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    Hey, the website is giving me all kinds of redirects, both on Android mobile and desktop Reply

      Is it to that Amazon scam? I haven't gotten that from here, but several other sites.

      The discussion about that is over in the forums here.
  • 10 Mar 15th, 2018 at 5:05PM
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    I think http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/ProtonJon/ should return as it shows the personalities the co-coms use when commentating. They have been noted by Jon to act differently at cons. The personalities they show here are clearly in entertainer mode. Even his cat, Bagel, is usually not that desperate for attention as Jon usually doesn't talk to himself or ignore Bagel outside streams.

    But I think http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/HoYay/TheRunawayGuys should be removed. Jon finds it really creepy, and Chugga, while playing it up (because he thinks it's what the fan base wants), has admitted to finding it creepy too. They are real people with feelings, not some fictional characters you can play with the emotions of. Some people even got mad at Jon for dating Lucah because of this which is unacceptable. Reply

      Ho Yay is an audience reaction, and creator pages (of which I think Let's Play pages qualify as) cannot get Audience Reaction subpages.

      I'm seconding a cut on principle.

      [ETA] HoYay.The Runaway Guys has 1622 inbounds. and appears on 4 pages. cutting it might not be easy due to the sheer number of inbounds.

      But the Creator Page rules allow YMMV when "...it's for one of their works that doesn't already have a page or for their general work".

      Since the Ho Yay subpage consists of examples limited to their works, how does it violate this caveat?

      Correct. If the examples are about their work, it's fine. While the moments are from the videos they made, since the subjects of these entries are (mostly) the Let's Players themselves, however, that page may need to be checked.

      I won't process the cut request just yet. Can we find something salvageable?

      Looking over the page, most of what doesn't look like it came from The Runaway Guys was actually a quote from one or more of them. I don't think there's anything that's salvageable in that page. It could use another look, however, so if anyone else could have a look, that would be appreciated.

      IIRC, LetsPlay/ is a work namespace, not a creator namespace.

      This also means Jon's character page is fair game, as it's based on the LPers' portrayal within the work.

      Okay. The character subpage should then be restored. But what about the Ho Yay subpage?

      Can some of the Ho Yay examples be transplanted to other tropes such as Funny?

      A great many of the examples are talking about the Let's Players themselves. I'm not sure if it's in regards to their portrayal or the real life people. If it's the latter, then it needs to be purged.

      That's why I'm requesting another look; I can't figure out which ones pertain to the real life person or their portrayal in the work.

      I've rarely seen a clean separation between the LP'ers and their work on wiki articles. Most tropers don't seem to be able to make the distinction.

      In which case, the page should be cut because it qualifies as gossip on real life people.
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    Is the page image for Smooch of Victory broken for anyone else? As I'm typing this, after multiple refreshes of the page, it's only showing the very top of the image an nothing else. Reply

      Works fine for me. Maybe a connection issue?

      Hm, for some reason this is happening with me as well. I have no idea why it would be the image for this one specific page. All other page images except for this one seem to be working just fine for me.

      Looks fine to me. Try clearing your browser cache?

      I can't see it either.


      This is what it looks like to me.

      Definitely looks broken

      See if it works now. I copied and reupped it.

      @The Rogue Penguin

      Works for me now!

      Very good. This issue pops up with images that have been around since before the upgrade to the new format. For some reason they get screwed up and some users can't view them properly. Clearly there's still a few hanging around.

      I'm suddenly having this same problem with the image on Turns Red.

      Try it now.
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    Mitchell 2000's first edits to this wiki were rather sloppy, with bad punctuation, inconsistent capitalization, run-ons, and what was essentially the same example written twice. After I deleted them, he sent me a somewhat snippy PM plus a bogus issue notifier, then proceeded to put all his examples back just as sloppy as before. Reply

      Oy wey. Suspended.

      Permission to delete, again?

      That's Edit War. History of the sole page they edited.

      Please do.

      Removed the sloppy examples again and left a link back to this query. Don't know if the Word of God part of the following should be restored after it was snipped:

      • This same video has received large amounts of flack for relying on fan-made timelines for his "Mario is a womanizer" supporting argument twice; the Mario franchise doesn't have a fleshed-out canonical timeline outside of the pre-Donkey Kong Country Donkey Kong games taking place two generations before DKC. This is confirmed outright by Word of God.
  • 3 Mar 8th, 2018 at 11:11AM
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    I believe I know the steps for what I'm about to ask, but want to double check before I make any plans to action.

