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    I'm trying to find an animated children's show, where the characters lived on some kind of space station. It looked just like a residential neighborhood, except it was in space and there was a control room where they controlled the weather and turned on and off the "sun" and such. I think the guy who worked in the control room had a Russian sounding name.

    It would have been on in 2006-ish, and I think it was on one of the children's channels (maybe Disney, but it may have been Nikelodeon something as well). I've tried to google it, but the only suggestions I get are The Jetsons and Lloyd in Space, and I know it wasn't either of those. Reply
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    I believe itīs a french animated tv series. It was about the staff of an airline company: the protagonist was kind like Jim Phelps, both physicaly and on the role of leader of the team, i remember a blonde flight attendant who kinda fell in the dumb blonde trope and a flamboyant black guy who was the comic relief. I think the intro was similar in style to that of Spielberg's Catch me if you can. I guess the show was a bit adult oriented 'cause i remember some sexual innuendo on some episodes. The designs of the charaters and the animation was kinda like the show 6teen. Itīs probably from the early 2000's. Does anyone knows the show i'm talking about? Thanks. Reply
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    I remember this show about kids in a fantasy-ish world from around the 2000's where kids could summon creatures from rocks, and each of them had elemental powers, and there dark versions of other creatures... All in all, the more I think about it, the more it makes me think of a Slugterra prototype, except it was in traditional animation. Reply
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    I'm trying to remember the name of this show that I used to watch years ago, I remember it was on very early in the morning and was a cartoon about a little girl and an adult male who I think was a fireman, and in each episode they'd go to different places and they would do multiple choice questions. I only remember two very tiny parts of two episodes, one where they went to see sugar cane fields (but I don't remember where), and one where there was a man outside possibly hypothermic and one of the answer options was to put him over a heater grate and one was to give him a strong alcoholic drink such as whiskey Reply
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    I can't remember what show it was a part of but I remember an episode that involved the characters investigating the suspicious new teacher at their school. In the end I believe it was the gym teacher was using the students to complete a spell that used math and the kids heads ended up exploding. They stopped it but not after a bunch of kids had died. What show is this I believe it's a recent show Reply
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    What was that pilot show called the one about a kid who got summoned by this elf that was trying to summon a hero and when the kid showed up he tried another spell but all it did was give the kid a tail and there was this feral girl in it too Reply
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    So i recall an old tv show about small beings that fly around on helium baloons of different shapes, and can posess things by turning into eyes and flying towards the thing. one episode had a character end up posessing a piece of melted snow(flake?) when their snowman melted, and another one had tone of them posseses the body of a fox that was killed by a hunter to help its ghost? Reply
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    Hi, I'm trying to find the name of 2 TV shows (or perhaps animated movies) that I saw on TV when I was child, around 2000. I can't be 100% sure that it was western animation.

    1) The first one was about the 2 heroes (one female and one male characters, child or young adults), that were trying to arrest a mad scientist. This one has built / taken control of a satellite weapon, firing laser. The Army also tried to arrest the bad guy, they send several tanks to his base. The heroes decided to hide on one tank. However, the bad guy used the satellite, destroying the tanks, except the one carrying the heroes, which turn and fell in a lake.

    2) The second was about a group of soldiers, agents, or mercenary (I'm not sure if they were the good guys or not), piloting little hovercrafts. If my memory is ok, they were dressed in blue and white. They were trying to intercept / destroy / steal a giant cargo truck, escorted by an other faction (if my memory is right, they were in red and black). While the "blue and white" faction was piloting their hovercrafts, they begin to argue, until a female character used her hovercraft gun to shoot a net on an other pilot. When they reached the convoy, they destroyed a building to try to block it, however the convoy escorts used their weapons to clear rubble.

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Thank you in advance ! Reply

      1 is most certainly an episode of Johnny Quest, but I cannot assist with 2.

      Wow, nice job for the 1, that's it ! Thank you a lot ! If somebody is interested, I found the episode, it's Nemesis (The real adventures of Jonny Quest).
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    I remember years ago, either very late 90's or very early 2000's, me and my dad were up early in the morning, as he was flipping through channels. We came across part of a cartoon involving a pair of either mice or rats. It was a traditionally animated cartoon, and from what I remember, it definitely looked like it was made in the 80's or 90's.

    We only saw a short clip from the show, where both rodents were presumably in a kitchen. They had both been covered by some kind of sticky substance, and one of them mentioned something about being in a "sticky situation". Then, large glass (or clear plastic) bowl is suddenly placed down over them, and the second rat says something along the lines of "Now we're in a bowl in a sticky situation!" As he says this, we're shown the angry looking face of the human who had just trapped them with the bowl. After that, it went to a commercial break. I'm pretty sure my dad changed the channel after that, because I'm certain I never saw what happened after that.

