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    I remember watching this cartoon about a yellow, shaggy haired boy, with shiny blue eyes, and a blue-green outfit, who looked somewhat like beaker, as a child sometime in 2011. I swear one of the mario characters was in it.

    Once, when I was little, I saw this show on treehouse with a lady, and a raccoon puppet, making crafts out of things like, cups, paper, and other things you'd find around your house.

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    This one might be a bit obscure, but there was this video of a funny custom Guitar Hero III song I saw that was just a bunch of rapid-fire 5-fret chords, all star power notes, set to AC/DC's Thunderstruck (it was kind of a pun, since each star power note would summon a lightning bolt from above). Not sure who made the video, but chances are it could be Exile Lord, since some of his videos feature him customizing the game. Reply
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    A few years ago I saw a vlog video of a young white man from the US visiting Japan, and he goes into some Japanese toy and hobby stores with a female Japanese friend of his. I seem to remember he had a lot of videos about living in Japan on his channel. At one point in the video I'm looking for, he finds a figurine that I swear was of two characters from Boku No Pico and he asks his friends in Japanese "What is this? Hentai?" and she laughs and tells him yes. I've actually found what I believe to be the figure from the video but I want to make sure. Does anyone else know what video this is? Reply
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    I remember reading this one fanfic/walkthrough for Myst many years ago. It was written as a fanfic from the point of view of the Stranger as (s)he experienced the events of the game, with additional scenes added. There were also a few short stories set after the events of the fic, followed by a full-blown sequel recapping the events of Riven.

    The only specific scene from it I remember is a flashback scene (in a dream of the Stranger's) showing how Sirrus and Achenar got trapped.

    I remember reading it on a site that had a light brown background. Reply
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    I'm looking for this weird flash video on Youtube that had a bunch of bunnies in it and the main bunny was singing a song in Spanish or Portugese with a guitar and the other bunnies were singing backup vocals. The song was catchy but the bunnies looked sort of creepy. Reply
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    I realize this is not fiction, and this is probably not the right place to ask for help but after looking for literally months I am desperate enough to try anyway :B I apologize in advance. So, it's a website about great ape intelligence, basically. It has a huge database with many accounts of what apes (chimps, gorillas, orangutans and bonobos) have said using sign language, as well as tool use, complex behavior etc etc. I seem to remember special emphasis on sign language use. I remember it didn´t have a lot of pictures, if any; it was just text, lots and lots of fascinating text. I know it's not a lot to go by. Hope someone knows/remembers! Reply
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    I'm looking for a story about a guy who lived in another guys house without him knowing and thought he was the guys girlfriend. I think I found it on reddit Reply

      Do you think it was like, a nosleep story? Maybe looking into their archives will help turn something up.
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    I remember seeing a Youtube Poop a long time ago that featured AOSTH Robotnik dancing to the beat of "Dani California" by Red Hot Chili Peppers. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Reply
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    Months ago, a friend showed me a video of the "trauma" art/animation meme on YouTube. It had a priest-looking guy in it, who turned into an Eldritch Abomination at some point of the video. Just now, at the time of this writing, I looked up the site for the entry but failed. Anybody can provide a link? Reply
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    A Couple of things I Remember about the animation:

    1. Had Pikachu in It.

    2. Was set in a Wrestling arena.

    3. Had nothing to do with Celebrity Deathmatch. Reply
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    Why does his page not exist? Reply

      1. You should ask in Ask The Tropers

      2. It doesn't exist because someone hasn't made it yet. Page creation does not need permission. You may go ahead and make it yourself.
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    Chances are slim to none I'll ever, ever find this, but I have to try dammit! I vividly remember an old Hamtaro fanfic where Cappy accidentally stabs Bijou with a prop knife while attempting to perform a magic trick. All the hamsters then freak out and think he's a murderer. The fic was not particularly long and might have even been hosted on a forum somewhere. In retrospect it was pretty damn hilarious and I'd like to find it again if anyone recognizes it. Reply
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    i remember this really weird video about a woman with paper eyes over her eyes doing some weird crafting tutorial on the style of 80s children shows, and some kind of weird looking puppet cat(?) with lots of allusions to mushrooms there are others characters like a woman obscured on shadows ("identity protection on a interview" style) and a girl who has a paper mouth over her mouth (yeah its pretty surreal) Reply
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    A good illustration for The Chain of Harm: A manager yells at a an employee, who takes it out on his wife, who takes it out on their son, who takes it out on his cat, who stabs the manager.

    Anyone know the one? Reply
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    Can someone help me find it? Reply
  • 11 Nov 22nd, 2016 at 2:02PM
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    Does anyone remember this game from Shockwave.com where you played as a quad-colored (red, green, yellow, blue, I think) ball that had to get through a set of obstacle courses without falling off? The game had a kind of relaxing, zen type feel to it, with relaxing music, and stages that floated in mid-air. Come to think of it, it's kind of like Marble Madness, although with 3D graphics. One thing that really sticks out in my mind is that the automatically-set names on the high score board were all listed as "Packrat." Reply


      Sounds like a Super Monkey Ball knockoff.

      I'm pretty sure it's not. There were no monkeys in the game that I could recall (I don't think I played all of the levels), and I'm sure there are plenty of games similar to this anyway.


      I thought you might be talking about the Ball Revamped Series of flash games, but then you said it had 3d graphics.

