Sailor Earth has these relationships to other tropes:

parents kids shares a parent with:
Mary Sue
Original Character
Sixth Ranger
parent child
Mary SueBlack Hole Sue
''Purity Sue
''Parody Sue
''Villain Sue
''Fixer Sue
''Jerk Sue
''God Mode Sue
''Mary Tzu
''Possession Sue
''Relationship Sue
''Sympathetic Sue
''Thirty Sue Pileup
''The Ace
''Mary Suetopia
''Her Code Name Was Mary Sue
''Marty Stu
''Mary Sue Classic
''Einstein Sue
''Anti Sue
''Canon Sue
''Copy Cat Sue
''Dream Sue
''Lemon Stu
''Neutrality Sue
''Mary Sue Hunter
Original CharacterOC Stand In
Sixth RangerEleventh Hour Ranger
''Sixth Ranger Traitor
''Three Plus Two
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