Action Girl has these relationships to other tropes:

parents kids shares a parent with:
Always Female
Action Girlfriend
Action Mom
Affirmative Action Girl
Amazon Brigade
Badass Family
Badass Princess
Battle Couple
Biker Babe
Black Magician Girl
Dark Action Girl
Faux Action Girl
Girls With Guns
Guys Smash Girls Shoot
Hot Chick With A Sword
Kick Chick
Lady Of War
Little Miss Badass
Lovely Angels
Magical Girl Warrior
Mama Bear
Never Mess With Granny
Ninja Maid
Pirate Girl
Silk Hiding Steel
Sword And Sorcerer
Useless Boyfriend
Vasquez Always Dies
World Of Action Girls
parent child
Always FemalePrincess Tropes
''Mysterious Woman
''Iron Lady
''Robot Girl
''Di Staff Counterpart
BadassBadass Transplant
''Awesome Aussie
''Badass Normal
''Weapon Across The Shoulder
''Badass Pacifist
''Badass Family
''Badass Adorable
''Specs Of Awesome
''Badass Army
''Retired Badass
''Badass Spaniard
''Badass Mustache
''Badass Damsel
''Agent Peacock
Bad AssLittle Miss Badass
BadassCultured Badass
Bad AssBadass Driver
BadassBadass Minds Think Alike
''Badass On Paper
''Badass Bookworm
TomboyThe Ladette
''Tomboy And Girly Girl
''One Of The Boys
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