Elemental Powers has these relationships to other tropes:

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Stock Superpowers
An Ice Person
Blow You Away
Casting A Shadow
Color Coded Elements
Dishing Out Dirt
Elemental Absorption
Elemental Armor
Elemental Baggage
Elemental Barrier
Elemental Embodiment
Elemental Nation
Elemental Rivalry
Elemental Rock Paper Scissors
Elemental Shapeshifter
Elemental Tiers
Extra Ore Dinary
Gravity Master
Green Thumb
Heart Beat Down
I Love Nuclear Power
Infinity Plus One Element
Light Em Up
Magma Man
Make Me Wanna Shout
Making A Splash
Mind Over Matter
Non Elemental
Playing With Fire
Poisonous Person
Power Of The Void
Pure Energy
Shock And Awe
Smoke Out
Soul Power
Space Master
Star Power
The Power Of The Sun
Time Master
parent child
Stock SuperpowersCombo Platter Powers
''Voluntary Shapeshifting
''Not Quite Flight
''Super Strength
''Super Speed
''All Your Powers Combined
''Animal Eye Spy
''Aura Vision
''Bad Powers Bad People
''Bad Powers Good People
''Barrier Warrior
''Batman Can Breathe In Space
''The Beastmaster
''Charm Person
''Combat Clairvoyance
''Combat Tentacles
''Artificial Limbs
''Dragon Rider
''Your Hearts Desire
''X Ray Vision
''Wall Crawl
Stock Super PowersPsychic Powers
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