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    I recently added this as an example:

    • In the Street Fighter cartoon, M. Bison's excuse to Chun-Li for killing her father is a callous example:
      Bison: Yes, yes, I killed your father. What is it with you women anyway? I killed my father too, and you don't hear me whining about it!

    However, it was deleted by another troper, the reason he gave, "What's insane about that? He's justified."

    Oo-kay, seeing as I'd rather not ask him why he assumes multiple murder is justified (especially when the killer is a cold-blooded sociopath like M. Bison) and the victim's daughter blaming the killer or is wrong, I'll just ask everyone's opinion here. Reply

      IMO, the logic seems consistent. "My father was killed by Bison and I don't complain about it. Your father was killed by Bison and you do complain about it. I don't understand why you would complain about it." I'm not very familiar with Street Fighter, but isn't Bison a sociopath who doesn't understand other people outside of the context of means to his ends? (The Sociopath is on his entry on the character page)

      Yeah, the chain of logic isn't flawed the way it needs to be for Insane Troll Logic. The premise is utterly wrong, but the logic is not.

      Uh, I'd think that if he's insane, and trolling the listener with an attempt at flawed logic, it fits, but I guess....

      For clarification, the page states "Remember that not all bad or faulty logic is Insane Troll Logic. ... usually either the presenter or the audience have no grasp of even the concept where the 'logic' should apply." So in the Bison example, because we can see the chain of logic, we can say it isn't Insane Troll Logic even if it is "crazy-sounding trolling logic."

      To elaborate what the previous tropers are saying, to be an example of Insane Troll Logic the logic of the argument must be insane (that is, not logic at all). In this case, the argument, or at least the conclusion, may seem insane, but the logic of the argument is not crazy enough. Now, if he'd said "My father's name was Roger, so I can't understand why you're complaining that I killed your father", that would be Insane Troll Logic.

      Lady Jane Grey: don't ever go just by the trope's name. most tropes have more complexity than we can fit into a short name.
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    So anyone think it's ok to move Kavaxas from Season 5 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) into the show's Foot Clan character page? I think it is, but I'd like to ask. Reply
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    Okay, so I need serious help. Recently my friend and I have been talking a lot about a show we remember, but all we can remember about it is one character! I believe it is from the mid-2000's (2009-2010 ish), and it was a 3d animated show. I'm not sure if it was Disney or Cartoon Network, probably the latter. I don't even remember what the characters did, or looked like, but I know there was an evil man, the only villain of the show, and his minion.

    The minion was completely harmless, and just laughable. It was an orange eyeball with a mouth and bat-like wings with two dangling legs. It had two small teeth and an awkward and silly voice. He was your typical dumb minion that didn't really realize what he was doing.

    Does ANYONE have ANY idea what I'm talking about?! Please help ASAP! Reply
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    Does anything seem necessarily wrong with WesternAnimation.The Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes having a link to a petition for a revival? Reply

      No. Not to me, anyway, though I do think the way it's worded should be changed.

      Well, the main trope page really shouldn't be trying to advertise a petition anyway. It's not our job. It's also irrelevant to the trope page itself. It's one thing to note that there are plans for a revival, it's another to try and get people to go offsite to revive it.

      That is so not kosher it's not even funny.

      The primary problem is that having the link implies TVT's Powers That Be officially endorse the petition. They don't do that, and have never done that.

      Nuke the link.

      Kill that goddamn thing. People may not use TV Tropes to launch any sort of campaign on any other site.

      OK, from reading the history page, the link to the petition was written by Manny20444, who has done all the recent work on the page. Want me to give him a "tap on the shoulder" PM?

      Send him a polite 'we do not do this' PM and reference this thread.


      You may want to mention he CAN mention it in a relevant forum thread, just not on the page.

      EDIT: Unless he wants the petition to come from here, he can draw attention to one on another site as long as that isn't the ONLY THING he's using the site for.

