Cut request:

Rogue cut request by likely same vandal as yesterday under new sock, please decline
04:55:41 PM Jun 19th 2012
DAMN! Are you 100 % sure, that Naughty Tentacles'll get you problems with Goolag?
12:46:08 AM Jan 10th 2015
edited by Medinoc
From re-reading the appropriate threads (I stumbled on them again in a Wiki Walk), it turns out it stopped being about Google rather quickly.

Apparently the website's administrator Fast Eddie actually Wanted A Clean Wiki All Along, and the incident only drew his attention onto how the wiki wasn't as pure as he thought (just like complaints draw Google's attention on NSFW websites to make them cut funding). How this eluded him all this time is a mystery, but it means that even if Google changed its contents policy, it wouldn't affect the wiki's No Lewdness rule.
01:58:15 AM Jan 10th 2015
Ho-hum. If Google changed its policy Naughty Tentacles would have a chance of coming back. I think Eddie didn't like the page partly because it kicked off the 2nd Incident.

Also, this is a big wiki. One person can easily miss things. Especially if their roles on the wiki involve stuff other than "checking all pages", which nobody does.
06:37:15 PM May 13th 2012
TV Tropes forums getting shut down? Umm. What the hell do we do when the discussion pages of Redlinked get shut down and locked without an appeal or discussion? It feels like 1/15th of the links I am seeing are Redlinked now. Honestly. This site exploded far faster then imaginable. Also a simple normal page with the "Please feel free to edit/add a new example" being replaced with "This Trope/Work page was detrimental to the site" Would be significantly better then the mildly insulting "WE DON'T WANT THIS HERE" that we are getting from clicking certain links posted throughout the site.
12:11:09 PM Apr 12th 2012
The fact that Konomo No Jikan is part of this reeks of the One Manga shutdown back in the day, which used the exact same tactics — first troll the sites, then when ignored, complain to the advertisers.

Why does Google have any say on non Ad Sense pages, anyway?

I do hope the "pedophilic overtones" thing is still undergoing debate. Works shouldn't be purged to satisfy trolls harassing the site, and the current effort has descended into a Pedo Hunt.
03:25:20 PM May 5th 2012
Lolita was restored.
06:31:36 PM May 13th 2012
Huh. Ad Sense as a trope page was removed? Just had to give them ideas.
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