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    Details are very fuzzy - bear with me.

    Aired in the early 90's, possibly on BBC One or Two. One storyline involved the antagonists (possibly called Plutokians, or Blutokians??) using traffic light to change the moods of people. So red would be angry, amber, happy, and green was sad. I may be confusing this next part with another tv show The protagonist had some special ability in that they could travel to places instantly. Reply

      Well Plutokians makes me think of the Plutarkians from Biker Mice from Mars

      I looked through episodes and clips of the show. Sorry, it doesn't look like it's Biker Mice from Mars. The names of the villains are very similar though. Now I'm starting to wonder if I'm mixing up a bunch of shows. Thanks though!

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    I've got this cartoon in my head about a young girl that grew up in a city (possibly new york) who somehow ended up in a 3rd world like village somewhere by herself. I remember an episode where she thought it would be a good idea to try and make a small skycraper with the village, but ended up only making a single floor because another young character, most likely the village leaders daughter wanted her own place so changed the plans everyone was following so that there was only the bottom floor with a giant roof. Also remember an episode where the city girl introduced currency for the first time. If anyone can guess this show you're a gem!!!! Reply

      Mike, Lu & Og?

      You are a legend, yep that was it!!! Cheers :D

      looks to me like "Mike, Lu & Og" edit: shit somebody else already responded, that ought to teach me to press the more replies button next time, sorry guys...
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    Hi guys. Years ago i saw this cartoon (not CGI), it was a beautiful fable but I don't know the who draw it. Here's the plot, I remember the whole thing: A young man wander in a church at night and there he sees two ugly mugs trying to pry open a coffin: he asks what they were doing and the criminals tell him that the dead inside was someone who owed them a lot of money, so they will take everything valuable is still on his corpse. Out of pity the boy give them the satchel with all of his money to compensate the robbers. In the morning he meets a tall stranger with a goatee that become his traveling companion. He seems to be some sort of warlock because, seeing a dead swan, he states that while he cannot help the creature there is still something he can do, and make the corpse disappear leaving only its wings (then he takes the wings and puts them away); later he repairs a tiny puppet that represent a princess with a salve that even makes the marionette become alive. The two arrive at a castle where the boy fall in love with the princess, a girl with black hair and a cold stare: indeed the old king himself warns the boy that his daughter is cruel and merciless, and that she executes all the pretenders who don't pass her trial (guessing what she is thinking). Nevertheless the young man is determined to complete this quest and the king, accepting his will, gazes sadly from a window a large field behind the castle, completely covered by the tombstones of the killed pretenders. Long story short: the stranger use the swan's wings to follow the princess and discovers that she is mind-controlled by an evil troll (the monster looks like a tall and muscular greenskin orc) that tells her an item for the pretenders to guess. Thanks to the stranger the boy wins two of the three trials, so the enraged troll orders the princess to think of the troll's own head: she departs and the stranger approaches the monster, unsheating a sword and grinning. The next day the boy give to the princess a burlap sack with the troll's head inside, winning the last trial and breaking the spell. So the stranger congratulates the couple and bids farewell to the boy, revealing to be the grateful spirit of the man inside the coffin and than vanishing. Reply

      H C Andersens The Travelling Companion for sure

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    Hi, I am trying to find an old cartoon I enjoyed as a kid, from either the 80s or early 90s. The name is something like 'Les Jontas', either french or spanish made I think, could be wrong, even through it aired on New Zealand TV. They didn't actually speak a language in it. It was a kinda cartoon, and it was all in plan view -looking down, and it was a social setting seeing coloured dots moving around, supposed to be the top view of the heads of people I guess. It was usually humourous with someone causing a raucous and being chased or causing a fight, and groups moving in and out of buildings. So you would see like a bunch of orange dots and the protagonist yellow dot move amongst them, and they would shake a litte for whichever one was speaking, but what they said didn't matter, you could infer from shouting, or whisper etc, it was quite clever in that way. Reply
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    Students, around 16-17 years, main caracter this handsome fit blonde guy. First episode,early in the morning, he is doing abs in his room, through the windows he can see her sister gettingback home after spending night away, and the guy pump up the volume of the radio to cover her from her parents view. He also can.see through the windows a milf neigbour spying him. The goal of this episode is to help his nerd guy to have a first time with a girl. They sent him to buy weeds for the party, and they get into the lake with their car after that party. Reply
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    Okay. There is a work, where a girl goes to a magical ream, thanks to a grandparent's journal, and it's a cartoon or anime, I THINK European Cartoon...and she turns into either an Elf or a Pixie/Fairy. It is kinda similar to Lego Elves...and it TASKS ME! Reply
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    This may possible be a Dutch tv show or it was just dubbed in Dutch. So for the Dutch people out there, think extra hard. It was just a cartoon, not CGI. I only vaguely remember the theme song and in there, the kids just sang about the fact that they were smarter than the teachers. I'm sorry that that's all the info I have. Reply

