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    A single stand-alone comic page I read in a kid's magazine sometime in the early 2000s. The premise was that there were so many characters in the comic that they could barely fit. Each panel would be a single body part (usually the hand) of two different famous cartoon characters, and it was a guessing game to figure out who they were.

    It opened with Homer Simpson finding his donuts stolen. In the next panel, he asks for help from... someone, then perhaps in the following panel that someone accused Garfield of the theft, and in the panel after that Garfield suggests that Scooby-Doo can find the thief, and it goes on like that for a few dozen tiny panels all squeezed into a single page. SpongeBob was in there somewhere, and Sulley from Monsters, Inc., the Powerpuff Girls, Batman, and many others I don't remember. It ended with Spider-Man accusing the Grinch, then the Grinch confessing and George W. Bush thanking him for his confession, and finally Bush giving Homer a new box of donuts.

    I don't remember exactly what magazine it was in or what month and year it was, but it was obviously during the George W. Bush administration, almost certainly within the first half, so around 2001-2003. If a scan of the strip exists online, I'd certainly like to see it. Reply

      I remember this! It was in Nickelodeon Magazine. Pretty sure it was actually around 2004-2005, but not completely sure. I'll see if I can find it. Update: I am not having luck finding it, but I might still try. I also feel like this was called "A Show Of Hands" or something, and likely originated in an April issue(probably 2004 or 2005), which was always cartoon themed. This comic was reprinted in a Nick Mag Presents comics issue I got in 2008. A few years ago I got a bunch of 2004-2006 issues from a thrift shop, and am pretty sure this was in one of them. It's not impossible, but would be very hard for me to access those copies. I'm afraid it would also be weeks before I even have the chance. Really sorry I couldn't be more help.

      That's all right. Thanks. Would you happen to remember what the exact lineup of characters was? Off the top of your head, did I miss any?

      I specifically remember(likely not in order) Homer Simpson, Spongebob, Power Puff Girls, Garfield, Sulley, Batman, Snoopy, Scooby Doo, Angelica Pickles, Spiderman, The Grinch, and George W. Bush.(Possibly Bugs Bunny?) Pretty sure that was all there was, not many more if not. I also remember each character showed up in exactly two panels, consecutively, except Homer who appeared again at the end.
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    A scene in a comic from the late 70s to mid-80s. May or may not be Secret Wars. A few heroes are talking, and a difficult choice is being debated. Professor X says, "If we did that, we'd be no better than Hitler, Stalin, or Doctor Doom." I remembered that while reading the Famous, Famous, Fictional trope and I'd like to include it there, but my recollection is vague. Reply
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    I got a copy of Yen Plus a long, long time ago and there were three manga/manhwa series that really stuck out to me. One of which was Pig Bride, but I can't remember the names of the other two.

    The first one was about a monster hunter of some kind. The chapter was about a flashback, involving a beautiful young woman found by a mother and her adult son. The beautiful woman has amnesia, and the mother and son welcome her into their home. The mother makes cloth, and soon the beautiful woman wants to learn how to make cloth too. It is revealed that she can make the most beautiful cloth but needs to be locked away in private in order to do so. Two monster hunters enter a store where the cloth is being sold and reveal to the owner of the store that the cloth has been sewn with human body parts such as blood vessels. The son enters the weaving room to see the beautiful woman at the loom, with a scary face and possibly monster hands, and his mother's head is in a basket nearby (the beautiful woman killed her to sew her body parts into the cloth). It ends with the man having the flashback reflecting that the beautiful woman had not considered it "wrong" to kill people to make cloth since she didn't know anything else.

    The second one I remember a bit less about and was cutesier. There is a contest to cook pancakes with shaped wire so that the pancakes come out in that shape perfectly. Some kids try with hearts, stars, etc. but fail. A man wins the contest after successfully using a complicated castle shaped wire to make a perfect pancake and he wins a giant teddy bear. The teddy bear has a person inside and it's implied that the man won the contest to save the person inside the bear. Then the man meets a girl who has a parasol, and she is scared of stepping into the sun because she feels like it splits her soul into two (or something). The man says that he avoids the sun because he sunburns a lot. The bear does comic poses and stuff throughout. Reply
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    Does anyone know which Darkwing Duck comic it is that provides the picture for that trope? I don't think it's part of either of the two newer runs, unless it's from one of those I haven't read. Reply
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    My mother told me about some magazine-shaped comic books she read as a child in the early 1960's. She says they seemed old when she found them, so they were probably printed well before 1960. The main characters are an orphan boy and a single Catholic man who adopts him and enrolls him in a Catholic school. The boy's placement test score puts him a year behind the other boys his age, which angers the boy. The boy and his adoptive father both have black hair with blue highlights. In the middle of each comic book is a history lesson. Does anyone else remember this comic book series? Reply
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    I need help finding out which comic book this panel comes from:


