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    Western Animation
    In Street Sharks, the characters had stupid puns like "Jawsome" or "Fintastic" but I also remember they had one that was kind of like a Last-Second Word Swap. I cannot remember what it was. It was similar to TMNT when they say, "What the shell?!" Reply
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    Say, is there any M.U.G.E.N like game with online play? And I don't mean one of those MUGEN mods. Reply
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    Does anyone remember/know where to find a story on fictionpress/fanfiction.net called Holy Dark or The Holy Dark, which was about a male kitsune named Kurobushko (or something along those lines) and a female demon hunter? I remember a lot about it despite not being able to find it.
    All demons are sociopaths to a certain degree, because of their exposure to a force they reverently call the "Holy Dark". The Holy Dark powers their demonic abilities and makes it difficult for them to feel empathy and compassion towards other creatures, but by itself it's a fairly neutral/passive force and doesn't make them do evil things. During certain phases of the moon, the Holy Dark is the strongest and will often "favour" certain individuals.

    At the start of the story the protagonist, a kitsune named Kuro, is hanging out with his best friend. His friend is pretty notorious for being bloodthirsty and sadistic, even among kitsune (who are the trailer trash of the demon world) and later on becomes the antagonist of the story. Kitsune can use the Holy Dark to shapeshift and create fire and all sorts of other stuff, but they need to feed on human souls. Kuro's friend just makes sure that the process of feeding on people is as messy and painful as possible for the victim.

    Later on, Kuro sees a young woman, naked on a roof and is drawn towards her as a potential meal, despite all the strangeness of the scenario that should set off alarm bells in his head. It turns out that this woman is a demon hunter using magic to lure him, and Kuro narrowly escapes being killed by one of her spells. However, he's bound to her will and the rest of the story up to the climax is actually Slice of Life. It has Kuro living with the demon hunter, finding out she's actually a really nice person, growing fond of her and learning to have "human" feelings because of the magic used to bind him.

    During the climax he fights his old kitsune friend and uses the Holy Dark to save the demon hunter's life. However, because now she has the Holy Dark inside of her she's no longer the same person that she was before - colder and more distant. It ends with her and Kuro parting ways and no longer able to fit in with either demons or humans, him tainted by humanity and her by the Holy Dark.

    It's been over five years since I've last read this, but I loved it to death and wanted to re-read it... if only I could find it. Reply

      I checked fanfiction.net, and couldn't find it. I then tried googling it, but got references to religious sites and Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen.
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    Say, is there any kind of RTS game with any similarities to M.U.G.E.N's ability to easily add custom content to it? Reply

      Most of Blizzard's modern RT Ss have robust level creation tools. The newest (StarCraft 2) has an editor that allows practically every aspect of the game (Camera, units, stats, models, textures, interface) to be changed.

      Also, the Earth 21x0 series has had unit customization in game, but nothing as extensive.
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    Im looking for a an old TV show , where in two boys stays with their uncle i guess..Uncle is an American and has a daughter...And there's also a Nanny in the house...I dont remember the names of the actors so that i cud google... i remember seeing it in my school days.. it must be in late 70's or 80's. cud anyone help with this.. Thanks in advance...


      Nanny and The Professor, perhaps? It wasn't an Uncle, the three kids were all his kids, but it has the two boys and a girl, and the Nanny... The only other thing is it was early 70's not late.
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    Western Animation
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    A series, most likely from the 80s. One man, one woman and a dog, maybe a retriever. Uses an RV. Fight bad guys. That is all I can remember, I'm in kindergarten at that time. Reply

      This sounds like Shazam! only there was no woman and I don’t remember a dog. It aired in tandem with The Secrets of Isis, which definitely did star a woman, so maybe you got them mixed up in your head.

      Sorry, I remember it is animated.

      I doubt this is it, as you'd probably remember if it was a Scooby Doo show, but in the 80's we had "The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo." The only characters from the original series that were in this one were a man (Shaggy), a woman (Daphne), and a dog (Scooby), and they had an RV (The Mystery Machine). The show also had Scrappy and an all-new character called Flim-Flam, which you don't mention in your recollection.

      However, just in case, here's the Wikipedia article on it:


      There's also Goldie Gold and Action Jack, with her dog, Nugget. They don't have just an RV, though. Her money gets them all sorts of interesting vehicles.


