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    There was a kid who was running a race and fell into another demension and had to fight with monsters to collect gems to get back to real world, there was a purple turtle thing that spun really fast and hit people. Reply
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    Western Animation
    So in around 2006 from 2008(but it could've been earlier this is just when I saw it) there was a tv show or special. I'm not sure what channel it was on or when it was made. The basic plot was there was a girl who was either Mexican or Hispanic I'm not sure which she was young not sure her exact age but less than 7. So it was basically what the US would be like in the future. It actual was her narrating her life and what happend is she was an illegal immigrant who now lives in America. When she was crossing the border to the US I remember a gunman shooting into a crowd of people crossing. Later she's living in US and a nuclear bomb is dropped and that's all I remember. It was also a cartoon where it looked like actual people.

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    Western Animation
    The Thomas wiki has an image of a Garratt character from Big World Big Adventures, the upcoming special, and he appears to be taken from a trailer, but I can't seem to find it. Is there anyone who can? Reply
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    I vaguely remember watching this series when I was very young and I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere. From what I remember there was this girl with long blonde hair and two red ribbons on each side of her head, she might have been a princess and she was always in trouble. I think it might have been set in something like a fantasy village. Please help, it's really bugging me! Reply

      When and where did you watch it? (we don't know when you were young)

      Lady Lovelylocks?

      Unfortunately it's not Lady Lovelylocks, and yeah sorry around the year 2000 but I imagine it was older than that, kinda looked like 70s cartoon style, it might have been on fox kids but I'm not sure

      Was it an anime or a western cartoon?


      I was thinking maybe Here Comes the Grump, but I don't remember the princess having ribbons in her hair.

      That's a god suggestion, unfortunately it's not that one, i feel like i made this show up in my head, it was a more realistic cartoon than that

      Google image search suggests Georgie and Candy Candy
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    Soo i'm pretty sure im not making up a western style cartoon show that ran probably early 2000s, i believe it was a drama/romance sort of show aimed at young teens so i was a bit too young at the time to pay full attention. It was about a young girl/woman with long brunette hair (i think, could have been blonde) and the show was named after her but there was a cast of other people aswell. It took place in a green countryside in a fancy villa or something like that probably in a time before the 1900s cause all the men were gentlemen and the women had fancy dresses. I'm certain horses were involved somewhere. I want to call it Isabelle? or Annabelle? Cara...belle? Reply
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    I vaguely remember this cartoon from my younger childhood and all of the info I can remember is listed as follows; The main character was a girl who I believe wore yellow clothing. She had blonde hair (can't remember a style) and was kind-of crazy. She had a smiley face drawn on her finger that she would talk to and I think bees were a part of the plot. I remember one quote from the cartoon in which she proclaims to her finger: "Shh, I'm thinking." The name of this cartoon would be greatly appreciated. Reply
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    There are two short cartoons that I saw either on Teletoon or The Zone that are both horror themed and I believe they were back to back, maybe a pilot of a failed show. I think it was Canadian and it aired 10+ years ago. The first one starred some kid who's parents had arranged for him to marry a zombie girl. He doesn't want to marry her and there's a scene where his family and the zombie family are sitting at the dinner table and the zombie girl blows him a kiss, which is visualized as a black rotting pair of lips floating towards him. The episode ends with it having been a dream and the guy shrugs and walks like a zombie The second episode was about this guy who turns into a werewolf. There's a nerdy girl in his class who he's not into and she keeps saying "I looove hairy mennn." After the kid fully transforms into a werewolf he goes to her house and the episode ends with him basically being her dog. Reply
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    This one is quite fuzzy, but I'm sure I've seen it somewhere. It had a man in a suit becoming involved in a certain fairytale (perhaps more? Or was that the Fairytaler...), I most clearly remember an episode where he had wings that he used to complete a task for a princess (as you do). If you can find the show could you please direct me to the specific episode? Reply

      Fairytale Police Department?

      Hmm, I believe it was from earlier than that, maybe late 90s, but thanks for the nostalgia trip!

      This is a completely off the wall guess, but could it have been Walter Melon?

      Er, no sorry. I'm starting to wonder if it even existed! The only fairytale that comes even close to what I'm remembering is The Carpenter and the Turner, which I can't find in print to check!
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    I remember a tv show broadcasting on disney awhile back, the animation was animeesque but I'm fairly sure it was western made with the color palette they used, the show was either set in high school in community college, and the teenagers might be some sort of community help group if i remember Reply
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    Okay, so hereís what I remember. (This was something I watched in the 2000ís.) So there was this boy, maybe 10-13, that was on a battlefield. People were dying around him and eventually someone he loved or cared about dyed in front of him. He is in anguish and I think he yells which releases the spirit of a shadowy like dragon with red eyes that is attached to the boyís back kind of like a genie. This particular spirit guardian turns out to be like a well known ancient all powerful spirit. The people in the battle watch in amazement as they realize that the little boy has just summoned this known guardian. If I remember correctly the ďBlack dragon/shadow dragonĒ was the term the people used for this shadow he conjured. Anyway that was like episode 1 of whatever show this was. I caught another episode later on and it was the boy struggling to summon his dragon guardian companion during a battle. Everyone has their own spirit guardian btw his was just special apparently. People fought in this show by channeling their spirit guardianís energy and strength into themselves. Him and his guardian werenít getting along or something and you canít just force your guardian out you have to ďbecome one and accept themĒ or something like that. LOL. This show is either an anime or a cartoon, it was English when I watched it. It didnít have a very ďanimeĒ like vibe to it visually. It seemed darker than your normal cartoon. Think Attack on Titan mixed with Avatar the last air bender. Not really all that colorful but with those character styles. At least thatís what I remember, it may look a little older. It may be an anime! No idea! Reply

