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    What tv show and episode is this. A fathers lesbian daughter breaks off her wedding to her partner because she believes she is settling. The father ends up telling her she belongs with her partner because settling is ok. Settling is something good if you settle with someone you tolerate and can be happy with. Reply
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    I'm looking for the name of a TV show. I do not remember any actors or character names. It's similar to Eerie Indiana, the RL Stine shows, and is geared towards young adults. It takes place in a town where weird things happen. A kid moves their with one of his parents. (One of the parents is missing or presumed dead and they are moving back to their hometown.) The main character of the show befriends two characters that are odd. They know weird things happen in the town. The girl is nerdy. There's also a wealthy family that the town seems to think is evil and avoids. I know they spend time at a little diner. It was on a streaming service and I can't find it again. It was a serial show. I don't know how many seasons. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I think it was made past 2000, but I'm not positive. Reply

      It's a long shot, but it might be Hemlock Grove (a Netflix original)

      Definitely not Hemlock Grove. It was meant for a younger audience and was slightly campy. It was more like a Disney or Nick show, but I know it wasn't either of those.

      Could it be strange days at Blake holesey high? I think it had a slightly different name in the us, maybe black hole high?

      It's definitely similar. The kids were trying to solve a mystery in it, but I don't remember them being in school. It may have taken place during the school break.

      So Weird? The main girl was called Josie, I think her mum was missing and there was a rich family with a son who started out and but eventually becAme a love interest?

      Was it Are You Afraid of the Dark??
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    When I was a kid, I saw about ten minutes of a programme that I think was on ITV, and I think it was probably Sunday lunchtime. There were at least two puppet cats; a ginger tom, possibly with a cockney accent, and a white female Persian, who was definitely coded as "posh". And that's all I'm even slightly certain of; I've got an idea that they didn't get on and were possibly related, but I don't know if that's something I made up later. I never saw it again, so I'm not even sure if it was actually a series or some kind of TV movie. Reply

      That sounds like it might be the BBC Schools' programme Cats' Eyes.

      I'm almost certain it wasn't; I do remember watching that, and I'd probably have recognised it. Good suggestion, though.

      I found your question while searching for a similar show. I remember being between the ages of 3-6 (born in 1987) and watching a show with 3 puppet cats. I really don't remember much more. I remember my mom finding 3 kittens in our yard and i named them after this show. I swear one of the names was leo, Leon, Theo, or theon. I can't find anything anywhere.
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    This one's been bugging me for a while, but I watched part of a fantasy series when I was younger but can't for the life of me remember what it was called!

    It was thematically similar to Chronicles of Narnia, which was on around the same time, so puts it in the 80's or early 90's I think, it's likely I was watching re-runs rather than its original airing. The show focused on a group of three or four modern-day (at the time) pre-teens or teens, possibly related, who discover a set of magical artefacts. I remember one being a sword, and another a chalice. These provide access to a fantasy realm, possibly in the past, from which the artefacts originate, but going there leaves the world vulnerable to others crossing over.

    There was a unicorn that is somehow connected to the artefacts, and whom the children are trying to protect. I remember there being a connection to a house as well, possibly a deceased relative's, and I believe the artefacts are discovered there, with the owner having possibly been the previous protector of them.

    It may have been a British show, but I'm not 100%; I went through life believed Round the Twist was British until I rediscovered it years later 😉

    Probably a long shot, but I'm hoping someone out there might know what this show was called! Reply
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    This is gonna be very obscure. This show is from the early 2000s, probably around the time of Boys Over Flowers, and it's this children's show about a group of 5 kids finding these magical accessories relating to one of the 5 elements- necklace for fire, and other stuff for water, air(or wind), earth, and metal? And from these magical items you can summon weapons? These 5 kids correlate to 5 people in their past lives in a historical setting who uses the same kinds of weapons as they do, and the villain and antagonistic jealous lover is reincarnated too. The children seem to be very young, around grade school-middle school age. Help please! Reply

