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    How can you add a new trope? Reply

      This doesn't need to be private.

      Tips For Editing and Text Formatting Rules might be places to start.

      Keep in mind, new accounts can't do certain things for varying periods of time. Thank trolls, vandals, and spambots.

      The best way to add a new trope is to go to the TLP (Trope Launch Pad) and click on the "Create a new TLP" button (of course "TLP" should be "Trope").

      The tropers on the TLP can give good advice on improving your proposal (including its name), provide examples, and so on.

      There's more information on YKTTW Guidelines and A Guide to Easy Launching of Your YKTTW (YKTTW is the old name for the TLP).
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    Emoji Fan 1995 has been deleting tons of entries without giving explanations.

    http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/el.php?findfor=EmojiFan1995 Reply

      Emoji is Edit Warring with Ferot_Dreadnought since they re-deleted the YMMV items that were restored.

      [ETA] I've restored some of the other items they've deleted, but it looks like we're going to needs a revert on YMMV.The Emoji Movie.

      Given what they've been doing, this troper seems to have an agenda against certain YMMV items. Is it possible they're sock being used for ban evasion?

      IP check gave nothing, so resorting to a simple suspension.

      I'll revert afterwards.
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    Can't find this tv/movie anywhere but it would be old around 90's early 00's a 2d cartoon about a kid and we think he lives in like a dome or something and there is monster I think, can't exactly remember how it went and no one else seems to remember or can't find anything about it Reply
  • 1 May 15th, 2017 at 6:06PM
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    I recently inherited a box of original animation cels and production art from an old neighbor whose father was an animator for many classic films and ads from WWII to about the mid nineties when he died. I'm an art teacher so my neighbor thought I'd like to have it. She died last month.

    Most of it is labeled and very awesome, including model sheet paper from Felix the Cat and cels and model sheets from "David the Gnome" of the trolls, which is soooo cool.

    But there is one folder with stuff I can't place. It's very old and appears mostly to be reproductions and maybe a few old pencil or charcoal sketches. It's labeled "Disney" in faded ink. I didn't think my neighbor's dad worked for Disney as I thought she would have mentioned it, but maybe he did at some point or maybe this is from someone else. I'm very, very curious to know what this is from.

    I'm posting a link to some scans: http://imgur.com/gallery/03E3m7I

    The first pages is from a model sheet of "mama gull" and her nest. But what really interested me is the next page, which is a mustached man who looks very much like a Disney Captain Hook. It looks like the sea gull made her nest and laid an egg on Hook's head while he was asleep in bed.

    Does anyone know if this is true Disney production art? It's mostly reproductions, but would still be so cool if this was from Disney studios at one point. The man looks so much like the Disney Cap. Hook and someone online pointed out that the style matches an early Cap. Hook model sheet from the early 40s, which is when Roger would have been working as an animator. I haven't seen Peter Pan in years but don't remember this scene, so maybe it's from something else or maybe an old Peter Pan commercial or sequel cartoon.

    However I tried to google Peter Pan and found the book and play have a character called the Never Bird who has a nest, so I'm wondering if this is art from a deleted scene with the Never Bird.

    Does anyone have any clues or know of an animation site or collectors site that could identify this art for me?

    Thanks! Reply
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    WJTaylor4, who frequently edits the YMMV.Arthur page really, really, really hates D.W. (and calls Arthur's parents by their first names even though they're rarely said in-show). Other oddities include a 'fandom rivalry' segment that's just fans of one thing picking on other fans. Plus grammar/spelling errors.

    "Creator's Pet: Jane and David; being an educational 'toon, they're the "large and in charge" parents with no one calling them out for letting D.W. torment Arthur most of the time."

