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08:44:23 PM Apr 6th 2014
So what are we going to do about tropes from the later seasons? Do we create a sub-section for "2013 series", or do we just start including them in the main page?
08:11:54 AM Apr 7th 2014
As a general rule, tropes from sequels and spin-off can be put in the main page, under a separation line, until there are enough of them. Then we can think about a split.
07:41:22 PM Jun 24th 2012
Should we leave it as Anime: The Mysterious Cities Of Gold instead of moving it to Franchise: The Mysterious Cities Of Gold? The upcoming new seasons would probably belong to Western Animation: The Mysterious Cities Of Gold if they were counted as a separate series, but they're not, and they don't belong in Anime: The Mysterious Cities Of Gold since none of the animation for the new seasons is being done in Japan.
03:54:14 AM Jun 25th 2012
This is not enough to qualify as Franchise. A Franchise has to cover several different media.

And I don't see why the upcoming seasons can't be counted as a separate series, given how many years separate them. It'll probably be clearer to have separate articles for their tropes rather than clutter them on the same page.

There have been precedents, some seasons of a series getting their own pages even without a namespace change (see Torchwood).
12:27:58 PM Jun 25th 2012
This would cover anime and western animation. Which last I check is several medias. Heck, several Franchises in the namespace have only 2 medias. Heck, Franchise.Halo barely makes any mention of the novels, focusing almost exclusively on the videogames.

Having them as separate article seems like a bad idea since the new series is clearly intended to follow up on the original. Having readers needing to back and forth between the two articlex for anything to make any sense is not going to be clearer.
02:32:43 PM Jun 25th 2012
edited by StFan
But Anime and Western Animation are not two different medias. It's the same media: animation.

That this wiki use different namespaces for works in the same media (Anime/, Animation/, WesternAnimation/) doesn't mean anything; it's just how the wiki functions. Using the Franchise/ namespace in this case would go against the formating rules.

There are plenty pages with two articles for the same name (mostly Anime/ and Manga/), without having it considered a franchise.

And again, a postcript season separate from the main work is nothing new. A mention atop the page that examples for the new seasons are going in their own article is perfectly fine, and enough to avoid a mixing of tropes.
01:10:42 AM Oct 6th 2012
I think it's really splitting hairs. The animation of the original series was does in Japan, even if it was a Japanese/French coproduction so there's no reason not to consider it anime (Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust was a Japan/US coproduction and originally wasn't even released with a Japanese language version but is obviously still anime). And the new series is actually rather surprising for being a direct sequel to the original series, so splitting it into its own page seems highly counterproductive. Just leave well enough alone.
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