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    I found a website in the late 2000s (2009-ish) which listed practically, if not literally, every Massively Multiplayer Online game ever made, including foreign ones from southeast Asia. Some of these were extremely obscure, like Yogurting or Ray City, and sometimes very short-lived. I'd search the internet archive except I don't have a clue on the URL and it's been gone since around 2010. Does anyone know this site or sites like it? Reply

      Now that I think of it, there might have been multiple sites like this. If so, any of the good ones or a list of the popular ones will do if finding the exact one is impossible.
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    In other words, the SCP Foundation wiki. The articles in question are years apart in origin, and I'm absolutely sure one of them was removed and replaced with a different "anomaly". The missing one was titled "Identity-Stealing Smartphone" on the list and was a mid-00s Blackberry with a mini keyboard and low-res screen but had no charging port, and basically stole and consumed people's souls via Artifact of Doom powers. The other I do not have the name of, and may have been removed as a Go I attempt which never caught on; a series of SC Ps centered on an Eldritch Abomination illegal immigrant from who-knows-where that decided to stop doing whatever terrible things cosmic horrorterrors normally do and attain the American dream by programming anomalous software.

    Provided you were willing to read the above and haven't already scarred your innocence from these kind of works (...pass the Brain Bleach...), anyone have any idea which ones these were and if a web archival site has one or both of these articles? Reply
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    I remember watching this video on either YouTube or Newgrounds back in late 2009 where someone used sprites from Mortal Kombat 2/UMK 3 to make a flash animation of them fighting. It wasn't gameplay or anything like that, just an animation of the two fighting with some text boxes popping up of them talking and taunting each other. One of them referred to the other as their "brother" or something. It also had this cool song playing in the background during it (it was the only audio in the video as there were no sound effects used) and to this day I have no memory of what the song was called or the actual video title. Can anybody help? Reply




      Bump. Please, I have had the song for it stuck in my head forever and I have no idea what it was called.

      If it was a cool song, it might be copyrighted, I dunno. If that is the case, you could try to describe the song instead. Was it EDM?

      It was this soft, melodic sounding rock/metal instrumental. The guitar riff sounded something like "dun da dun da dun da da dun da dun da dun da dun" and it sort of had this little "dun dun da dun dun da dun" mini-solo in it.

      How about playing an instrument online, record, post it on Soundcloud and link it here?

      Sadly, I don't own an instrument. Nor do I have the knowledge to play one.

      Wild guess https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqaDqpWx51o

      Nope, that's not it.

      Bump. Sorry, I know this bothers people but this is bothering me!

      About how long was the video?

      I don't remember the length of the video. Maybe about 3-5 minutes long. Maybe longer or shorter.


      One more bump then I give up.

      You know when I first came here (like 2 years ago, I think), ppl were always telling guys who bump too often to bump once a month. 'Cause different ppl come at different times. (Even I was away for a few months) So, it's not that no one can help you. If you want to, come again next time

      I wish I could help you. I am a big fan of Mortal Kombat and this sounds interesting. Is it possible to find the video on You-Tube, do you remember any important details that might reveal the title or who made it?

      @thestormtrooper All I remember is that it's title was something along the lines of "Mortal Kombat - Raiden VS. Shao Kahn". I've tried looking it up now but all I get is either gameplay from Mortal Kombat 9 or a scene from one of the live action MK films.

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    Does anyone remember this game from Shockwave.com where you played as a quad-colored (red, green, yellow, blue, I think) ball that had to get through a set of obstacle courses without falling off? The game had a kind of relaxing, zen type feel to it, with relaxing music, and stages that floated in mid-air. Come to think of it, it's kind of like Marble Madness, although with 3D graphics. One thing that really sticks out in my mind is that the automatically-set names on the high score board were all listed as "Packrat." Reply


      Sounds like a Super Monkey Ball knockoff.

      I'm pretty sure it's not. There were no monkeys in the game that I could recall (I don't think I played all of the levels), and I'm sure there are plenty of games similar to this anyway.


      I thought you might be talking about the Ball Revamped Series of flash games, but then you said it had 3d graphics.

      Gitaroo, I said knockoff. Something with the same style of gameplay, but not SMB itself.

      @sailing101 After looking up some images of the game you mentioned, yes, that definitely isn't it, but the ball does look kind of similar to the one I'm thinking of: it had a quad-colored pattern, except it was red, yellow, green, and blue, I think.

      @Digifiend Yeah, I thought you were suggesting that it both played and looked like SMB. Yes, it did have the same style of gameplay (as mentioned above, it's like a 3D version of Marble Madness), but the camera was fixed in an angled top down position.


      One last bump for now.

      Maybe Hamsterball? I only played it once but It was a game like you mentioned with a rodent theme, so the high score names being Packrat would make sense. The ball wasn't multicolored, though.