    Fandom Rivalry: Ever since the rights to producing the show changed hands from Cookie Jar to Nine Story, the bronies have been picking on it and its fans. It appears that there are two groups of haters here- one being bitter about how Marc Brown chose to terminate Cookie Jar's rights and grant the rights to Nine Story instead of transferring the production rights to DHX (which is incidentally the company behind Fi M) when DHX bought up Cookie Jar, and another just sees Arthur as yet another show competing with Fi M for awards. It's easy to weed them out: those who dismiss Arthur for "not being as good since it changed production companies" fall into the former, while those that're downright condescending to the show (saying things like "You're/They're still making the show?" in a sarcastic tone) belong to the latter. "

    " D.W.'s constant screaming and whining when getting on Arthur's case or when she's demanding something from others tends to get old pretty fast. D.W.'s voice in general even when she's not whining. "

    "D.W. getting punched by Arthur and latere getting a swing smashed into her face, largely due to her being such an unlikable brat."

    " D.W. throws a tremendous tantrum in "Arthur's Perfect Christmas" when she doesn't get the toy she wanted for Christmas, and spends several minutes screaming. It's honestly quite embarrassing especially since Dave and Jane don't do anything to stop their daughter. "

    " The Tibble Twins are basically gender bender versions of D.W. and like D.W. they have no redeeming qualitiesJ who never get punished, and they're constantly roughhousing or arguing with each other."

    " Take That, Scrappy!: DW finally getting punched out by Arthur in "Arthur's Big Hit". Also DW getting her face smashed in with swings by the Tibble twins in Attack of the Turbo Tibbles. "

    " Unintentionally Unsympathetic: DW, in "Arthur's Big Hit" and in many, many others. Even in the episodes where she has some justifiable reason for being bratty, she tends to take it so far that it's impossible to sympathize with her. This is not made better by all the times she doesn't have an excuse, and just felt like being irritating - it makes her seem less like she's acting up because of the issue at hand and more like her already-horrible behavior is just being exacerbated by said issue. More than a few viewers cheered when the Tibble twins hit D.W. in the face with their swings in "Attack of the Turbo Tibbles", if only because she finally suffered some Laser-Guided Karma for all the crap she had pulled previously in the series. A number of viewers also cheered when Arthur punched D.W. for harassing him and then trashing his model plane in the aforementioned Arthur's Big Hit where in addition to being her usual annoying self she was stupid enough to think the model was a toy that could fly. It really says a lot for what a repulsive character DW is that even when she's attacked by a pair twins who are basically male versions of her the viewers actually cheer for the boys to rough her up. It also says a lot for just how lacking the boys are in redeeming qualities that their high point in the series is physically attacking a young girl the audience is expected to sympathize with but is so unlikable and repulsive that the boys violent actions against her are cheered and relished by the audience instead of being viewed as reprehensible." Reply

      Uh oh. I think I remember many moons ago (like before site upgrade) someone who did this.

      Even if it's not, someone has issues. (I don't like DW at all, but sheesh.)

      Sending the user in for a chat.
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    According to the history page for YMMV.Samurai Jack, KaputExaltation turned a fairly even-sided edit about a broken base concerning a romance into one that overly supports one side and not the other and attacks the opposing side.

    It went from "** Over whether Jack and Ashi should be paired up romantically or have a father/daughter relationship. Fans seem to fall sharply into two camps. The eighth episode (XCIX) finally confirms as a romantic relationship, breaking the base even further. A major one has emerged over Jashi becoming canon, with many fans supportive of it, and an extremely vocal portion livid over it, Part of this stems from the debate over how old exactly Ashi is - with some believing she's a full grown adult, others seeing her as a teenager; this difference in interpretation helps fuel the conflict, as a big reason so many are opposed to her romance with Jack is because they see the age gap as unacceptable."

    to "** Over whether Jack and Ashi should be paired up romantically or have a father/daughter relationship. Fans seem to fall sharply into two camps. The eighth episode (XCIX) finally confirms as a romantic relationship, breaking the base even further. A major one has emerged over Jashi becoming canon, further: the fact that Jack became canonically romanced with Ashi after a very large amount of obvious foreshadowing, generated [[FanDumb irrational hatred]] of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i40x9flQuI incredibly]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IllSfxDXNvg epic]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZwk9CmFdww proportions]] from the [[HetIsEw LGBT]] [[VocalMinority fanbase]], who went so far as to claim that the episode was "thinly veiled homophobia" and "[[https://youtu.be/1i40x9flQuI?t=24 only done to maintain the patriarchal homophobic heteronormativity]]". [[SincerityMode You can't make this stuff up]]. Because of their sudden kiss at the end, many fans see the relationship as being suddenly coming out of nowhere despite it building up from the first act (and being heavily foreshadowed in previous episodes) and Jack's Naked First Impression while fighting the Lazarus monster. Most fans felt that their interactions up to this point were sufficient enough.=]" Reply

