Mooks has these relationships to other tropes:

parents kids shares a parent with:
Airborne Mook
Aquatic Mook
Bandit Mook
Dem Bones
Demonic Spiders
Elite Mook
Elite Mooks
Faceless Mooks
Fake Ultimate Mook
Gas Mask Mooks
Giant Mook
Heavily Armored Mook
Helpful Mook
Invincible Minor Mook
King Mook
Kung Fu Proof Mook
Mascot Mook
Middle Management Mook
Mini Mook
Mook Bouncer
Mook Lieutenant
Mook Medic
Night Of The Living Mooks
Nocturnal Mooks
Personal Mook
Player Mooks
Quirky Miniboss Squad
Slave Mooks
Stompy Mooks
Superpowered Mooks
That One Mook
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