      When you say Power Rangers esque, do you mean full Tokusatsu type show with full body costumes, fireworks, etc or just exaggerated fantasy fighting

      My younger brother used to watch a power-rangers like fantasy show called Mystic Knights of Tir na Nog, that was a lot like what you're describing. I could have sworn there was only four characters, each with an amulet granting a magical weapon and elemental powers. Could that be it?
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    Hi, I'm trying to remember this music video, it's been bothering me for a while. Its got a 90's B-Movie sci Fi feel to it, it takes place on another planet (maybe on the moon) I thought it was by Ellie Goulding but I can't find anything of hers similar to what I remember. The lyrics mention something along the lines of guiding me home, or driving me home. Something about lights? I know it's a really horrible description but I'm hoping someone out there can help! Reply

      "Drive My Soul" by Lights. You were probably confusing it with the song "Lights" by Ellie Goulding.

      YES! THATS IT! Thank you Soo much!
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    What is the name of the Spanish TV show about teen girls who lived in a house and competed in a reality tv show singing competition? I know there were two characters called Cheryl and Rosemary Reply
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    I'm not entirely sure it was in fact a TV show, but I feel like I heard the song "Things That Stop You Dreaming" by Passenger featured in something relatively recently. Does that ring a bell for anybody? Reply

      16 hours seems like a fair timeframe for a bump. :s

      Can you be a bit more specific? Was it TV, a film? A commercial spot? EDIT: Some brief youtube fu reveals this "trailer" for the film Urban and the Shed Crew, could it have been that?

      I doubt that's it, since I don't have television service and don't regularly get exposed to ads or trailers that I don't actively seek out.

      I can't really be more specific, since what I'm really asking is "where have I heard this song before", i.e., "Has this song been featured in anything?" I did some cursory Googling, but wasn't able to find anything. There really ought to be a site for finding what various songs have been featured in. Like IMBD for songs.

      It's entirely possible that I simply heard it on Pandora, and I'll probably just resign myself to assuming as much if I don't find something.
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    This show was on Netflix (I think it's gone now...) but I remember really specific episodes. The theme was people that survived the impossible, near death experiences, etc. I remember 3 episodes. A lady went on a run in a canyon with her dog, and didn't tell anyone. She fell into the canyon which caused her pelvis to be broken and lots of internal bleeding. She was stuck in this canyon for days, but her dog saved her. The second one was a man and his significant other were on a hike, and they went off the trail and got lost in the wilderness. They managed to find some guys camp, and it saved their lives, but he was dead (hit his head, tripped, idk) and a helicopter saved them. The third one was a dad who went hunting with his son. The son was badly mauled by a bear and because they had no med training, bare minimum supplies, and they were out in the middle of nowhere, the kid almost died. These were real stories (reenacted) and I can remember those three episodes, but not the title. Each story took up a full episode and it was either TV-PG or TV-14. Please help me!!! Reply
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    I've had this burning in the back of my brain. I used to have a VHS as a little girl with either a frog or turtle mascot as the lead. It was educational, almost PBS like. If I remember correctly it was set in some sort of play room or tree house that had stairs theat looked like piano keys. I remember one episode where it talked about Indy Cars and threw out the name Andretti. I looked up the Andretti bros and they do not have any tv credits that pop out to me. Please help!! Also I'm sure it's not Gullah Gullah Island and almost sure it's not Out of the Box. Reply


      Bumping this so hard. Trying to remember this has been plaguing me almost my entire life. I might be mixing memories, but I could've sworn the Toad (Turtle?) introduced the Stanley The Ugly Duckling short at one point?
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    I am desperately trying to identify something I saw as a kid. This is everything I remember. This would have aired on local TV (not cable/satellite) in either the late 80s, or early 90s (not after fall of 1992). A man is near or at a railroad. He's offered a place to stay for the night and is taken to a house. In front of the house are three crosses, one smaller than the other two, I believe it is said a family was killed there. While the man is staying there overnight (I think I remember a deck of playing cards for some reason?), two ghosts, possibly one white and one red, appear and fly towards the screen. This is all I remember. Scared the shit out of me, and I would kill to find out what this is. Major thanks in advance. I listed it as "live action TV" but I can't rule out it was a movie. I know it was on at least twice. Reply

      Bump (if that's allowed). Desperately trying to identify this... never got to see the end.