      Yes, it was Goldie Gold and Action Jack. Thanks.
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    I'm looking for the name of a show I watched as a very young child (in the early to mid nineties). It showed somewhat late, as I had to sneak out of bed to watch it, and I want to say it was on Cartoon Network when I watched it ... but I'm not positive.

    It's main character was a man, in live action (I think) who would segue into animated vinettes about himself and his friends. I don't remember much about this part of the show, other than there was one plot line that somehow involved him getting hypnotized.

    The main plot line was broken up by other animated shorts. I remember that it once had a story about the first hippopotamus to go into the water, and how he was turned into a vegetarian by God(?) because he was eating up all of the fish. There was another story about how the toucan got it's colorful beak, things like that. I don't recall how the show segued into this part, and they may or may not actually be connected to the bit I'm about to describe.

    The part I remember most vividly was a bit where a (live action) vampire would tell not-so-scary stories to live action children. The stories were animated, and the children were often less than impressed. I think that the vampire may have been called uncle something or other ... I'm not sure. I also don't recally whether it was implied that he was, in universe, a real vampire or a guy in a suit. I want to think he was implied to be an actual vampire, but I was very young at the time and this may not be the case.

    This has been bothering me for years, as I remember adoring the show ... but I have not idea what it was and none of my friends seem to have ever seen it, or don't recall watching it. thank you for any tips you can give me! Reply
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    A few years ago(5-6ish) a friend had me watch an anime on DVD, it just recently poped into my head and i want to track it down. All i remember is it was about either a humanoid tiger, or a human with tiger-ish features..I vaguely remember stripes on him, living with or being controlled by a teenage boy who could either shoot, or control lightning. The only two episodes i remember anything about one was a beach episode involving a giant fish. And the other involved weasel demons that moved so fast no one could see them that knocked people down and cut them. Also each episode, or dvd disk ended with a completely unrelated comedy super deformed skit. Reply

      Ushio and Tora? I think it's about a boy and his "pet" tiger-demon.
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    Western Animation
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    I saw a trippy Cartoon Network commercial in the 1990s. I think Dexter turned into a live-action guy driving a car. I'm 100% sure that Bugs Bunny turned into Wally Gator. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    I saw these animated shorts on either HBO or Showtime in the early 80s. I've been trying to find out more about them for years. I thin the production companies for both series were European, possibly French.

    1. A series of cartoon shorts where the characters were anthropomorphic insects. The one I remember the most clearly involved a cricket who was trying to practice his singing. Every time he opened his mouth, some other insect would make a sound an interrupt him. The bees would fly by (sounding like jet airplanes), or another bug would saw some wood, etc. The cricket became increasingly frustrated until he finally snapped and chased the other bugs around, yelling at them. There was no actual language, just incoherent yelling and babbling. Finally, all the other bugs were quiet, but he'd lost his voice from all the yelling so couldn't practice anyway. At the end, the cricket manages to organize all the other bugs to make their sounds on cue, and directs them like a symphony.

    Another toon in this series focused on the bees, which had elephant-like trunks that would suck up nectar from the flowers and made sounds like airplanes when they flew. I don't remember nearly as much of the plot of that one.

    2. The other short animated series had a cutesy little puppy an kitten drawn in a round style similar to Hello Kitty (but it wasn't Hello Kitty). The only thing I remember about these shorts are the jaunty little theme tune and that the critters never talked. They moved their heads and gestured, but instead of talking, the theme tune would play to suggest that they were talking.

    Either of these sound familiar to anyone? Reply

      The first one sounds so much like "minuscule-secret lives of insects" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minuscule_(TV_series) that's a French show with air-plane noise bees, each episode about 5 mins..but it's early 2000's not 80's

      I actually did find Miniscule, but that's not it. It was traditional cel animation, from 30+ years ago. The insects were more anthropomorphic; the cricket stood on two legs and used his other four as arms.

      Holy crap! After literally YEARS of looking for this thing, I finally found one!

      I FINALLY stumbled on the right combination of random key words in Google. I got the sequence of events a bit backwards, but I did seem to get the gist of it right.

      The series with the cricket was called Liliput-Put.


      That only leaves the cutesy little puppy and kitty cartoon.