    Obviously it's a Fantastic Four comic, but which one? All help is appreciated, thanks. Reply
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    All of the characters were some kind of furry with tails. There was some kind of a crazy lotus eaters/mfg place in one issue. There was a huuuuge religious cult whose messiah was female and had died (been murdered?!). One of the guys still in with the cult was just tortured over her being gone and the other person (not sure what gender) was all "good riddance, now i can run this the way it should be run". Meanwhile, the messiah had been reincarnated but she didn't remember anything. She was rescued/found by the crew of a space going vessel. . . ? Reply
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    There's a comic from a children's nature magazine (National Geographic or Discovery or other) with adorable animal characters. One of the characters is a purple bat named Echo. What is the comic and/or magazine called? Reply
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    Hi everyone! About six years ago, I read a comic my friend had. It was about the fuzzy creatures that fought zombies. I remember that they were called something like Crapones or Clo- bis. There was an elite group of zombie hunters, and one of them was blind. There were two sisters who fought zombies together and I think their last name was Yelborne or something like that. The older ones name was Elease and she wore a cloak and had a scythe. It would be great if someone can help me remember this comic. It's been bugging me for a while. Thanks!! Reply
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    There was a female Superman (or maybe Justice League) villain, who I believe was once listed on either the Totally Radical or We're Still Relevant, Dammit! pages. I'm having a hard time digging her up; I think she was a creation of the 2000's since she was suspected of being modeled after Lisbeth Salander in appearance/personality. Reply
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    Okay, slightly odd request this one. Does anyone in the UK remember the free supplement about Sega and Nintendo console games that came with a tabloid paper (possibly The Sun) in the 90s? Regular reviewer characters included the Old Git (a grumpy old man) and Auntie Mabel (a sweet old lady) - I may have got her first name wrong. There was also the Cheat who published a column of cheat codes and the No-Hoper, a useless player. The No-Hoper's column was directly below the Cheat's and in one issue, he wrote an extra long column which needed more space, so they gave him both slots and put the Cheat on the back page for that issue. From then on, the storyline featured an ongoing feud between the two. There was also a campaign insisting game cartridges were too highly priced and could realistically be sold cheaper, called (if memory serves) GYPD or Get Your Prices Down.

    Really, I just want to know what the title was. I cannot remember and Google doesn't seem to know either. Reply
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    I'm looking for a comic I read in the late-nineties when I was a kid. I remember things about it, but not the title or publisher unfortunately. I highly doubt it was Marvel, DC or Image, but you never know.

    This was a black and white comic- maybe B5 size-, most likely British, and about goblins. I remember it started with a spiel about why goblins were erased from history (e.g. there was an image of them fighting at the Battle of Hastings, the goblin said "cor blimey, mate, look at that thing coming towards your eye").

    The main character was a human boy and I'm pretty sure that at one point he passed out and was given the kiss of life by a goblin lady, which caused him to start turning into a goblin because they have spider-like things on their tongues which transfer via kissing and infect you with, um, goblin.

    I'm fairly certain I didn't just make this up, but when I tried googling it, no matter how specific I was all I got was a webcomic and the Green Goblin.

    I asked my cousin if he remembered this comic and he said "the art was sick! Loads of snot, and the planet was shaped like a pear!" Reply
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    ...and she has to work for some people (cyborgs?) who's language she doesn't understand to earn them back. (I only read the 2nd volume so I don't know the entire plot.) She carries around a doll that talks to her, and I think the doll contains her brain or her heart or something, and I think is missing an eye but I could be wrong. And she's not supposed to talk to the doll but it's the only thing she can communicate with (I think.) During the errand/mission she's given, she comes across a place where there's preserved organs (as in being kept functional,) and the doll warns her not to destroy any because some might belong to her. The plot and art style are pretty dark from what I can remember. Reply

      Found it. It's called Borderline. Also it's not a manga lol
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    I remember seeing an anthology comic a couple of years ago. It was about a girl with powers. If i remember correctly the ocean turns evil and starts overtaking the land. The main character was a young girl who could levitate. Also at the end the ocean looked like it was going to swallow her. Now I could be wrong about the ocean being evil. It could be a monster that controls water. There was a huge Art-Style Dissonance. I first saw this comic in between 2006-2010. Reply



      I could be completely wrong, since I don't know if it had an anthology, but is it Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea?

      No not at all. It was not from japan. Also there was an older woman with a jetpack, and the girl was in the 8-10 range, not the infant to 6 range.


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    As far as I know, the TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was adapted to comic books in S.H.I.E.L.D. (2014) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Then, surfing the internet to read things about the TV series, I found this page. Is that comic book image from either of the comics, from some other one, or just promotional material? Reply

      I'm pretty sure it's just promotional material for Season 3 - when I do a reverse image search everything that comes up is related to news articles about Season 4 being filmed/the show being renewed. Plus, everything depicted in it relates to season 3 somehow.
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    This has been bugging me all day. I remember a scene from a show (may also have been a film), where a character is held by some crazy female assassin (who thinks she's psychic) after she kills a guy at a gas station. She's super dirty, covered in blood, matted hair, etc. The killer stocks up on snacks from the gas station, there's something about a muffin. They start having car trouble and run into a trucker on a dirt road. He offers to fix the car but ends up being evil, and the woman kills him too. Reply

      I figured it out!! Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.
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    Our "Bruce Wayne Held Hostage" page has this in the list.