      Do you remember what time period you saw it?
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    I can't remember the name of a fat cartoon character. He was heavy, mustache, bald, and maybe glasses. I feel that he was also in some way trying to be a hero or someth8ng like that also I don't think he had hands. Maybe fins or something Reply

      Where did you watch the show and what time period?
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    Okay so this was maybe 2005 and I definitely remember it being on Cartoon Network's website but I remember this little girl living in an apartment building with a bunch of animals? There was an episode I think about her not trying to pecked by a chicken? Reply

      Nevermind just found it under Sunday Pants: Naughty Naughty Pets
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    I'm posting this under Western Animation since there's a good chance this series is an import, though it may not be...I remember browsing the Japanese Cartoon Network site in 2005 or 2006 and scrolling through the menu of show icons across the top. Because the site lists not only series currently airing but numerous individual specials and movies, this menu goes on for an incredibly long time, and several series/characters showed up in multiple icons as I scrolled. One such group of characters were a bunch (maybe as many as ten within the frame after I clicked through) of incredibly bizarre-looking, almost frightening CGI household objects with facial features. I'm almost certain they were all electrical appliances, and one (maybe a TV) was decidedly larger than the rest. All of them had sprawling, creepy, open-mouthed smiles. I wasn't able to view any clips, just the stills; but I could tell the CGI wasn't very polished and the characters looked more like renders than a final product. It was absolutely nothing close to A Little Curious; these characters nearly looked like they wanted to hurt you (think much more along the lines of the "It's a B-Movie" sequence in The Brave Little Toaster). Apparently this bunch starred in more than one feature: maybe a series and a special, or multiple specials (and as stated earlier, it's likely this was an acquired property since many other oddballs were, and still are, part of their program list). Would love to finally know their identity after over ten years of being haunted... Reply
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    Western Animation
    There is a song from a cartoon from the mid 90s that I have had stuck in my head ever since I heard it. I believe the main character was a black kid and in this episode I think he was being made fun of by an uncle or family member. From what I remember he made some sort of downhill go-cart that he was racing. The lyrics that I have stuck in my head are "knobby knees, aerosol cheese". Reply
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    An animated movie where two kids are given a snowflake and asked to go to another dimension/ world. They have to get back before their snowflake melts, Along the way they meet snow white and she has some sort of a north eastern accent I believe. They also meet other fairytale characters and at the end all of the characters are there in some large room. Some witch shows up and they decide to let her in at the end. Reply

      Christmas in Cartoontown?

      YES!!! Thank you!

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    Western Animation
    I don't remember many details but: A cartoon - I think it's American - about a family that lives in the suburbs and they variously deal with problems. What I remember is that they had Hungarian sheepdog (on of those mop-looking big dogs that was white).The colors of the show overall were quite muted and favored pastels. I used to watch it in the early 2000s and though I watched it with other Nickelodeon shows I did't watch it directly on Nick. I know it isn't much but... Reply
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    About 12 years ago, when I was visiting relatives halfway around the world, they had some different programming on their local versions of American TV channels like Cartoon Network. I can remember two of these shows, but not their titles:
    • A cartoon involving some kid dressed like a superhero with a monkey sidekick.
    • A sci-fi cartoon involving a family that live in a space station city.

      • It cannot be Word Girl, as that cartoon first aired in 2007. The show that I'm talking about, I saw it in 2005 (though it was probably from the 1990s, I wasn't sure exactly how old it was).
      • I think that second show I saw was most likely Spaced Out indeed. Oh, and wasn't Lloyd in Space a Disney cartoon?

      This is a long shot, but one Cartoon Network show that never aired in America, Fat Dog Mendoza, was about a superhero kid and his dog sidekick. Probably not what you're looking for since it's a dog and not a monkey, but if you were visiting the UK (which is where Fat Dog originated) when you saw the show, it could be it.

      Well I was in Pakistan at the time, though those cartoons I saw were obviously all European or North American. I am not certain if I had seen Fat Dog Mendoza, but it's probably the best/closest guess of whatever the hell that show was that I described.

