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    I saw this as a kid and it was weird, the kid's gadgets were of course based off of toys. And from what I can recall it was just called "The Boy". Reply
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    I don't really know if this is Western Animation or not, but I remember seeing a show at a local TV channel. It was dubbed in my native language btw. All I saw was some CGI tribal woman ranting around where her crossbow is, I think? Reply
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    There was an episode of the Simpsons where Homer imagined a lot of protesters in front of the White House, and the president (I think it was Bush) asked him for help, so he took a truck and forced the protesters out of the way. Do you remember the episode? Reply

      It wasn't just any truck... it was a snow plow! From the episode, "Mr. Plow."

      "mr plow"
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    I remember watching this cartoon early in the mornings on either Cartoon Network or Boomerang. I wasn't in the US at the time so it could have possibly been a foreign channel. The show was probably late 80s/early 90s.

    The show was about this kid who was around 5-7 years old and had an orange shirt. He was always with these vampires(?) and always hung out at their house. These vampires were a family and they lived in a big house in the middle of the woods.

    I remember the show had a dark tone with dark color used a lot in characters and backgrounds. It wasn't flash animated though, it was hand drawn similar to old looney tunes. I found an children's book a few years ago that looked very similar but couldn't find cartoon version of it.

    Anyone know what this was called? Reply

      Long shot but Zombie Hotel?

      No, it was something different. The outlines of characters were constantly moving, and there was a floating purple dog(?). I think the dog had genitals that you could see. It definitely wasn't American produced.

      I googled "Vampire Family Cartoon" and got something called "The School for little Vampires". It doesn't seem to fit everything you've described, though, but worth a shot I guess! Hope you find it.

      What you are searching for sounds so similar to what I was looking for that this may be your answer: Search up Petit Vampire on youtube.

      its not a cartoon perse but sounds awfully like the Little Vampire/Der kleine Vampir books
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    Bermuda triangle Reply
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    Hi, I've been trying to find a tv show for years to no avail. There is a possibility that I made it up but I don't think so, a few of my friends remember it too. So from what I remember, it was a bunch of coloured blocks with faces on them, and they formed part of a multicoloured road. At the start of the episode they'd hop out from the road and start walking. I remember one episode when they saw a cave with glowing eyes looking at them and they freaked out, but then came back later and the eyes turned out to belong to someone really friendly. If anyone knows what I'm talking about and could give me a name I'd be so appreciative. Reply

      Could it be Puzzle Inc?

      No that's not it, but thank you for the suggestion!

      That sounds like The Cubeez.
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    I remember seeing a little bit of this cartoon where there were a bunch of kids playing soccer outside of a building. A younger boy tries to get the ball, but is overtaken by an older boy and made fun of for his size. They're about to argue but are called inside to the building, which I think was some kind of library or school. I think the kids that went into the building were going to listen to a story or something, or maybe listen to a lesson of some kind. The teacher/storyteller might have been some kind of animal, but I'm not sure. The setting looked almost like the Australian outback: a flat rocky plain wih red dust for the ground, and sparse trees. Any idea what this could be? Reply




      Okay, prooobably the least helpful answer ever, but I suppose you could try the "All CGI Cartoon" page if you haven't already.

      Bump. Okay, I'll check that out.

      Bump. I checked the All-CGI Cartoon page but I couldn't find anything that looked like it.

      All of the characters were people and not animals, but could it be Ivan the Incredible?

      Around what time/where did you watch this show?

      I saw it years ago. Probably around the early 2000s.

      Definitely not Ivan the Incredible; the style was completely different.



      It was airing in the United States, if that helps. I'm not sure what the cartoon's country of origin was, though.





      Hi, could it possibly be Outback (movie)?