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    Idk what happened but I watched a show when I was younger, circa 2002-2005, on, I think Toonami, but haven't found it on their list. The only thing that I remembered was that the main character was immune to something, but he fell into a pool of black liquid, drank it, became evil. I think he should had been immune to it, but I guessed he was not. Seen I think about 4 episodes, then never saw it again ever. The animation seemed to be aimed to teenagers maybe and the story was somewhat dark. But that is the only scene that stuck in my mind. Reply
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    So this is a vague description I apologize! This is from late 70s or early 80s. Very colorful western animation, but at first it was regular film with young actors. I believe they had red hair, they are brother and sister and they open a hatch in the floor and go down into a cartoon world. This cartoon world is filled with stalactites and stalagmites around and green goblin or troll like creatures. The creatures spoke English and were friends with the children. This has haunted me for like 32 years! Reply
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    I managed to find a pair of Sugar Wiki tropes on the YMMV page of Pinocchio (Awesome Art, and Awesome Music). I want to make sure if they should stay or go. Reply

      The rule about Sugar Wiki/ tropes going on their own pages is not, I gather, completely inflexible; if there are only one or two examples of something like Awesome Music or one of the "moments", putting them on the work's YMMV page seems within the rules. But I also gather that there isn't a universal consensus on this point, so take that assessment with a grain of salt. (Not sure about Awesome Art either way.)

      Sticky. Ordinarily, those tropes should be on the respective "Awesome" subpages., but if there's only one example of each one, it could be argued that that makes the Awesome Pages stubs...

      MOD RULING: Go ahead and make the appropriate "Awesome" pages for the film and move those examples there. Cite this post in the edit reason when you make the pages.

      There is an awesome page about moments from the film.


      There you go. Thank you Jamie.

      I'll talk to you about it through PM, if that's ok.

      I've moved it. I think the tab looks good.

      What say you?
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    I want to add a Tear Jerker subpage to the Jimmy Neutron section, but don't know how. Can any of you tell me how? Reply
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    I want to add a WMG to a movie because I thought it was kind of hilarious; how do I do that? does it require a specific format or something? Reply

      Typically it goes like this:

      [[WMG: Put theory here.]]

      Put explanation here.
  • 1 Mar 9th, 2017 at 3:03AM
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    I think that the Jimmy Neutron page should have a Tear Jerker sub page because there's a lot of tearjerking moments listed in the YMWV page and I think it's enough to have its own subpage. Reply

      Just put http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/TearJerker/applicable_title in your browser address bar - but replace applicable_title with the proper title of the work in case - and then click "Edit page" to create the page. Then you'll have made a Tear Jerker page for the work in question (and moving those entries from its YMMV page to their own Tear Jerker page is the proper thing to to do AFAIK).

      Just make sure that the title of the work in the Tear Jerker page you create, exactly matches (including capitalization) the title of the work in its Main and YMMV page, or they won't be linked.
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    On Up's WMG page, there's an entry that only lists an URL / link to another web page. That doesn't seem the proper way to list it. To top it off, the article the URL links to is not Wild Mass Guessing but a criticism of aspects they deem objectionable in the movie.

    Delete this, edit this or is this ok?

    This is the entry: The guy who wrote that is friggin' insane!!
    • ... I love you.
    This would actually be funny if it weren't so...un-funny, I suppose... Reply

      We have Weblinks Are Not Examples for that. Even on a wmg, I'd say no. My first suggestion would be add a description of the video and/or its link if possible.

      Indeed. I'd yank such an item.
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    So, i watched this cartoon like 12 years ago on tv. It was about a girl (with a cat i think) moving to uncles place after her parents (probably) die. She moves to this remote old house where her cousin (i guess) lives with his step-mother, while his father is always away. Now, the thing that isndisturbing about this cartoon is that this kid is always sick and in a wheelchair i think, if i remember correctly, and his step-mother is poisoning him, with the help of the doctor who "treats" him for his illness. The kid looked something like harry potter. I searched and i could not find this cartoon. I think i watched it on the german channel Super RTL. And some of the info is probably not 100% correct, but you get the point. Please help ! Thanks in advance Reply
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    I created the page MythologyGag - UltimateSpiderman for the cartoon show because there are many examples. But i see that the Mythology Gag "button" is linked to the comicbook and not the cartoon. Need to be renamed? Reply

      So the problem is that the Western Animation page is actually titled as "Ultimate Spider-man" with the hyphen. Which is not allowed.