    The page for Podcast.Tanis does not custom title properly. It shows its title in all caps (TANIS) and the Custom Title is set as such, but unless you do it in all caps when creating the wikiword, you get "Tanis" instead of "TANIS".

    If memory serves, this is caused by the page being originally created with the title in all caps. So to clear it up I need to get Podcast.TANIS cut and replace it with Podcast.Tanis. If this is correct, do I also need to cut the subpages and remake then, as well? Reply

      I'd assume so.

      Only if it occurs on the subpages. Sometimes it doesn't because they are not made at the same time and different people write the title. You need to check them all for this miscapitalisation.

      Seems like it does. I've gone through each subpages, making sure the url said "Tanis", then went to the related page, where the url becomes TANIS. Barring another way to check more reliably, seems I'll be busy when I get to this.
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    SenorCornholio made a bunch of anti-My Little Pony edits on a several Death Battle pages in light of the new episode. I'm unable to revert them for now due to a lack of reliable Internet, so I am requesting a cleanup/revert here. Reply

      Any specific clean up?

      Ymmv.Death Battle, where they called MLP a series-wide example of The Scrappy and making a plug to an MLP fanfic, among other things.


      "** Judging by the comments on Raven vs. Twilight Sparkle, quite a large number of pony haters arose as a result of the last two Death Battles involving ponies. When Twilight lost, [[We Win Because You Didn't they were more happy with that than that Raven won, and some of them outright awaited the brony tears, for lack of a better term.]]"

      "** For those of you disappointed with the outcome of Raven vs. Twilight Sparkle, be glad that the Ambiguous Ending gives a possibility of Twilight surviving her fight. There's a certain infamous fanfic where an Expy of Raven with the same name successfully kills Twilight not in the name of drama or to show how evil the character is (or in Death Battle's case, just to show who would win), but because the author hates Twilight and all that her show stands for."

      Someone else updated the former to read "** Judging by the comments on Raven vs. Twilight Sparkle, quite a large number of pony haters arose as a result of the last two Death Battles involving ponies. When Twilight lost, they were more happy with that than the fact Raven won, and some of them outright "awaited the brony tears", for lack of a better term. Even if you aren't a fan of her, it's still quite depressing."

      I deleted the Scrappy entry to include the entire MLP franchise. Didn't touch anything else though.
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    So I added an entry to the Critical Role ymmv page about one of the play characters being a Base-Breaking Character. Part of the entry mentioned the player, both positively and negatively mind you. Someone trimmed it down saying "focus on thr character not the player" and while I respect that opinion, I feel this is not right.

    Firstly since these are people playing DND characters, their performance effects how the character is going to be viewed. The character can be well set up and be badly presented if the player choses to. My entry mainly mentioned the player as a way to give context to why their performance can be a positive and negative.

    Secondly, I was balanced in what I put, and with the changes the entry does not feel right. Originlly it said this;

    So far, Beauregard is the only player character whose been polarizing to Critical Role fans. On one hand you have people who think Marisha portrays her as a fun, interesting character whose No Social Skills attitude makes her stand out compared to a lot of others, while also being fun since she's very different, and to some, more interesting then Keyleth, in addition to being a good overall fighter. On the other hand, some see her as a pretty unlikeable character due to how often Marisha makes random comments during situations, as well as how much of a Jerkass she tends to be, which combined with her No Social Skills, make Beauregard come across as just not that fun to watch interact with others. One thing people at least can agree on, is that Marisha's overall acting and skill with DND is far better then it was with Keyleth.

    Now it reads;

    Beauregard. On one hand you have people who think she's a fun, interesting character whose attitude makes her stand out compared to a lot of others and serves as an interesting contrast to Keyleth, in addition to being a good overall fighter. On the other hand, others see her as unlikeable due to her Jerkass tendencies and her No Social Skills.

    Lastly, the BBC character for the previous campaign uses Marisha's performance to talk about her previous character Keyleth. If we're not going to allow the players performance/choices to be involved, then this needs to be universal.

    Sorry for the long entry.



      Bumping again since I tried to add to it by making it more fair but the same troper removed it for the same reasons while only keeping in the slightly more expanded positive side.

      If the player is a real person that's a no-no.

      Yeah, the entry is base breaking Character. Focus on the Character

      There's at minimum three levels of "character" here.

