Always Chaotic Evil has these relationships to other tropes:

parents kids shares a parent with:
Obviously Evil
Planet Of Hats
Aliens Are Bastards
Cats Are Mean
Evil Counterpart Race
Fantasy Axis Of Evil
Humans Are The Real Monsters
Reptiles Are Abhorrent
The Fair Folk
parent child
Obviously EvilKick The Dog
''Evil Empire
''Evil Is Not Well Lit
''Villainous Fashion Sense
''Evil Is Stylish
''Good Colors Evil Colors
''Devil In Plain Sight
''Swamps Are Evil
''Evil Is Visceral
''Names To Run Away From Really Fast
Planet Of HatsWorld Of Ham
''World Of Snark
''Always Lawful Good
''Klingon Scientists Get No Respect
''Dying Like Animals
''Humans Are Flawed
''My Species Doth Protest Too Much
''Humans Are Average
''World Of Woobie
''Humans Are Morons
''Proud Warrior Race Guy
''Proud Scholar Race Guy
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