      So really, it, its wicks, and all its subpages should be moved to WesternAnimation.Ultimate Spider Man 2012 and custom-titled to "Ultimate Spider-Man."

      Are we still suggesting custom titles be used in that way?

      To hyphenate work titles? Yes, that's an appropriate use. Wiki URLs cannot contain hyphens.

      Yes, a few works had kept their hyphens during the big project to wipe out hyphenated titles, in order to avoid subpages collision with similarly-named works. It was considered a temporary measure at best, until another way to disambiguate those titles was found. The standard disambiguation by year can work, although I'm not sure it's the best solution in every case.

      Anyway, the remaining Hyphenated Titles can be found on this page.

      ^^ I'm talking about removing the year, not adding the hyphen.

      Oh. I've seen it used this way a few times (like with Deadpool), but I'm never too sure whether it's tolerated or frowned upon.

      ^ I personally frown upon it, for what it's worth, because it makes it harder to remember what the page URL is.

      so, need to be moved all the content of the Ultimate Spiderman cartoon page?

      My understanding is that the usual procedure for custom-titling pages that are disambiguated by year is to leave the year visible and set it off with parentheses, like so: Ultimate Spider-Man (2012)
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    In the show LegendQuest, the character Teodora, a ghost, is a gossiper, a tattler, and a yammerer (among other such things), but she has a hard time actually telling people when she's done good. What would be a good trope to describe this?

    As an example, in the episode where this character trait comes up and is discussed, Teodora saves the airship the protagonist and company are in from crashing. However, her coping mechanism of snarktastic Gallows Humor, combined with her lack of mentioning her part in saving the day, makes it seem like she's treating the situation as a joke - insulting to the quite-alive protagonist as he could've died. Reply
  • 4 Mar 1st, 2017 at 1:01AM
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    Could you make tropes for Western Animation called: Characters Who Call Their Stomach Belly Characters Who Call Their Stomach Stomach Characters Who Call Their Stomach Tummy Reply

      I don't really see how those are tropes.

      Besides, that's simply I Call It "Vera".

      Yeah, they're more like People Sit on Chairs.

      It's not even I Call It "Vera" (which is about people calling their weapons by names). It's just different people using different synonyms for the same thing. An extreme case of PSOC.
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    i think it was british but it was a cartoon i had on vhs as a child so early 90's its characters were like puppets and i remeber the intro had a gate in it and a forrest and a episode i remeber was about an ice cream, for some reason i have sycamore farm in my head but i have searched high and low and nothing brings that up, this hs been bugging me for years Reply
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    Okay, so this has been bothering me for months, please help! I know this description is vague, but I need to know what show this was. Okay, all I remember was that the first episode started in a library, and this girl was supposed to be protecting a crystal or something. Then goes to this boy running a race, who has some kind of crystal that helps him win. The villain is this tall guy with pale skin and long grey hair who can levitate. Sorry it's so vague, but please help! Reply
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    i know this isnt much but i remmeber after each episode the main character would ride his bike into the sunset west as a narrator would speak i think about how he left everyone he met behind Reply
  • 0 Feb 27th, 2017 at 1:01PM
    Western Animation
    i know this isnt much but i remmeber after each episode the main character would ride his bike into the sunset west as a narrator would speak i think about how he left everyone he met behind Reply
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    I've been in an edit war on Star Vs. The Forces of Evil's pages for the past couple of days now (both the Radar page and the Recap page for the episode in question) over whether or not this counts as Getting Crap Past the Radar.

    There's an episode where the main characters go on a date to a concert together. At one point in the episode, everyone else attending the concert each kisses their own date (when the song starts to get romantic). If you pause and look around, you'll see several same-sex couples.