    "A variation occurred in a Silver Age Superman story. During an attempted heist at a museum, some goons take a bystander hostage and force Superman to help them. Only the "Superman" they have is a lookalike in a Superman costume on his way to his son's school, and the "hostage" is Clark Kent, who they grabbed before he could change clothes. The real Superman ends up having to use his powers to covertly make his kidnappers believe the fake one is the real deal until he can get him safely away. "

    Anyone know which story/issue that was? it sounds like a good read, but google has failed me. Reply


      Bump again

      I think it's "The Make-Believe Superman", which appeared in Superman issue 127. There's a synopsis of it here.
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    I can vaguely remember a comic serial which must have been British involving a detective, who was drawn very simply, with a black trenchcoat, trilby and bug eyes - he may have been a frog. He was involved in an adventure in which he fought a Fu Manchu type villain. He burned through a rope using a watch glass. The villain had eggs with lions inside them as a weapon. "Your eggs have little lions on them - our eggs have little lions inside them!" The title may have included the words "private eye" Reply
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    I'm trying to find a W.I.T.C.H comic that I read in a magazine. It probably wasn't in a regular graphic novel because the story was too short. In the comic, Taranee is being bullied by Uriah and his friends, until Irma comes along and uses her powers to spray them with water from a water fountain. Martin and Nigel may have been involved, but I'm not sure. Does anyone who knows W.I.T.C.H know what this could be? I've looked at the comics on the W.I.T.C.H wiki site and haven't found anything. Reply

      Was it in the same artstyle as the normal comics?
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    Might have been a western comic, might have been a manhua, either way I don't remember much of it. It definetly wasn't japanese, might have been chinese or korean; I read a print version, the comic itself was pretty dark but had a beautiful art style, not colored; I remember a black-haired girl waking up in some kind of a train with a bunch of monsters (that hate her), who later turn into puppets in an enchanted forest? I couldn't make out most of the plot, but there was also a giant dreamkeeper lady who cried dreams, a guy who wore a cauldron for a hat, also pretty sure some manner of cannibalism was involved. Comic itself went out around 2009, couldn't find anything about it then, same as now. All help is appreciated! Reply
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    I only read one issue, but it featured the crew of a crashed ship on a distant planet. They were being hunted by an alien race with projectile weapons built into their biology, even calling them bio-weapons. The main human characters all wore armor, and of different colors. Reply
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    There was a series of graphic novels in my elementary school library, I would have read them between 2004 and 2008. The plot was that there was an author similar to L. Frank Baum who wrote books similar to the Oz books, and a girl discovered the world he wrote about was actually real when she found herself there.

    The main character was the girl whose name I can't recall, she was black and I think wore overalls and maybe had pigtails? There was a boy who was made of wax who I think was named Wicks or something like that, and I feel like he betrayed the girl somehow. I also seem to remember the main characters riding in a hot air balloon

    Sorry I don't recall more, anyone know of a series like this?.

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    The princess falls in love with a guy who is cursed to have a swan wing for an arm. The princess father is a pretty bishonen guy. I think is an oneshot, or at the very least, a pretty short series. Reply
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    I am looking for a specific comic by some artist I can't remember. But I remember a couple of things about it.

    First, I remember that the cower of the pocket I used to have but can no longer find looked like it could fit on the Lethal Chef page with a character cooking something that looked not to pleasant. Second, I remember that one of the stories in the pocket as a parody of the Hunchback of Notredame featuring all kinds of chaotic madness. One scene I remember involved Quasi trying to ring one of the church bells only for it to swing above and around and hitting him in the head (and resulting in his deafness). I also remembered that in the end of the story, Quasi threw practically everything he could find at the crowd below, including Esmeralda and Frollo, and eventually himself. Apparently he bounced on the ground and was sent flying somewhere and became a superstar after that, or something like that. And thirdly, I remember a short story in the same pocket which basically boiled down to a man yawning, his wife turns on a table fan, a fly get's blown away by said fan right into the mans mouth, he spits it out right into the fan, the fly platters on the fan and splatters fly all over the mans face.

    well that is what I can remember of it. Reply
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    Hi! I'm looking for a manga series that I read a few years ago but can't remember the name of. It's about a young girl who doesn't have any friends, you know, a bit of an anti-social person. But, through circumstances, she has to socialize with people in order to find monsters/demons. One day, she makes a couple of friends after she helps them get something that fell over a bridge and she takes off her shoes to get it for them. Afterwards, they catch up to her and ask her about her favorite celebrity in a magazine. And near the end of the first or second book, she has to confront a monster of some kind in a school gym. Can someone help me with this, please? Reply

      This vaguely reminds me of {{7 Billion Needles}}. It's been a while since I read it, but the antisocial girl, the bridge, and monster-in-the-gym battle are elements of the story.

      Yes! That's the one! Thank you!