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    Two different things: One pretty big ongoing cartoon series, might have aired on Cartoon Network and was about a mouse/rodent society. I also remember the name Arthur being featured somehow, perhaps the name of a main character and/or in the title of the show. Secondly is an obscure comic series featured in the Fox kids magazines (the magazines also featured some other shows that were sent on the channel, such as Digimon, Inspector Gadget, etc. Or I'm just confusing different magazines) I vaguely remember it, but I believe it sort of had a Tom and Jerry plot to it, but it most definitely isn't. Or most I remember of it is that it was about a grey cat and had a really strange name (the show/comic, not the cat). Sorry for being extremely vague here. Reply

      Is the first one Arthur?

      Yeah, that's the one. Thank you.

      Eek! The Cat was a Fox Kids series (in the US), but he was purple.

      Oh yeah, that's the one. My memories are a blur.

      Fox Kids existed in Europe, you know. There were only a few rodents in Arthur; the main character was an aardvark (a little like an anteater).
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    This is kind of a tough one, because what I remember isn't a song or music video, just an odd quirk of a band's discography: While doing a Wiki Walk through All Music Guide, I found the page of a band where their bio said that originally, the band had wanted to change their name every time they put out a new album, but always give their albums the same title (you know, the opposite of what bands normally do). After doing this for their first two albums, they decided it was a stupid idea and stuck to one band name from then on. Anyone know who this band might be? Reply

      This has been bugging me for a while too... The only result I can find is the band 'Trotsky Icepick' which released two albums called 'Poison Summer' before finding a band name they wanted to settle on. Their biography's not on All Music Guide however, so I think a more recent band has come up with the same idea.

      The K.L.F.? They changed their name tons of times in the early years.

      This is ringing a bell, I think it was a fairly well-known band, but I can't remember which one.

      The only thing I'm coming up with, and I don't think this is it, is that in the 1980s there was a band called Flowers whose debut album was called Icehouse, and so many people thought that it was an album called Flowers by a band called Icehouse that they changed their name.

      Maybe I read about this on the other wiki instead of all music to begin with, because I looked up Trotsky Icepick there and saw the following: "For their first albums (both entitled Poison Summer), they adhered to the concept that the name of the band would change with each new album while each record would bear the same title. With their third album ready for release the group finally bowed to record label pressure and permanently adopted Trotsky Icepick as a handle". Sounds to me like I've found the right band.
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    Double post, please disregard / delete. Reply
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    Okay, so this is (another) kids' book. Actually, it might have been a short series of books. It follows three kids, one girl, two guys. It's written in limited third person, but it switches PO Vs between the kids on a regular basis.

    One of the boys was named Duncan, and he suspected one of his teachers (whose name was Angeline or something like that) of being an alien after said teacher made him use this new brain wave amplifier thing in front of the class, which he realized was alien technology. However, the real alien was the only teacher who had been nice to him (She[?] taught home ec, I think). The actual alien had burned her latex-like glove (it was part of the human disguise) on the stove the first class and ran out of the room, seemingly in tears. Duncan assumed she ran because she was embarrassed of burning her finger (he doesn't realize it's a disguise, no one does) and shy.

    Later on, he pulls a fire alarm, forgetting that people who pull the fire alarm get their hands sprayed with this purple ink that won't come off until days afterwards. He finds the burned glove in a Dumpster and uses it to cover up his purple hand. (He also was feeling a little nasty that day and passed the top of the glove, which was disintegrating a bit, as a skin infection to a classmate who kept staring at him).

    Anyway, because he's Book Dumb but wants to be smart, he keeps sneaking out to the school and using the brain wave thing on himself, to the point where his brain can actually start hearing radio and television waves as well. It's horribly distracting and headache-inducing. At about this point the real alien kidnaps him and starts using his enhanced brain to communicate with off-planet aliens. She had been positively delighted when she had discovered he had used the machine on himself voluntarily.

    The girl also had a plotline (probably), but I don't really remember it. She saves Duncan and tells him that the "hours" he had been missing were actually three weeks. She had a decent role in the other kid's plot as well, but I don't remember what it was. She might have been his friend? She might have tried to persuade him to not do...something. Something to do with aliens? Whatever. Anyway, the third kid was a loner/loser type, I'm pretty sure. He reminded me of Tobias. I don't remember how, but he got involved with another alien (this one's a good guy as well as a guy) and left to go off to space with him. This is why I think it might be a series; I'm pretty sure the departure happened last minute at the end of the first book. The alien was very reluctant, but eventually relented. Also, Humans Are Special. Apparently we have very awesome brain capabilities compared to other aliens, but the tragedy is that we almost never use said capabilities to our advantage. At one point the boy gets his brain taken out (although it's still connected to him) in order to study it.

