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Our Mermaids Are Different has these relationships to other tropes:

parents kids shares a parent with:
Mix And Match Critters
Our Monsters Are Different
Apparently Human Merfolk
Fish People
Mermaid Problem
Sapient Cetaceans
Sirens Are Mermaids
Unscaled Merfolk
parent child
Mix And Match CrittersPegasus
''Hybrid Monster
''Half Human Hybrid
Our Monsters Are DifferentOur Centaurs Are Different
''Our Gryphons Are Different
Mix And Match CrittersMinotaur
''Winged Humanoid
''Draconic Humanoid
Our Monsters Are DifferentOur Werebeasts Are Different
''The Fair Folk
''Our Elves Are Better
''Our Angels Are Different
''Our Banshees Are Louder
''Our Demons Are Different
''Our Dragons Are Different
''Our Dwarves Are All The Same
''Our Gargoyles Rock
''Our Ghosts Are Different
''Our Genies Are Different
''Our Ghouls Are Different
''Our Giants Are Bigger
''Our Goblins Are Different
''Our Gods Are Greater
''Our Gnomes Are Weirder
''Our Homunculi Are Different
''Our Liches Are Different
''Our Monsters Are Weird
''Our Ogres Are Hungrier
''Our Orcs Are Different
''Our Robots Are Nonstandard
''All Trolls Are Different
''Our Vampires Are Different
''Our Wights Are Different
''Our Zombies Are Different
''Not Using The Z Word
''Eldritch Abomination
''Call A Pegasus A Hippogriff
''Witch Species
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