    In my personal opinion, this is more Ho Yay than Getting Crap Past the Radar, since there is nothing "crap" about it: it's just gay love. The other guy argues that because this is a Disney cartoon and Disney has been known to not want to show that type of thing in the past, it means that the show got away with it.

    Who's right? Reply

      It's definitely not Ho Yay- the definition of that that it's something the fans interpret as gay but is not intended as such by the creators. This was definitely intended to be gay, so its not Ho Yay.

      I'm not too familiar with Disney's policy's, so I'm not sure if it qualifies as Getting Crap Past the Radar or not; if more knowledgeable tropers don't chime in here, I recommend you take it to the discussion page of the work.

      Shouldn't be edit warring, just to start.

      Sure, same sex couples are more plausible now (Gravity Falls got away with it after all), but if they're relegating it to a Freeze-Frame Bonus then Radar is a good fit.

      Any given "radar" (censorship policy) could be about anything. The question is not whether the policy makes valid judgements about what is right and wrong, what is crap and what is not crap. The question is whether the artist gets something into the work that its censors normally prohibit.

      There is a special forum thread for discussing whether an example counts as Getting Crap Past the Radar and it's probably better to ask there. It's under "Projects: Long Term/Perpetual".

      Unless the mere mention of homosexuality is censored in the genre/rating involved, then it cannot be GCPTR, period. Neither is it Ho Yay if it's blatantly on the screen as opposed to in subtext.
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    Western Animation
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    Some person named ranabridged has been making some strange edits to the Invader Zim page, constantly neglecting full stops and commas, and even arguing with himself within his edits. Reply

      Have you notified them of these issues?

      I have now.

      Suspended for grammar.
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    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 24th Feb, 2017 05:17:47 PM
    The first three recaps of Sozin's Comet are very, very long summaries to the point that I go TL;DR. Reply

      Those recaps almost go line-by-line. Condensing them is the best way to go.

      Yes, a recap isn't really supposed to be a detailed synopsis, or even worse, a line-by-line transcript.

      Some recap pages do a Short Summary first and then a Long Summary second.

      I've wanted those chopped for ages.

      I wrote two possible summaries for the first recap here. One of them is a long summary while the other one is a single paragraph.

      Recaps will host synopses thanks to an ill advised merger years ago.

      A synopsis is a condensed description of any given narrative. It should never, ever be a frame-by-frame retelling that describes every single scene of the episode in detail.

      Frankly, every recap/synopsis that delves into such detailed TLDR territory is terrible writing and should be removed. Telling us that the Gaang is deliberating on something and the contents of said deliberation is useful. The fact that somebody took a seat by kicking a chair is not. This is not a novelization of the episode. It is a summary.

      There's nothing wrong with a recap that's a number of paragraphs long if a lot of important plot stuff happens, but these are beyond excessive in length with tons of superfluous details.

      DustSnitch's mega condensed version is a little too condensed for my liking, but it's a huge improvement for the first recap.


      I opened one and those seem more like entire play-by-plays of the episodes than they do plot summaries. The art of being concise with summaries seems to have been lost on the editor responsible.

      Not relevant to the question at hand, but in large part the idea that a recap has to be a shot-by-shot retelling of the entire episode can be laid squarely at the feet of (the now-defunct) Television Without Pity. Their recaps were so detailed that you didn't even have to watch the episode — even for things are complex as West Wing, CSI and Firefly. Even things like American Idol had recaps running to 20 or more pages. Per episode.

      I am of the opinion that long, detailed retellings of episodes, issues, etc., are the province of dedicated wikis, not TV Tropes.

      I think a decent synopsis or recap that touches on all main events, hangs together well, and is coherently written is fine for this site.

      Preference seems to be leaning to a synopsis which hits all the beats of the episode, but not in ludicrous detail. I tried my hand at doing a recap that took up seven paragraphs with an average of 3.5 sentences.


