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    I came across an odd cartoon when I was a child and it looked like it was made in 1930s (like the drawing style of the game, Cuphead) and in it, a group of kids are shrunk by an evil guy via a strange device, and one kid accidentally falls into a boot and restores his size, saving other kids and making the villain shrunk at the end. Can you tell me the name of this cartoon? Reply
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    I️ can not for the life of me remember this show in my mind. Itís about a bunch of teenagers and they duel in a high tech facility. They duel with a deck of 10 monsters on cards. They physically become these monster in a virtual world, and the duel ends when one persons deck of ten monsters is wiped out. Also the main character always uses a humanoid monster cover in fire. Please help. Ask more questions if Iím not specific enough. Thanks! Reply
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    I had just posted up the The Angry Beavers E 4 Fakin It page, but I'm having a hard time indexing the recap page because I accidentally mixed up the numbers with the episodes "Sans a Pelt" and "Gonna Getcha" since they said episodes 3 and 4 respectively and I ended up putting episode 4 for "Fakin It." Is there a way I can fix this? Reply

      The best way is to create a page with the correct title, copy the content over to it and put it in the index, and put the page with the incorrect title on the cutlist.

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    The main Emoji Movie page has a lot of weird, shoehorned examples, as does the YMMV page, mainly about how Smiler was right and/or the movie broke its own aesops. Most of the pertinent entries were written by the same troper, MeaJae97.


    • If Jailbreak is meant to be a strong independent minded female role model, then why does she learn to fit in with the expectations of society? It seems to suggest that you can only save the day by following tradition. And why does the movie treat her as being selfish for rejecting Gene's fairy-tale views of romance?
    • If the movie was supposed to mock the excessive use of technology, then this was sure as hell broken when sending a text ultimately saves the day. Also, none of the human characters learn the drawbacks of their obsession with technology.
    • Hi-5 has to learn to stop being a narcissistic jerk and yet he still yearns for popularity through the entire movie. After he says he learned his lesson, he shouts about how "they love us" without any humility. Lesson learned.
    • For a movie where women "have limitless potential" there don't seem to be any interestingly written female characters. The generic order obsessed villain, the generic princess, the generic tough girl, and the generic love interest. Note that the only female character of significance other than the villain fits three out of those four characters.
    • Wisecrack Edition made the case that the lesson of "you should reject societal expectations and express who you truly wish to be" couldn't escape unbroken. Sure, Smiler was defeated and the Emojis learn that it's perfectly fine to express more than one emotion. However, there is still the fact that they are stuck with one function, to serve Alex. What a brilliant life. Emojis were invented for this very specific purpose, so Textopolis is a terrible metaphor. The movie constantly validates the idea that they should only peruse society's intended purpose for them. In Real Life, this can easily prevent people from being themselves.
      • If Emojis wanted to become more than merely vessels of conveying ideas, then Alex could simply delete them as they would have outlived their usefulness. After all, Gene didn't stop the phone from being erased. It was Alex who prevented it because his crush was so Easily Impressed.
      • Aspects of the caste system still remain intact as the unpopular Emojis remain in the Loser Lounge.
      • Jailbreak learns to stop valuing freedom and reverts back to being a Princess.
      • Gene quickly discards the idea of leaving the phone forever.
      • Hi-5 never dumps his narcissistic ways."

    "* Unwitting Instigator of Doom: If the villain had simply had her way, then the movie would be far shorter. And audiences would be better off as a result.
    • Well-Intentioned Extremist: Smiler tries to delete Gene because she sees him as an existential threat to the safety of Textopolis."
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    I've had a recurring memory of an animated kids show or movie about a kid who's really smart and has some connection with a professor, and stumbles on a lab that he shouldn't have and it sends him back in time (I think). It's all very foggy and it was likely late 80s through early 2000s. There might be a maze involved as well, it had technology as a big part of it too. Reply
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    Hello, this is the first time I've used such a thing, but I have a problem.

    Since last week roughly, Vukdrazic has made numerous edits to the main pages of Xiaolin Chronicles and pages related to the series. The issue here is that most are based on unconfirmed sources and misinformation.

    For example (quite recently actually), he states that Xiaolin Chronicles was produced in France and aired first in France, however the earliest premiere I found was October 12th, 2013 on Canal J in France, which is roughly two weeks later of the US premiere on August 26th, 2013.

    Here's his editing history http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/el.php?findfor=Vukdrazic for additional viewing.