      Gitaroo, I said knockoff. Something with the same style of gameplay, but not SMB itself.

      @sailing101 After looking up some images of the game you mentioned, yes, that definitely isn't it, but the ball does look kind of similar to the one I'm thinking of: it had a quad-colored pattern, except it was red, yellow, green, and blue, I think.

      @Digifiend Yeah, I thought you were suggesting that it both played and looked like SMB. Yes, it did have the same style of gameplay (as mentioned above, it's like a 3D version of Marble Madness), but the camera was fixed in an angled top down position.


      One last bump for now.

      Maybe Hamsterball? I only played it once but It was a game like you mentioned with a rodent theme, so the high score names being Packrat would make sense. The ball wasn't multicolored, though.

      Thanks, but I don't believe it is Hamsterball. I recently looked through all of the older games Shockwave has in every category of games that would fit this game. For a better frame of reference as to what this game is, the closest thing I found was a game called Hyper Sphere: www.shockwave.com/gamelanding/hypersphere.jsp
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    Tring to find a live action youtube video that starts with two boys playing with action figures in a commercial looking setting. They are then transported to a dark 80's He-man like world. One of the kids is vaporized by the Dark Overlord villain and the other is put in a dungeon with an old insane former hero. When the hero and the boy escape, the hero throws the boy in a sack and carries him away over his shoulder. I don't remember it being that long of a video, maybe 2-5 minutes. Reply
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    Watched an episode of a TV series today where the main character is a woman and as torture for abducting and murdering a child, she is part of an act that repeats day after day. Anyone know what it is called? Reply
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    I remember watching this Lets Play on Youtube with the game Dead Rising Chop Til You Drop. As the lets play went on, the youtuber used several different clips from certain TV shows or animes, or movies. I remember one scene, when he has to save the old woman on the soccer ball, and calls her a "Ninja Grandma" and a clip from some movie trailer is shown with a grandma jumping on a wall acting all demonic. Where can I find this? Reply

      Probably should link to the actual video with a time code. People would have to sift through all the videos to figure out which one you mean, and then find the clip to see if they recognize it. That's a lot of work for something that shouldn't take you two minutes.

      Could the grandma-trailer be from Legion?
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    Ok some its this Video about Nanobots destroying the world presented in this fake How to guide. something about being awesome or amazing I think. Reply
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    I remember this video fairly vividly even though it's been lost to me for a long time. The gist of it is that it's a guide to the Hero's Journey a la Campbell... but told through the story of a man who turns into a were-bobcat whenever he masturbates while thinking about his ex-wife who fights the mob to save an orphanage (IIRC). It was hilariously awkward while also being a vivid illustration of how flexible the Journey is. Unfortunately trying to search for key words when it's things like "hero's journey video + bobcat man" has proven fruitless in the times I've tried. Anyone else remember this or know the title? Reply
  • 10 Oct 30th, 2016 at 4:04PM
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    I remember coming across a Let's Play of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Light Adventure Squad. I don't remember who uploaded it, but his Team consisted of a Meowth and a Mareep. (Aleex and Aleex, unless I'm thinking of another Let's Player.) He named his Team "Samurai", written using kanji. Help? Reply




      Bump Bumpity Bump Bump


      Bumpy bumpy bump bump

      Final bump, and then I'll assume this is a pointless endeavor.

      It has been 10 days.

      DO NOT bump your own post every single day, especially when the disguise for bumps are whiny requests for information and/or "I'm about to give up". Also, it has been months and years after posting that requests get solved — beyond obvious/fan favourite ones, it is typical to take at least a few weeks.

      This may seem contradictory to what I'm about to say, but I'm supposed to just let this sit for a while? Okay. Leaving it alone for a bit after this post.

      Hey, I finally found it! It was PokeCiv!
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    This video was out around the time "Over 9000" was popular. The title was spelled exactly the same way as above. It used to be one of the first results if you searched for "it's over 9000" on YouTube. There are a lot of details I remember, but I'll just stick to telling the main ones:
    • One scene had Vegeta saying the aforementioned line, but in slow-motion without any pitch change.
    • Another scene had a bit of the music video to "Chop Suey!" by System of a Down appear.
    • There was another music video bit shown that featured people dressed in black wearing masks.
    • It ended with Goku saying "I think it's right."
    • The runtime was over five minutes, I think.
    • The description said something along the lines of "...and it keeps getting higher."
    • It is NOT this.






      Please, please, STOP WITH THE BUMPS.

      While it can be annoying to see someone bump something nobody else seems to have interest in, most people agree it's fine to bump your posts as long as you're not doing it more than once a day. Gitaroo Hero isn't really doing anything wrong. If you don't like it, you can just scroll past.
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    It was an old show on tree house. I remember in one episode the main character went to this toy town. In the town they had a toy robot that was in charge while the toy maker was gone. The robot was "broken" and was putting all the broken toys in this warehouse near a lighthouse. One of the toys was a ballerina I believe. Any thoughts? Reply
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    I'm fairly certain it's a web original or at least that's where I saw it.

    It's a Superjail!-esque short about legendary heroine with a distinctly male name and I'm pretty sure a very deep voice as well. She travels through space without a suit or anything and confronts something involving family, I think. Psychedelic animation involving internal organs and such happens. Reply