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    2 black women

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    Anyone here know an animator youtuber that made a video on overly pc people? I remember part of the video where he opened a door for a lady and the lady used the other side of the door and said 'I dont need a man to help' all dramatic like. Thanks in advance. Reply

      Do you remember the art style? Sounds like something GradeAUnderA might produce.

      Um little to no colours and realistic looking? Kinda like the concept art for disney movies style.

      So like an animatic?

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    I surprisingly can't find anything on this meme. It was an art meme from Deviantart that was everywhere circa 2006-2008. I remember there were multiple cubes where the artist would rant against fan misconceptions, like "Naruto is... not in love with Sasuke". Reply
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    I ran across a few years ago an interactive webcomic where a man stumbled into a police station asking them to investigate his murder. You have to piece together who did it and why. (The suspects included a student of his and his wife.) I also remember that the soundtrack included Angel by Massive Attack and Wishing Well by Morphine.

    Can anyone help me find this? Reply
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    Probably would have been around 2006-07, and it was a series of Super Mario 64 machinima on Gamestop's website, though it was probably on YouTube and/or Machinima.com as well. It told a story using on-screen dialogue similar to supermarioglitchy4, but I don't think it was by him, or at least I haven't been able to find it on his channel. It told the story of Mario trying to save the "glitching" game (I believe episode 2, for instance, had star textures all over the entrance hall of Peach's Castle). One episode had the sound go out from the glitching, and it was replaced my Michael Jackson music, which many fans didn't like to the point where he uploaded an alternate version in which "Mj's [sic] beat has been taken out" (as said in the description, or something along those lines). Reply
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    I remember finding this anti-bullying website (ironically, while trying to find a completely different anti bullying website with different characters) with several different characters talking about their experiences being bullied: one is a Traveller girl whose father has died, one is a gay teen boy hiding his sexuality, etc. Iíve searched the web but canít seem to find it. The webpage was a kind of grayish blue color, with the drawings of the characters not having any color. Any idea where I could find this? Reply

      Never Mind, it was anti-bullying.net. Solved!
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    Okay, so there was a Phoenix Wrong I watched on Youtube, and I remember it starting with "We Will Rock You," and some time in the middle there was Trucy and Apollo doing this one thing where Trucy started singing "Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. How are you?" and then Apollo was all "I'm fine. I'm fine. I'm fine." and there were lots of comments about this. If you could link me to it, that would be nice! Thanks! Note: My history was turned off, so yeah.... Reply

      Bump and update. Update: So I found the "We Will Rock You." Bad news, it was a different vid than the other one....
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    I remember seeing one of those "X gets grounded Y (time) in a row" videos, where the troublemaker's dad has the Diesel voice, and each onscreen day ends with that dad appearing, set to the "cheer" animation, and simply saying "you are grounded". Sometimes, he appears in the most absurd ways, such as on thin air, or in some enclosed, hazardous, or lost place. Reply

      I just took a look at the works page for GoAnimate - I wish every searcher the best of luck, you're all gonna need it sifting through all those grounded videos.

      And I remember the dad being chubby and having brown hair and probably no facial hair. The only thing that he ever says whenever he appears after the first day is "you are grounded".
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    So this is literally driving me insane. There was a web series that was animated, very simple 2D animation. It had a purple guy who was made of circles, or at least his head was a circle, and this other guy who was either red or green with a head shaped like a hershey kiss/water droplet/flame. I can remember there was an episode where they found a robot and played hide and seek with it but the robot didn't understand hide and seek so it just stood there. They didn't speak English, they kind of made "baaap baaap bap bap baaaap" noises or like computerized voices, I can't remember that well. There were English "subtitles" though. The robot didn't talk, it just made beeps and boops and like pressurized air noises. I also think there was an episode that involved a gun or knife??? I feel like there may have also been a yellow guy but they hated him. It always took place outside, too. I think it was an itunes video podcast at some point, but I remember it also had episodes that weren't on itunes and on a separate website. [EDIT] thinking back more I think the voices sounded like vocaloid almost

