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    No idea what the original air date was since I saw it dubbed in late 90s Poland. All I remember is that the artstyle was kinda like Rocko's Modern Life and the color palette was rather muted. Anybody? Reply
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    I remember this kids show which have remained unremembered or unheard of by those i have asked. I think its about a Boy and Sailor(?) in train/mining cart (?) on a train track which surrounds the world. I rember a scene in a coastal cave and the pair trying to aquire a turqoise/greenish crystal chandeliering in the middle. That as much as i remember. Reply
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    They might have been robots? The kid throws away his brussels sprouts instead of eating them, and he gets nightmares about those sprouts taking over the world or his family turning into brussels sprouts. The same show might have had a special about their grandpa (robot) turning evil. Reply

      Rolie Polie Olie.

      The episode you're thinking of is The Lie.
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    Ok so ive always wondered what movie this was. The movie (as i remeber) is about people going up this mountain?? And there was like a villian that was made of goop or mud or somethin?? And it was 3d animated. The only reason i remeber this movie is because there is one scene where the mud guy absorbs mud girls?? Anyways i was like 7 so it imprinted on me lol Reply
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    Hi. This time around I'm trying to remember a show that once dealt with an evil gingerbread man. He is missing a leg and yet somehow manages to walk around with a candy cane. He gave his Freudian Excuse in a poem that explained how his creator, (revealed to be a little fox in a dress) actually bit off his leg shortly after pulling him out of the oven. His name was Greg. Any help is greatly appreciated. Reply
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    So I have been struggling to remember this show, I don't even remember if it was good or not but its bothering me that I can't remember the name of the show. It was between 2010 and 2015. Basically what I remember is a girl (possibly named Kat or Katherine) who lives in a big old house and might have been sent there to live with her grandmother who practices magic (her parents can't use magic). The girl her self practices magic and rides a Pegasus. She has two friends a boy that turns into a monster thing and another girl but I don't remember there being anything special about her. I remember each episode revolving around some group trying to get power and releasing different creatures into the real world and they have to track them down and fight them while keeping the magic life secret from her other classmates. Reply
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    A memory of a show struck me the other day, and as I think more about I remember more. It was set in the future, when robots had taken over the world. However, there was a small faction of humans rebelling against the robots. I seem to remember that they had a central base, and the closer you got, the more dangerous it was. I think the colors of the robots had something to to with how strong they were as well. The humans had some kind of machinery, I think they were robotic fighting suits, or airplanes, I'm not sure which. At some point in the plot, one of the MC's friends/relative (maybe a sister) was kidnapped by the robots and made to work with other humans. I think they also kidnapped people to design new robots for them, and there was a side plot of one of the human scientists that didn't want to design new robots. Does anyone know what this show was? It might have also been one of those small paperback "comic books", but I don't think so. Reply
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    I can vividly recall an episode of a kids show about office supplies that travelled to Machu Picchu in an episode, and talked about an ancient form of communication involving strings and knots.

    I remember there were about four characters; a pen, a pencil, and a paperclip, but I can't remember the fourth character if there was one. I watched it in fourth grade around 2010-2011. Can anyone help me out? It's an American cartoon and I've scoured ever possible search query I can think of. Reply

      Were the characters hand-drawn or CGI? Someone made a query here a while back for something similar to what you described. The answer was a show called Doodle. I don't know if they traveled to Maccu Picchu since this show focused on art and not geography/world history, and it came out in the late nineties, but is this what you are looking for?
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    I can vaguely remember seeing this show back in the mid-to-late 2000s in a morning cartoon block, and the 2D animation looking like it was done digitally makes me think it was probably recent at that time.

    The main things I remember are that it was maybe set in South America (think Aztec or Mayan, ancient civilizations) and there were four main characters (either two boys and two girls, or three boys and one girl) that were superheroes with animal-themed identities and powers. I distinctly remember one of the girls being green and lizard themed, and for whatever reason her power was that she could stretch like Mr Fantastic - in the episode I remember she tried to stop a dam from breaking by stretching out wide to plug the holes.

    The others I'm not entirely sure about, but I think one of the boys was red and bull themed, the other was yellow and some kind of large cat, and the last kid's power was flight so they were probably a bird but I honestly can't be certain. Reply

      Combo Niņos?