      Sure the first one wasn't a segment of Dexter's Laboratory or My Gym Partner Is A Monkey?

      ^ I was going to mention that I don't think Fat Dog Mendoza aired in Pakistan (I know it aired in the UK and possibly Indonesia), so it could be one of those.
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    Has Scooby Doo and the gang ever came across a villain that didn't endanger or try to kill them? Reply

      Never though of that. Maybe one of the villains from "A Pup Named Scooby-Doo" as it's kinda Lighter & Softer than most Scooby shows.

      In the second episode of the original series, the "villain" was a magician trying out new illusions.

      He did chase and threaten them and was looking for pirate treasure, though, so I'm not sure if it answers your question.


      But that same magician also tried to saw Shaggy in half

      Hmm... it has been a long time since I saw the ep. I didn't remember that.

      I'm not sure, then!
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    I remember a cartoon that used to air every weekday on a channel called "This Tv". It aired around 2008-2010 and it was sci-fi/adventure themed. All I remember is a brief glimpse of it where some woman and this old guy are trying to crack this code or password but can't find the answer. The old guy suggests the phrase "Jimmy crack corn", to which the woman replies with a Flat What and he says "Jimmy crack corn, no one cared" , but that doesn't work. I would like to know what the show's called but I have no idea. Reply



      The Wayback Machine has some archives for thistv.com ([1]) Apparently they used to show the sci fi cartoons Spider Riders, Stargate Infinity and Evolution: the Animated Series

      If it wasn’t one of those, perhaps one of the programmes on this list is it: [2]

      I don't think those are it. But thanks anyway.
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    I have very good memories of a show that aired around the late 2000 on Nickelodeon that was like Angela Anaconda sort of cutout animation but I can't find anything on the internet...

    The opening of the series was live action with a 12 years old boy that looked out of the window when it was already dark. He saw the woman of a kiosk was closing and run out of his room just to come back with a lot (and I mean a looooot) of magazines. He opens the first magazin and a papercut girl who had crazy colorful dyed hair and clothes winks at him and a portal opens and the boy got into the magazin. The magazin closed itself and the name of the show is shown. There's also a dog that barks at the boy while he was running out of his room.

    The concept of the series is that the boy wants to return into the real world and the girl comes with him. The need to find in every episode a portal that leads into the next magazine. In one episode they're in swimmer magazine with pools and hot looking guys. The whole episode is by the way just a dream because I jumped in an empty pool and pumped his head... In another episode they're in a science magazine and need to explain to the paper scientists that the earth is not flat (which is the joke because the magazine world is only flat).

    And now a curious part of my memory is that I remember the name of the show was Track Mania but this can be right because I can't find anything with that. An explaination for this could be that I played to that time a race game with the same name...

    Hope you can help me, guys :) Reply


      Oh shoot, this is it! Thank you.
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    I remember watching a cartoon targeted towards small children about very tall monsters but they were basically kids. I also remember that there was an older child or possible teenager that watched after them. I remember watching it on more than one occasion but the one episode I remember involved them trying to figure it a word that rhymed with pudding. Reply
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    Okay, I have some pretty clear memories of an old animated movie that seems to not exist that I seen as kid. We're talking no later than the early two thousands (and possibly made much earlier as it didn't look new). I've tried to find it here before but never gave a full detail of what I remember so hopefully this will ring more bells.

    From when I started watching the film (possibly the start, possibly part way through), there's two knights fighting. A man and a woman. They stop fighting when the woman lifts her visor and they make eye contact. Then they get married (as naturally you do). The woman decides that now she is a wife she has no more need to be a warrior and swears never to take up arms again. Some kind of fairy god mother shows up and makes this vow legit so whenever she touches a weapon it disintegrates. Naturally her new husband (a prince, I think she might be a princess too) gets kidnapped by a witch and she wants to go save him but without being able to use any weapons its a bit difficult. She has the aid of a talking horse and a sentient rock. They manage to cross the moat into the witch's castle by having the horse kick the rock somewhere (specifically stating that if our protagonist even so much as threw the rock it would count as a weapon and disappear). She makes her way through the castle but is eventually captured by the witch. For some reason the witch releases the whole No Weapon Vow and the protagonist immediately escapes. She was hanging from a cage suspended above the moat which she then dives into. Said moat contains a two headed sea serpent that can talk and is rather pilot but not at all shy about eating people. Now being able to use weapons she fights her way back to the top of the castle where she encounters the witch again. The prince is under a spell and the witch shows a vision of their two kingdoms going to war (I specifically remember the father of the prince or princess burning a peace agreement). I think the protagonist breaks the spell by staring directly into his eyes like at the start. The witch is defeated, the end. Except I'm also sure there's a greater scope villain in there who appeared frequently throughout. I can't remember any specific scenes with him except the very end of the movie having him proclaim he is still alive and that his evil will never die.

