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    I have been looking for a trope that I believe is quite common: Character is powerful. Love interest (or loved person in general) dies. Insert standard sentence: "What use is my power if I cannot protect those I love."

    Maybe it could be named something like "my good are my powers" or "my powers are useless", or something similar. I just could not find it. Reply
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    Western Animation
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    Recently I've seen an episode of Total Drama World Tour called "Awwwwww, Drumheller". However... at one point the cast has to find some barrels of oil buried in Drumheller's badlands as a challenge. After the explaination of the challenge Cody came up with this line to say how harder the challenge is: "There must be twenty miles of badlands. It's like looking for a needle in... twenty miles of badlands!". Now I would like to know where this example should be put. I've thought of Shaped Like Itself, Buffy Speak or Metaphorgotten. It seems to fit with each of them, especially the first two... what do you think? Or maybe it fits in another trope I don't know? I'm waiting answers. Reply
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    The character who has no dignity, and has no problems embarrassing themselves for their advantage. Maybe I heard this quote somewhere: "A meal that costs you dignity is still a free meal!"

    This could be a trope for the character who does this or for the shameless action itself. Reply
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    Is there are a trope for when something starts off being genuinely scary, but then becomes overused to the point where it stops being scary? Like say a horror film starts off with a couple of truly frightening jump scares, but then it seems like the director starts to rely so much on them that the audience becomes desensitized to them.

    I don't think it's Nightmare Retardant, since those examples aren't scary in the first place. Reply
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    Is there a trope for a "Bleeding Heart Doctor"? You know, the kind of doctor that is competent at his or her job, and always wants to do the right thing, upholds the Hippocratic Oath and Mamma Bears most patients?

    Like Carson Backet and Jennifer Keler from Stargate Atlantis. Also, Izzie (okay, arguable competence), Lexie Grey and Kepner from Grey's, Mark Greene from ER, etc. Reply

      There's the related trope Kindly Vet and the inverted trope Dr. Jerk, but I don't see that particular one.

      Yeah, should someone make this one, cause examples abound everywhere. Wasn't there a suggest a trope somewhere around here?

      YKTTW ?
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    Is there a trope where someone dual wields weapons intended to be used by both hands? Just watched the Old Republic trailer and the guy's got a double-sided lightsaber per hand. Reply
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    Live Action TV
    Is there an existing article about the use of "canned" sentences a character uses.

    For example Geoff Peterson in the The Late Late Show uses (or was using) those : a limited set of pre-recorded sentences.

    Thanks Reply
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    In video games, since weight, ergonomics and reliability, three of the biggest factors in choosing an assault rifle, are not present, video games often give guns of the same caliber and nearly equal barrel length completely different statistics regarding damage, accuracy, range etc. Is there a trope for that? Reply
  • 4 Jun 6th, 2011 at 10:10AM
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    Is there a trope for when someone gets mad but not for the thing you would expect them to be mad about? For instance, Bob locks Alice in a room because he thinks she's dangerous. Once Bob comes to his senses, he lets Alice out and she is livid; not because he forcibly locked her in a room, but because he locked her in a room with nothing to read but old hunting magazines! Reply

      Discriminate and Switch?

      No, it doesn't really have to do with discrimination. OK, here's an actual example. In an episode of American Dad, Stan's father convinces him that his (Stan's) wife Francine is a spy, so Stan locks her in a glass container in the basement. When Stan learns the truth, he apologizes to Francine and tells her she can punch him in the face. She hits him with a lamp and says it's for leaving her locked in there with no laundry to do, because he knows how she hates downtime.

      Skewed Priorities?

      That definitely seems like the closest one. Thanks!
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    Is there a trope for general "pieces" of a show that are used only once? For instance, Wheel of Fortune has three known categories which were only used once. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Is there any trope for which a show presents a certain software or any solution to a problem as being genius, advanced and one of a kind, when in fact it is actually commonly seen?

    Like a wine commerical shown a while back here, where a group of architects were in deep confusion on how they should treat a heritage site, a one sip of one later, epiphany! They will build WITH the old building to have a fusion project! Genius! However, even first year architecture students can tell you about this supposed 'genius solution'. Reply
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    How do you call a character that constantly keeps hitting on another one, gets constantly rebuked - without ambiguity, but is so smitten he/she just doesn't seem to be getting the clue ? Reply

      Dogged Nice Guy?

      Hmph... Forgot to mention a parameter here I think !

      The guy is borderline Stalker with a Crush - only he doesn't hide. He's quite obnoxious really! It's a webcomic so Hilarity Ensues (punch in the face with face geting inverted & everything) but he keeps coming back. She's not interested but he keeps coming back with cliché'd seducing tactics... And he gets beat up everytime - and everytime coming up with a smile 'Oh - she likes it rough' ! So the "Nice Guy" doesn't work there !

      Examples are here and here

      The Leisure Suit Larry?

      That looks like a perfect match !

      Thanks !
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    Is there a trope about themed villains? For example in the webcomic I am working on the Trope page for, in issue #4 the villain is a Marine Biologist who snapped and tried to take over the world and I want to put him down under themed villain. Reply

      Most of the baddies on the Villains index are already themed (Doctors, Mimes, etc.). I don't see a trope on villains having their own theme yet, though.

