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    There was this show in Korea I used to watch...and I don't know the real name. It's been bugging me for three years. If somebody could tell me what this show's name is, I'd be rejoicing. Here's an episode link. (The page and episode are in Korean.) Thank you. [1] Reply
  • 7 Jan 23rd, 2011 at 12:12PM
    Live Action TV
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    I'm not sure if this is where you ask about specific episodes of shows, but two queries if so: 1) Stephen Fry once quoted an exchange from Star Trek TOS ("Somebody out there is saying the best three words in the universe." "What words, Captain?" "Please...help me.") Which episode is this from, because I've seen them all and don't remember this from anywhere. 2) And what was the episode of Diagnosis Murder where Mark Sloan got framed for murder, and the first part ended with another character welcoming him to 'hell'? I missed the second part and this has been bugging me for years. Reply

      That first one sounds like a paraphrase of Kirk and Edith Keeler's exchange in "The City on the Edge of Forever," where he shows her a star in the sky and says that a novelist from that star valued the words "Let me help" even over "I love you."

      The Diagnosis Murder two-parter was called "Retribution."

      Thanks for the Diagnosis Murder thing, I'll have to find out how that ended at some point.

      The Star Trek sounds wrong, because the actual exchange features Mc Coy and Kirk on the Enterprise (I looked it up). "One Star Trek episode culminated with Jim turning to Mc Coy and gesturing to the flight screen: 'You know Bones, out there someone is saying the three most beautiful words in the universe.' Do you know what those three words are? You might think that they would be, revoltingly, 'I love you', and in nine out of ten television programmes they would be, but not in Star Trek. CUT to Mc Coy looking quizzical and raising one eyebrow. CUT back to Captain Kirk, still looking out of the window, an almost wistful expression on his lovely face. He tells us the words. They are, simply, 'Please, help me.' MUSIC. END CREDITS."

      There's always the possibility that even Mr Fry can be mistaken. I remember reading that and my first thought was "He's seriously misremembering 'City on the Edge', but he's got what the scene's about right..."

      I don't think Scottv2's version is correct. Actual scene from "The City on the Edge of Forever (and you can read the transcript yourself here)

      EDITH: And you don't want to talk about it? Why? Did you do something wrong? Are you afraid of something? Whatever it is, let me help. KIRK: Let me help. A hundred years or so from now, I believe, a famous novelist will write a classic using that theme. He'll recommend those three words even over I love you. EDITH: Centuries from now? Who is he? Where does he come? Where will he come from? KIRK: Silly question. Want to hear a silly answer? EDITH: Yes. KIRK: A planet circling that far left star in Orion's belt. See?

      But Scottv2 is saying it's a completely different exchange, between Kirk and Bones, not Edith Keeler.

      I would suggest that he's making it up to make some sort of point about the intelligence of the programme, but it would completely invalidate his argument.
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    Western Animation
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    I think this was an animated film, it involved some animals that live under a tree or something and then their little animal village is gassed or something and one of their friends gets sick saving their parents and the other animals have to go looking for a cure, pretty sure one of the characters was a badger and there was a scene with diggers at one point though I could be mistaken, saw it when I was very young (so during the 90's) could have been released before then. Reply

      This sounds an awful lot like The Seceret of NIMH.

      Was it Once Upon a Forest?

      Yeah Once Upon a Forest, that looks like the one
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    Live Action TV
    A television commercial from the early to mid 90s which is not easy to describe. But I'll ask anyway.

    From what I remember, the ad starts with scenes in an art gallery(?) shot a odd angles, at some point a woman says "It's so powerful" and an older man says "I don't see it." Then it cuts to a young man speaking to a group of people in whats either a therapy session or a poetry slam. The young man says "...Came across a fountain, with a sign that says 'don't drink the water'..." a person makes a comment to her friend while he is speaking. Then it cuts to a lively jazz band, and... that's all I remember.

    What I want to know is What Were They Selling Again?? I want to look this commercial up, but it's very difficult to search without knowing what the ad was selling.

