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    I can vaguely remember a comic serial which must have been British involving a detective, who was drawn very simply, with a black trenchcoat, trilby and bug eyes - he may have been a frog. He was involved in an adventure in which he fought a Fu Manchu type villain. He burned through a rope using a watch glass. The villain had eggs with lions inside them as a weapon. "Your eggs have little lions on them - our eggs have little lions inside them!" The title may have included the words "private eye" Reply
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    I'm trying to find a W.I.T.C.H comic that I read in a magazine. It probably wasn't in a regular graphic novel because the story was too short. In the comic, Taranee is being bullied by Uriah and his friends, until Irma comes along and uses her powers to spray them with water from a water fountain. Martin and Nigel may have been involved, but I'm not sure. Does anyone who knows W.I.T.C.H know what this could be? I've looked at the comics on the W.I.T.C.H wiki site and haven't found anything. Reply
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    Might have been a western comic, might have been a manhua, either way I don't remember much of it. It definetly wasn't japanese, might have been chinese or korean; I read a print version, the comic itself was pretty dark but had a beautiful art style, not colored; I remember a black-haired girl waking up in some kind of a train with a bunch of monsters (that hate her), who later turn into puppets in an enchanted forest? I couldn't make out most of the plot, but there was also a giant dreamkeeper lady who cried dreams, a guy who wore a cauldron for a hat, also pretty sure some manner of cannibalism was involved. Comic itself went out around 2009, couldn't find anything about it then, same as now. All help is appreciated! Reply
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    I only read one issue, but it featured the crew of a crashed ship on a distant planet. They were being hunted by an alien race with projectile weapons built into their biology, even calling them bio-weapons. The main human characters all wore armor, and of different colors. Reply
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    There was a series of graphic novels in my elementary school library, I would have read them between 2004 and 2008. The plot was that there was an author similar to L. Frank Baum who wrote books similar to the Oz books, and a girl discovered the world he wrote about was actually real when she found herself there.

    The main character was the girl whose name I can't recall, she was black and I think wore overalls and maybe had pigtails? There was a boy who was made of wax who I think was named Wicks or something like that, and I feel like he betrayed the girl somehow. I also seem to remember the main characters riding in a hot air balloon

    Sorry I don't recall more, anyone know of a series like this?.

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    The princess falls in love with a guy who is cursed to have a swan wing for an arm. The princess father is a pretty bishonen guy. I think is an oneshot, or at the very least, a pretty short series. Reply
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    I am looking for a specific comic by some artist I can't remember. But I remember a couple of things about it.

    First, I remember that the cower of the pocket I used to have but can no longer find looked like it could fit on the Lethal Chef page with a character cooking something that looked not to pleasant. Second, I remember that one of the stories in the pocket as a parody of the Hunchback of Notredame featuring all kinds of chaotic madness. One scene I remember involved Quasi trying to ring one of the church bells only for it to swing above and around and hitting him in the head (and resulting in his deafness). I also remembered that in the end of the story, Quasi threw practically everything he could find at the crowd below, including Esmeralda and Frollo, and eventually himself. Apparently he bounced on the ground and was sent flying somewhere and became a superstar after that, or something like that. And thirdly, I remember a short story in the same pocket which basically boiled down to a man yawning, his wife turns on a table fan, a fly get's blown away by said fan right into the mans mouth, he spits it out right into the fan, the fly platters on the fan and splatters fly all over the mans face.

    well that is what I can remember of it. Reply
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    Hi! I'm looking for a manga series that I read a few years ago but can't remember the name of. It's about a young girl who doesn't have any friends, you know, a bit of an anti-social person. But, through circumstances, she has to socialize with people in order to find monsters/demons. One day, she makes a couple of friends after she helps them get something that fell over a bridge and she takes off her shoes to get it for them. Afterwards, they catch up to her and ask her about her favorite celebrity in a magazine. And near the end of the first or second book, she has to confront a monster of some kind in a school gym. Can someone help me with this, please? Reply

      This vaguely reminds me of {{7 Billion Needles}}. It's been a while since I read it, but the antisocial girl, the bridge, and monster-in-the-gym battle are elements of the story.