      New example is big on the drama importing and is too one-sided. The original example is fine, but the YMMV page does use three bullet points to fully tackle the controversy (which admittedly had a lot of different opinions on it). Not to say there isn't a bunch of creepy anti-shippers whining, but we're best not trying to use the YMMV pages to further dumb internet arguments.

      YMMV pages should be relatively neutral on Fandom controversies, so that example you link should be rewritten.

      yeah, change that back and holler a mod if he tries to change it again.
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    Superboy 313 asked yet another "random" question in the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic YMMV Discussion(it's the first post on top). What's notable is he tends to do this all the time. For one thing, it should be in the CM thread, for another, that's a type of random question that shouldn't be asked anywhere. Either the show somehow gives us a proper episode that gives us a reason to make an effort post, or we let it go. Reply

      No, that is not a question for the Complete Monster thread. He'd just get screamed at there.

      I'm overall aware, but my main issue is he's continuing his "ask random questions everywhere" that he's caused trouble with before on the forums in general. That's why I reported it.
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    So, I remembered a show that had something to do with monster hunting with a monster mash with one of them being a physic. I can't seem to find it for some reason. Reply
  • 2 Apr 25th, 2017 at 8:08AM
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    How does the Wolverine and the X-Men page look so far? Does it look okay? If the page doesn't, may someone or a group of people make either recommendations or editions toward the page? Reply

      May someone include more tropes to the page please?

      Asking for edits to a new article isn't really what Ask The Tropers is for. The process of Wiki Magic means that if you crosswick the article enough, people will contribute to it. That said, you're making a Characters subpage, which will grow as people who are interested in the main article work on it.
  • 1 Apr 24th, 2017 at 8:08AM
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    Does using the word "Penis" count as a Precision F-Strike? It's not a swear word, but actual anatomy of a person.

    Samurai Jack has always been a kid friendly show, but the creators intentionally made its 5th season Darker and Edgier because it's part of the Toonami programming now. Despite at most just showing blood and more violence, it's still pretty kid friendly.

    Then comes along a character who makes a one-off line about someone looking like "a talking penis."

    I don't think this trope should be applicable. I deleted it with this reasoning, but someone reworded it and added it back. I deleted it again with the same reason, but someone again reworded it to point out how unexpected it is for a show that has traditionally been kid-friendly.

    Before an Edit War escalates any further, I want to hear what people think. Reply

      You already asked this here and were directed to the Is this an example? topic. Making more topics to discuss the same thing won't help.
  • 3 Apr 22nd, 2017 at 10:10PM
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    With the show entering its fourth season and diverging from the original Mr. Peabody and Sherman movie, I was hoping to spruce up the http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WesternAnimation/TheNewMrPeabodyAndShermanShow page by adding its own character, heartwarming, funny, and awesome pages separate from the film page. However, the "Create New" doesn't allow these options, and I don't see any other edit options to allow me to make these changes. Is there a way I can make these changes, or do I not have access and have to talk to someone who does? It's the first time I've been interested enough in a show to want to get this involved in helping its tropes. Reply
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    From the Western Animation page for Vocal Evolution: "In the intro for Pepper Ann, you hear her little sister Moose say in a Bobby Hill-esque voice "Did someone take my lunch?", in the actual show she speaks in a lower huskier voice."

    I remember this line in the theme, even though I never really watched Pepper Ann. Are we sure that's who is talking? The fact that it's supposedly offscreen and this voice was never used in the actual series makes me suspicious. Reply

      Even if the character or voice actor did say that line, I don't see how it's really an example of Vocal Evolution. It would have been recorded at different times, sure, but it doesn't obviously fit the premise of the trope. The voices would be different, but there wouldn't be any "evolution" of the one voice into the other.

