Did You Just Romance Cthulhu has these relationships to other tropes:

parents kids shares a parent with:
Eldritch Abomination
Interspecies Romance
Unequal Pairing
parent child
Eldritch AbominationHumanoid Abomination
''Humans Are Cthulhu
''Adorable Abomination
''Animalistic Abomination
''Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu
''Did We Just Have Tea With Cthulhu
Interspecies RomanceBoy Meets Ghoul
''Male To Female Universal Adaptor
''Hot Skitty On Wailord Action
''Nonhuman Lover Reveal
Unequal PairingDivine Date
''Bodyguard Crush
''Teacher Student Romance
''Mentor Ship
''Bestiality Is Depraved
''Sleeping With The Boss
''A Match Made In Stockholm
''Parental Incest
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