      "In the outback of Australia, the coward white koala Johnny is bullied by the other animals because of his color. When Johnny meets the Tasmanian devil Hamish and his friend, the mute photographer monkey Higgens, he is invited to join a traveling circus and Johnny leaves the wilderness to be an attraction in the sideshow. While traveling to Precipice Lake, the wagon car of Johnny, Hamish and Higgens releases from the train and they crash in the desert. They walk together to the new location and stumbles with an oasis with a billabong, and they see a pack of dingoes attacking the animals. Johnny accidentally frightens the wild dogs that return to their boss, the evil crocodile Bog in Precipice Lake and Hamish introduces Johnny bragging that he is hero The Koala Kid. They are welcomed by the locals and Johnny is worshiped by the little Charlotte despite the disbelief of her sister Miranda. But when Charlotte is wrongly kidnapped by the dingoes, Johnny has to prove to himself that he can beat Bog and rescue Charlotte."
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    Hey there, I've been trying to figure out what this cartoon was for a long time. I have a copy of a Heckle and Jeckle VHS (the third result on Google images for "Heckle and Jeckle VHS, specifically), and there was a either a short cartoon or a trailer for a cartoon on it that always stuck out to me. I would just watch the VHS again and find out, but I haven't had a working VHS player for like 10 years.

    My memory is foggy of the cartoon, but what I can remember is that there's a girl, possibly a princess, who is happy her father has returned from travelling. I think there was a white horse as well. It's set at nighttime and I remember that the moon and stars were prominent in the title, but I can't remember the title at all. I've tried looking through Terrytoons' library but nothing stood out. I can't even remember if it was a whole cartoon or a trailer for a series, but not knowing what it was is bugging the crap out of me. It looked as if it was aimed at young girls, which is probably why I don't remember it much, since I was pretty tomboyish. I don't remember any overt fantasy elements, but it just kindof gave me that impression.

    I know it's a longshot anyone will have seen this, but give me a heads up if you have. Reply
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    Western Animation
    I remember seeing this in the early 2000's, but it's possible that it could have been made in the very late 90's, like '99 or something. It was a traditional hand-drawn animated show about a group of kids, probably in middle school or elementary school. It was strictly for adults.

    No it was not South Park or Drawn Together. It was very liberal with foul language and one episode's plot revolved around the main character, a blonde-haired boy, being hypnotized and couldn't look at anyone or anything without seeing breasts and female genitalia attached. The only other episode I remember was a Halloween special where they receive treats from an old lady and fear that those treats might be poisoned. One of the things that stands out in my mind is a bully character who frequently used the word "fuck" and wore a shirt with a hand giving the middle finger printed on it.

    I have tried to find this cartoon for several years and nothing has shown up. I couldn't even find it in the Wikipedia list for animated shows. Does anyone know what this show is? Thank you! Reply
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    I know that this is probably a long shot, but I wondered whether you might know this show? All I have is the following information:

    It would have been on Sky during the late 90's.

    It was on in the late afternoon/early evening, when I got back from school.

    It was broadcast either before or after Goosebumps.

    It was set in a fictional world. In one episode the prince was kidnapped and replaced with an imposter.

    There was, of course, a moustachioed villain, who on one occasion kidnapped the heroine's father.

    The heroine was once entered into a riding competition and to nobble the heroine the villain made sure that the jumps would raise them selves when the heroine was competing.

    I know that this is all very vague and unhelpful, but this has been annoying me for a very long time!

    Thank you in advance for all your help. Reply
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    So I don't remember much about this show. It was set in space or another galaxy or something to that effect. The main characters were this big guy some bad ass chick and a small annoying funny guy that was pretty much useless. It seemed like he was some sort of experiment that had escaoed the bad guys. There was an episode where they're looking down from the rim of a crater at a fortress or maybe a lab that had seemed like it had something to do with small guys origins. Reply

      Bounty Hamster?

      No thats not it. The art style was more serious like wildCATS or even the earthworm jim cartoon
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    This would have been around the year 2000. Possibly cartoon network but not sure. The show was about three aliens with blue, pink, and green skin. The green alien was a nerd, the blue alien had a big forehead, and the pink alien was the girl. For some reason there was an emphasis on thumb-wrestling, which the characters referred to as "The Battle of the Brains!"