    To this day, I have no idea what this cartoon might be. My first guess would be Capitol Critters, but I don't think that show ever reran past 1995, and I definitely know that wasn't the year that I saw this. Any help on this would be appreciated, thanks! Reply


      One show that comes to mind is Ratz. It's a long shot, but it could be it, I don't know.

      Sorry, it was neither of those. Again, it was a traditionally animated, pre-2000's cartoon. The only other pieces of information I could give is that I live in the United States, and the latest that this event happened was 2001, but even then, there's a good chance that I saw it prior to that year.

      Could it be "Pinky and the Brain"?

      Possibly, but I can't be sure.

      Was it Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers? The title characters are chipmunks, but two of the other characters are mice.

      I don't think so. I actually watched that show growing up, so I would've recognized it.
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    In the mid 2000s I remember watching a show that was in many ways your typical scooby doo rip off. There were 4(?) kids/teens with a dog (80% sure there was a dog) who went around solving mysteries in their local community. The only character I can remember is the girly girl daphne clone who saved them in one episode by using her makeup and a hair dryer. I have a feeling that the town they lived in was by the ocean? at least I remember them being at a lightouse at one point. I can also vaguely recall them driving around in a yellow car or vehicle of sorts. I know it wasn't the clue club because the quality and overall presentation was very....not 70s. I'm also pretty sure it wasn't drawn in the hanna-barbera style, and at the time at least it felt like a contemporary cartoon. Reply

      This would be Famous 5: On the Case.

      Yep, that's definitely it. Thanks!

      Pleasure's all mine!
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    Hi! I was wondering if maybe tropers could help me figure out this one work I recall seeing somewhere.

    It was a CGI cartoon, I don't remember if it was a movie or a tv series.

    I think it was from France? I'm not sure though; I looked through the French cartoons list on Wikipedia and nothing rang a bell.

    What I do recall is two characters designs. One was an adult woman with a bobcat haircut, black-rimmed glasses, black suit, white shirt, black pants and black fingerless gloves; maybe a beauty mark too, I'm not sure. She was one of the bad guys, I think; not sure about that either. The other was a small child, pink shirt, long sleeves, brown hair and a pink hat; I think it was a beret. She was one of the main characters or a one shot character.

    As for the show, I think it involves aliens? Again, my memory is fuzzy. I drew a terrible doodle of them if it helps. http://imgur.com/a/y7NLx Reply

      Code Lyoko???

      Oh wow, sorry it's been so long. No, it wasn't Code Lyoko. This show was full time CGI, It's CGI character design was similar to Monster Buster Club, but with smaller heads and smaller eyes, If that helps. I remember watching this show or movie on Jetix? Fox Kids? Some Canadian channel? I'm not sure, somewhere along those lines.

      I do vaguely remember the character design, you said it was on a Canadian cartoon channel?

      I remember French had something to do with it, and Canada is the most likely culprit. Here's the character designs attempt 2.0. if it's of any help: https://imgur.com/a/wEOrG
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    I remember seeing this in the early 2000's, but it's possible that it could have been made in the very late 90's, like '99 or something. It was a traditional hand-drawn animated show about a group of kids, probably in middle school or elementary school. It was strictly for adults.

    No it was not South Park or Drawn Together. It was very liberal with foul language and one episode's plot revolved around the main character, a blonde-haired boy, being hypnotized and couldn't look at anyone or anything without seeing breasts and female genitalia attached. The only other episode I remember was a Halloween special where they receive treats from an old lady and fear that those treats might be poisoned. One of the things that stands out in my mind is a bully character who frequently used the word "fuck" and wore a shirt with a hand giving the middle finger printed on it.

    I have tried to find this cartoon for several years and nothing has shown up. I couldn't even find it in the Wikipedia list for animated shows. Does anyone know what this show is? Thank you! Reply
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    I saw this as a child at my cousins house. It was an animated show and they were watching it around 2005 but it could've been an older show. I thought it was Kim Possible at the time and avoided the show afterwards but it definitely wasn't Kim Possible. The shows villain had found a machine that allowed themselves to switch body parts around and one of the girl characters had hairy legs that she was very upset about. I think there was some x ray vision and spy elements. The art style was very teen titans the original. Reply
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    I have vague recollections of a TV show which involved some young adults driving around cars to save the world. One had a purple car that had speakers all over the place and was related to British Royalty. There was another guy who had a yellow motorbike that he could make fly. Two others shared a giant blue ATV (the smart guys). The Leader had a red racing car. There was a female character driving something and later on a guy driving an electricity wielding car showed up. But yeah they had a base and drove their different dimensions to recover parts of this AI they had. Can't remember much more. Reply

      Hot Wheels Battle Force 5?