      That's it! Thanks dude, you have no idea how long I've been plugging strings of keywords into Google trying to find this thing.
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    This was a children's tv show or web series that starred math symbols such as a red addition sign, a pink or purple multiplication sign, and a division sign which i believe was blue, and a subtraction sign. it was a 3D animation most likely from the early to mid 2000's and it's characters have been haunting my nightmares ever since. I need help finding this show. The characters look like they're made of felt and the eyes look like they're from veggietales. The episode I remember was about building a house or tall building in the shape of a pentagon or octogon. If you know what i'm talking about, please help!!! It was made for kids around the ages of 1st grade to 3rd grade as I recall. Reply
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    I'm looking for an episode of Arthur with this conversation:
    Francine: "(something I can't remember)"
    Muffy: "What does that word mean?"
    Francine: "Nothing. It's a made-up word."
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    I remember almost nothing about it, the only things I remember is that the animation wasn't drawn, it was with 3d models and CGI (I think). I think I used to watch it in the early 2000s (could be reruns since I'm in latin america, not sure), but my memories of it are so incredibly vague I'm almost certain I completely hallucinated it, but I'm not giving up yet. I mean, I'm sure there are plenty of shows with this premise, maybe one of them is the right one? Reply

      What type of monsters? Eg orginial ot classics like Frankenstein or Dracula

      was it Aah Real Monsters

      It wasn't "Pet Alien", was it? I know they're not monsters but you didn't really specify what they looked like, so...
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    This is an old cartoon. And I mean OLD. I can't place the time-frame exactly, but I'd hazard a guess at the 30s or 40s. It could be later, I'm not sure. It's about a spider who opens up a hotel in order to trap flies. Two flies stay at the hotel and end up assaulting the spider with fountain-pen tips. It's all done in a style reminiscent of an old Disney or Merry Melodies cartoon. My grandmother had it on a video that featured either old Superman cartoons, or Little Lulu. Or those could be completely unrelated, but I think they might be involved. Anyone know what it's called? I'd try to find it myself, but a severe phobia of spiders basically prevents me from nonspecifically googling them. Reply

      The Cobweb Hotel (1936).

      That's it! Thank you so much! Man, it must be at least eight years since I last saw that.

      Wow. By sheer coincidence I just saw that last night on Pluto TV's Classic Toons channel.
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    I recently inherited a box of original animation cels and production art from an old neighbor whose father was an animator for many classic films and ads from WWII to about the mid nineties when he died. I'm an art teacher so my neighbor thought I'd like to have it. She died last month.

    Most of it is labeled and very awesome, including model sheet paper from Felix the Cat and cels and model sheets from "David the Gnome" of the trolls, which is so cool.

    But there is one folder with stuff I can't place. It's very old and appears mostly to be reproductions and maybe a few old pencil or charcoal sketches. It's labeled "Disney" in faded ink. I didn't think my neighbor's dad worked for Disney as I thought she would have mentioned it, but maybe he did at some point or maybe this is from someone else. I'm very, very curious to know what this is from.

    I'm posting a link to some scans: http://imgur.com/gallery/03E3m7I

    The first pages is from a model sheet of "mama gull" and her nest. But what really interested me is the next page, which is a mustached man who looks very much like a Disney Captain Hook. It looks like the sea gull made her nest and laid an egg on Hook's head while he was asleep in bed.

    Does anyone know if this is true Disney production art? It's mostly reproductions, but would still be so cool if this was from Disney studios at one point. The man looks so much like the Disney Cap. Hook and someone online pointed out that the style matches an early Cap. Hook model sheet from the early 40s, which is when Roger would have been working as an animator. I haven't seen Peter Pan in years but don't remember this scene, so maybe it's from something else or maybe an old Peter Pan commercial or sequel cartoon. However I tried to google Peter Pan and found the book and play have a character called the Never Bird who has a nest, so I'm wondering if this is art from a deleted scene with the Never Bird.

    Does anyone have any clues or know of an animation site or collectors site that could identify this art for me? Thanks! Reply

      The comment on imgur that mentions Hook being shaved gave me enough information to find this scene on Youtube. The punchline is different, but it does look like the concept art might be for an earlier version of the same scene.

      I think you may be right that the pics you shared are from an early version of Disney's Peter Pan. There is a scene where Captain Hook has a headache after nearly being eaten by the croc and is sick in his chair with blankets wrapped around him and a thermometer. In the movie Smee is trying to make him feel better but drops a kettle on his head/foot and makes things worse. Looks like this could be from an earlier version where a seagull makes a nest in the blankets and lays an egg on Hook's head. If so it was deleted from the final version. So "mama sea gull" is a deleted Disney character!