    It might have been from the creators of Mega Babies as I remember there was a short film about the creation of Mega Babies right before the alien show where the creators discussed how they invented the series. I also seem to remember it being in a similar drawing style. But it's not Mega Babies as I can't find the all-important 'Battle of the Brains' quote in it.

    I've been trying to figure out for years what the heck I watched! Reply

      It doesn't match up exactly but could it be Space Goofs?

      That looks familiar somehow, so you might be right, but what the heck is this thumb-wrestling thing I'm remembering so clearly? Are there any episodes where they thumb wrestle?

      I also remember a Thumb Wars show on Cartoon Network.

      No, it wasn't the live-action thumb wars show from the mid-2000s. This was a cartoon that I would have seen around 1999.

      Bump - still haven't figured out where the "Battle of the Brains" comes in...

      The thumb wrestling thing jgrif mentioned sounds like TWF. Thumb Wrestling Federation.

      I figured that out already.
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    Okay so it was a kids program on CITV or CBBC I can't remember but I'm pretty sure it was the first. Basically there were four kids and they could turn into like nature heros? Like one of them got water powers, one air, one fire and one earth. They got them by going down to this library I think in their house and they were transported to another world. Anyway I had a desire the other day to rewatch and would really appreciate and help! Reply
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    There was a show, when I was a kid, that I've been wanting to get back to watching since I never finished it. It may go by the name of Storm Chasers or Storm Riders, but I have had no luck. I live in the USA if that helps.

    To what it was about, the protagonists, I believe there were four or five, one blond male, another red-headed male, I believe. These protagonists would get in their monster truck Esque vehicles, drive themselves into a storm and either fight off an invasion or collect something from the parallel dimension they were transported to. Their base was huge, and I remember quite clearly one of their trucks looked very similar to Grave Digger, with the green and black detailing. The base was located in a desert, from what I remember. These storms looked like tornadoes, except varying colors, and tended to have electrical particles in them, for whatever reason.

    I believe this show was iCarly era and on Cartoon Network, if I'm not mistaken. I'd also recommend this show to those people who remember it.

    While you guys are helping me find this, I'm also going to go rewatch Magi-Nation, if I can. Thanks in advance for what you guys do. :3

    Edit: It is NOT Storm Hawks. I already saw that one when I was looking for the show without any help. :3 Reply
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    I remember watching this old TV show as a kid. I think the formula was that every episode, we'd be on some sort of CGI roller coaster, which took us to three of many different CGI themed buildings. In each house, was a live-action adult, who would do something like show an arts-and-crafts project or sing a song. The only song I remember was about moving, and the chorus went something like this:

    Moving, moving can be a scary thing

    Not knowing where you're going

    Can leave a-wondering (?)

    How long it takes for you to drive

    What you see when you arrive:

    Scary ghosts

    Or smiling eyes

    Or dinosaurs that fly!

    Also, the last words of the song where "Really really...cool!"

    Does anything like this exist? Reply

      It's a bump

      Another Bump

      Bump the Third

      Could it be Dinosaur Train? I don't think it would stop at different buildings, but every episode would start on a train ride and there'd always be singing involved. Plus, the end of each episode had a live-action adult in it.
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    Okay, so I need serious help. Recently my friend and I have been talking a lot about a show we remember, but all we can remember about it is one character! I believe it is from the mid-2000's (2009-2010 ish), and it was a 3d animated show. I'm not sure if it was Disney or Cartoon Network, probably the latter. I don't even remember what the characters did, or looked like, but I know there was an evil man, the only villain of the show, and his minion. The minion was completely harmless, and just laughable. It was an orange eyeball with a mouth and bat-like wings with two dangling legs. It had two small teeth and an awkward and silly voice. He was your typical dumb minion that didn't really realize what he was doing. Does ANYONE have ANY idea what I'm talking about?! Please help ASAP! Reply
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    Okay this has really been bothering me. Does anybody remember a 3D animated show about transforming robots. One was a generic regular bot, one was kind of an edgy guy robot, and one was a girl robot. They had a kid sidekick. And I remember this show premiered around the time of buttugly martians and Yu-Gi-Oh! so like early 2000s. The only clip I remember was the guy robot singing "I've been working on the railroad" on a train like beating up monsters. I don't know why this stuck in my brain. I remember they could transform or upgrade and the girl robot did anime transformations with hearts?? what the hell was this show? Reply

      dude, i wish I could tell you the name, but i used to have DV Ds of this show. i hope you find the name just as much as i do.