      "Sozin's Comet Part 1" Recap

      The episode opens with Aang practicing Firebending with Zuko until Katara leads the gang down to the beach for a break. They try to ignore their problems and have a good time, only for Zuko to start attacking Aang. He chases the Avatar from the beach, up a hill, and into the beach house, only for Aang to get mad and blow Zuko out a window. Beaten, Zuko explains that he attacked Aang to get him ready for his fight with the Fire Lord in three days, since that's when Sozin's Comet will arrive. After hearing from the others that they planned to fight the Fire Lord after the Comet had left, Zuko informs them that the Fire Lord intends to use the power from Sozin's Comet to burn down the entire Earth Kingdom. Horrified, Aang questions himself, but is quickly reassured by the solidarity of his friends.

      Some time later, Zuko begins to instruct Aang on how to redirect lightning, a lethal technique. It becomes clear that if Aang wants to survive the Fire Lord's lightning, he'll have to shoot it back and kill him. Aang says that he'll be willing to kill, but he seems very downcast as he says it.

      A few hours later, the entire team practices an assault on the Fire Lord. Everything goes well until Aang refuses to strike the dummy standing in for the Fire Lord, unwilling to kill even the proxy of a human. At nighttime, Katara unwittingly shows the gang a baby picture of the Fire Lord, giving Aang more reason not to kill him. Sokka tries to crack a joke about it, but it only makes Aang upset and he leaves. While meditating to calm his nerves, a mysterious island appears by the coast, accompanied by chanting that seems to pull Aang into a trance that pulls him towards the island, with Momo following him.

      The next morning, the rest of the gang is about ready to leave, when they notice Aang is nowhere to be seen. They search the house, the coast, and the nearby town, but they find no sign of him anywhere... or of the mysterious island the audience saw. With only two days until Sozin's Comet, Zuko takes charge and leads Team Avatar to the Earth Kingdom to get an expert's opinion on the Avatar's location.

      The view changes to show the harbor plaza at the Fire Nation capital. The Fire Lord, standing in front of a massive army of Fire Nation soldiers, informs Princess Azula that he will personally lead the assault on the Earth Kingdom. From this day forth, Azula will be the Fire Lord, while Ozai will rebuild the Earth Kingdom from it's ashes as the newly crowned ruler of the world, the first Phoenix King.

      Cut to Zuko leading the gang into an Earth Kingdom bar, where they find June, the bounty hunter from "Bato of the Water Tribe." Zuko explains that June's shirshu can track Aang's scent anywhere in the world, saying "It's the one shot we have of finding him."

      Meanwhile, Aang and Momo are asleep in a forest. Aang stirs and begins to wake up. He breaks off in surprise as he sees he's on a the forest island, which is now in the middle of the ocean with no land in sight.

      That's FAR BETTER than the wall of text that's on the page now.

      Okay, I'll paste it in now.

      Seems those recaps have been that long since before records on those pages begin - at least 2012, anyway. The recap on this page for the last episode before the final story arc, however... is just as long and was only made such within the last few months. Someone more familiar with the series than I (i.e., familiar with it at all) may want to pare that one down as well (seems unfair to get DustSnitch to do that one AND the three that sparked this ATT thread).
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    Western Animation
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    I'm not sure why this was made? There's only one entry, it's less like a timeline and more like speculation, and the capitalization is all over the place. Reply

      Suspending that user, cut the page.
  • 2 Feb 19th, 2017 at 6:06PM
    Western Animation
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    I have found not one, but two articles for TMNT 2012's Earth Protection Force leader General Griffin, in two folders that are here and here.

    Which one should I remove? Reply

      Merge the folders into the section the character fits better in.

  • 3 Feb 20th, 2017 at 12:12PM
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    Lastest Reply: 20th Feb, 2017 02:39:30 PM
    Hello, I am new to TV Tropes. Is there a way for me to create a page that lists some heartwarming moments in the TV show Timon & Pumbaa? Reply

      Checking it, you just created it.

      Timon & Pumbaa

      Nice job.

      All you need to do now is Index it. You can do that by going here(Link), and putting the show, alphabetically, on the list.


      You should elaborate more on the Ivy Beleaguered episode example (and possibly the one before it) as well, but the page does look good overall.