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04:14:54 PM Jul 4th 2014
Figured I should point out that you might want to remove the "Have Fun" example at the bottom of the page, since that's clearly a mindset that's not welcome here anymore.

I really hate to complain like this, but so many people are becoming so absurdly anal-retentive about things like Natter and arbitrary formatting rules that I'm pretty sure were made up on the spot, that it really seems like no one remembers that this is supposed to be the informal, fun wiki. Yes, I'm aware that there needs to be some regulations about what's allowed and what isn't, but when the situation gets to the point that I hear "You should have added that this way, and we're gonna ban you now because you did that in a way we didn't like.", it seems like something's gone wrong.
01:40:44 AM Jul 5th 2014
"Informal and fun" covers a lot of stuff, ya know. Including example writeups. There are ways to write "informal and fun" that don't involve natter and formatting.
10:52:49 AM Jul 5th 2014
Plus you are not going to get banned for a single mistake. Bans are for persistent refusal or inability to comply.
08:07:46 AM Jul 6th 2014
Maybe I should explain myself a little better. I'm not saying that people should be allowed to post Natter wherever they like, my issue is that people are so obsessed with removing it that they'll chop and report anything that looks even remotely like Natter, which really shuts down any ability to write up entries casually, since you have pore over every one with a microscope to make sure people don't have an excuse to complain about them. And to be honest, I don't agree with the attitude against Word Cruft here either, but I'm going to leave that be.

And the formatting this place seems to follow is a joke. Honestly, who responds to seeing several related but separate entries by cramming them together into one long, nigh-unreadable paragraph? It's hilarious that the page on the subject refers to this site's formatting as basic English, when every time I've been "corrected" on it, the correction is as far from basic English and organization as you can possibly get.
08:37:22 AM Jul 6th 2014
I've never seen people being that pedantic about entries, so I am not exactly highly concerned
01:07:39 PM Jul 7th 2014
edited by
Well, Pyro Wildcat, you'll have to accept that TV Tropes is a wiki, not a forum.

Which means (among other things) that the fun on TV Tropes should be on the part of the reader browsing the wiki, not on the part of the editor killing time with the wiki. Admittedly, being funny and having fun are two very different things.

Incidentally, your recent edit on YMMV.Pokemon X And Y makes it sounds like the wiki is talking to itself:
  • The removal of the Move Tutors. For all the advances made towards making the game more newbie friendly for competitive battling, the lack of move tutors is a glaring omission. Especially since there's several Gen VI Pokemon that lack key moves to rounding out their movesets. Sadly, those who refer to this as a "removal" are willingly ignoring the fact that Move Tutors have never been included in the first games of any generation.
It generally isn't fun to listen to people talking to themselves.
03:49:54 PM Nov 2nd 2010
I removed a two points about Repair, Don't Respond, because they were already present near the top of the page and didn't really have any additional information
11:07:09 AM Sep 12th 2010
edited by robert
Organising by medium is now the default for tropes pages, at least beyond a certain minimum length The page needs adjusting accordingly. Also, bold in the second level bullets looks a little off, presentationally.

Later: More accurately, having bold text at the start of successive lines looks too heavy, and that was happening because the second level bullet points were relatively short.
10:30:29 AM Sep 12th 2010
I cut this:

If it is a scene from a trailer and it looks pretty solid (notwithstanding Never Trust a Trailer) don't even say that it is from a trailer, again because saying "From the fall 2005 trailer" will become dated.

from the section on "Don't use the phrase "most recent"..." because it seems to me that it is good practice to identify it as coming from a trailer; the scene may play out very differently in the actual film. If the example is identified as being from a trailer, then when the film comes out, if it still holds up, the notation that it was from the trailer can be cut; but if it doesn't, the trailer example can be cut completely.

Counter-arguments, anyone?
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