    I'm positive I did not dream this, I remember seeing it on TV multiple times. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    This video on Child Prodigies that is an Absolute Crowing Moment of Funny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Cpp71tpehg

    Anyone knows which show? Reply
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    This is a commercial from circa 1993. The product that is being advertised is a laxative medicine called Senokot. Another detail that I remember is that the commercial used the song "I Feel Good (I Knew That I Would)" in it. Could you help me find any information/videos for the commercial? Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Show that used to be shown in India in the mid-90s. Featured as prominent characters several balls in space. They had different personalities and were launched off the spaceship from time to time. One of the balls used to yell "Geronimo" upon launch.

    I've been trying to find this for many years now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Anand Reply

      It's not Terrahawks, is it? No idea when it was shown in India, but it was produced in the UK between 1983 and 1986.

      It's not Terrahawks, is it? No idea when it was shown in India, but it was produced in the UK between 1983 and 1986.

      Wow! This is the one!! I can't tell you how thankful I am - I've been obsessing over this show for years. Thanks Brickie!
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    I recall a fantasy webcomic, pretty much a standard fantasy setting. The part that sticks out in my mind the most is a female elf travelling with a human male. At one point they had sex, put the elf is upset about, wishes it never happened, and made the human forget with magic. after he finds out what had happened, he is very upset and feels he has been raped, while she doesn't seem to see anything wrong with her actions. I know there was more to the story than this, but I can't seem to remember it. Reply
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    I can't find a delete button so disregard this. It's Final Fantasy Legend 3', on the gameboy if anyone was wondering. found it right after I posted this.

    An old (16-bit?) video game, possibly the SNES, existed about 10-12 years back. The plot was kind of like the SNES F Fs and it was definatly a RPG: the world is slowly flooding from some kind of portally thing, and characters can be 'fed' items mosters sometimes drop to turn into thing like the monsters, with abilities. Kind of like Gau's Rages from FF 6, but for everyone. You start on a smallish island, and travel off it is via a 'float' spell, which unlike in FF, summons a floating rock which you ride. Reply
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    On So Bad It's Horrible, there is an entry with no link. Can someone find an upload of it?

  • 1 Feb 4th, 2011 at 7:07PM
    Live Action TV
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    It's a sitcom shown on YTV in the early 2000s. Your average sitcom family/plots, except that they also live with a Egyptian pharaoh/mummy (forgot which). If I remember correctly, people had British accents. Reply
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    There's this scene, and it's been bugging me what it's from. In the scene, there is a guy looking in the mirror, wearing a mask. He takes off the mask but you don't see what's underneath and then he yells and smashes the mirror with the mask and... something. Basically some sort of breakdown. I think it's either a cartoon or a movie. The masked person wears a mask all the time and I'm pretty sure you never get to see his face. He might be the bad guy. Reply

      The origin story of the Red Hood in Batman: The Brave and the Bold goes like that, but somehow I assume that you'd remember if it was that. Batman: The Brave and the Bold is good at being memorable. (In case it is that, though, the episode is "Deep Cover for Batman".)

      I second that suggestion. That's pretty much got to be it.

      V for Vendetta?

      V FOR VENDETTA! Thank you!

      Ugh I feel so stupid for not remembering that x.x
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    A book about a child, possibly of the nickname Tiger, who is leaving a war zone, and brings a fish from home. We are never told the child's name, or even gender I think, but through miles of hiking up and down mountains and getting caught in mud and avoiding land-mines with Father, Mother, and the guide, the fish (which may or may not have consistent size) comes to a refugee camp, with Father, Mother, and (?) Tiger, first in a pot, then a bottle, then the child's mouth. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I remember that this show was on Kids WB, and appeared on Saturday Mornings. It featured four teens, who I think had superpowers. One MAY have had the ability to transform into creatures....

    And it was also animated in stop-motion/claymation. Reply

      Teen Titans seems the most obvious, but that is probably too popular to be forgotten, plus it had 5 teens. Perhaps it could Shaolin Showdown?

