Exposition has these relationships to other tropes:

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And Another Thing
Aside Comment
As You Know
Before The Dark Times
Captain Obvious
Captains Log
Cassette Craze
Combat Commentator
Description Porn
Elephants Child
Encyclopedia Exposita
En Route Sum-Up
Explaining Your Power To The Enemy
Expo Label
Exponential Plot Delay
Exposition Beam
Exposition Bomb
Exposition Break
Exposition Diagram
Exposition Intuition
Exposition Party
Expospeak Gag
Fictional Document
Fictional Media
Flavor Text
Happy Flashback
Haunted House Historian
He Knows About Timed Hits
Info Drop
Inner Monologue
Inner Monologue Conversation
It Gets Better
Just Between You And Me
Keep Reading
Lecture As Exposition
Lethally Expensive
Let Me Get This Straight
Little Jimmy
London England Syndrome
Luckily My Powers Will Protect Me
Mr Exposition
Naive Newcomer
Narrating The Obvious
Newspaper Dating
Obstacle Exposition
Opening Monologue
Opening Narration
Opening Scroll
Parrot Exposition
Postponed Question
Rambling Old Man Monologue
Recap By Audit
Recap Episode
Repeating So The Audience Can Hear
Sounding It Out
Sounds Of Science
Story Breadcrumbs
Talking Is A Free Action
Tell Me Again
The Big Board
Theory Before Phenomenon
The Watson
Thinking Out Loud
Third Person Flashback
Troubled Backstory Flashback
Two Scenes One Dialogue
War Was Beginning
We Have Been Researching Phlebotinum For Years
What Is Going On
What Year Is This
You Got Your Exposition In My Argument
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