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    This variation on It's Always Mardi Gras in New Orleans, just has to be an established trope... Basically it's where in any given chase scene going through a Chinatown, the chase will always have to go through a dragon dance, despite it being nowhere near the Lunar New Year.

    It's invoked on the Friendly Local Chinatown page but... that seems to be a more general "Chinese things happen in Chinatown" than the getting tangled up in a dragon dance that I'm thinking of. Reply
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    This one is more about the audience than the work itself. What is it when people misuse a work or metaphor because they don't understand or just haven't thought about it in any depth. Specifically, I'm thinking about the famous "onions have layers" metaphor Shrek stole from Peer Gynt, but then completely misunderstood as being about having hidden virtue rather than having no soul. Reply


      That's close, but in the example I mentioned they genuinely screwed up the metaphor they were quoting, and it was this misunderstanding they then passed to the audience as correct. People who have watched Shrek then use the onion quote themselves because they take the film's misquote at face value.

      ETA: In Peer Gynt, the title character, a rapist and thief, is walking through a field at the end of his life. He finds an onion and begins to peel it apart looking for its heart, but there's no goodness to be had - nothing at the core but more stinking onion. This is clearly spelled out as a metaphor for his soul.

      The writers of Shrek took the first part of this scene (onions have layers!) but forgot the reveal, and so misunderstood it to mean that you shouldn't just judge someone by their harsh outer skin - completely missing the point that the inside is exactly the same.

      Completely Missing the Point? Analogy Backfire?

      Did the Shrek writers take the onion thing from Peer Gynt? It seems to me like they could just as easily have hit on the idea of onions having layers independently, and then failed to think it all the way through.
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    Hey, what's that trope where security gaurds or professional soldiers get a moment of stupidity where they watch one of their buddies die in a strange way, and then they investigate what killed them, and then are killed in the same way. It sort of like a Death Conga line. I think it may be related to Idiot Ball and The Guards Must Be Crazy. Reply
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    Is there a trope for those times when the Hero and the Villain are in a Duel to the Death, with the Hero in the lead. But instead of the Villain meeting his well-deserved end (he spent the first 90 minutes Kicking the Dog with ice-climbing boots and laughing), the Hero wins and the Villain... survives? Both combatants have been using perfectly lethal weaponry, with every intent to use them lethally. In fact, if the Hero hadn't made a very suspenseful comeback, he would have died. But somehow the Hero wins definitively, yet the Villain is allowed to crawl back from whence he came. The film ties up the conflict neatly, but does not have to address the moral implications of killing the Villain and tarnishing the Hero. The audience is left to uneasily examine how they would have failed to show the same mercy. Reply
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    Is it troped about a series parodying another serie's intro or outro? The most common would be the Fresh Prince intro I guess. Reply
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    Unexpected badass move. When someone who is usually pretty useless unexpectedly does something badass, often revealing some unknown skill. It's not quite You Didn't Ask, but related. It's close to Took a Level in Badass, except it's not a newly acquired skill and it usually doesn't even come up again.

    I'm sure we must have this but I can't find it. I just thought of it when I was watching The Mentalist. Grace (The Chick who is usually completely useless) suddenly showed she has some amazing driving skills in a car chase scene. Reply
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    I have a real problem with an Avengers series called Red Zone. Without full-on spoiling, it boils down to the idea that a cabinet-level position in the US White House is not something so easily compromised as depicted therein. Partisanship and even intra-party problems plus the press ensure that no one ever slides in for any prime position, I don't care who they know. I think this belongs somewhere in Did Not Do The Research, but which of those sub-tropes it falls into escapes me. Any help?—and sorry if I still spoiled. Reply
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    Do we have any tropes about dialogue, etc. being dubbed in after the fact? Reply
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    Is there a trope describing how random, destructive, life-threatening events are far more likely to occur when a character who is capable of saving the lives of those in danger is present? For example, take the scene in the first Superman film where the Lois Lane's helicopter gets snagged by a cable and Clark just happens to be walking out of the building in time to save them?

    I hope I'm explaining this right. It kind of reminds of Good Thing You Can Heal, just in a more meta sense. Reply
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    Is there a trope regarding a setting that essentially has crystal outcrops/the place is full of crystals? No, it's not civilized, so it can't be Crystal Spires and Togas. Reply
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    Guys gets girl of the week pregnant. She never tells him and the plot point isn't visited upon again.

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    Guys gets girl of the week pregnant. She never tells him and the plot point isn't visited upon again.

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    What is the trope for people (usually bystanders) dropping something they were holding when surprised/shocked.

    Nine times out of ten, it will be something made of glass so there will be a "shattering glass" sound effect on the background. Reply
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    is there are trope about villains that get accidentally impaled by the protagonist's weapon/conviniently placed sharp stones or other environmental objects while going for the killing blow? There has to be. Reply
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    Is there an equivalent of Trailers Always Spoil for when the cover art of a book, DVD case, and so forth provides the spoiler? Or is that just a variant of the Trailer version? Reply

      IIRC, DVD cases are specifically mentioned under Trailers Always Spoiler, as are DVD menus. If there's enough of such covers to make it tropable, feel free to take it to YKKTW.

      Sounds like Late-Arrival Spoiler. that page contains several spoilers from covers and menus.

      From the rope description: Basically, a Late Arrival Spoiler is when a particular revelation in a current work is spoiled by official sources and merchandise.
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    Live Action TV
    What's the trope for that "Voice Modulator" that KITT had in the [[Knight Rider]] series? Is there even one? Reply
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    What's the trope for someone in servitude or they were kidnapped or something in the like and are offered freedom, but they refuse the offer? Reply
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    Is there a trope that covers Seto Kaiba's constant refusal to acknowledge magic? Each 4 to 6 episodes, there will be a new magica plot device, but each time he will again refuse to believe in magic at all, even though he has seen Yugi transform half a hundred times. There are probably more examples in more "mature" works of fiction, but I don't remember any at the moment. Thanks in advance! Reply
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    Is there a trope for real-time clocks and/or limits based on real-life time in video games, like Animal Crossing and Pokemon? Reply
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    Is there a trope for either a) black hair and blue eyes or b) dark hair/light eyes combinations in general? Reply
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    Is there a trope where a Child Prodigy doesn't want to be one? Reply
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    A film (or book or whatever) is successful enough to warrant a sequel — but all the loose ends have been tied up and the main gimmick of the original is now gone (the lovers got married, etc), making any attempt to extend the story feel very artificial. I'm not finding it on the list on Sequel or other linked pages… Reply
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    Do have a trope when the hero has a showdown the bigbad in his throne room? Reply
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    Is there a trope where a villian (or the Big Bad) is revealed to have came from another canon? Hijacked By Crossover? Reply

      BUMP once.

      Ummm, Plagiarism?

      It could be a villian from a different canon. (One of the members of the Rouge Gallery makes a suprise appearence in the film).
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    Is there a trope for a moment after a boss battle in a game in which the boss thanks the protagonist and explains that he/she has released him from the madness/slavery/enchantment which compelled him to attack? I think it's meant to ease the blow of hacking away at a big monster until it dies (after all, you've just saved him from a Fate Worse Than Death), but it can be a Tear Jerker nonetheless. Reply