    But more importantly, he's made similar comments with unconfirmed sources and misinformation on deviantART regarding Xiaolin Chronicles. Notice how each comment seem to not match up with each other, or what he wrote above regarding France.

    https://comments.deviantart.com/1/304184202/4205225715 (August 21, 2016) https://comments.deviantart.com/1/396773403/4225242888 (September 17th, 2016) https://comments.deviantart.com/1/631213802/4302319809 (January 7th 2017)

    I've tried personally asking him for sources but he doesn't provide the exact, and gives him me links that are outdated. He then got mad at me for pressing the issue. I don't want to cause an edit war or anything like that. I just don't think spreading misinformation like that is a good idea. Reply

      Posting misinformation is a huge do-not-do on TV Tropes. If you can confirm misinformation, delete the offending entries or content. If they re-add without discussion or before a consensus is reached, they'll be edit warring.

      An Edit War is defined as when two tropers contest an edit on the articles; one troper added a thing, another deleted, and the the first one re-added. Or vice versa.

      Since a ban-evader who spreads misinformation has been active recently, I'd suspect Vukdrazic of foul play.

      No evidence of ban evasion in the technical data although they may be an IP hopper. Some of that info is evidently false and thus I've suspended them.
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    Okay, Ben 10 series veteran here. I've come across some potentially incorrect information in Ben 10 Omnitrix Aliens. The information in question is in the profiles for Blitzwolfer, Frankenstrike, and Snare-Oh. On their profiles, it states that their species have been enslaved by the Ectonurites. I cannot recall where this has ever been said, though. I cannot find any mention of this on the Ben 10 Wiki either.

    Can any other Ben 10 series veterans confirm my suspicions? And in that case, can the information be removed on the basis that it is incorrect? Reply

      Just remove it and state there's no source for it. If someone can actually provide one, they're welcome to restore it.

      Thanks for the input. I went ahead and did just that.
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    EDIT: Looking at the page history, DuelMark wasn't the one who orignally entered the entry (it's unclear who did, the whole page content was copied from another page), so let's not call it Edit Warring yet.

    On Frozen Prince Hans Westergaard Of The Southern Isles DuelMark put back an Asshole Victim entry (only very slightly re-written) after it was removed (messaged them about that with a link to Discussion).

    I don't even think the Trope applies, and took it to Discussion here. Reply
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    Has Scooby and the gang ever had an episode where the monster didn't endanger them? Reply
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    Kinda like the Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS subpage issues, where moments were organized by episode, all of the moments subpages for this show are organized episode by episode, with the Heartwarming page being especially bad about it as it has an In General tab with nothing listed at all. Reply

      Isn't that how moments subpages are supposed to be organized?

      With franchises or shorter series it can go by episode/work, but for longer stuff I think it tends toward giving more general examples or going by 'in episode x this happened' without going 'AC: Episode 1' for everything, though you can still separate it, say, by meta content vs official content. Here are some examples with varying layouts, but none of them follow the style quoted originally. This page is close but is organized by episodic folders rather than by A Cs.

      I'm not sure I see what the actual issue is here. All I'm getting is there's a problem with the moments being organized by episode and I sincerely don't see where that's problem. Quite the contrary, I'd say it's convenient. Longer works might go by season or story arc, but I don't think that's relevant here if the series only has one season so far.

      Is it because of the blank meta sections?
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    There's on the Wiki page of Stygian/Pony of Shadows comments stating about Stygian committing his actions with free will, yet you have a trope under him (Pony of Shadows) called Demonic Possession, can you clairify? Reply
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    So I want to add a Lloyd picture from the LEGO Ninjago movie, but whatever I'm doing isn't working. Any Ideas? And I want to add this image in particular: https://i.pinimg.com/564x/30/62/cd/3062cd93ec404154229ce038398502fc.jpg Reply


      Have you tried using the "Upload Image" option under the "More" tab at the top of the page you want to edit?

      Specifically, all images have to be uploaded to the site. Hotlinking is entirely not happening.

      (Cracked had a very entertaining article several years ago about some of the problems with hotlinking images when another site stole an article, but hotlinked the photos instead of copying and reposting. No hotlinking is for the best.)
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    From WhamEpisode.Western Animation, I question if the examples from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic are examples.
    • "They Times They Are A-Changeling": Thorax proves that the Changelings are not inherently evil, and his acceptance by the cast opens up new story possibilities.
    • ''To Where and Back Again, Part 2": The Changelings kidnap the Mane Six and the royal family, and Starlight Glimmer recruits Thorax and two fellow reformed villains, Discord and Trixie, to rescue them. Not only does this Ragtag Bunch of Misfits save their friends, cementing their Heel-Face Turns in the process, but Thorax reveals that Queen Chrysalis has been exploiting the Changelings all along, causing them to overthrow Chrysalis, evolve into beautiful new forms, and make Thorax their new leader!

    "The Cutie Re-Mark" was removed as an examples since so many villains got redeemed by then that Starlight Glimmer's HeelĖFace Turn was not a surprise, and it wasn't clear how/if it effect the status quo. If so, I don't see how the above examples qualify since introducing new characters is insufficient to qualify and they proceed to have less change on the status quo than Starlight.