      Yes! That's the one! Thank you!
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    So, I remember reading a Comicvine article about this comic. However, I can't find the article or remember the title. It was a social satire comic. The premise was that people would announce they would kill themselves at a certain date and soak in the fame and publicity until then. It may or may not have been part of a fictional reality show. Reply

      7 Days To Fame?

      Wow jormis29. That's it. I recognized the cover to the first issue.
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    can't remember the name but it was a series of comics with a blond haired kid who in each issue pretended to be a different one of his favorite superheroes and at the end he met them Reply
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    I found that picture from a super girl comic where she says 'that's strange' and the other woman asks what's strange. Then Kara says 'My X-ray vision is picking up some weird plastics in your–" I really love the art style and it's such a fun sense of humor that I was wondering what artist it was from/ what issue number it was. If anyone knows, I'd really appreciate it. Reply
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    All I remember is a chapter involving glasses that allows wearers to see red strings of fate and special nail polish that allows the wearer to cut them and retie them to change relationships. One of the male characters might have had a name similar to Ryu... Reply

      Megane-chan no Akai Ito; The Glasses Girl's Red String of Fate

      Thanks but not Megane-chan no Akai Ito, because I looked into that one and it didn't involve nail polish. Also, I remember it being a longer work (not one-shot).

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    I'm a sucker for minor Batman villains and I noticed one in a flashback panel when Batman fights Bane in Part 11 of Knightfall that I wish to identify.

    The villain wears either black or dark blue and wears a mask revealing only his eyes with spikes around the face. A long, whip-like protrusion on the top of the head appears to be made of something akin to barbed wire and is slashing one of the prongs of Batman's cowl in the panel. He also wears spiked gloves.

    The flashback panel is most likely based on a previous comic and is taking place in a graveyard. Reply
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    ...and she has to work for some people (cyborgs?) who's language she doesn't understand to earn them back. (I only read the 2nd volume so I don't know the entire plot.) She carries around a doll that talks to her, and I think the doll contains her brain or her heart or something, and I think is missing an eye but I could be wrong. And she's not supposed to talk to the doll but it's the only thing she can communicate with (I think.) During the errand/mission she's given, she comes across a place where there's preserved organs (as in being kept functional,) and the doll warns her not to destroy any because some might belong to her. The plot and art style are pretty dark from what I can remember. Reply
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    There's one Archie comic where Jughead (he's the Big Eater with the funny hat) is in an eating contest but the girls are feeding him as much as possible before the contest, however, he still wins. What's that one called? P.S. I heard it has a girl called Jane Doe in it. Reply

      Doesn't anyone know which one this is?

      That's happened probably a couple dozen times over the course of their run. I'm afraid nobody's gonna be able to narrow it down much because of that.
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    Does anyone know the origin of this panel: [1]. Which didn't embed, but the link seems to work. It's a comic panel of a woman reading in bed, with the devil bursting in the window shrieking " HOOOOYARRRRRGH!! It's me, Satan!" "So?" Reply

      I've seen a blog post about this, which I can't find at the moment. If I remember correctly, it's from an old and rather obscure comic, and the plot is that the Devil goes up to see how the human race is getting on, and ends up fleeing home with his tail between his legs because the modern world is so much scarier than anything he's ever managed.

      Just a guess, but could this be from Chick Tracts?

      Definitely not a Chick Tract, I'd have remembered that. It was something really obscure that I'd never heard of before.
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    Our "Bruce Wayne Held Hostage" page has this in the list.

    "A variation occurred in a Silver Age Superman story. During an attempted heist at a museum, some goons take a bystander hostage and force Superman to help them. Only the "Superman" they have is a lookalike in a Superman costume on his way to his son's school, and the "hostage" is Clark Kent, who they grabbed before he could change clothes. The real Superman ends up having to use his powers to covertly make his kidnappers believe the fake one is the real deal until he can get him safely away. "

    Anyone know which story/issue that was? it sounds like a good read, but google has failed me. Reply
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    This comic I saw years ago whose story I wasn't properly following at the time, was some kind of coming of age/high school sexual comedy as told by some old man in a diner after two visiting teenagers squashed his flies and bring to mind "dead lovers" from the legend he tells.

    The one thing I remember best was that these two lovers come back from the dead for some kind of revenge at the climax where others quirky characters in the legend also appear. Reply

      I;m gonna do the obvious and guess Blake Holesy High/Black Hole High

      nvm, wrong medium, wrong plot. title tripped me up

      The title of this post might not be the actual base title of the work.
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    Our "Bruce Wayne Held Hostage" page has this in the list.

    " A variation occurred in a Silver Age Superman story. During an attempted heist at a museum, some goons take a bystander hostage and force Superman to help them. Only the "Superman" they have is a lookalike in a Superman costume on his way to his son's school, and the "hostage" is Clark Kent, who they grabbed before he could change clothes. The real Superman ends up having to use his powers to covertly make his kidnappers believe the fake one is the real deal until he can get him safely away. "

    Anyone know which story/issue that was? it sounds like a good read, but google has failed me.