      Thanks, but I don't believe it is Hamsterball. I recently looked through all of the older games Shockwave has in every category of games that would fit this game. For a better frame of reference as to what this game is, the closest thing I found was a game called Hyper Sphere: www.shockwave.com/gamelanding/hypersphere.jsp

      This is a super late reply, but was the game called Roll On?

      I can't find a definite link, but I STRONGLY believe it is "3D Stress Ball", a flash Marble Blast rip-off. the game was removed from the site years ago.

      Edit: here https://www.pcnet-online.com/downloads/3dstressball.htm
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    I remember I found this really funny animation on youtube which took place in an RPG style world. It was about these heroes for hire. There was a nerdy mage I think, an edge lord kind of guy maybe, and also a fighter who had two moms apparently. The only job they could find, however, was from this sort of valley girl type person i think? And they had to get her cat out of a tree, I'm fairly certain. Then they end up meeting this girl who's also a fighter type character. She wants to join, but they don't want another fighter. That's all I remember from there. I also remember it being really funny I guess. But that's subjective. I just liked it more than some other rpg based youtube animations, and I wanna see if the series was ever continued. It came out around 2015-16 or something

    -karda4124 Reply
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    this show probably came out in 2015-2016. it was a oringial series from a app, which i dont remember as well. that show was a boy a young adult man who movies in with his lesbian cousin(internet famous dancer) in hopes of doing the same. he ends up join her crew and work at a bar part time as well as meeting a girl i think her name was carly. there have to other roommate a black guy and another guy. later these a huge internet base dancer contest and the young man ends up dancing in a ring of flames. thats all i can remember can you guys please help me find this show? Reply

      oh and the show was drama base
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    There was this old sprite movie series on YouTube from like 2007-2008-ish involving Kirby and Yoshi living together. There was this one episode where they get robbed by a Bandit named BG Bandit. There were also two recurring characters called the Super Soccer Bros(?) who taught Yoshi and Kirby special moves like the Bros. Moves in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. The sprites used looked like they were from Game Boy Advance games. Reply

      Oh I found it! It was Kirby Vs Shy Guy. I think someone just uploaded the comic in a video format when I discovered it way back in the day. The videos seem to have been taken down some time ago.
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    From what I can remember: It's about Spongebob's regular day working at the Krusty Krab until a Walker from Star Wars (don't remember if it's AT-AT or an AT-ST) shows up and tries to attack the Krusty Krab but Spongebob destroys the Walker by grabbing out a Lightsaber and reflecting the Walker's laser fire back at it. A man in wizard-like clothing comes out of the remains of the Walker and fights Spongebob with his own Lightsaber. But ultimately, Spongebob wins that fight as well. Don't remember much after that. Reply







      Maybe it was some sort of Spongebob/Star Wars fan made crossover.


      @Dick Kickem 22 LOL and yet you bump it by commenting. You could have just rolled you eyes and ignored it if it bothered you, instead of making a point of showing off your annoyance. 123's just trying to find someone who can help them.

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    There was this website that was about superheroes there was a character creator that you could use for avatars but you could only use characters that the site made up one of them was a elephant headed circus freak and the villain of the site had a goat head there were flash games as well Reply

      I remembered something else one of the heroes had a theme song that ended with pound them till there squishy

      Never mind I found what it was called it was urbaniacs
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    There was a series on Youtube a few years ago that was about a woman and some of her fellow female actor friends trying to find a paying role that didn't cost her too much dignity and I can't remember the name of it now, nor are searches helping.

    At least one episode is her at her apartment just reading awful real casting calls off of a fake casting site and her boyfriend not seeing what the problem with them is, at least if she got one of them she'd be able to pay her share of the rent.

    At least one episode is a gross audition experience.

    The last episode has her come across a listing for an actual human character, go to the audition, find pretty much every woman in the industry also came to audition, so the casting department locked the overflow in what's essentially a closet, and after an awkward silence they start singing "Do You Hear The People Sing" and then march out to demand they be heard, only to be told the role has been filled and would any of them be interested in the bimbo on this other production? Reply

      It doesn't quite sound like it fits the bill, but possibly The Actress, with Ann Carr? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3812854/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_17

      I can see how you haven't had any luck searching so far— this one is oddly hard to google for without actually getting real casting calls for various Youtube web series!

      In a similar vein, but no. This wasn't in documentary style, and I think it was one season of six to twelve episodes.

      I dimly remember it possibly having a title like "Working Girls", which is also thorougly ungoogleable.
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    In the same vein as my other question Two distinct clips were one about how when we're throwing a ball when lying down, we try not to hit the ceiling whilst throwing it as high as possible. And then imagining a thing running along the scenery outside your car window, never touching the ground.

    I don't know if it was a trailer but I cannot for the life of me find it again Reply
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    I can vividly recall an episode of a kids show about office supplies that travelled to Machu Picchu in an episode, and talked about an ancient fr of communication involving strings and knots.

