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    Suppose a content creator is turning out episodes on a regular basis, but illness or sudden other event sidelines the main content for a while. What would be a good trope to describe temporary/backup content that gets put up until the main can resume?

    A more specific example is if a Let's Player is recording Game A and that gets sidelined, but Game B is already recorded and there for backup.

    If there's anything better than Filler, please let me know. Reply
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    Is there a trope where you cannot kill something without causing the End Of The World As We Know It? For example; there is a youtube video that theorizes that SCP 682 (SCP Foundation) cannot be killed without the universe being destroyed. This monster is essentially a universal cosmic pillar of some sort. Reply
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    An insulting-sounding nickname based from the character's name. An example is in SiIvaGunner's videos, where Chad refers to The Voice inside your Head as "The Gay Mexican Ass in my Ass", but The Voice does not mind that. Reply
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    What's it called when there's a close-up of some written text and it's a different shot for each country/language? Is this covered by Cut-and-Paste Translation? Reply

      Is it the same text rewritten for different translations? Because I'd personally file that under something like Woolseyism or Superlative Dubbing (for being very thorough and taking the time to re-make the shot)

      Example: The name on the business card in Muppets Most Wanted changes from Dominic Badguy in the English version to Dominic Fieslinger in the German version. It's a means to overcome a Language Barrier or preserve a joke.

      ^Sounds like a Woolseyism.
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    Trying to find this sitcom. i believe it was british and fairly recent. in one episode there is a little festival with a great big green guy a tent full of bats and a guy and a girl who take weird suppository drugs in a porta potty. in another there's a bbq with a bunch of hippies and two girls go and then realize they're hippies and leave when they start a drum circle. Reply
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    I've seen some Youtube videos where women improvise of make it a challenge to use lipstick make from crayons or markers. There's even one video about using colored pencils as eyeliner. They're not children, they're pretty much grown women doing this. Do we have a trope connected to this? Reply

      Unless it occurs in fiction (or connects to non-fiction in the sense of how it's shown), it isn't a trope, so probably not...
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    Is there a trope for wins caused unfairly or rigged wins? I want to add one to Battle for Dream Island for an unfair win caused by the selling of Firey's spaceship, making him vipunerable and lose. Reply
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    A mostly critic show trope, where a situation is such prime Snark Bait the reviewer can't use all the jokes he can think of. So instead the jokes show up as Unreadably Fast Text, letting the viewer pause the video to read them. For example, the "penis hair" segment of The Nostalgia Critic's review of The Last Airbender. Reply
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    Inspired by this video, and some movies that I can't remember by name, do we have this trope where you'd expect a blooper or a stinger but someone tells you this related question and tells you there ain't anymore? Reply
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    It's that kind of tag that I often see on Derpibooru when it comes to Twilight Sparkle spilling chocolate milk. What tropes do this tag apply? Reply
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    Do we have a trope for the message that tends to end the videos in a youtube series, especially non-fiction blogs (typically the often parodied "please like, comment and subscribe!").

    • Schola Gladiatoria; "Thank you for watching and don't forget to like, comment and subscribe!"
    • Frederator Studios: "...comment below and let us know! We post new videos every day, so don't forget to like and subscribe and remember to click that bell icon so you can join the notification squad...and remember, Frederator loves you!"
    • Gaijin Goombah: "...and if you want to stay up-to-date on all my in depth discussions on geek culture, hit that subscribe bell to never miss out on a new video, but until next time everyone, this is Gaijin Goombah signing out!"
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    I have two entries I want to make but I'm not sure which tropes, if any, apply. One involves a hostage situation, the other a crossover type scenario.

    The Hostage situation:
    • In the Red Panda Adventures episode "Merlin's Tomb", villain Mordriel the Malevolent kidnaps Absent-Minded Professor Doctor Chronopolis and tries to get him to give up information on magical artifacts he stole at the start of the episode. The good doctor proves stubborn enough that, when Modriel captures the Red Panda, he threatens the Panda to get the doctor to talk.

    This seems like a Hostage Situation or Hostage for MacGuffin if information counts. Though I wonder if the fact of Mordriel threatening the hero to get his hostage to give up the goods isn't some kind of inversion or play of the trope.

