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    Live Action TV
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    Okay, so I was in a Fry's with my mum yesterday, and she mentioned this British television show that was around (she thinks) twenty years ago. The main character was a professor at either Oxford or Cambridge, and he and one of his students investigated paranormal/supernatural shit. Either the student or the professor was a vampire or a werewolf or something like that. She thinks it was played here in America on PBS. That's all she knows about it. She doesn't remember what in the hell it was called, but she'd really like to know. (And I must admit, it sounds intriguing, so I wouldn't mind knowing myself.) Anyone have even the foggiest idea what that show was? Reply

      Well, in 1990-91, there was a one-season show called She-wolf of London that might be what your mom is remembering. It apparently was also aired under the name "Love and Curses". It's also apparently available on DVD...

      That's totally it, thanks a bunch!
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    Got several Pokémon Related things that I need help with, cause I don't know where the images come from (all links are to gaia online.com, the same one where the PMS billboard image comes from, you might have to scroll down and click unblock images (at top of page) to see pictures), thank you.

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    Went to add this to Free-Love Future and suddenly realised I didn't remember what it was called or who it was by.

    It's a Free-Love Future where people are pretty much expected to wander into each others' houses for sex at night. The point of the book is that a society like that would develop its own sexual "deviencies". One of the main characters is criticized by his wife becuase he keeps sleeping with the same woman, not because he's attracted to her, but because he's attracted to her brother — it's the fact he won't just sleep with the brother that's considered abnormal, and she attributes this hangup to him studying 20th century sociology.

    I think there's a guy visiting from another society who keeps an open mind about the sex, but gets very embarassed when the couple have a blazing row.

    And there's one scene where the sociologist, trying to understand 20th century sex-based profanity, repeats the f- and c- words over and over, comparing them with the modern equivilents "top" and "slot".

    Got it from the library in the 1990s. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    This was a sitcom with no laugh track that aired in the early 2000's. It might have had 'Oliver' in the title. It took place in an earlier decade, maybe the 50's. The narrator, one of the main characters, was a youngish teenage boy. He may or may not have been the titular 'Oliver' (if 'Oliver' was part of the title at all, of course).

    I remember two episodes, both featuring narrator-boy's older brother's attempts to impress a girl. This girl was probably an exchange student and may have been Austrian.

    In one episode, older-brother was supposed to be helping her with her English class, which was reading The Catcher in the Rye. He hadn't read it yet himself, being a slacker, but when he did, he was enthralled by it. The two ended up going to an appearance by the author, where older-brother inadvertently drives him into a depression by suggesting that he might not be able to top Catcher in the Rye.

    In the other episode, the brother watches amused, from a distance, as an old man attempts to pick up his keys but is unable to. The girl is angered at this, goes to help, and then berates the brother. The brother, attempting to defend himself, glances behind her at a poster about an old lady needing help around the house. He tells the girl that he does respect the elderly and in fact is volunteering to help an old lady. He takes the job to maintain his cover. It mostly involves giving the old lady foot rubs. They end up bonding, as she shares her life stories with him. When he tells (Austrian?) girl about all this, she seems strangely jealous for a moment, until he reassures her that nothing more is going on besides footrubs. One day, he throws a surprise dance/party for the old lady, meaning to mimic something from her youth. She's elated and, when asked for feedback, replies: "It looks nothing like it." Nevertheless, she appreciates the thought, so they dance together. They end up falling down due to her inability to keep up with him, and he falls on top of her. Just then, (Austrian?) girl walks in, sees them, says: "I thought you only rubbed her feet!" and runs out, upset. Guy gets up, shouting at her to wait, then hesitates and runs after her, leaving the old lady lying on the floor, unable to get up herself and looking puzzled. Reply

      I looked up the list of single-camera sitcoms on Wikipedia and control-F'd "Oliver". Found a show entitled Oliver Beene from 2003-2004, involving two brothers who share a crush on a Swedish girl named Elke. Would that be it?