      Didn't even see that, d'oh! Merci Beaucoup!
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    Is there a trope for when during a scene where one character is chasing another, the first character ends up running on some kind of brittle, breakable, or otherwise unstable surface and ends up accidentally flinging bits of what they were running on at their chaser? Specifically I'm thinking of the sequence in the final battle of Kung Fu Panda where Po's feet cause the shingles of the roof he's trying to run on to fly backward and hit Tai Lung in the face. I've seen it lots of other places too, but I can't think of what it would be called if it were a trope. Reply
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    Is there a trope for made-up levels of achievement/failure based on an existing standard? Something like getting a "G minus" or "triple A plus" in an A-F grading system. Reply
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    Is there a trope for when a character is sick of being abused through fanfiction/other things and comes to the real world to take revenge on the people that tortured/raped/abused them? Reply
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    Is there a trope for when a character mentions, reveals or in any other way notes that they are intending to make a book/movie/whatever out of the events occurring within the work. The closest I can find is Literary Agent Hypothesis, but that doesn't quite seem to cover all of it. Examples I can think of include Bilbo writing The Hobbit after living it. In the Wheel of Time there is Loial frequently taking time aside to try and document all the events of the books while also trying to live through them. Reply
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    Confronted with a situation where they're pushed to the wall — no choice but to do something reprehensible, usually on the orders of a Jerk Ass superior — the hero turns around and fulfills the goal in a way that doesn't technically violate their orders, yet runs totally counter to the superior's intention or expectation. The classic example would be when the commander of Babylon 5 ended a strike by invoking the tyrannical emergency powers granted him by a union-hating bureaucrat ... by using those powers to divert funds from the military to pay for the very safety upgrades the striking workers had been demanding, all along. Reply
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    Is there a trope for the opposite of a Tsundere? Someone who enjoys being on the receiving end of someone's abuse, whether the abuse is out of love or not. Reply
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    Do we have a trope for when a character says something akin to '(We need to)Run away from the monster/bad guy/whatever?' Reply
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    Is there a trope for a character that exists to make another character's bad traits seem not so bad by comparison? Like how in King of the Hill Dale was made a wacko conservative to make Hank's old fashioned conservatism not look so bad. Reply
  • 2 Jun 5th, 2011 at 12:12PM
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    Is there a trope where an awful performance is excused because the performer is either terminally ill, a young child, or mentally retarded and thus is taboo to criticize? Reply
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    Hmm.. Another one.

    There is a villain antagonist character, who is sufficiently driven and controlled so as not to off his own mooks/allies on a whim. However, should you mention "this", then all bets are off.

    Its not a Berserk Button (or any subtrope thereof) per-se since that only applies to normal/good people that will go nuts when certain conditions are met.

    In this case, the guy is already somewhat nuts - but it will make him go over the edge even to the point of offing his own allies - even if it means contradicting his evil schemes.

    Any trope for this ?

    Thanks Reply

      Pretty sure Berserk Button applies to both heroes and villains, especially since that's exactly what your sitruation describes: a guy who's perfectly civil and self-controlled, until someone hits the Berserk Button and sends him in a rage.

      Yep. I wasn't sure it was exactly right - but it's the closest I could get anyway, so I settled for it !

      I was a bit confused by the description about Berserk Button - because it's actually a bit too close to Beware the Nice Ones - a subtrope (which obviously only applies to heroes - hence the confusion).

      Thanks !

      Just a follow up.. Berserk button does put a bit of emphasis on normal, calm, and "normal" people. The one I am looking for is more of the vein of a Darth Vader kind of character.

      He will off people if it serves his purpose (so Civil isn't really applicable here) but is usually controlled. But should you mention the Force is an old religion, by the time you understand your error, it's way too late ! I still think Berserk Button applies, I'm just not sure the description given fits!

      That being said, it's certainly not important! The trope applies for those cases I believe - and don't you dare say otherwise or Arrrrrhhhhh I will go into a fit of rage :P

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    Two here: Are individual Music Videos allowed as works, and do we have a page for trucks in general (like Cool Car). Reply

      Notable Music Videos exists as an index, so yes. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by your second question, since Cool Car isn't for cars in general...

      Basically, trucks have different characteristics attached to them than cars (size and power rather than speed, generally associated with exuberant manliness, etc.), so I was wondering if we had a separate page for it, or if it's sufficiently different to be worth making.

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    In East Asia, there is an association of chestnut trees with (male) fertility; chestnut blossoms are reputed to smell like semen and "kuri" (chestnut) is a euphemism for a clitoris.

    I've seen this trope used in Bondage Fairies (Pamila finds a squirrel with marital issues in a chestnut tree), the Color of Water trilogy (Ehwa is blossoming into a young woman and smells the aroma of such a tree), Susumu Katsumata's "Red Snow" anthology (a chestnut tree spirit is a woman's lover), and even a Japanese automated Twitter account for an Axis Powers Hetalia character. Is there an article that covers this? I feel like the current symbolism tropes don't cover this well enough because of the significance in Japanese culture that just isn't widely known in English-speaking internet forums. Reply