    There are these three factions of aliens that concern Earth. They are worried about our violent tendencies . The first faction wants to ...do something that would not be good, I forget what. The second faction wants to let us be to destroy ourselves. The third faction wants to push a button to basically destroy us all. The boy and the team of aliens on the spaceship teleport unseen to a lot of places on Earth and try to come up with evidence that will make Earth seem like it's worth preserving. They called the evidence "buttonbusters" and the counterevidence (is that a word?) "buttonpushers." The Grand Canyon was a buttonbuster.

    At one point the boy was looking for the alien he had previously befriended on the spaceship because he's mad at him (I think). He stumbles across the room where he is, but he's with a bunch of other (13, perhaps?) aliens that make up this powerful council. For some reason (I think one of the members insulted the friend-alien or humans?), the boy gets really upset, gets Angry Tears, and attempts to punch a member. All the council members in the room were holograms. He was embarrassed at his outburst, and the friend-alien was acting like "That was stupid and embarrassing but I understand and am not going to scold you too much."

    There might have been a genderless, sexless, plant-like alien who was very eloquent and whose native language sounded like burping. Its nickname might have been Carl. Maybe. That could have come from a different book.

    That's all I remember for the moment. Thanks in advance!


      Wow, that's a lot more detail than most people who post on YKTS remember.

      This is the My Teacher Is an Alien series by Bruce Coville.

      Thank you very much!

      It's been bugging me for a while, but the internet didn't turn up anything when I bothered to look it up. Perhaps I was not using the correct search terms.
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    Western Animation
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    Okay, this is going to be ridiculously vague, but it was somewhere around 1998. There was some sort of animated show on the Disney channel about dragons. All I really remember was that it had a quite catchy theme song. Reply

      Could it be "Blazing Dragons"?
  • 2 Aug 6th, 2011 at 1:01PM
    Western Animation
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    I saw some 60s cartoons. One was about a crocodile running out of a zoo. Another had a hippo in a hot air balloon. The last one had a musketeer tortoise. Reply

      A Google search for "musketeer turtle" turned up Touché Turtle, from which I found a variety show called "Yogi's Gang" that features shorts with lots of other HB characters. Sounds like the other two are Wally Gator and Peter Potamus.

      Hell yeah! Those are the right 3!
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    A live action TV show (early-mid 90s I think), possibly US or Canadian. It was a detective show but the main charcters were human bodies with dogs (bloodhounds?) heads superimposed over the live actor. It seemed to be played "straight". Reply


      I checked Imdb. It couldn't find the show.

      Sounds like a short from Sesame Street.

      Nah, I doubt it's the William Wegman shorts. The only show I can think of that's anywhere close is Dog City, but that's not live-action. Somehow I feel like this one popped up in the old YKTS and was answered, but I have no leads to base from that.
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    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 6th Aug, 2011 01:45:12 PM
    I'm pretty sure this was in the early 2000s. The show was based around the adventures of two friends (or maybe co-workers? I can't remember) who lived inside a young boy. As far as I can remember, one main character was like a blue amoebae or germ (anthro) that wore a white shirt and brown jacket. The other main character I think was a red and yellow robot that had a pill-shaped head, and I remember it had a white plus (cross) on his chest. I vaguely remember that they had a female friend too, cannot remember what she looked like. Thanks in advance. Reply

      Ozzy & Drix

      That's it! Thanks!

      Osmosis Jones the Movie version with Bill Murray..Was really decent..Chris Rock and Frasiers brother adding the animated voices..

      At least Phil La Marr did a good job imitating Chris Rock for the show...
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    I remember going to the dentist years ago and passing the time in the waiting room with this really cool alphabet book. Each page was a different letter, and filled with really well drawn images that represented that letter. I remember that the page for "G" took place in a greenhouse, and in the foliage you could make out a gremlin. There was also a gorilla on that page. The only other things I can remember from the other pages was a platypus in a puddle on "P", and Zorro on the "Z" page. God, this book was awesome... Reply

      It's been way too long since I read it, but I have a strong suspicion it's Graeme Base's Animalia.

      Yep, thats it. Thanks!