      Maybe ask the people in the "Is this an example?" thread.
  • 10 Apr 23rd, 2017 at 2:02AM
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    The last edit on Scooby-Doo leave me perplexed. Why Badbutt and not Badass? Reply

      The editor has done it on a few pages as well

      He's making similar edits in The Powerpuff Girls changing all the trope titles that include "swearing" (I guess). Even Kick the Son of a Bitch to "Kick The Meanie Jerk",...

      I sent him a PM calling him out on it. He should probably be stopped before he potholes every single instance of a trope name with "ass" to "butt".

      *bites tongue yet again* This thing has calluses, I swear. Ah well, c'est la vie around here, unfortunately.

      Okay, now aureolindays also changes "anyone can die" to "anyone can disappear" and "idiot" to "dummy". He's clearly a troll (and in the unlikely case he isn't, he's the most ridiculous Real Life example of Moral Guardians I've seen in a long time and surely oversteps the "no prudishness" line of No Lewdness, No Prudishness).

      Looks trollish, 'cause his tropers page skews the other way. This is not good faith editing.

      Suspended for that and because trope names in lists are not potholed.

      the editor say nothing about this? well, meanwhile i start to restore the Scooby page.

      Maybe worth noting is that Badbutt is a trope, but that's clearly not what they were going for in this instance. That's more for when the show censors the badass.

      Yeah, this smells like our newest Troll Post bowdlerizing the wiki, which counts as vandalism and is grounds for getting the bounce from the site.

      I'll watch the Edit Banned thread to see what he has to say about this.

      Edit: Yep, he's a troll. Put up a nice Flipping the Bird photo as his avatar before he was bounced.
  • 9 Apr 18th, 2017 at 10:10PM
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    Lastest Reply: 20th Apr, 2017 03:21:40 PM
    rjryan 3 has recently deleted a bunch of examples from YMMV.Sing, leaving only "Dear god this page needed a cleanup" as an edit reason, without going into further clarification. Reply

      By just reading what he erased, I think those were inappropriate deletions.

      Two of the articles he deleted have to do with articles that stated there was a racist controversy. One of them is a No Such Thing as Bad Publicity example. It looks like he's trying to erase what he may fear could spark an Internet Backdraft against Tropes.

      I'm not sure he understands what a YMMV page is for. Send him a PM to come here?

      Helper message sent. And it looks like another moderator has reverted the page.

      He deleted them again, though I do agree with him on the Win Back the Crowd example.

      OK, now it's serious Edit War, and he's complaining that the people who wrote the Unfortunate Implications example are not part of the fanbase. The edit reasons are a little more forceful this time.

      Want me to restore the examples? Again?

      This looks like the sort of war that ends with a permalock (agenda based trolls). Damn shame.

      Whacked 'em.

      Is it okay to delete the Harsher in Hindsight example ("The fact that the movie also plays George Michael songs... and it came out four days before he died.") that rjryan 3 tried to delete? It is kinda redundant compared to the example below it.

      both of the music-related subbullets in Harsher In Hindsight example are bad, unless the story somehow referenced those artists beyond using their music. "<Work> used their music, they died soon after <work's> release" is just a coincidence. The one about Buster's dad may be ok.

      What do we do about the Win Back the Crowd example?
  • 3 Apr 20th, 2017 at 11:11AM
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    Trying to remember the title of this CGI soccer show from the 90's or 2000's. It was with aliens or some non-human characters. It was always the same two teams going against each other. The protagonist team had plain designs but varied in colour, but when they went out onto the pitch they would go through an energy field that turned them all yellow except for the tips of their hair (the hair was a Simpsons style hair where you can't really tell where the head ends and the hair begins). The antagonist team had a "edgier", darker, more monster-looking design to them. Before each game each team would do their game pose (not sure what to call it). The protag team would basically stand in a circle a spin around emiting a light beacon out the stadium and the antag team would do a sort of All Blacks Haka, but instead of a war cry they just spewed out a green gass for a fog effect, while their fans (designed the same way as them) stamped their feet in the stands. During the game the coaches could transport their players around the field if they wanted to by opening up portals on the ground. At half time there was sometimes a commercial for random made up products that where usually being used in the episode. I think in the last episode the losing team (obviously antag team) got sucked into a vortex and I think along with their fans, while the winning team and their fans got to fly off somewhere. I think everyone pretty much lived at the stadium, but not entirely sure. Can't remember anything happening outside the stadium (which now that I think of, I think was just floating in the middle of space). Oh yeah both teams had a pet that where kinda shaped like Chikorita from Pokemon. Their designs matched the teams'. The games had these two commentators (I think they were grey in colour) sitting in a booth that I think were the comedy relief. Reply
  • 1 Apr 19th, 2017 at 6:06AM
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    When making pages for new shows, films or stories, how do you create those trope pages for stuff like funny, heartwarming, tearjerker, nightmare fuel, awesome, radar, and other stuff like that? Reply

