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09:32:26 AM May 18th 2013
Before I propose a new trope (a YMMV one specifically), is there already something along the lines of "What Do Mean so and so Is Not Emo?" (misinterpreting a character as being emo due to him or her being introspective and/or brooding but lacking any canonical evidence that their personalities are as such)? (e.g. Clare from Claymore, K' from King of Fighters, and Shadow the Hedgehog to name a few random examples of characters misinterpreted as emo despite there being little to no canonical evidence or word of God statements that their personalities are as such).
11:11:15 PM Dec 24th 2012
Female shapeshifter

The "loathly lady" is featured as a trope but not explained well. She is not merely a hag lusting for a good-looking young guy. Her defining feature is that she shape-shifts between loathsome hag and beautiful lady, sometimes voluntarily but sometimes because she's been cursed. I need a good definition and discussion of this trope. It's coming up a lot recently, and I'm surprised it's not here.