    EDIT: pasted wrong one; fixed Reply

      Maybe this one?

      Oh crud, that was the wrong one! I HAVE read that one before, but what I MEANT was...

      " A variation occurred in a Silver Age Superman story. During an attempted heist at a museum, some goons take a bystander hostage and force Superman to help them. Only the "Superman" they have is a lookalike in a Superman costume on his way to his son's school, and the "hostage" is Clark Kent, who they grabbed before he could change clothes. The real Superman ends up having to use his powers to covertly make his kidnappers believe the fake one is the real deal until he can get him safely away. "
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    There was a scifi comic like, 5 years back. There was a female lead who always wore a bubble helmet and I remember at least 3 issues. The thing that stands out is in the second or third issue there was a robot body that had George W Bush's head in a jar on top. Really want to figure out what this is. Reply
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    This manga is about a girl who falls in love with a guy, cursed with a swan wing for an arm. Is a shojo manga. Her father, a king I believe, is quite the bishonen. I'm looking for the name, that's all. Reply

      Sounds like it could be an adaptation of the fairy tale The Six Swans...? I didn't have any luck googling, but you might check out threads like this that are about fairy tale riffs/adaptations? http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=11087url

      With one wing left, it sounds more like a sequel, but the only thing I found fitting that is a novel called Birdwing. Nothing about comics.

      is not a sequel, it was a standalone story.

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    I saw a screencap of it a year or two ago. It's been circling online.

    It was either DC or Marvel, but most likely Marvel. All I remember was that it involved a female character liking cat videos. Reply
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    I remember seeing them online. They were likely from the 1910s and the entire joke was two women kissing and taking forever to part from each other while slapstick happens at the end. I don't know if the kissing was platonic or romantic though. Reply

      It isn't Alan Moore's graphic novel Lost Girls about a group of discreet lesbians in the run-up to WW1, is it?

      No, it was literally from the 1910s. It was an old comic strip.
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    I just remembered I used to read this german Nintendo comic book or whatever it was when I was little... But alas, I can't for the life of me recall what it was or what its name was. I know it had a comic, but I don't know if it was a comic book or some sort of magazine.
    I remember it had two parts:
    • One part involved kids using game cartridges or whatever to give themselves superpowers and win at games. I remember two of these: one where they use Yoshi's Cookie (or whatever game it was that had Yoshi in it) to give one of the kids a Yoshi tongue and appetite which made him win a cookie eating contest, and another one where they do the same thing with a Donkey Kong game (making one of the kids highly athletic) which helps them win a basketball game.
    • The other part involved a kid using Link's ocarina from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He first plays Song of Time which makes him very short, and then he plays Epona's Song which makes Epona appear before him. Then there's this... "girl" character (I can't really remember) who dares/challenges the kid to jump over the swing in the playground on Epona. He tries to jump over and... I can't remember what happens next. I think the horse doesn't make it over the swing and falls onto it halfway over, but all I remember is a comic shot of Epona from the front situated right above the swing.


      Was it the German Club Nintendo magazine?

      @Kyle Ren 2 K 16
      Not too sure actually; I tried searching but I only found comics explicitly featuring classic Nintendo characters (like Kirby and Mario) while the comic I'm looking for mostly centers around kids rather than Nintendo characters. I did find this and the N-gang section sounds plausible (as the matter of fact, that appears to be what I'm looking for as it features the aforementioned kids and Mariowiki states N-Gang comics were made in Germany), but the links I'm given lead to a german forum thread that requires registering in order to be able to follow the links I'm given so I can't check. I think the comic in question is Die Götter des Olymp (the spreadsheet mentions Epona, which is the only Nintendo character I recall appearing in the comic), but as I said, I can't check without registering.
      EDIT: So I decided to register and download the issue with the Die Götter des Olymp comic. I scrolled through the PDF file to the comic, and it's indeed what I've been looking for! It has the cookie eating contest, the basketball game and even the Epona part. I can't believe I didn't search the German Club Nintendo search results hard enough. Thanks.

      No Problem! Happy to help.
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    In the first chapter, the boy solves the mystery of his (classmate?)'s father's suicide, proving it a murder rather than a suicide, commited by a professor in the university the victim worked at. It was also shown at the end of the chapter that the boy turned into a fox when he went to sleep. Reply

      After researching, Case Closed?

      No, definitely not Case Closed