      Click the thing that says "Create New" at the top of the page.

      If the page you want to make isn't on that list, just type in the namespace you want to make a page at into the URL.
  • 1 Apr 19th, 2017 at 12:12AM
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    Lastest Reply: 19th Apr, 2017 07:20:55 AM
    Is it safe to recreate a Trivia tab for Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return? I understand that the page was cut since it only had a Hey It's That Voice tab. Reply

      Since trivia can't be added on the main page, it's ok to make a trivia subpage even if there aren't three items on it. Because otherwise, there's nowhere to put the first two until the third shows up.
  • 2 Apr 1st, 2017 at 3:03AM
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    Lastest Reply: 1st Apr, 2017 05:38:33 AM
    Hello, I also have a question. I would like to create a Character Page for ''Wolverine and the X-Men", How should I do it and may I please have some assistance? Reply

      Precisely what should I do? Should I include different categories that are featuring the tropes of the characters?

      First, I strongly suggest using Sandbox.Manny 20444 to create the draft. That lets you work on it at your leisure without being yelled at for leaving a half-finished page up. You can just keep that sandbox page to use as a "workbench" whenever you want to create a new page.

      When you have it up to scratch, go to the main work page and Create New -> Characters, and copy the sandbox content in.

      If you're looking for style help, try using another character page as a template, such as Characters.X Men The Original Team.
  • 0 Mar 31st, 2017 at 3:03AM
    Western Animation
    In Family Guy recap page we have this page (that is a two-part episode) and this page that has only the latter. Reply
  • 5 Mar 29th, 2017 at 1:01AM
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    Lastest Reply: 30th Mar, 2017 10:36:31 PM
    Okay there are four pages at the bottom of what seems to be an index for YMMV items pertaining to Friendship is Magic. All of which have nonstandard pages. These 4 are:

    I understand why these page would exist, and why a namespace convention like that would be use (consistency for the use of tropes as namespaces for trope subpages), but I don't think this is really kosher (well expect maybe Other, but that'd still be a nonstandard use). I want to know if we should move them to pages with the namespace and article name reversed or to new pages (with both the work name and the current namespace as the title) under the YMMV/ namespace as per more traditional namespace/YMMV page conventions?

    If this had been brought up before, i apologize. Reply

      Ahem, sorry for the bump, but I still am waiting for a response on these pages.

      The first three are nope. Other can be a subpage if the page was big enough to split folders into their own pages, BUT it has to be used properly. (Not skirting NRLEP, not a dumping ground for stuff that goes in other folders, etc. Really there's rarely a need for an Other folder once the page hits a certain size.)

      Move the tropes to the appropriate page (Main, YM Mv, etc.,) for the work. If the page gets too big, it can be split, usually done by alphabet.

      I see. Would a Short term projects thread be appropriate for this kind of reorginisation?

      I think a short-term project thread for the whole MLP FIM conglomeration is a good idea. If only because I'm sure other problems will come out of the woodwork given how many subpages there are already...