      The show based on Blue Dragon?

      Ermahlerd!! I think that‚Äôs it! ūüėā Thank you so much. I described it terribly. Haha. Bad memory yeesh. Rewatching episode 1, it seems quite different from how I remembered it. Interesting to know it‚Äôs based on a video game. :)
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    I once saw this on a trip, I believe, so it probably comes from late 2000s-early 2010s, and in America, probably American in origin. It had a similar style to Ben 10 (and there's the possibility it could be it, I've never seen Ben 10) but I'm not sure if that was it. It involved a young man and his sasquatch-like friend running through this facility (iirc, it looked vaguely like a modern mansion from the outside, but the rooms were mostly empty) with a vehicle bay running from this villain who I think looked humanoid but had a really long tongue/weird mouth. There was a scene where, after the young man and the sasquatch split up, the young man realizes that the weird mouth guy isn't following them for the reason they initially thought, he's following them because he wants to eat the sasquatch. TYIA! Reply
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    Western Animation
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    A cartoon in the style of La Linea (The Lines) with a blue background and a cat as protagonist. It aired in the commercial breaks of Nick Jr., around 1998-2002 (around the same time as Philomena Fly, Amby & Dexter, and Flexy). I remember an episode in which a flea used the cat's and a dog's tails tied together as a jump rope. I vaguely remember another episode of the cat climbing a tree to bring something. Thanks in advance! Reply
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    I remember a tv series possibly a movie about 3 rats one with red antennae and one with a cybernetic eye thing like dragonball z and a third I've forgotten about, was an older animation if I remember correctly around the time dungeons and dragons was released, thanks in advance! Reply
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    Itís a movie about a boy, whom is disrespectful towards the people in his village. He either ran away or got kidnapped and went to a mystical land with a queen, who may or may not be the villain. The style I believe to be late 70s early 80s. What is the title? Reply
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    Im trying to remember a show I saw years ago, it had 2D animation but the faces were actual recordings of real people with a cartoony filter over it. One character had long hair and a red sweat band with a unibrow. It was a show geared more towards mature audiences. Any ideas? Reply

      Tom Goes to the Mayor?

      No, that's not fit. Thank you though!

      No clue what the work is but based on the style you could try checking on the Rotoscoping page or the Synchro-Vox page.

      aku no hana?

      It's not an adult show, but perhaps Angela Anaconda?

      Also not an adult cartoon, but is it Flatmania?

      Unfortunately it's none of those suggestions, but thanks for pointing me to rotoscoping, that's definitely the technique used but I couldn't find the show even with that information unfortunately

      Was it fucking HEAVY METAL


      It's not a show, but Richard Linklater made a couple movies with rotoscoping; maybe it's one of those?

      Delta State? 2008's "Punch!" ?

      No, it's not those either, but thanks for reminding me of Delta State, I loved that

      Damn, this place doesn't let me post links. I found a picture of one of the characters some Ransome person on Facebook had, and reverse image search isn't helping

      If you upload the picture to a site like imgur, you should be able to share the link!

      https://imgur.com/a/ve2VsGn okay, threw it on Imgur, THIS is a guy form the show

      A quick image search says it's from Sons of Butcher

      That's it, thank you!
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    Hi! I'm looking for a cartoon I possibly watched in elementary school. I remember a young boy comforting a crying pink monster. The cartoon looked to be from the 80's or 90's, maybe even the 70's. Can you please help me? Reply
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    Western Animation
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    i need help finding a short animation (probably around 5 mins): - it was on "Boomerang from Cartoon Network" between the years of 2005-2009 i cant remember the exact year - what I remember from the animation is that there is a baby mole, who lives underground and looses his mother. then the mole leaves his underground home to look for his mom, hes yelling for his mom but is blinded by the sun and hes walking towards a dangerous river, and its very sad. - after the show "Tom and Jerry" that would come on at 8, there would be a bunch of short animations that would follow. this mole animation was one of them.