      Not exactly what you described, but there could be a slight chance that it was "The House of No Return" from Goosebumps.

      Not Goosebumps, sorry. This was before that. Thanks though.


      Bump again...




      shit wrong ask sorry XD

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    I think it might be Brain Games but I don't think so. The biggest clip that I remember is having random people on the show who have trouble in the dating scene go through a scenario. The whole bit is about priming, where the host keeps dropping "three" in conversation or the concept of three. For example, the car ride was three hours long, the walk is only three hundred feet or whatever.

    And at the end of it the contestant chooses a pit to fall into. I think he's told that only one pit doesn't have spikes. Naturally, he chooses the third pit, which is safe. We're assured after the fact that if he didn't choose the third pit, it would've been called off.

    I think in the same show they were talking about how the power of suggestion works and the guy was presenting flowers to random people, and they all reacted to the tune of "OMG, how did you know?" even though apparently he was priming them to want whatever type of flower he had.

    I'm not sure when it was on air but it was probably around 2011-2012 Reply

      sounds like brain games to me
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    Well there was this"non animated cartoon" that I used to watch 5-6 years ago basically there ware these people with powers of elements like fire 🔥 rain ☔️ thunder an some more and those powers were concealed in a locket for ex the fire mans power was in a locket shaped in fire an etc ........and the bad guys wanted those therefore they challenged them and whatever they do they go into anathor dimension and fight there the good guys had their element shape on their chest more like their locket and whenever they are about to lose they get dragged over the bad guy but they win again .......so I basically don't remember any more but one thing is for sure I loved that cartoon ......so please let me know if anyone knows its name.......pls .......and remember it is an non animated cartoon ......thank you very much Reply

      You do not have to make duplicate queries, instead you can "bump" your existing query up the list by replying to it

      Just don't do it too often - leave a reasonable time period between replies

      (Shamelessly copying Medinoc's question from previous query)

      Can you elaborate on what you mean by "non-animated cartoon"? Do you mean it was more like a slideshow of drawings, or it was Stop Motion Animation, or simply a live-action series/film that had a cartoonesque ambiance?

      Was it a series or a one-shot?

      ok .i will bump from next time it is a series not a one shot it had episodes and its like just normal movies where people talk and move more or less like power rangers

      I wonder if this query is looking for the same show

      well......it might be or might not , well only somecharecteristics of that cartoon are same........but i dont really remember too much about it


      Pretty sure it's xiaolin showdown

      I said it's non animated

      If it's not animated, then it's not a cartoon. Whether something is CGI, Flash, Hand drawn, or Stop Motion, that means it's animated . If it isn't any of these things, it's Live Action and not a cartoon or animated. If you could be clearer about what it actually looks like, it would be really helpful!
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    There is this series I can't seem to remember the name of, its set on some alternate universe, or in the future, society is separated between "normal" humans and some humans who work for the govt who are secluded in some hood and they are alien type or more evolved and they have blue marks on their faces / skin like patterns, there first episode happens when some govt program tries to include some teens that belong to that race to a college of "normal" human teens, so one of the guys falls in love with a "normal" human girl and eventually shows her in his hood that's secluded from the city. I can't remember much more but it was dope and I just can't remember the name. I think the series ended up cancelled... Reply


      @Amynta YESSSSSSS!!!!! Thank you so much <3
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    does anyone think they're a 90's kids tv expert? I'm failing at google right now. I'l trying to find this show where the host was like, a bald guy in a t-shirt in a warehouse. People would write him silly questions and he would sort of mythbusters things for them.

    One episode he painted himself gold because a kid asked if being painted gold would kill you ala goldfinger.

    He looked alot like Steve Martini from Major Payne.