      I always love seeing early art. It sounds like you inherited some sweet stuff! Post the David Gnome stuff sometime.

      Thank you so much for replying! I didn't know anyone had because it wasn't sent to my email. I watched the link and you are right, it looks like these sketches are from the movie after all.

      That's a hell of an acquisition. I can't even begin to imagine the value. Congrats.
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    This might be a quick one. I am looking for a Phineas and Ferb episode, which Candace (I think has a dream) of having a date and the boy (I think Jeremy) turned her down and everyone laughs (metaphorically everyone in the world). I think it was either a nightmare or a daydream. Can anyone please help? Thanks. During this scene, we see the earth in the solar system and hear loud laughter. Reply

      sounds like the episode called "out to launch" .

      That's it, thanks mate!
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    I remember watching this old TV show as a kid. I think the formula was that every episode, we'd be on some sort of CGI roller coaster (in a POV shot, I remember), which took us to three of many different CGI themed buildings.

    There would be a robot or disembodied voice or something that would always have a key to whatever building we were going to, and would sing:

    Oh magic key,

    Oh magic key,

    Please open up

    This door for me

    In each house was a live-action adult, who would do something like show an arts-and-crafts project or sing a song.

    The only (other) song I remember was about moving, and the chorus went something like this:

    Moving, moving can be a scary thing

    Not knowing where you're going

    Can leave a-wondering (?)

    How long it takes for you to drive

    What you see when you arrive:

    Scary ghosts

    Or smiling eyes

    Or dinosaurs that fly!

    Also, the last words of the song where "Really really...cool!"

    Does anything like this exist? Reply

      It's a bump

      Another Bump

      Bump the Third

      Could it be Dinosaur Train? I don't think it would stop at different buildings, but every episode would start on a train ride and there'd always be singing involved. Plus, the end of each episode had a live-action adult in it.

      No, that's not it. There might have been a non-human animated character (like a robot or ghost or something), but it's not Dinosaur Train. Thanks for trying though.

      If it helps, I remember the CGI roller coaster part being a POV shot.

      Bump 4: A New Hope

      Okay, I was trying to look for this all day 'cause I remember this show too. So, my friend finally recognized it after I told her and it's Ribert and Robert's Wonderworld.
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    I have a vague memory of some kind of tv movie that I think was on Cartoon Network. It was a really bland/generic story of a boy that gets sent to a land of toys, and becomes their hero the "Toy Soldier" or "Toy Warrior" or something to that effect. I think there was a princess of toys who wasn't happy because she's prophesied to fall in love with whoever becomes their champion. Every time I search, I usually get Small Soldiers. Reply
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    I'm looking for an episode of The Simpsons where Lisa is having her school lunch but finds a battery and she says "Ew, there's a AAA battery in my lunch" and the lunch lady says it's good for you or something. Reply
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    I've been trying to find this one show I watched as a really young kid, but haven't been able to come up with anything. I watched it sometime in the early 2000s, it was badly 3D animated and probably aimed at kids in the 4-6 age range. It featured a cast of sentient musical instruments who lived (?) in a sentient red bus. The only characters I can remember are the aforementioned bus, a female violin and a male saxophone who always wore sunglasses. I have no idea where its from, as I'm from an non english speaking country so I watched it dubbed, though I'm from Europe if thats any help. Reply
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    I remember seeing an intro for a modern 3d animation show when I was a kid. The intro took place at night (It might of been in a thunder storm, not too sure) and featured a wagon that looks like the one from Oregon trail as it slowly pulls into it. In it we see a picture of a creepy looking man who I think was the shows main antagonist or protagonist. I'm pretty sure he was a main character. It was in black and white but was a modern 3d cartoon. It was made after 2000 and I think it might of been made in 2005. I think when it aired, it was on YTV a kids channel in canada.

    Please let me know if you find anything because I always wanted to know what this show was. Reply
  • 2 May 21st, 2016 at 2:02AM
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    Animated kids show, maybe from 2004-2007? Canadian I think. Boy's toy lizard came to life? Boy has mean sisters. Honestly all I can remember is a toy lizard that comes to life and maybe even rides in a small spaceship/ufo. Reply

      This might be a long shot, but Toy Story That Time Forgot?