      Oh, you genius. Thanks so much. It was going to bug me for ages. I spent the last 5 years trying to figure out if I hallucinated watching Treasure Island Kids in the first place.
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    That's the only specific line I remember from the episode: "Yes well...to us, YOU'RE the alien." Said in a very specific tone, by an alien creature to a human. It's in an episode of a western cartoon, can't remember which though. I wanna know the show and specific episode it's from. I keep thinking it's from an Invader Zim episode, but I can't find a source on that. Reply
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    There was a waterfall that shone the 7 colors of the rainbow and a machine that could convert this special water into gems... but I donīt know if it was a episode in some show or if a there was a show entirely built around this waterfall... I canīt remember any characters that protected said waterfall or the guy that created the machine that converted the water into jewels... and worst I donīt know why the machine seemed something false even if we are talking about an animated show...

    My memory is so jumbled that for some time I thought it was a episode of the Disney Alladin series... but ended like the episode was about Yago the parrot and a special group of birds that doesnīt relied on humans and the waterfall was a barrier and wasnīt a rainbow at all... it was something created by refraction, a normal one...

    Later I thought it was the Paw Paw Bears... but all the show is about bears and a magical pendant that gave life to a magical totem with bear, turtle and eagle... but didnīt find a rainbow waterfall nor a jewel converter machine... the other wiki doesnīt seems to know anything either... Reply

      There are a few episodes of Dragon Tales that involve Rainbow Canyon, which the kids sometimes sail to to pick out the colors for new paints/clay/etc. So there's no jewels or machine involved as far as I know, but in case your memory is distorting some of the facts...?

      Some of this vaguely reminds me of the Doctor Snuggles episode "The Magical Multi-Coloured Diamond", which involved using diamonds to fix a damaged rainbow. I don't know about water, though.
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    Unfortunately, I have only a faint memory of this cartoon, but I'll do my best to describe it.

    So, one time in elementary school (probably at least 10 years ago), we were in art class, and the teacher put on this educational cartoon. It was teaching about Claude Monet, and the story was about this little French girl whose grandmother was taking her to visit the Monet Garden. They brought breadsticks to eat, but there was this woman at the gate who took the breadsticks away, saying something like "The bread is forbidden." I only remember that scene because that's how I learned the word "forbidden."

    Unfortunately, I don't remember much else about the cartoon. If I had to describe the animation style, I would guess that it was hand-drawn. I think the art style resembled something from Nelvana or DiC Entertainment, although I was a big fan of their cartoons back then, so maybe, in a way, I was just biased.

    I don't think it was Madeline, but... maybe.

    All I can find is this. It could be it, but I'd have to see some scenes of the girl and her grandma to know for sure. Reply

      Could it have been the animated adaptation of Linnea in Monet's Garden? Tv T doesn't seem to have much info on either the book or the animation, though.

      I found another one that was actually part of a kids' art class video. This one was called The Magical Garden of Claude Monet, and it's also based on a book about a girl visiting Monet's garden.
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    Okay, I'm trying to remember the name of this cartoon. The main character's name was Zack and I think (not sure) he had a catchphrase called zack attack. Their was video game based on it on the playstation 2 and the character Zack was like 12 years old. The cartoon was probably on cartoon network or nickelodoen but this is just a guess. Any help would be appreciated thx Reply

      Also, this was probably at least 7 years ago but most likely more

      Ape Escape?

      That's not it :/ It was based off a TV show

      Alright, so probably not it but my first instinct upon hearing this would be the All-CGI Cartoon Tak and the Power of Juju, in which the main character is named Tak, not Zack, and which did have a PS2 videogame based off of it, though the videogame actually came out first. I can't recall enough about the show to say if Tak's catchphrase was Tak Attack, but that's a detail I think I'd remember...

      is it The Secret Saturdays? i cant remember if the main character had a catchphrase, but he was 12 and his name was Zak.
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    Girl that travels through time and space to find new fertile land Reply

      The cartoon version of The Future Is Wild?
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    I've been searching for this anime/cartoon since like 2010. There are few things I remember so this is a long shot but here goes. It was a anime that children watched, like Naruto or One Piece, but it wasn't as well known. What I remember about the characters is, the first season, there was a antagonist in a red mecha-like suit and the protagonist had a green one. There was another character with a pink suit, the pink one was quite shy and had an evil brother that tries to take over in the second season (I think the brothers name was Phoenix). All through the first season, the red and the green characters were rivals, but in the second season they become friends. What I remember about the plot is that it's a fighting arena/tournament series, and the characters are quite young. The series was either dubbed or recorded in English. I watched this show all the time as a child and I wish to revisit it. If you have any ideas that could help me, I would really appreciate it. Reply