    So yeah, lot's of details there. Really curious to see if this exists and if so how many memories actually line up with it. Reply

      Could it be the Animation based on Fantaghiro?

      Oh wow. I think that could be it. Based on this anyway https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wy4hMiJ7dxg Seems I was wrong about it being a series. If what I remember is just a single episode then wow, they really packed a lot into a single one. I'll have to watch it to be sure but I'm feeling very confident about this. Wow, I didn't think I'd ever find it (next step, somewhere to successfully watch this old and obscure show!)

      Oh wait, there was a film edited together from the contents of the series. That sounds very likely to be the thing. The year of release seems right too. Thanks so much. I've put this YKTS up like three times now to absolutely no avail.
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    So, I remember watching a cartoon about this young(20 or so) black haired girl(looks a bit like esmeralda from the hunchback of notre dame) who I believe was searching for a particular flower(I kind of remember it being a black rose, not 100% certain on that). The other thing I remember is that there was a pirate captain(vaguely remember the setting to be a skull shaped cave) with a talking greenish parrot on his shoulder. Can't seem to remember if he was the main antagonist or the narrator. That's basically all I can remember. It must've been around 8-9 years since I've watched it, but it could be as old as the late 70s judging by art style. Now, I've been through as many 'best', 'forgotten about' and 'nostalgic' cartoon lists I could find for the 90s, the 80s and the 70s. It's absolutely certainly not pirates of black water. Can anyone help me? I've been wondering about this particular cartoon/animated film for a few years now and I never could find it. Reply

      Long shot but could it be the Animation based on Fantaghiro?

      Guys, I've managed to find it myself! After a bit more digging around 60s lists I basically gave up. Somehow, I decided to try and Google the details I remembered. Now, the last time I tried Googling the cartoon (couple years ago), Google didn't know about it. To cut to the chase, Yolanda: The Secret of the Black Rose (2000). I honestly can't believe I've actually found it! ๐Ÿ˜‚ Today is a good day, folk ๐Ÿ˜€

      P.S. She was actually blonde! Guess it's really been long ๐Ÿ˜‚

      ...I was going to give the answer, but you already did it by yourself. Damn.
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    I remember watching a short cartoon back in the early 90s. I am pretty sure the cartoon is from an earlier time than that (60s or 70s maybe). The protagonist has some sort of comment or complaint that he wants to make to his boss. He is sent up an elevator to the next floor and speaks to the boss. He is then continually sent up the elevator to higher floors to speak to bigger and bigger bosses. The floors get more ornate has he goes up. At some point he makes it to the very top of the building and speaks to the big boss (the president?) of the company. I can't remember why he wanted to talk the boss or what the resolution was. I do recall the cartoon as being kinda psychedelic in its style. This has been driving my crazy for decades. Reply
  • 4 Nov 22nd, 2017 at 7:07AM
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    I watched this cartoon in my childhood, it looked like a 30s animation style in which a group of kids were shrunk by an evil guy via a strange device. One of the boys regained his size by falling into a boot, then saving the other kids and shrinking the villain at the end, finally placing him in a sort of cage. Any ideas? Reply
  • 6 Apr 22nd, 2017 at 9:09AM
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    I remember seeing an animated scene on tv around the year 2000. It was on a Dutch channel, but it was clearly an American production. I don't know if it's from a film, tv series, a one-off tv special, etc.

    The scene in question involved two boys, teenaged or college age at the most, talking about the history of the Super Bowl. Then an older guy in a business suit comes up and compares the Super Bowl to having sex with the queen (??). All this takes place against a plain white background. I would say that the art style reminded me of The Simpsons, but the characters had natural skin tones. (Also, I have actually seen very little of The Simpsons.) Reply



      Bump. I guess this must be pretty obscure.

      It could have just been a 1 time thing. I saw a cartoon clip about a guy who came from a family of athletes, literally 8 days ago during the NFL draft on the ESPN network. I wanted to show it to my wife later but couldnt find it anywhere. Since it was a 1 time thing produced by the network, the cartoon clip is gone in the ether - unless someone DV Rs and uploads it in the future.

      That would make sense. It does make me wonder why it was on Dutch tv though - NOBODY watches the super bowl in the Netherlands.