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06:33:48 AM Dec 10th 2017
Do you have to check the Related page of a work to see how many wicks the work has?
06:44:25 PM Dec 6th 2014
So, I was about to add two more to the list when I found out everything is locked. And surprise-suprise, I can't find the reason anywhere. (That seems to be a reoccurring thing that I keep running to.) Can anybody tell us why? Were they getting too big? Is the entire project canned?
06:49:26 PM Dec 6th 2014
It's because some idiot troll (you can see one of his spittle flecked rants below) won't stop vandalizing and harassing people working on this sort of thing.

He's been banned numerous times, but it doesn't work, as he's utterly unwilling to get over this and may be mentally ill.

You'll probably want to ask one of the mods in the Locked Pages thread to update things since they had to lock the pages to keep this fool from trying to vandalize them over and over.
11:22:12 PM Dec 6th 2014
I'd rather not. It would be way too irritating for me and the mods to keep going back and forth. I'll just save what I have for now and place in the lock thread later when I have... 15 or 20 completed.
09:56:32 AM Aug 10th 2012
When the page says "And please insert pages that have at least fifteen wicks", does it mean "please DELETE pages"?
04:24:31 PM Jun 17th 2012
Looks like we're going to have to split this soon enough. Would Migrated/ work out as a namespace for the subpages if we get to that point?
12:52:00 AM Jun 18th 2012
Yes, it would. This will need to be split in another 100,000 characters.
09:07:51 AM Jun 25th 2012
Oh, and I also did hear an idea about allowing for a certain minimum of wicks of a given work/creator to be listed. If so, 15-25 sounds like a reasonable minimum...
05:07:00 AM Jul 30th 2012
edited by StFan
I've thought about it. Works with less than 10 wicks can't really be considered "completed" since they receive little attention, and can easily be corrected if someone notice non-namespace wicks. I would agree removing those.

More than 10 wicks, now... I'm not too sure. We should do a head count to tell how many entries that would remove.

On second thought, I'd suggest using the same threshold as on Pages Needing Wicks. 12 of less (including the one wick from Completed Namespace Migrations), and we remove it (AND add it to Pages Needing Wicks if it isn't there already). More than 14, it stays.

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