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    I remember I found this really funny animation on youtube which took place in an RPG style world. It was about these heroes for hire. There was a nerdy mage I think, an edge lord kind of guy maybe, and also a fighter who had two moms apparently. The only job they could find, however, was from this sort of valley girl type person i think? And they had to get her cat out of a tree, I'm fairly certain. Then they end up meeting this girl who's also a fighter type character. She wants to join, but they don't want another fighter. That's all I remember from there. I also remember it being really funny I guess. But that's subjective. I just liked it more than some other rpg based youtube animations, and I wanna see if the series was ever continued. It came out around 2015-16 or something

    -karda4124 Reply
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    Sooooo I am trying to find 4 Webcomics

    ●This one might have been my first,it was fantasy and I remember a scene where two guys were fighting over a girl and ended up kissing the other guys hand.

    ●This one is Korean I think,Its about a guy becoming an idol.The first chapter has him as a kid lost and found by two idols.It has either sleep or sleeping in its Title.

    ●Anothet one is a guy who can go through other world by sleeping.For some reason this also transports his bed.

    ●This one is in the future where people dont touch each other.Its main character has pink hair. So almighty legion,Please help me. (I am using this way too much) Reply

      Is the fourth one a murder mystery?

      If so, is the fourth one a movie adaptation of Isaac Asimov's book The Naked Sun? I read the book, but I don't know if the movie adaptation even exists. In the book, the main character is a detective who gets shipped off to a planet with a culture like what you describe so he can solve a murder mystery, but the detective didn't dye his hair pink. If there was a movie adaptation, that one hair color detail might have been changed along with a few other appearance details.

      Edit: Ooops, you said you are looking for webcomics.

      Yup.That sounds kinda cool though,but I dont suppose you have an inkling about these? *hopeful eyes*

      Do you have more detail? Like in the fantasy comic, was there some Big Bad to defeat, that could have some distinctive features? etc.

      I believe the fourth one is Love Not Found

      Fourth one is found! Thanks Soulucid! The second one:I think the guy works at an idol agency now.

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    I vaguely remember watching an animated web series' final episode (I dont think I was able to find any other episode of it back then) on youtube, from at least 6 years ago. All I remember is that there was this guy in a yellow coat who had a crow as a pet, and the crow could transform into a weapon (used like a short scythe or a pickaxe). The guy was going around fighting lot's of characters. And that is all I remember. Even if you don't know the show, I would still apreciate suggestions for tools and sites that could help me find it. Thanks in advance! EDIT: I just remembered a bit more! I think the guy in the yellow coat was a golem- he was very heavy and looked like he was made of ceramic because in some scenes he was broken apart and was hollow on the inside. There was a very entertaining scene where that guy fell in water and could'nt swim up due to his weight, so he tried to jump out but kept sinking back down. Also, the pet crow may or may not be named Karma, but I am very sceptical of that. Reply
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    Hi! in 2012 or 2013, i was using a my momís old ipad and stumbled across this one animation on YouTube. it wasnít in english and iím pretty sure there were subtitles. the story was about a teenage girl who was an angel. it took place in Heaven / Hell in a high school. i think the girl was blonde. there was also a boy who was a devil and i think he had black hair. i know it wasnít an anime by the way it looked. i honestly have no idea what it was called. i think it wasnít russian but iím not sure. anyone know what this was? ( sorry i donít remember much , this was years ago ) Reply
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    I'm looking for this old YTP that involves Mario and Luigi getting piss drunk, with the former literally pissing all over the bar. (Referencing Conker's Bad Fur Day) King Harkinian loses it when Mario pisses on him and shoots him (and Luigi) with a shotgun.