      It even got made into a PBS show!
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    All I can remember is a boy (late elementary school, early middle school age) goes on vacation with his family and best friend, is happy to be away from a girl that annoys him, only to find out that her family is staying in the same house as them. The living quarters are separated from the kitchen/dining area. At one point while out riding their bikes, one of the characters is distressed because he accidentally swallowed a bug. It had a made for TV move that came out (mid to late '90s, I think) Reply
  • 1 Aug 5th, 2011 at 4:04PM
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    This was a children's show early to mid-nineties, half the show was done with rather realistic dog puppets one of which was an animator/comic writer and the other half of the show was the cartoons/comics he drew about a dog detective. Reply
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    Western Animation
    We watched this thing in math class when I was little with a king, about to die and with no sons, challenges his knights to find "the fraction right after 3/4" or something like that (the fraction was probably different but there was the definiteness of "right after" or "right before"). All of his knights, being Book Dumb, go out literally looking for it (under rocks, around trees, etc.) while his math-smart advisor keeps going and coming back with numbers like 7/8, 5/6, 13/16 before he finally realizes it goes to infinite levels and there is no such fraction/number and thus gets the rights to the throne, and says that when he becomes king he's making all of the knights list all of the numbers they can find after 3/4 and whoever gets the closest to 3/4 becomes king.

    The proper google-fu can probably find this but I'm probably looking up the wrong words. Reply
  • 1 Aug 4th, 2011 at 9:09AM
    Lastest Reply: 5th Aug, 2011 10:29:49 AM
    A samurai visits a village where something is stalking people, killing them with a torn-out throat from a distance while emitting a cat-like yowl. The twist of the story was that the killer turns out to be the samurai's long-lost brother (or maybe friend) who'd had his throat mostly torn out by a grappling hook during the war and is now killing people with the same. I remember that the book ended with the samurai performing as second to the killer, who chose to commit seppaku.

    I found this one once before, but I have since forgotten what it was named. Reply

      • facepalm* You know, I'd be annoyed at how I keep finding these things a day later if it didn't keep producing consistent successes. "Village of the Vampire Cat" by Lensey Namioka.
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    Live Action TV
    Lastest Reply: 5th Aug, 2011 10:17:14 AM
    A small group of people whose backgrounds vary wildly, from a military man to a single mom, get knocked out and kidnapped, and put into a fairly nice hotel, with the doors locked from the outside. They had to figure out how to get out on their own (I believe a key was hidden in a Bible in the nightstand). Once they all get out, they start exploring what's outside the hotel, and find that it's very small scale, seemingly-abandoned town. They also discover that trying to leave the town results in a device implanted in their thigh to knock them out. Later, they go to a Chinese restaurant, where the workers (who speak little English) serve them. At the end, they get some fortune cookies on a spinning platter, and even after spinning it, the fortunes all apply to the people who get them. It was really creepy, and weird, but I know I didn't just dream it or something, like my mom and sister think I did. (I'M NOT CRAZY!) Reply
  • 7 Jan 7th, 2011 at 7:07AM
    Lastest Reply: 5th Aug, 2011 03:43:42 AM
    I recall seeing this in the library when I was a kid; it's a children's book or at least a part of a children's anthology book. I don't remember any words, and each page has one picture on it. It shows how one village/town finds a giant egg, and how they worked together to open it, pour out the insides on a giant frying pan, cook the contents into a giant omellete and have a feast. As they did all this they get to have some fun, like, if I recall correctly, skating along the giant frying pan as if it was a frozen lake or an ice skating rink. I also remember after eating the omellete they turned the shell into a condo. This story really made me crave for eggs! Reply

      Well, I remember that there is a giant omelette in Gulliver's Travels, despite not reading it.

      This sounds similar to one I read, only they were making pancakes for Paul Bunyan

      Haha really, Gulliver and Paul Bunyan had such moments? Thos got me curious. On this story though, there were no distinct characters/protagonists in it. You only get to see the whole town working on the giant egg. Each picture depicts a certain scene of the townspeople working together (and having fun as well) on a certain stage in preparing the omelette. And everybody was very small compared to the egg, there was no giant person like Gulliver or Paul Bunyan.

      It also reminds me of The Giant Jam Sandwich by John Vernon Lord. If we find these we ought to make a new trope page for giant collaborative food efforts... I tried to Google-fu it, but no luck.

      This makes me think of "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs".

      The Giant Jam Sandwich was the best.

      A trope for this would be great. For now I'm getting hungry reading the responses. ;D