    It's driving me crazy! Reply

      He's not bald but could it be Beakman's World?
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    There was a show with an episode or episodes where one character goes on a boat. The boat situation is not what it seems, and they fall out of favor with the boat people. A friend comes to rescue them with a rowboat/lifeboat, and a first, boat person turns them down. Then things escalate further and they go with the rescuer.

    I think this is a comedy show. American. Reply
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    Probably 90s show.. Maybe it was something kids oriented, live action, comedy... all I can remember is that there was two men, maybe brothers? The main thing is that part of their episodes shtick was that they had this silly, high energy way of putting on their hats (like an eighties, multi coloured "ball" cap) where they would say the three steps out loud as they 1. snap their caps open, 2.slap them on their head in sync, 3. turn them sideways and shout "LOCKED".. thats when they were "ready" to do whatever they were doing next. Reply
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    There was a white lesbian show with 2 best friends: one was a red head, the other had black hair: the black hairred girl was butch and knew how to get girls/ was flirty and confident while, the red head was more femme and was too awkward/shy to flirt with girls n was a 3rd wheel to her best friend's date. After a while (i think only a couple episodes after the first), they start dating each other and sleep together. I'm not sure abt the original channel but i saw rerun on Logo, if that helps. Reply
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    Part of it has a group of protestors repeating "Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!", and I remember my parents watching that show. Reply

      Could of been a news report about Occupy Wall Street?

      I'm pretty positive it was an episode of Castle where someone set a bomb off at a fictional Occupy rally called Take Over Wall Street.

      ^ Thank you.
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    what tropes are found in this show? Reply
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    I remember this kids show when I was a kids it was either British or Australian because I remember them having accents. It's similar to inside out but with actual people piloting this boy and they all looked like they were maybe the same age or something. Reply
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    I think the woman inherited the business from her dead husband. What is it called? Who is the actress? Reply

      That sounds like The Sharp End, starring Gwen Taylor.

      Brilliant! That's it! It has been driving me crazy for days. Thanks so much.
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    This might now count as a show, but I remember from the back of my head; a segment in like 90s - 2000s YTV where it shows a guy putting seemingly random stuff like blankets on the ground to form art. It think it was very creative that I remember, but I can't remember what it's called. Reply

      That sounds like the Big Art Attacks on Art Attack.

      Art attack

      I don’t know if this was Smarteenies. That used to be on in the UK, but I'm not sure if they played it abroad. The presenter Mark would make "big pictures" in a similar way to how you described.
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    hi, so there's this tv show i used to watch as a kid, it's probably from the late 90s early 20s and it was about 2/3 kids, i think they were all siblings and they somehow entered a new dimension whenever they wanted to through a device or something i don't remember, and that other dimension was a jungle or something like that and they had a tree house there. this is vague but i can't remember anything else, i know the girl was blonde Reply


      no :(



      Sounds like Bridge to Terabitia, but that's a movie.

      Sounds like Bridge to Terabitia, but that's a movie.

      Sounds like Bridge to Terabitia, but that's a movie.

      the lion the witch and the wardrobe ?

      none of those

      Not "The Magic Treehouse" is it? The girl in that is blonde and I think she and the boy were siblings,

      no, but thanks

      Know I'm late to the party, but I saw this whilst trying to find something similar, it's not live action but fits everything else. I reckon it's the tv series version of Enid Blyton's the magic of the faraway tree.

      It's take forever to find it so I hoped that it helped you as much as it did me :)
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    I've looked on and off for years for the name of this show but I just can't find any information, hope someone can help!

    It was a children's series on at some point in the 90s, I think on cbbc. There was a different story each week progressively getting scarier as the episodes went on, I remember the presenter warning how scary they were going to be!

    The one I can remember was about a kid finding a fairy. I think they had to feed it blood or something and was trying to find more of them. At the end they've got some kept in a cage, a rabbit hutch I think, and they all swarm out to eat this kid.

    It was pretty horrid as a child! Does anyone remember what this might be? Reply