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    Is there a trope for when an X-ray shows a person's bones snapping? Fist of the North Star did this often, and the Silent Scope games would show a skull with a bullet hole in the forehead when you head-shotted bosses. Reply
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    Is there a trope where you watch a movie and leaves the theather thinking it was a really good movie, but then a couple hours later you start to notice the mistakes and then it becomes a horrible movie for you? Reply
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    I'm looking for a trope or trivia item that is similar to Torch the Franchise and Run. Basically, it applies to fic series that were ended in a way similar to the named trivia item.

    I'm fairly certain it's not Dead Fic since technically these are complete. Reply
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    Is there a trope for deaths that contrast with most of the series's deaths? For example, if a certain series favors gory Your Head Asplode type deaths, but one character dies simply/less gory (ie. natural causes, aneurysm, sickness). Reply
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    A situation where a character is confronted with something unbelievably funny (usually Entertainingly Wrong), but for whatever reason need to contain their laughter (it's at a somber occasion, it's at the expense of their boss, they might blow their cover, etc.), and so need to explain their sudden grimaces, cough a lot to explain the *snrk* noises they're making, excuse themselves to the restroom... Corpsing says it's for actors.

    For instance, the Biggus Dickus scene from Life of Brian, where the guards are red as tomatoes and nearly vibrating from the effort of not bursting out loud with laughter (and fail utterly at the end). Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Is there a trope for that scenario used in live action TV shows where all the characters are (implausibly) idling together in some common area so that an outsider or authority figure can enter (with some variation of "everybody listen up") and make a group announcement that will drive the plot as an efficient means of distributing information such that everyone can react together? Reply
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    What is the name of the trope where a song plays after something has happened (normally a tragic event) and it shows all the character's reactions to what has happened. Reply
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    If someone, intent on assassanation, uses sex to get their victim in a private place and a vulnerable situation, then kills them halfway through the act, what trope would that be? Reply
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    You know that trope when the Opening starts sounding as the background music for that epic fight. Like, when Goku was fighiting Hit and bla,bla,bla, Super Kaioken x10, and the opening starts and the scene couldn't have been more awesome.

    It's a known anime trope, that every fan love when it's used correctly. Reply
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    It's a trope where basically lots of people are dropped into a large area with no equipment and have to find weapons and food and such around the area and kill everyone else and the last man standing wins.

    I think the trope codifier was The Hunger Games. but its also in video games like Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. Reply
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    There was this movie when i was a kid, i always thought it was part of the neverending story series but i cant seem to find it. there was this kid, i think he ran away from home one night and encountered this homeless guy sleeping on a bench who gave him some kind of magic apple thing that took the kid into this weird fantasy world. he met some other kid there nd went on adventures with him i remember there being this white unicorn and it turned out he was like, royalty there or something. and there was this fight at the end like the battle with ganondorf in ocarina of time where the bad guy was firing beams of light at him and he had to smack em back with his sword. been looking for it for years and nobody seems to be able to help Reply

      Asked and answered here so this query can be removed
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    When a character has a very similar design, personality etc to another character in a different work, in a way that was obviously pure coincidence (so it's not an Expy)

    Also not Identical Stranger, since that only applies within the same work. Reply
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    Print Comic
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    In an Archie Comic, one day Jughead shows up at the beach wearing a Victorian-style striped bathing suit, shirt included. Everyone else at the beach makes fun of him, all except for one elderly lady. She turns out to be Hetty Greenstuff, the richest woman in the world. Delighted with the memories brought on by that swimsuit, she summons her butler to invite Jughead to join her for lunch. While this is but a picnic lunch on the beach, Archie and some of the others look on with awe; Veronica, herself a billionaire's daughter, comments that she's been to banquets that were not that fancy.

    Yet the reader is never shown the picnic, just the reaction of the others as they look on. Presumably, this is because the artists wanted to leave the fanciness to the readers' imagination, or that the artists wouldn't really be able to do the picnic justice. What trope would this be? Reply
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    Is there a trope regarding characters, typically those who lack awareness of social norms, who are completely clueless as to what's so great about a certain thing? (Or if not, is such a thing tropeable?)

    • Charlie the sasquatch from We Bare Bears barges into the Bears' house one day asking if they want to join him for a pine cone picnic, but they are already in a hurry to make their reservation to a chicken and waffles restaurant. Charlie questions what's so great about said combination, to which Grizzly responds by comparing it to peanut butter and jelly.
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    What are these poster trope called where characters are stacked upon another. Reply
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    Live Action TV
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    Looking for a trope which described the amount of deaths on Game of Thrones that I read (and subsequently lost), it went something like, "Three Great House are wiped out so far, and two races are now extinct". Does anyone have any idea(s) what trope I'm talking about?? Reply
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    In a Visual Novel with multiple potential love interests for the main character, there will be one who is "more canon" than the rest. Typically the first one introduced. Example, Nagisa from CLANNAD, whose route is the only one that leads into the second half of the game. Reply
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    A character is a full cloak shows up, unrecognisable to the audience... but all the other characters immediately recognise it as a character we've seen before, saying "oh hi Jim! " to jims dissapointment Reply
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    Is there a trope for the kind of situation where a main characters says a line like "It's not okay if you sacrifice yourself!", another character overhears it and recalls saying the same thing under a different context, showing that they're not really all that different? It seems to be a commonly used technique to play for empathy. Reply
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    Particularly in the Horror genre, is there a trope for characters who experience "Potty Failure" upon being extremely terrified or frightened? Reply
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    Hi everyone, I'm working on the TV Tropes page of "Typhoon" by Joseph Conrad and I'm looking for the name of a trope which describes the kind of racism where Conrad didn't mind using offensive slurs during his lifetime (especially how he constantly uses the term "coolie" for talking about chinese slaves). Reply

      Values Dissonance or one of its related tropes, depending on how it's played in the work (is it acknowledged as racist, for example?) — that sort of casual racism was more or less accepted during his lifetime, but is frowned upon now.

      Fair for Its Day can come into play in some older works as well. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a good example: once you get past the culture shock, Jim is a radical-for-the-time portrayal of an intelligent man who happens to be a poorly educated black former slave, and much of the novel revolves around the importance of Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! regarding the treatment of others.

      Possibly Have a Gay Old Time, if the slurs weren't considered particularly offensive during that time period.
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    Is there a trope about characters planning something, deciding to abort it midway, only for the plan itself to succeed on its own without their involvement later? Reply
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    A story has two main characters as co-stars. Their personnalities contrast eachother. Here's a few examples: Ren & Stimpy(obviously), Phineas & Ferb, Rush Hour, Power Man & Iron Fist, Superman and Batman(when they get paired up in their own Superman/Batman comic series, anyway).

    The two main characters in question will often have radically opposed personnalities and may or may not argue with eachother a lot. For exemple, one of the two may be cheery, optimist, laid-back or maybe all three at once, while the other is Cynical, gets angry easily, has a tragic backstory or all three at once.

    Note: This does NOT work unless both characters in question are the main characters. If it's the main character who gets paired up with a secondary character/protagonist, then it doesn't work.

    P.S.: If the trope does exist, is there an "evil" variant as well that applies to stories with two main antagonists? Just curious. Reply
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    there is a murder mysteery, set up with a ton of normal murder mystery tropes, everyone is a suspect, etc... and then it turns out the murderer was... an alien! and none of the suspects did it. which no one suspected at all nor were there any prior aliens in the plot. what trope is this? Reply
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    Do we have a trope for the ansi-standard anime scene where someone uses an energy barrier and an attack damages everything right to the edge of the barrier while leaving the ground inside it unharmed? Reply