    For the Crossover:
    • In the Red Panda Adventures episode "Brimstone Alley", a boxing match can be heard in the background of a scene when one of the crooks is calling her boss. Careful listeners can recognize that boxing match as the one heard in an episode of Black Jack Justice, another Decoder Ring Theatre production. The twist is that Red Panda takes place during the Depression and, later, during World War II, while Black Jack takes place after the war.
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    Ahem I'm looking to see if a trivia trope exist for the following: an episode that was released to the public, but was then withdrawn. The reason being for the Hanazuki page, but I think there was also a case for a certain predecessor and maybe Pokémon (and given the realization below, Steven Universe)

    Its not Banned Episode, though Pokemon would have some overlap with that, I'm not certain if its Missing Episode either because MLP's case had reaired "The Last Roundup" with certain edits, and I have a feeling the Hanazuki episode in question would return in about a month (Plus Hanazuki isn't syndicated yet)

    EDIT: Unfortunately I feel victim to You Keep Using That Word (with that word being "redacted"). In hindsight the proper term should had been Withdrawn. Reply

      uh, bump?

      I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "redacted". The word basically means "edited for publication"—usually in the sense of removing sensitive information. Are you looking for a censorship trope of some sort? But it sounds like you're talking about something being withdrawn rather than redacted.

      Actually. Now that I think about it, "withdrawn" makes more sense. I though the term redacted would had been appropriate given its use in documents where the information was withdrawn (like in SCP Foundation) but I am looking for an trope covering episodes that was removed after release and possibly returning to public at a later date.

      I'll edit the OP and title to make that clearer

      Missing Episode: An episode of a regular series which, for some reason, is not included when the series is shown in syndication (or is sometimes pulled when the series is first run and then shown in syndication or is never shown in syndication at all) does it fit

      In hindsight yes, I apologize for missing that.

      as for the leak thing you should check threads about it, http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=14565301830A26170600&page=91
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    Have you ever noticed how the more angry and opinionated someone is, the less they know what they're talking about? (If we can have a page for Fan Dumb then we can have a page for this.) Reply
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    Hi All, Do we have a definition of a youtube or other online FAN HIGHLIGHT (sports or other) such as this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R2RxpsS639I ? Thank you PW Reply
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    What sort of trope relates to a character mistaking what he saw or observe when it was obviously wrong? In my page's case, the main character easily mistook his classmate's height being almost the same when the latter was one whole foot shorter than the former. The classmate pointed out the main character's mistake. And no, the main character doesn't have bad eye-sight; rather, he is good in observations and descriptions. Reply
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    Someone (e.g. Jeffy from SuperMarioLogan) does a mistake and becomes an Idiot Houdini for doing it, while someone else (e.g. Mario from the same show) is blamed for doing the same thing despite not doing it, and is directed at by Laser-Guided Karma, resulting in the whole world being changed. Reply
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    I'm working on examples for the Hydraulic Press Channel again. In some videos, the host says, before potentially pressing something dangerous, that he'll have to set up an extremely complicated remote control system to operate his hydraulic press safely. This remote control system is revealed to be a strap tied to the handle that lowers the press.

    It's probably some kind of humor trope, but that index is huuuuuge and I'm not familiar with much of it. Reply
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    I'm trying to find some tropes my OCs fit in for my original series, and the descriptions I am giving you are extremely brief. For example, the main character is the daughter of the general of the royal army, and her mother died during childbirth. She has blue hair and violet eyes, and controls one of the most important powers in the story. She is bisexual. She is related to the major villain of the story, and her powers are very unstable. Reply
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    Example: In the SuperMarioLogan episode "Mario's Hobo Problem!", whoever sees Shrek's big poopy toilet mess in the bathroom (except for Shrek himself and the titular homeless man) gets highly disgusted, freaks out and is unable to speak. Reply
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    Where there are lighting issues in between shots, suggesting one is shot in the day and the other at night? Specifically in Stranger Things episode 3. Reply

      Hollywood Darkness?

      It's so common in B movies and cheaper productions in general that it could almost be a subtrope of Hollywood Darkness, where Day for Night shooting is done poorly. Not much attention is paid to continuity, so even after editing the light levels and blue tint will vary wildly between shots and even in reverse shots of the same scene.
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    Is there a trope for a character who is absent in one episode where he/she is also indirectly mentioned as another name? Take for instance SuperMarioLogan, where in "The Alien!" Hansel refers to "cheeseburger man", which is what he calls Mario, who doesn't appear in the video, and in "Jeffy's Homework!" Mario mentions a doctor saying his brain got hemorrhaged, which may be possible that the Brooklyn Guy could be the doctor being mentioned. Reply
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    Exactly What It Says on the Tin.

    Example: In the SuperMarioLogan episode "The Purge!", Bowser kicks Joseph and Cody out because he believes they might kill him and his son due to all crimes being legal during the Purge, and he does the same for Chef Pee Pee as well. This causes Pee Pee to team up with the Brooklyn Criminal and his Terrible Trio to kill them, specifically Junior. Reply