      Oliver Beene.

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    Alright, there's this webcomic, and the first strip involves ordering a superhero movie like a cup of coffee and the last image has a tiny batman being pulled out of a cup of coffee. Another strip involves the legend of Persephone being played out with fast food, or something like that. Another strip had the main character, who is female spring cleaning and finding a Schrodinger's cat zombie in a box, and the follow up comic has her trying to drop it off at a halfway house for zombies, and their was a Ninja Zombie and a Robot zombie there. Also one strip the cat had an imagine spot with a Zombie Mr. Owl asking how many licks it takes to get to the brain. Reply
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    Query is Video Game:

    A game I've been trying to remember but not succeeding at. I believe it to have been on the Genesis, as it was around that time, but I could be mistaken. It was an Adventure(ish) game I think, Slightly futuristic setting, I think the character goes into space at some point. I remember the city being very purple, and getting a camera as an important item.

    This is very vauge and I do apologise, but any assistance is appreciated. Reply

      A total shot in the dark here, but it could be Flashback.

      No, I do remember Flashback, but it was a different kind of game, fair bit more cartoonish I think. Thank you though~

      Cosmic Spacehead ? It does look ridiculously purple in screenshots.

      ....Holy Hell, That's it~! Thankyou Thankyou Thankyouuuu~
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    There was a picture book I used to have about a little boy whose grandparents accidentally left him with the aardvark at the zoo because they had really bad eyesight. The momma aardvark was also confused about why the boy wasn't eating ants or anything, and eventually they got them switched back.

    Sound familiar to anyone? I'd like to know the title, as this was one of the picture books I really remember. Reply
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    I think this was a show on Nickelodeon about a girl who could turn herself to liquid. Pretty much revolved around her keeping this ability a secret. All That did something involving it at one point. Reply
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    I'm pretty sure that there was a Fan-Made web series about a rebel (or imperial) squad (I think on board the First Death Star)!! It might have been made using Lego Star Wars pieces!! Can anyone help me please???

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    It's a show about a green dragon who wears sneakers, that's all I know. Reply
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    All I know about the movie I'm thinking of is that it was a comedy involving college kids vs vampires. Reply

      Um. Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The Lost Boys?


      Do you know if the main character ws male or female? Was there a particular vampire or group of vampires or was it a bunch of random vamps? Do you recall about what year it was when you saw it? 90's 80's?

      Could potentially be Once Bitten

      It's not Monster Squad, is it?

      "You kicked Wolfman in the nards!?" lol

      seriously, it's probably Transylmania:

      Transylmania(2009) is a spoof horror in which a group of college kids do a semester abroad in Romania and realise that if the partying doesn't kill them, the vampires just might!
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    This is a computer game from about 1992-94, where you control a spaceship that can go to any (fictional in-game) planet you want, an adventure game, I believe. I remember the music and/or ambient sound effects being very ominous & cool-sounding, and the graphics being really kickass for the time. It's wasn't "cartoony"-looking, but had more of a "serious" tone to it. I've played a lot of sci-fi games, but very few (at the time, at least) allow you that kind of freedom to go to whatever planet you wanted, a`la Star Voyager or Knights of the Old Republic. Hopefully that narrows it down some. One thing I am sure about is the timeframe.

    I never got to play it, only watched someone else play. They were playing it with the short-lived mouseball, if that's any help (probably not).

    Sorry there's so little to go on, but it looked really fun & I've been trying to find it ever since! Definitely not in the Sierra adventure series.