    Cut? Reply

      Starlight's redemption did affect the status quo as she became a Sixth Ranger. I don't know enough about the others though.

      I know it effected the status quo. I simply wonder why, if it does not qualify as a Wham, the Changeling examples do. Do they?
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    Does this entry from FunnyAneurysmMoment.Western Animation (not written by me) break the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment? I haven't touched it because I don't have neutral views on how the election turned out.
    • The Arthur episode "The Election" is about a mock election that Arthur's third grade class holds as they learn about the American government. Muffy is an ambitious female candidate with Power Hair, Arthur is a down-to-earth candidate who wants to help people out, and Binky is a self-aggrandizing Cloud Cuckoolander candidate with unfeasible ideas who somehow wins the election. Fifteen years after this first aired, it comes across as an uncanny prophecy for the 2016 U.S. presidential election, with Muffy as Hillary Clinton, Arthur as Bernie Sanders, and Binky as Donald Trump.

      It almost certainly breaks ROCEJ. It's making vague connections between characters and candidates for the sake of a shoehorned Funny Aneurysm Moment.

      Sea Rover added that entry on May 28th. If they re-add, it will be an edit war.

      Looks like a shoehorn, and looks to break ROCEJ. Definitely purge.
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    An educational cartoon for kids which showed how inventions (and maybe also discoveries) were made that aired in the 90's or early 2000's. I think when the narrator was starting the opening scene the camera used to follow a fly that may have had a yellow streak trailing behind it.

    The way the show went about was telling stories like for how stamps were invented there was a boy sending his mother letters and at that time the receiver had to pay for them. As she couldn't afford to pay for them the son drew symbols on the letter on the envelope to convey a short message as soon as the postal delivery guy showed it to her before she had to refuse and the mailman took it back.

    Another episode was how hot air balloons were invented when a man discovered his shirt fluttering when he kept it for drying by the fireplace. He then went on the tie knots on is sleeves to see what would happen.

    There were also episodes that showed how basketball was invented and also silk, by a lady dropping a cocoon in her tea. There may have been an episode of how monks used to write books and if they messed up had to start all over again.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Reply
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    There was a tv show that was on in the late 90s really early on in the morning, I wanna say like 5 or 6 just before Tribe on channel 5 began but I'm not sure if it is the same channel. I'm pretty sure the cat was ginger and partner for the show was a young boy that owned him. I think the title sequence referenced something about him being as round as the world and him eating everything, needless to say this is really bugging me and anyone who knows what the heck I'm talking about please help me out, it's been tormenting me for years Reply

      And it's not Garfield or any of the usual others, I'm not sure there were many episodes so maybe it's really obscure. The main thing I remember is that this cat was almost drawn literally round

      You should ask this sort of thing in You Know That Show

      Ah ok thank you
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    I was trying to split the "Adults" section of the Hey Arnold! character page up into two pages since it's getting way too long and is still incomplete (plus it'll probably get bigger once the new movie premieres). The only problem is I made a typo on the "Characters" part (it reads "Charcters") of the name label and don't know how to fix it. Please assist. [1] Reply

      I suppose since I just made it I could move everything over to the correct name and request the missnamed one to be cut?


      Thanks. Will do after my dinner.

      accidental post, please ignore

      It is done. Hopefully.
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    On YMMV.The Fairly Odd Parents, a troper named Natasha Chambeli changed Satan to Jehovah when describing an evil character, and a moderator reverted it. Now, I've been sincerely wondering, if we should compare a character with an evil god, does it have to be Satan? While I'm in a religion that worships neither Satan or Jehovah, I would love to know an answer to this question. Do you think these sort of changes are agenda based editing, and should we only allow Satan to be the evil comparison deity? Can explanation for this be put on the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement page? Thank you. Reply

      Any deity that's considered a God of Evil would be fine, and Satan fits the bill, edgy troll edits aside.

      I don't see a need for such a specific rule. "Don't be edgy for edgy's sake" should be implied. That said, the troper in question may need additional attention if they try it again.

      I decided to check out a few of Natasha Chambeli's other edits, just to see if there was a pattern of this sort of thing. The very first link I clicked turned out to be a page for her own Troper Work, Horror Within, which has quite a few problems.

      First of all, the troper seems to be under the impression that she can draft pages as substandard "works in progress." The Horror Within page was started in April 2016, and the first thing on the page is "(THIS PAGE IS A WORK IN PROGRESS. HAHA THIS SYNOPSIS SUCKS.)" (It's not wrong about the quality of the synopsis.)