      You mean Xiaolin Showdown.

      Unfortunately, that's not stop-motion.

      You might be thinking of Phantom Investigators.

      "And it was also animated in stop-motion/claymation.". Neither Teen Titans nor Xiaolin Showdown was stop-motion.

      I don't have a guess, just that correction.

      Sorry, didn't notice that caveat.

      Yes! It WAS Phantom Investigators! Thanks!
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    Young adult novel - there's a kid who befriends a girl, and then meets a wealthy relative of hers - he's really impressed with the man and his lifestyle and starts to feel a bit ashamed of his own in comparison (in particular I remember the man listened to a lot of opera, and the boy reminisced about how the only times he ever heard any opera were when his family used to turn the radio to an opera station and would all start mocking it by doing dramatic poses and faux lip-syncing). It then turns out the man was either a hiding Nazi war criminal, or just a former Nazi. I also remember the man had a pet papillon, and it might have been in another book, but I remember the girl saying something about having another relative who she compared to Archie Bunker, and adding that sort of thing isn't as funny in real life. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    where does this come from? Reply

      That'll be HTTP_NOT_FOUND.html.var from the Apache web server, most likely with some of the signature fields turned off.
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    This is probably pretty old, with corny special effects. The only scene I remember is someone opening a door, and there was a dragon with many heads behind it. I think it may have been in black and white. Reply

      Clash of the titans?

      No, it was more B-movie-ish.

      I hope you're thinking of "The Magic Sword," because that's just about the only thing I can think of off the top of my head.

      Maybe Jason and the Argonauts

      Jack the Giant Killer, maybe?

      Still could be Clash of the Titans. There was an older one, which was kind of B-movie-ish, back in the 70s or 80s, which I assume the original person who guessed Clash was referring to.

      yeah that's what I was referring to.

      I'm stupid. That's the one.
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    I saw the film a number of years ago and I think I caught it halfway through. A group of terrorists had managed to get into a nuclear missile silo. The main protagonist was an Asian guy — I think he was supposed to have just been the pizza delivery guy who got stuck in there — with extreme martial arts skills. On the outside the military commander was a female who at one point had a joke played on her with one of her subordinates sending her a blow-up doll.

    There was a Big Guy who kept getting nailed with groin shots by the protagonist leading up to a scene where it's attempted again and there's a metallic clang whereupon he lifts the sheet of metal he'd stuck down the front of this pants. Whereupon I believe the protagonist just kicked him again. Oh, and there's a later scene where the protagonist is being stalked in a dark room by a female with night vision goggles. We see him apparently huddled in a corner trying to hide before he pulls out a flashlight and blinds her. Oh, and I do remember they had a computer guy who was doing the Password Slot Machine thingie where the numbers line up one by one.

    ^_^ Anyone remember this one? Reply

      Have you checked the "Die Hard" on an X page?

      Edit: Apparently, there is nothing on it about "Die Hard in a missile silo". Damn.

      I saw the movie you're talking about years ago, and remember the crotch-kicking part. I don't know the name of the movie, but I can tell you the Asian guy was Don Wilson.

      ^ That was enough to lead me to Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero. Not a pizza guy, but a military courier. Other than that, sounds like a match.

      ^_^ That's the movie in all its schlocky glory. Och, memories...
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    This has bothered me for so long I'm wondering if it actually exists.

    A crappy horror movie about a clown killing teenagers at a campground. It's got a standard plot: The kids go on a camping trip, their van breaks down and they stuck at a creepy campground. I think they find some weird wind-up false teeth or something, wind them up, and that's what awakens the clown. I'm pretty sure one of them is killed by the teeth. Reply

      Is it Killer Klowns From Outer Space? I donít remember that specifically being in it but itís been a LONG time since I last saw it.

      It's definitely not killer klowns from outer space.

      Isn't there a clown in It? I've never seen that movie, but from what can be seen here...

      it's not It.