      Oliver's Adventures?
  • 2 May 17th, 2017 at 7:07AM
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    I have this semi-vivid memory of this kids show from my childhood about a young boy and an old (or at least adult) man (might be his grandfather) sailing the seas that ran in Israel in the late 90's or early 00's.

    I remember the first or so arc being about rescuing the boy's love interest, who was trapped with some other children in a classrom held by a grumpy old woman (a witch?) who wants the children to teach her how to laugh again.

    I also remember there was some later episode where there was a man who seemed larger from far away and average height from close by. And the boy had him come to a nearby seaside town so that he can work there as their lighthouse.

    I may be wrong about some of these plot points, and if the origin of the show is from outside Israel, it might have been subject to macekre. But do any of these plot points seem similar to anyone? Reply

      That has to be Jim Button. The woman who wanted to learn to laugh was also a dragon by the way.

      Just checked. Yes, that's the one. Thank you.
  • 1 May 16th, 2017 at 9:09PM
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    So I used watch this cartoon as a kid or maybe it's an anime. It's really weird cuz the only scene I remember is this robot girl opening up her chest and giving this boy her heart so she could go fight something. It's a really vague description but it's been boggling my mind for years. Thank you Reply
  • 22 Jan 13th, 2017 at 2:02PM
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    I remember seeing a little bit of this cartoon where there were a bunch of kids playing soccer outside of a building. A younger boy tries to get the ball, but is overtaken by an older boy and made fun of for his size. They're about to argue but are called inside to the building, which I think was some kind of library or school. I think the kids that went into the building were going to listen to a story or something, or maybe listen to a lesson of some kind. The teacher/storyteller might have been some kind of animal, but I'm not sure. The setting looked almost like the Australian outback: a flat rocky plain wih red dust for the ground, and sparse trees. Any idea what this could be? Reply




      Okay, prooobably the least helpful answer ever, but I suppose you could try the "All CGI Cartoon" page if you haven't already.

      Bump. Okay, I'll check that out.

      Bump. I checked the All-CGI Cartoon page but I couldn't find anything that looked like it.

      All of the characters were people and not animals, but could it be Ivan the Incredible?

      Around what time/where did you watch this show?

      I saw it years ago. Probably around the early 2000s.

      Definitely not Ivan the Incredible; the style was completely different.



      It was airing in the United States, if that helps. I'm not sure what the cartoon's country of origin was, though.





      Hi, could it possibly be Outback (movie)?

      "In the outback of Australia, the coward white koala Johnny is bullied by the other animals because of his color. When Johnny meets the Tasmanian devil Hamish and his friend, the mute photographer monkey Higgens, he is invited to join a traveling circus and Johnny leaves the wilderness to be an attraction in the sideshow. While traveling to Precipice Lake, the wagon car of Johnny, Hamish and Higgens releases from the train and they crash in the desert. They walk together to the new location and stumbles with an oasis with a billabong, and they see a pack of dingoes attacking the animals. Johnny accidentally frightens the wild dogs that return to their boss, the evil crocodile Bog in Precipice Lake and Hamish introduces Johnny bragging that he is hero The Koala Kid. They are welcomed by the locals and Johnny is worshiped by the little Charlotte despite the disbelief of her sister Miranda. But when Charlotte is wrongly kidnapped by the dingoes, Johnny has to prove to himself that he can beat Bog and rescue Charlotte."

      No, I checked out Outback, but the CGI is very different from what I remember, and the characters I remember were all human. The CGI animation kind of reminded me of early RWBY if that helps (except that it came way before RWBY) if it was cel-shaded. Or maybe like Burka Avenger (again, the cartoon I saw was before that came out), but with not as good CGI. The clip I'm thinking of aired in the United States, and was probably on Playhouse Disney if I had to guess what channel it was, but I could be wrong.

      Probably a stretch, but there's a library in a desert in an episode of Avatar the Last Airbender, and the librarian looks like a giant owl. Could that be it?

      Definitely not the library episode from Avatar: the last Airbender. This was CGI. It may not have been a library, but I feel like it was some sort of school or something like that. It could have just been a house, since it was small, but I don't know.

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    A cartoon about a group of four/five kids who could control the elements and went around the modern world fighting monsters and stuff. The protag was a little monk with 4 or 6 dots on his head and the guy who controlled earth was like a big macho cowboy. I think it came out before ATLA. Reply