      The page is not crosswicked to a single other page; the only "related" pages are multiple characters pages and a link on Troper Works (that may be why it's apparently flown under the radar with no edits from anyone else). The associated character page also has a WIP disclaimer stating to ignore the placeholders and empty spaces. All of the pages seem to have Example Indentation violations galore. There are spoilered-out trope names and spoilered-out character names on the character pages. Tons of blank/useless placeholder text/images and gratuitous all-caps.

      That's just the problems I've identified thus far. I will send some notifiers, but given the scope and the apparent lack of awareness of so many rules, I'm not too optimistic. Edited to add: The latest edit appears to be a misuse of the invoked tag to put an author-based trivia trope (Author Phobia) on the work page.

      (Also, the Satan fetishism does indeed appear here as well.)

      i removed some of the WORK IN PROGRESS stuff from the Horror Within page and the main character page. However, every single sub character page still has that stuff on it (all the ones linked from Characters.Horror Within, such as for example Horror Within Vikaron)

      The page in question has already been brought up on the forums. Sounds like the alleged work doesn't even exist.

      Part of the issue is that few mythologies have a figure that is absolutely beyond redemption no holds barred evil. Most show their oral and traditional ancestry in the complexity of what each god or other figure encompasses. And people (in many cultures) are far more likely to be familiar with the Satan figure, through pop culture if nothing else.

      If that work doesn't exist, is it worth moving to Darth? (Also, Natasha needs to know Sandboxes are a thing.)

      They're still doing it, by the way.

      I deleted it on behalf of being natter and we'd delete the same thing if the situation were reversed (as in if someone added natter on God Is Evil talking about how he's good, it'd be removed for soapboxing).

      As they are still at it despite warnings, I'm suspending them.
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    This is other question, It is possible make a YMMV of Sendokai Champions? Reply

      Yes. But you shouldn't attempt it until you can clean up your English grammar. Also, the main article is almost entirely zero-context examples and needs cleaning.

      currently I did not do any of those articles, they were there when it starts to edit

      It was other user called recorder who made them.

      I begin to edit just today those articles.
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    I want to make a confession. I've been edit warring with azul120 on these selected pages on Family Guy regarding how the examples are written. I reverted the Laser-Guided Karma and the Disproportionate Retribution edits to non-biased examples to avoid edit warring, but I'm worried that azul120 would just change it back and add unnecessary complaining.

    My problem with azul120's edits is not because the tropes he/she puts for said character are wrong, but because of how his/her examples come off as unnecessarily long, biased (favoring the side of one character over another), and just complaining about another character's understandable (albeit, not justified) actions. He/she even goes as far as to rewriting examples that side with the character he/she has problems with, and attacks the character for her (understandable) points, while ignoring the fact that the said character he is defending is a jerkass with little to no redeeming qualities who is always portrayed sympathetically no matter how wrong she is.

    To correct our mistakes, I want the mods to step in and make sure the examples do not come off as biased towards the characters that the examples are written for.


      Their "who is always portrayed sympathetically no matter how wrong she is" implies the own work has the same opinion than azul120 about the conflict in question.

      No, I was talking about the way the examples were written, not the tropes he/she put. The examples just come off as complaining about how Joyce refuses to accept Lois' apology rather than explaining in a non biased way of how and why the trope fits. It comes off as trying too hard to get readers to sympathize with Lois.The tone needs to be changed, that's all. The example stay. It needs to be edited to avoid conflict. I already edited it, but I don't want an edit war.

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    In the "Adapted From Comics" folder on Truer to the Text, can someone please either trim or delete the entries proclaiming, "X Marvel cartoon is true despite (insert several deviations)"? Reply
  • 4 Oct 6th, 2017 at 1:01PM
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    Little Buster is edit-warring on YMMV.The Legend Of Korra. He added a Broken Base entry, which I pulled due to being in the wrong place and being redundant (there's already an existing Broken Base entry about the same thing, but less complain-y with better grammar). He then immediately readded it in the correct folder (but still not alphabetized).

    Also dodgy grammar all around. Reply

      Calling them in. Also, this does not need to be private.

      Edit: Also, reverted.

      This exact same page became the focus of one of Little Buster's ATT posts. Specifically, this one. So he DID bring it up here.

      The issue is that little buster wasn't listening and was being aggressive. That and invoking Never My Fault and saying we "we're provoking them to edit war." I was trying to be helpful but yeah.

      His edit reason was also a bit on the rude side.
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    Just out of curiosity, why did the Cartoon Network YMMV shut down? Was it a toxic environment? Reply

      You don't do YMMV pages for creators. I think that's why.

      But what about Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. They have YMMV pages and they're both creators.

      If those pages are full of vitriol and complaining, they probably need a shut down too. Yes, part of it is toxic. A YMMV page for a creator is only supposed to exist if there is no work for those examples to go on yet. We're not interested in gossip.