      I'm pretty sure it's Saint Seiya. It's not mecha suits, just regular armor, but everything else fits.
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    I have this vague memory of an animated short I once saw as a little kid. It involved a cheetah that had been poached and taken to Paris (if I recall correctly) so that he could be made into a fur coat. Once there, he manages to escape into this park somewhere in the city and (this is one scene I can clearly remember) stops in front of a flower bush. The flowers remind him of his girlfriend back home and her face appears in the bushes in a mirage sort of fashion. Forgot what happens after that, just that he eventually gets back to Africa....somehow. I want to say it was part of ABC Weekend Specials, because the animation reminded me of the animation in the Magic Flute segment, and it seems like I saw it at the same time ABC Weekends was on, but I've looked through the Weekend Specials episode list and haven't found anything comparable. Was there another show that had a similar set up (different half hour long animated shorts?) or did I hallucinate this? Reply

      Well, he's a leopard and not a cheetah, and the city he's taken to is New York and not Paris, but other than that you've got a spot on recollection of The Bollo Caper, which was indeed an ABC weekend special, adapted from the book by Art Buchwald. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hK5YP-zT6SU
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    Anyone remember an episode of cartoon cartoons in the early 00's that was about a space captain that needed to do some laundry, i dont remember what happens in the middle, but it ended in a planet of aliens, that had really huge foreheads (kinda conehead-like but in this case the head leans forward). And i remember that the capt uses a missile attached to his forehead to blend in. Thats all i recall..i hope you can help me, And sorry for the bad english, not my first language :) Reply

      "A Clean Getaway" episode of The Adventures of Captain Buzz Cheeply from What A Cartoon ?

      Exactly the one!! Thanks, i've been looking for it for like a month, ty :) (in my country was part of cartoon cartoons, didnt know about this "what a cartoon" show
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    I remember seeing a short video on tumblr within the last year or so. It was really, really quality cgi, like something from an an actual film or video game, but I remember something about it not actually being a clip from something, or at least nothing finished? Might have been from something someone wanted to make, or maybe a trailer?

    The video was about an android/robot/AI woman who had a soul (like she could think and feel where the other's were just machines programmed to act like human companions/servants?) The android is being constructed and talking to the quality control(?) guy (who you don't actually see, he's just a voice over an intercom) when she becomes upset, realizing she's not going to be free and she's supposed to be a mindless servant.

    The quality control guy is kind of freaked out by her acting differently than the other androids (they usually just give a little monologue about how great they are at serving humanity) and starts disassembling her because she's 'defective'.

    The android woman begs him not to take her apart, she doesn't want to die. I remember the scene being a real tear-jerker because an intelligent being is literally begging not to be destroyed for having a soul. The guy stops the dissembling process just before it's too late and, touched by her pleas, he puts her back together and let's her leave to be shipped off, agitatedly telling her something to the effect of 'act normal so neither of us get in trouble.'

    It ends there, though it really seemed like it should be part of something bigger. It was kind of rad, and I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this? Within one or two years ago, probably. It was obviously newer because the cgi looked good. Reply
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    Okay. I'm looking for an episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic where Discord turns into a baby, introduces himself, then creates more of his heads, each one smaller than the other, and each time he does it, all the heads say "More me". Reply
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    I cannot find a trace of this show online and it's driving me insane. Basically it was this animated TV show that I think might have been either animated over live action or like a 2D CGI. (It was kind of a unique style. Like if you took A Scanner Darkly, made it ghetto and mixed it with Reboot, but then made everything 2D with static textures and patterns on clothing, for example.) It was some time in the late 90s/early 2000s, either Canadian or American. I thought it would have been on YTV or Teletoon, but I've searched both of their show lists and nothing is twigging my memory. It was something about this group of friends (2 guys, 2 girls, I think), and they had some sort of ability to leave their bodies and project themselves into ... I want to say dreams or alternate realities? I think they had some sort of memory loss that was a big part of the plot. And there was some sort of shady organization after them. I hope that's enough to go on. It was kind of for teens and adults, I'd say, rather than younger kids. Please help! Reply

      The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest? Dunno...

      Delta State?

      By the way, the animation used in A Scanner Darkly and Delta State is Rotoscoping

      I second Delta State. Someone else was looking for this a little while ago with pretty much the same description you gave.

      Code Lyoko sounds pretty close to your description