    please help ive been looking for this animation forever and I cannot find it anywhere Reply
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    Western Animation
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    the show used to be on netflix awhile ago. there was a scientist(?) who would go around the world and try to find kids with the gems. on kid had super strength from his gem and the shards were stuck around his eye. there was a girl who was really good at martial arts. there were also bad guys, one was genetically engineered to turn into black smoke, and there was a girl who was dressed like cleopatra(?) and the villains were led by an evil scientist(?) who wanted to control the gems. One episode ends with him in a icy tundra(?). the final battle is when the villain gets a gem and he could destroy the world, probably during a solar eclipse, but the gem was fake. I think the show was cgi animation, it was my favorite show when i was a kid, i really hope someone can help :0 Reply
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    trying to figure out a cartoon short i saw when i was a kid. i think the animation style was claymation, but iím not positive. i remember a moose was playing catch with (i think) a raccoon. the raccoon has a cold though and the moose got some germs in him while playing. there might have been a scene with the germs singing. anyways, the moose got sick. for some reason, he went to a junk yard where some other animal was that tried to help him rest to get better. i think the moose mad a joke about not wanting to lie on a bed because he always tells the truth. i think this mightíve been part of a compilation of shorts because i remember a few details of different stories too... the other things i remember is a short about a boy caveman who was made fun of because he invented utensils and a story about someone locking death/the grim reaper in a chest so no one died. thanks in advance! Reply
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    The movie begins with an owl making an introduction to the viewer, and then beginning the story, the scene then cuts to a little girl and her dog in a car driving through the rain, which breaks down, the puppy then wanders off and gets lost in the forest, and is then adopted by a family of rabbits. Reply
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    I'm trying to find the name of a show that I used to watch on Pay Per View during my Canadian childhood. It's most likely from the 90s or early 2000s. It was a creepy show that takes place in a small town centered around three main characters that are still in school; there's a very muted or greyish or bluish undertone to the entire thing and the characters. The one episode I can remember was there was an exterminator that was "getting rid" of the mosquitos but he really was the mosquito king or something and his "bug repellant" was actually attracting more mosquitoes. If anyone can help me find the show I'd really appreciate it, thanks! Reply
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    Western Animation
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    It played before a 4D Spongebob show in a theater in the UK. It was a warning that food, drinks, and smoking werenít allowed. It showed a claymation man in the theaterwith all of those things, only for a robot arm to reach down and take them one by one. I found it particularly funny when he tries and fails to keep the last thing. It then showed us a diagram while warning us that pregnant women/those with heart conditions, etc. shouldnít be here, and cut back to the claymation man being shaken around in the theater while warning us they couldnít be held responsible for injuries, etc. Reply
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    Western Animation
    Pretty sure this was on VHS. An ostrich and lion go on a treasure hunt/safari and find a cave that looks like a skull. Inside they find words like ďLookĒ and ďJumpĒ that help them exit the cave alive. On the other side is a circus and as far as I remember thatís the end. Watched it in the 90s, the style wasnít very clean for animation... Reply
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    There was this short film I saw many years ago that I haven't been able to track down, and Google gives me a lot of unrelated results. But here's what I remember about it:

    This is set in a world where Toons and live-action humans coexist, like with Who Framed Roger Rabbit or Cool World. The protagonist is a human Toon (a Viking, I believe, but it was never made that important), who sees a gorgeous Toon woman on TV and tries to seek her out to meet her in person. Much of the story is him getting directions and information from people, and he finally tracks down the studio in which her cartoons are made, only to discover he was led to an animation studio, with people at their desks drawing frames on cels—they are animating the cartoon shorts about this Toon woman, and he finds out she never existed as a living being in the first place.

    Has anybody seen this? I thought it was a nice deconstruction of the Toons-and-live-action premise that I haven't really seen addressed again. Reply

      Huh, is it that obscure? (I am pretty certain it was an indie film, but I can't remember for the life of me where I saw it. It was not online, however.)
  • 3 Apr 15th, 2018 at 12:12PM
    Western Animation
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    I've managed to uncover 95% of everything I watched during my childhood. I've been deep in animated series from all over the world, obscure puppet animation short films from the Czech Republic, and everything inbetween. But there's a couple of things I've never been able to find, including this one.

    I grew up in Denmark, and this particular series was aired as part of a Danish children's programme, probably around 1994-1997 - but the series could be older. I'd say each episode was 8-10 min. in length. As well as I can remember, it was about a grumpy bird (which I think was blue) always outsmarting human hoodlums trying to either catch it or steal it. I don't remember it having any dialogue, it was rather just mumbling and sound effects. Thinking back, I'd say it had a pretty cheap look, and I'm sure it was European. It did not have an American look. It's really hard to describe, and that's really all I have to go after.

    So: - 8-10 min. episodes - Big blue (?) bird as protagonist (but he seemed kind of tired and grumpy always) - A gang of human antagonists (thinking back, I want them to look like the Daltons from Lucky Luke, but they probably didn't)

    If any of you can uncover this, I'm deeply impressed! Reply

      Peep and the Big Wide World?


      As a huge bird lover, I'm very curious about what this could be. I'm going to do some investigating on it.