    I remember there were about four characters; a pen, a pencil, and a paperclip, but I can't remember the fourth character if there was one. I watched it in fourth grade around 2010-2011. Can anyone help me out? Reply
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    What music videos does Todd in the Shadows show from about 0:28-0:35 in this? Reply
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    I'm trying to find a site I swore I got to from TV tropes a few years ago. It was basically just a log of a few rpg sessions where the guy was playing an IT consultant who had to deal with customers like enemy encounters. Reply
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    From 2007?-2009ish, I looked up many videos of Tom Lehrer's The Elements. One video I found that was not related to Tom Lehrer was this one skit which starts off with Doc Brown showing up in a De Lorean. He asks this 20-30something guy (or guys, there might have been two) for plutonium. The guy(s) looks for other elements, and for silicon he found someone with silicone implants. At the end, one of the people says "I'll just go with sillicon" or something like that. Someone also says something like "What about Uranium, it's named after Uranus" Reply

      Bump, I highly doubt this will be found given how obscure it is, but here it goes

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    A PSA were women speak to dogs in a catcalling tone. Reply
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    This was a YouTube Poop Music Video (YTPMV). I remember very little about it, but I do remember the background music was the main menu music from Wario Land: Shake It! (Wario's garage). It started with the end of the song for some reason, and among the sources used in the video was Daffy Duck saying "Shoot me now!" Would have probably been from 2009 or 2010. Reply
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    This was a show that was online, either hulu or youtube or something like that, it was short and only had a few episodes. the episodes were short. the son enters his dads puppet workshop after his dad dies and discovers a door that leads to a world filled with all the puppets that his dad created. the show ends with the son deciding to make puppets for a living and quitting his job Reply
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    I used to watch this series made with plush toy angry birds, some things I remember are, a black and white bird who wasn't an angry bird, who would sometimes throw themselves out the nearest window in that scene, and I'm pretty sure said character was cooked in one episode. Some other things are, a white bird who said, "i gotta crap!" and dropped an egg, and I think there was a puppet as well. Reply
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    I remember watching this cartoon about a yellow, shaggy haired boy, with shiny blue eyes, and a blue-green outfit, who looked somewhat like beaker if he fused with tweek , as a child sometime in 2011 online. I swear one of the mario characters was in it. The only part I remember is one where I think he was singing about something related to dinosaurs, or something, and i'm pretty sure it has its own page on this site.

    Once, when I was little, I saw this show on treehouse with a lady, and a raccoon puppet, making crafts out of things like, cups, paper, and other things you'd find around your house. I think at one point, there was a tiger.



      someone has to know what i'm talking about

      Well, the color scheme is off, but Ferb from Phineas and Ferb sort of looks like beaker.

      no, he was shaped differently, was from a web series, had more hair, and his eyes were all blue


      the animation was fluid, but crude looking, and it was 2d

      The second one is definitely Crazy Quilt, I remember it from my own childhood. The lady was Maggie and the raccoon was Jackson, and I distinctly remember there being a tiger puppet and a different blonde lady in some episodes but I can't remember their names. Here are two clips I found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=db9LaDr0bxg and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FThNzLeOFDc

      I just remembered something about the first one, I'm pretty sure his name started with either, n, or h, would get beaten up in a happy tree friends sort-of manner, he had thick black eyebrows , I think the mario character was yoshi (I could be wrong),
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    I'm looking for this weird flash video on Youtube that had a bunch of bunnies in it and the main bunny was singing a song in Spanish or Portugese with a guitar and the other bunnies were singing backup vocals. The song was catchy but the bunnies looked sort of creepy. Reply
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    I remember reading a short story online that was written in second person about a guy talking to you at a bar and he's trying to find info on some tv show he and his sister watched as children. It was vaguely unsettling because it was like his sister and his lives revolved around figuring out what the tv show was, to the point that before his sister died she asked him to keep searching Reply
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    This one might be a bit obscure, but there was this video of a funny custom Guitar Hero III song I saw that was just a bunch of rapid-fire 5-fret chords, all star power notes, set to AC/DC's Thunderstruck (it was kind of a pun, since each star power note would summon a lightning bolt from above). Not sure who made the video, but chances are it could be Exile Lord, since some of his videos feature him customizing the game. Reply
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    A few years ago I saw a vlog video of a young white man from the US visiting Japan, and he goes into some Japanese toy and hobby stores with a female Japanese friend of his. I seem to remember he had a lot of videos about living in Japan on his channel. At one point in the video I'm looking for, he finds a figurine that I swear was of two characters from Boku No Pico and he asks his friends in Japanese "What is this? Hentai?" and she laughs and tells him yes. I've actually found what I believe to be the figure from the video but I want to make sure. Does anyone else know what video this is? Reply