Quick Sand Sucks has these relationships to other tropes:

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Reality Is Unrealistic
parent child
Reality Is UnrealisticAluminum Christmas Trees
''Audible Sharpness
''Beeping Computers
''Bitter Almonds
''Blown Across The Room
''The Coconut Effect
''Common Fan Fallacies
''The CSI Effect
''Eagleland Osmosis
''Endangered Souffle
''Enhance Button
''Guns Are Worthless
''Hollywood Density
''Hollywood Hacking
''Incurable Cough Of Death
''Instant Death Bullet
''Kensington Gore
''Lead The Target
''Multiethnic Name
''Only A Flesh Wound
''Percussive Maintenance
''Quicksand Sucks
''Realistic Diction Is Unrealistic
''Space Does Not Work That Way
''Technicolor Science
''Telepathic Sprinklers
''Your Costume Needs Work
''Percussive Therapy
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