      It was Killjoy 2, thank you.

      Cool. Glad I could help.
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    So my mom once told me she saw this movie late at night and it freaked her out, but she didn't know what it was called. She said it starts off with a kid killing his mom and sister and propping them up like they're praying. Then he locks himself in a room and apparently lays down on a sword, killing himself. Then it shows him going to hell. That's all I know and i was hoping to check this movie out some time, so please if anyone knows help a brotha out. Reply

      I think the movie is called "Hideaway" with Jeff Goldblum, Alicia Silvertone, and that guy from Clueless who left Cher in the parking lot after the party in the valley. Also Alfred Molina is in it. :)
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    someone know of an anime where a titan with crystal bones holds above him something like a country or even the whole world (sorry don't remember much of it, i was pretty young when i watched it) and needs somebody to play a musical instrument (maybe a harp) for his bones not to break? Reply
  • 0 Feb 1st, 2011 at 11:11AM
    Over at reddit, this one poster was looking for a comic that sounded really interesting. Here is his description:

    "Anybody seen this [one] off web comic about a hero who defeats an "evil villain". the people are grateful but in the absence of a villain they start to become [bad]. so the hero decides to become a villain, so the people will band together in bad times, until another hero rises to defeat him."

    Any ideas? Here is the link with more information: http://bit.ly/hoedxz Reply
  • 2 Feb 1st, 2011 at 9:09AM
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    Spoof teen comedy horror along the lines of "Not Another Teen Movie" and the like.

    Only saw the first minute or so of the film, a guy's wearing a normal looking mask and accidentally sets himself on fire. He puts it out by putting his head into a bird table/fountain and the mask has melted to look like a scream mask. Then the titles come on screen.

    The title's fairly long. Perhaps released 2004/05? Reply
  • 4 Jan 30th, 2011 at 2:02PM
    Live Action TV
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    Hey does anyone remember a show that was around in 2009ish? I think it was one the fox station but im not positive. The show is about a crew that is on a space crafte that is exploring space for a new place to live because earth will soon be uninhabitable. The crew is also being filmed on the ship as a tv show shown back on earth. There is also a thing where they put on like sunglass type things where its virtual reality and they choose what they see and you can chat with other people if they also have theirs on aswell. The captain and the docter(?) lady have an affair together through the virtual reality things. The docter ladies husband or fiance or whatever is in charge of the tv show. the second in command is a bald guy in a wheelchair. There is something wrong with the ship on the outside so the captain has to go fix it but when he gets back he airlock room closes on him and he gets sucked out into space after mouthing i love you to the docter lady. Later her husband/fiance is shown going over the footage of the ship seeing that he mouthed i love you to her. When she goes back to her room there is a virtual reality thing there and when she asks the ship computer who put it there it says it doesnt know. when she puts it on shes in midwestern times and then the captain shows up on a horse asking for a nurse to take good care of his men. before he leaves she tries to talk to him and he says dont worry this is just the begginning or something to that effect then rides of with bad ass music. i think it might have been the pilot. can any one help? Reply

      I think the show your thinking of is called Defying Gravity- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defying_Gravity_%28TV_series%29

      "Virtuality." A Ronald D. Moore project that never got past the pilot stage. Too bad, it looked like it had promise.

      Thansk guys! defying gravity looks sick i will give it a look! and yeah virtuality was the one i was thinking of...darn it! now i will never know how it ended! argh! haha

      I didn't see the end either ;(
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    Western Animation
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    I remember this show from (I think) a few years ago, and I believe it might have been on Cartoon Network. I remember it centered around a music teacher and kids that might have been his class. I remember a line from the theme song: "Washington DC, that's where life becomes a sitcom; if you ain't got no rhythm we're gonna show you how to get sommmeeee YEAH!". I also remember one episode where the kids were imagining a world without music. One kid said:"If there was no music, we wouldn't have hearts because there'd be no beat" or something like that. Thanks! Reply