      Do you have any idea what network it may have been on? Like, did it air on the same channel as Yu-Gi-Oh?

      all I can think of is "Cubix: Robots for everyone" does that ring a bell?
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    I can't remember the name of a cartoon I used to watch where the kids were kind of like super heros, like Code Lyoko, and they had a base in a shed or club house, and old man was with them, maybe their leader, and there was one kid who always skated but hated pigeons. There was a Venus fly trap kind of plant that was alive too... and the outro song had a spinning logo. Can anyone help me find the name? Reply
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    It was a cartoon from somewhere between 2000 to 2010. I didn't see much of the show but what i do remember is that there were several main characters, at least one of them a girl. Somewhere in the story they save a whale from the antagonists and the whale becomes their new base. I also remember the girl going on some sort of solo mission and being hypnotized by one if the antagonists. I think the show was on cartoon network, or boomerang, since I remember other shows like Fosters Home ect. And Flapjack. Reply
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    Out of nowhere I remembered a scene from an animated movie (I think?). I have no idea what the context was or anything. There was someone who had lost their memories in some sort of big building or factory or something. The people running the building stored peoples' memories as mosaics. The protagonist got their memories back as a mosaic - it was red and green, I think, with a yellow/gold frame. I have no idea what this is from and it's starting to drive me crazy. Can anyone help? Reply

      When did you see this movie? (The anime Death Parade has "memories as mosaics," but from the rest of the details I don't think that's probably it.)

      Actually it was Death Parade! I had just remembered wrong.

      Oh sweet! Glad to have helped! And def. go for a rewatch; it's a fantastic show.

      Again with the double-posts; my bad.
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    Hi there! six or seven years ago I was watching MTV, when I saw this awsome video/cutscene: there is a DJ behind his mixer (he looks like a stop motion-animated photography) that suddently sprouts a cluster of pink/purplish tentacles and eyeballs (made with a cartoonish style) from his neck, then this mass explodes, splattering slices of tentacle and eyes on a vinil record, with something like "Summer Hits" wrote onto it. Please help me, after so many years I still hadn't found who made this video, or how I can search for it, or what was its classification (an Intro? A Bumper?)... Reply
  • 2 Mar 7th, 2017 at 3:03AM
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    It was released sometime in the early 2000s and the main character, I think, is a green alien in a red-and-white striped shirt. Reply
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    i remeber the show very vaguely. it was a show that looked like it was drawn in pencil. the main character was a girl going to school either wearing a pink or blue dress. she would go to like a monster school with another girl who was drawn in black and was very monotoned. the girl in the pink dress was very happy in this show. please help. Reply
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    It was an animated cartoon with a narrator that I distinctly stopped watching because of an overused gag. Basically the character is a captain or musketeer of some sort and every time he tries to sheath his sword he ends up stabbing himself with it. There'd never be any blood, but it happened every time and once, he even asked the narrator for a Band Aid. Thanks in advance. Reply


      Captain Pugwash?

      That wasn't it. Thanks though.


      Nope. It wasn't Popeye. That's too old. This guy had black hair and wore one of those stereotypical hats with a big feather at the side.
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    I remember a show (sometime between 2000-2010) that had a girl with a really big, unrealistic overbite. I think she had red hair and was tall/lanky. The only other thing I remember from this show was her walking a dog down the street. It's killing me that I can't remember the name! Reply

      It was also a CGI/3D style animation. I think the show featured little skits rather than one storyline.


      Planet Sketch.

      Yes that's the one, thanks!