    On an unrelated note - I am impressed with the grave seriousness that you guys take on tracking down old kid's shows. It's truly inspiring, and I mean that with zero sarcasm :) Reply
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    Whatever this picture is from. Reply
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    I remember seeing a Pokemon webcomic a while back. IIRC it had a new trainer, a "Pokemon studier" or something whose face was covered by a hood, and one of the early strips had Linkin Park songs. I also remember the title to sound vaguely like deus ex machina. Reply
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    I can't remember the title of these books, so please help me out. The plot (as far as I can remember) goes something like this: Due to a shortage in food in the last few years, the government has made it illegal for families to have more than two children. The first(?) book revolves around an illegal third child, Luke. Due to the law, Luke has never left his house(minus going out to his backyard for a short while). If it helps, his two older bros are Matthew and Mark.

    The first half of the book goes on to show how he lived his life I believe. The second half revolves around him meeting another illegal child, only this girl can actually leave home with the help of a fake ID. He learns that there are actually a bunch of other illegal children she associates with via internet chat room. It ends on all the kids of the chat room trying to lead a march on the law that forbids their existence, but they get killed. Luke decides to attend a boy's only school that could possibly help out the illegal children under an alias. I believe the alias sounded Asian.

    I know there is a second book showing a girl(?) with the same problem, only she's near the place Luke went to. Reply

      That's the "Shadow Children" series by Margaret Peterson Haddix. The first book is called "Among the Hidden."
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    This one's driving me crazy, thought sure I've got it on DVD somewhere here ... Basic story involves an previously uninvolved housewife who became involved in the black civil rights movement by offering rides to her black maid (and then others) who were participating in the boycott of Birmingham Ala. city buses during the early desegregation days. Please and thanks. (edit) I'm fairly certain the title included something along the lines of "long walk", if that helps any. Reply

      Searching IMDB for "long walk" finds The Long Walk Home, which sounds like it might be what you're after.

      Sounds dead-on, many thanks. Now where in heck did my DVD get to?
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    A sci-fi kids book, although might be teen as well, published sometime in the last decade. It's set in a normal small town in the US. Several kids decide to build a humanoid robot. They load up numerous different books on his system, to give him an understanding of science and whatnot. Unfortunately, no one bothers to put any sort of inhibitions in his system. The robot goes berserk, although I can't remember how far off the deep end he goes. I remember that the kids try to pass the robot off as an exchange or transfer student from Peoria, Illinois. At the end of the story, the Cool Old Guy, who is probably the grandfather or non-parent relative of one of the kids, electrocutes/incapacitates/destroys the robot with a device connected to a telephone. I think he gets wise to the robot's existence towards the end. I remember that he calls the school in Peoria but finds that the android never went to school there. I can't remember the name of this book, or even any of the names of the characters. Thanks! Reply

      This sounds familiar to me too. I think at one point the robot mocks them for filling him up with science and facts instead of philosophy or anything that would give it a sense of morality. And it started just as a program and somehow gave itself a body? I'm not sure. Sorry I can't help more.
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    Western Animation
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    I remember this show from the early 2000s set in space. It's main characters were a plucky comic relief human guy, a deadpan snarker alien girl and their do-everything robot dog. They fought evil, I think. One episode in particular I remember had the guy and dog locked in a tank of sorts and had earwigs dumped on them. The guy had to get over his fear of them or something akin to that. Thanks! Reply

      Not sure about the "alien" part, but this sounds like Team Galaxy.

      Nope, that show came WAY later, I remember it very well. This show was around 2000-2003 and had standard Western Animation. Thanks for trying though!

      Oh yeah, I was reminded of another cartoon (whose name I don't remember either, unfortunately) after posting that. Did the alien chick have a light-purple skin and a ponytail while the human guy had a really bright green suit?

      YES! That is it! Damn...so close! :D

      Blaster's Universe

      YES! I love you!

      YES! I love you!

      YES! I love you, too.
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    duck tales

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    Western Animation
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    I think this should be a simple one. It was a cartoon, one of the ecologically-aware ones about some kind of ocean research facility. The main character was a remarkably ripped scientist who drowned in the first episode and was turned into an orca-human hybrid thing so he could breathe underwater by a rather annoying underwater merman child, who looked just like a sea monkey. I recall he would turn into the orca thing whenever he came into contact with water, whether he wanted to or not, and there were probably some evil polluting corporate types as well. Reply

      Googling for animated orca hybrid suggests TigerSharks.