    What's the title of this Poop? Reply
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    so, I've been stumped for a few days now and I can't stand it anymore.

    the shows characters are portrayed by circles with pictures of them in it and they move by tiles that you can't see. when a character talks, a full body drawing of them is showed on the screen (like an rpg game) and all of the characters have voice actors. the show takes place in this dnd themed getaway... place, and there are 3 main characters: a mage, a fighter, and a thief. the gist, as far as i know, is that the getaway place is actually full of magic and stuff and they go on wacky adventures.

    keep in mind that its been a few years since ive even thought of this show, so please excuse me if i get some details wrong. PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU KNOW, THIS IS KILLING ME ON THE INSIDE!!!! Reply
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    I remember watching this video on either YouTube or Newgrounds back in late 2009 where someone used sprites from Mortal Kombat 2/UMK 3 to make a flash animation of them fighting. It wasn't gameplay or anything like that, just an animation of the two fighting with some text boxes popping up of them talking and taunting each other. One of them referred to the other as their "brother" or something. It also had this cool song playing in the background during it (it was the only audio in the video as there were no sound effects used) and to this day I have no memory of what the song was called or the actual video title. Can anybody help? Reply




      Bump. Please, I have had the song for it stuck in my head forever and I have no idea what it was called.

      If it was a cool song, it might be copyrighted, I dunno. If that is the case, you could try to describe the song instead. Was it EDM?

      It was this soft, melodic sounding rock/metal instrumental. The guitar riff sounded something like "dun da dun da dun da da dun da dun da dun da dun" and it sort of had this little "dun dun da dun dun da dun" mini-solo in it.

      How about playing an instrument online, record, post it on Soundcloud and link it here?

      Sadly, I don't own an instrument. Nor do I have the knowledge to play one.

      Wild guess https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqaDqpWx51o

      Nope, that's not it.

      Bump. Sorry, I know this bothers people but this is bothering me!

      About how long was the video?

      I don't remember the length of the video. Maybe about 3-5 minutes long. Maybe longer or shorter.


      One more bump then I give up.

      You know when I first came here (like 2 years ago, I think), ppl were always telling guys who bump too often to bump once a month. 'Cause different ppl come at different times. (Even I was away for a few months) So, it's not that no one can help you. If you want to, come again next time

      I wish I could help you. I am a big fan of Mortal Kombat and this sounds interesting. Is it possible to find the video on You-Tube, do you remember any important details that might reveal the title or who made it?

      @thestormtrooper All I remember is that it's title was something along the lines of "Mortal Kombat - Raiden VS. Shao Kahn". I've tried looking it up now but all I get is either gameplay from Mortal Kombat 9 or a scene from one of the live action MK films.

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    I'm pretty sure it was a Machinima but I haven't been able to find it lately and it was amazing. There was an epic shot at the beginning of the video with lots of players sitting around a long table discussing serious matters. I think it was assassination or something? Someone said something wrong and they had a bad edit of him dying with screaming and a skeleton costume and zombie emote? Then one of the members was elected to kill some famous British Runescape player? He went into his in-game house and sneaked around to pink panther, disguised himself as a banana and poisoned the guy's tea. The poison didn't work and he farted. The assassin came out of hiding and said something like he had learnt Kungfu for 20 yrs and then was shot and the British guy just said "And I have a shotgun" as a one-liner. I'm worried it was deleted but I really loved this video as a kid I hope someone knows where I can find it :) Reply
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    I'm 99% sure their account was deleted but does anyone at least know their name? I used to watch them year ago, around 2008-2010. She critiqued... Things. I can't actually remember. I think it was either bad OCs or rants. I remember her using an avatar of Shadow Link from the Legend of Zelda: Four Swords manga. Reply
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    July 27 I really need help finding this fanfiction called fluttershy's bad day. I keep getting different fanfictions but they aren't the one I'm looking for. I've read it 2 years ago and I'm still searching. It start's like this.

    Fluttershy was having a bad day. It all started when she stubbed her toe then she spilled coffee on her leg. Then the mailman gave her the wrong mail AGAIN!. Then she yells at him and she keeps having horrific nightmares and angel tried to keep her awake by smashing her dead mother's vase which had her yell at him Then she looks at the sky and says "Dear Luna/Celestia. What am I doing wrong?" I've been searching for years!.