      Okay If its okay, I made a short term thread here for the "loose" YMMV pages.
  • 1 Mar 30th, 2017 at 6:06AM
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    Lastest Reply: 30th Mar, 2017 06:57:42 AM
    Chris 116 made an edit here regarding Arthur's (and PBS as a whole's) future. I'm wondering if its an appropriate thing to add given it involves a certain president. Reply

      Removed it. Should check other shows under the PBS umbrella to see if he's doing it there too.
  • 1 Mar 25th, 2017 at 6:06PM
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    Lastest Reply: 25th Mar, 2017 09:00:00 PM
    Browsing the Dethroning Moment page (which is something i like to do somewhat often while waiting for something else to finish up) alerted me to a long list of entries on the main page which can get rather long. So I was wondering if some of them (example: Steven Universe) should be moved to their own pages as to not clutter up the space, but I was also just questioning in general where the cutoff is for making an entry its own page. Reply

      According to the page itself, a work needs to have more then thirteen examples before it gets split off into it's own page. To follow off your example, Steven Universe has ten (twelve if you count the sub bullets) examples, so it wouldn't be split into it's own page yet.
  • 7 Mar 22nd, 2017 at 11:11AM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 22nd Mar, 2017 06:47:59 PM
    I recently added this as an example:

    • In the Street Fighter cartoon, M. Bison's excuse to Chun-Li for killing her father is a callous example:
      Bison: Yes, yes, I killed your father. What is it with you women anyway? I killed my father too, and you don't hear me whining about it!

    However, it was deleted by another troper, the reason he gave, "What's insane about that? He's justified."

    Oo-kay, seeing as I'd rather not ask him why he assumes multiple murder is justified (especially when the killer is a cold-blooded sociopath like M. Bison) and the victim's daughter blaming the killer or is wrong, I'll just ask everyone's opinion here. Reply

      IMO, the logic seems consistent. "My father was killed by Bison and I don't complain about it. Your father was killed by Bison and you do complain about it. I don't understand why you would complain about it." I'm not very familiar with Street Fighter, but isn't Bison a sociopath who doesn't understand other people outside of the context of means to his ends? (The Sociopath is on his entry on the character page)

      Yeah, the chain of logic isn't flawed the way it needs to be for Insane Troll Logic. The premise is utterly wrong, but the logic is not.

      Uh, I'd think that if he's insane, and trolling the listener with an attempt at flawed logic, it fits, but I guess....

      For clarification, the page states "Remember that not all bad or faulty logic is Insane Troll Logic. ... usually either the presenter or the audience have no grasp of even the concept where the 'logic' should apply." So in the Bison example, because we can see the chain of logic, we can say it isn't Insane Troll Logic even if it is "crazy-sounding trolling logic."

      To elaborate what the previous tropers are saying, to be an example of Insane Troll Logic the logic of the argument must be insane (that is, not logic at all). In this case, the argument, or at least the conclusion, may seem insane, but the logic of the argument is not crazy enough. Now, if he'd said "My father's name was Roger, so I can't understand why you're complaining that I killed your father", that would be Insane Troll Logic.

      Lady Jane Grey: don't ever go just by the trope's name. most tropes have more complexity than we can fit into a short name.

      ITL would be an example I added a long time ago now, where G-Force: Guardians of Space's Dr. Brighthead tells the team that Galactor is stealing sugar because 'if your parents couldn't give you sugar, wouldn't you go to someone who could?" (Seriously.) NVM sugar is a very valuable resource.
  • 0 Mar 19th, 2017 at 3:03PM
    Western Animation
    So anyone think it's ok to move Kavaxas from Season 5 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) into the show's Foot Clan character page? I think it is, but I'd like to ask. Reply
  • 1 Mar 16th, 2017 at 8:08PM
    Western Animation
    Lastest Reply: 16th Mar, 2017 08:17:11 PM
    Okay, so I need serious help. Recently my friend and I have been talking a lot about a show we remember, but all we can remember about it is one character! I believe it is from the mid-2000's (2009-2010 ish), and it was a 3d animated show. I'm not sure if it was Disney or Cartoon Network, probably the latter. I don't even remember what the characters did, or looked like, but I know there was an evil man, the only villain of the show, and his minion.

    The minion was completely harmless, and just laughable. It was an orange eyeball with a mouth and bat-like wings with two dangling legs. It had two small teeth and an awkward and silly voice. He was your typical dumb minion that didn't really realize what he was doing.

    Does ANYONE have ANY idea what I'm talking about?! Please help ASAP! Reply