      It wasn't that. Although the description makes it sound like something superheroic I think it was a little more earnest than that. There was definitely a strong ecological vibe to the whole thing, and I'm fairly certain it was set on Earth.

      The only thing I can think of is Street Sharks, but I know that isn't it since the orca man was a bad guy in that one.

      Oh, after a lot of trawling I managed to find it myself. It was called Prince Of Atlantis, only had 20 episodes made and was only shown in Europe. And all the tapes were subsequently lost so you can't even find the intro on Youtube. It is apparently lost forever.

      Oh, good. I was beginning to worry that my memory had somehow failed me, because there seriously wasn't a cartoon in the 90s that I didn't watch.
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    One of Aesop's fables - a pet bird refuses to sing because that's what got it captured, and its owner's dog tells it that's stupid since it's already been captured. What's this called? Other details I don't remember? Reply
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    Film from the 90s or late 80s. Two women drink a potion from a witch, makes them immortal. End up having a fight where one gets a hole blown through her and the other has her head spun 180 degrees. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    I remember reading about this show in a Disney Adventures magazine in the early 2000's. There's a girl, and she goes to school, but she's also secretly a mystical ninja warrior or something. It mentioned her having a younger brother, wearing a medallion around her neck that protected her, and using her ninja skills for Mundane Utility, like getting to class on time, carrying huge armfuls of books, and knocking a cookie out of her brother's hand from across the cafeteria by throwing a tube of lipstick. (I don't know if she actually did these things in the show.) Reply

      I think you're looking for The Life and Times of Juniper Lee. It was on Cartoon Network from 2005 to 2007. Juniper Lee was like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but with a Chinese girl, and it was her job to keep the balance between the magical and mortal worlds.

      If it's not that then it might be American Dragon: Jake Long, which is about a boy who turns into a dragon, and he has a little sister.

      Those are the only leads I have. I'm sorry if it doesn't do much help.

      No, it was a live action show.

      Could it have been Samurai Girl?

      No, that's not it. Much less serious in tone, more emphasis on everyday school life.

      Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior

      I would have said that, but that's only a few years old, isn't it? Well, three or four.

      Actually, I think that's it. The movie came out in 2006, but the ad about it was most likely earlier than that, being for an upcoming movie. It doesn't look familiar, but it's got all the right elements. Most importantly, there's a scene where Wendy throws her lipstick through her brother's cookie.

      Oh, and thanks, everyone. :)
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    Live Action TV
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    I remember watching an educational puppet show that teached kids how to speak French or Spanish, it was called rigolicol or something like that and there was a fish creature in it. Reply

      Telefrancais, perhaps? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ay92dXQtXjE

      nope sorry

      Was it Muzzy? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Xgl0CP-em4


      BUMP! I remember this show too but don't remember what it was called, just the theme song, which was in french!!

      I too remember this, can someone please shed some light on this??

      I've never heard of this show, but I Frenchified "rigolicol" to "Rigolécole" (combination of "laugh" and "school") and Googled it. Yup, there is a series by that name with a character called Poisson. Seems pretty obscure with so few hits!

      Search for it here. Page 25 or so.

      Yes that's the one!! I don't know how a canadian show ended up in Ausralian after school TV but that's definitely it! Thanks muchly Embryon!!

      Hahaha, well, I remember watching Round the Twist after school, so it goes both ways. ;-)
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    So, my friend told me about this movie she watched once: some guy and a teenager capture a feral falcon and attempt to tame it. The teenager drowns in a bathtub, and the guy refuses to let the falcon go until he's tamed it. Oh, and apparently the ending is sad and confusing.

    Ringing any bells? Reply

      Never mind, found it; The Hawk Is Dying.