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    I originally found it on Jay Is Games, but I can't remember the title or think of a specific enough key word to search for it. It was a turn-based game where you had a fluffy dinosaur-like creature (I can't remember what they were called) which you could customize and give weapons and upgrades (I believe it could also use magic). You went through your typical forest, desert, beach and cloud levels by walking left or right only and would encounter enemies until you reached the boss of the level. The final boss was a black and white dragon with one or more heads. I believe it had either 'adventure' or 'quest' in the name. It also had a Bandcamp page for the soundtrack, which was very catchy. As you can probably tell, I remember almost everything about it but the name >.<

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    It was a short (like 5 or 6 minutes) "poorly drawn" original animation parodying video game characters on YouTube in 2000s? The main characters were a murderous Scorpion-expy and a bounty-hunter sci-fi purple suit/helmet covered "man" with her idiotic Navi-expy, who was this yellow-ball thing, (Samus-expy but isn't until the live-action movie that we found out she's she or in 2nd season of the animation) fighting against a all-power absent-minded dark lord. Side characters were Princess passionfruit/plum? the leader of the organization against the dark lord and her plumber (mario-expy) boyfriend, a sonic-expy, a lara croft-expy. The dark lord also had a normal-glass wearing/office henchmen assistant who was later turned into a turtle and friends that were a deadpan vampire lord (that was dark-blue/black all over with red eyes) with his succubus henchwoman (bat wings and a black leotard) and a bowser-expy. At the end of season 1 the Scorpion-expy and Samus-expy had to find the Chosen one which was a boy name Zach? who had red goku cloths and blond goku hair.

    I think the name of that show had words like press, start, go, play, player 2 or 1. Reply

      AH!!! FOUND IT. Press Start Adventures by Neon Harbor.
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    This is an old one but I remember back before the movies/in the early days of harry potter fandom there was this one website where people submitted song parodies about harry potter or little musical skits where the characters sing.

    It was primarily a text based site but had image illustrations on the main page and as headers where it was fanart of the harry potter characters in some sort of music related scenario, always black and white if I remember correctly.

    I can't remember what the site was called but would love to see even an archived/cache'd version of any part of it for nostalgia/fandom history reasons. Reply
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    There was an old Madden football video game article series by this one guy whose name I can't remember. I wanted to revisit the series but it's difficult to look it up due to how many Madden video games there are. The articles are definitely still online somewhere, but I just can't remember where they are found.

    This author did quite a number of hilarious articles covering situations that he manufactured himself, such as seeing if a team full of Tom Brady's can beat another team, or the creation of the largest character in-game (Beefstone or Beef-something, I think it was; there's even a Twitter feed for the fictional character).

    I think he also did a series where, after literally thousands of games, he tried to take a particular team all the way to the top (The Packers, I think?) - the team had never won a game on his particular copy of the Madden video game (whatever year it was, 2014 maybe) and he wanted to see if they could finally do it. What happened there was that something crazy happened and he lost on the final match.

    There's GI Fs of his crazy games and glitches on twitter and even videos recorded, I think, on YouTube by the guy. All I need to find out is the author's name or the website hosting this content and I will be able to read it again. Sorry, that's about all I remember of the series of articles about the fictional game...

    Thanks so much! Reply
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    Trying to find this sitcom. i believe it was british and fairly recent. in one episode there is a little renaissance type faire for a harvest with a great big green guy they call the king of the forest a tent full of bats a tent with one of the main characters doing palm readings and a guy and a girl who take weird suppository drugs(i think just petrol rags) in a porta potty. there's also a cake competition and bobbing for apples or that duck toss game. in another episode there's a bbq with a bunch of hippies and two girls go and then realize they're hippies and leave when they start a drum circle. Reply
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    I'm trying to find the name of a series of short (3-15 minutes) web videos I remember seeing about nine years ago. They were about two human-ish people with bunny ears and buck teeth; the series was about their daily lives I think. One was pink and one was green; they only spoke in gibberish.

    I'm pretty sure the title of the series was their names- I think it was something like "___ and Yoyo"? Reply

      Long shot but Usavich?

      Could you be thinking of Hoops and Yoyo from Hallmark cards?

      You're probably thinking of the Hallmark's cards characters Hoops and Yoyo, but for the record they don't speak gibberish, they don't have buck teeth, and one of them has cat ears, not bunny ears. Everything else seems to fit, though.

      Yeah, it was Hoops and Yoyo! Thank you so much! I think I was getting my memories of them mixed up with Happy Tree Friends.