      1. Real Life (this is the only actual person)
      2. Player (this is how they act while on camera, like Reality TV)
      3. Character (this is how they portray their in-game character, like an actor playing a role)

      I agree that it should be focusing on the character, but the way DND is as a medium means that the players choices/acting play a role in the characters personality. My point was that I was saying that for those who dislike the character, the manner at which the player is having them act is why they do not like her, not saying they hate the player.

      "How she is having the character act" is "how the character acts". So there's still no reason to talk about the person.

      Understandable then.

      Since I'm on this topic, I noticed the YMMV page for Two Best Friends Play has the group's members as BBC. Should those be removed as well for the same reason?
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    Would anyone be willing to make a page for the web series "Dragon Ball X" by Joe Capo Reply
  • 2 Feb 23rd, 2018 at 6:06PM
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    Is it okay to liveblog on the forums? I've been doing some liveblogging on a forum I made for Suikoden Tierkreis, but it has a lot of double-posting, so I don't know if it's okay or not. If it's not, I'll stop doing it. Reply
  • 1 Feb 24th, 2018 at 10:10AM
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    Lastest Reply: 24th Feb, 2018 12:02:07 PM
    I was browing the YMMV.The Nostalgia Critic page and noted an entry on applicability.

    " Applicability: Autistic fans have welcomed Critic with open arms, with Doug comparing him to similarly coded Peridot, and Home Alone 2 bringing back the cereal special interest, all the nerves from the episode resulting in a meltdown when it's mocked and getting forgiven when he stresses out over thinking he ruined it. Hyper Fangirl has her fair share of Misaimed Fandom, but her most devoted audience are neuroatypical women who relate to her struggles and want to see her get better (without Critic having to forgive her). "

    I didn't know what applicability as a trope was until I looked at the Laconic page, but it says "Word of God asks the audience to make up their own mind about the theme." which doesn't seem to fit these examples... and neither do many examples on the applicability page itself.

    "Prometheus was designed for Wild Mass Guessing. One moment of Idiot Ball could mean an hour of theorizing behind why it is so. "

    "The Day the Earth Caught Fire (1962) was made long before global warming and climate change became big issues, but is still about climate change which has been caused accidentally by technology (simultaneous nuclear tests at the north and south poles change the tilt of the Earth's axis)."

    "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is a case of confusing applicability with allegory. The connection between The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and the then-contemporary American political landscape was not even raised until 1963, when summer school teacher Henry Littlefield, while trying to teach the 1896 Presidential election and the turn-of-the-century Populist movement to bored history students, stumbled upon the idea of using the characters and events of The Wizard of Oz as metaphors to teach the concepts. He and his students made a number of connections - the Scarecrow represented the farmers, the Tin Woodman the factory workers, the Wizard was President Grover Cleveland or Republican presidential candidate William Mc Kinley, the Cowardly Lion was Democratic presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan, the silver shoes were the silver standard, the yellow brick road the gold standard, and so on - and Littlefield eventually wrote an article, "The Wizard of Oz: A Parable on Populism," which was published in the magazine American Quarterly in 1964. You can read this article here. Unfortunately, this was eventually taken to mean that Baum wrote the book as an allegory for the political landscape at the turn of the century despite the fact Littlefield believed Baum had no political agenda when he wrote the book."

    " Hans Christian Andersen's The Little Mermaid is open to many allegorical interpretations, as are its various adaptations."

    So, what is applicability and are these examples valid/applicable? Should the Laconic page be rewritten? Reply

      Here's what the description for Applicability says:

      Applicability encourages the reader to interpret what the theme of any given work is. Sometimes a reader's interpretation of the meaning of the story is very different from the authorial intent. Anvilicious works with high applicability can see alternate interpretations on part of the audience. Put another way, applicable works support multiple interpretations, only some of which are those that the author specifically intended. Applicability can give a fictional work different interpretations even on different readings, and is one reason Alternate Character Interpretation and Wild Mass Guessing are such active topics in fandoms.
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    am i allowed to have a unified memes page for the entire Object Show Community (which I think is represented by only Battle for Dream Island , Ten Words of Wisdom and Inanimate Insanity here) in Battle for Dream Island meme page? (thatís the first and main object show, as well as where most memes exist) Or do I have to split up the 1 or 2 memes of II into its own page?

    Also, am I allowed to put memes from the HTwins Central discord server into the BFDI memes page (since HTCentral is a discord server for object shows, and BFDI is the main one), TWOW (since HTCentral started as TWOW Central), or not at all? Reply

      I don't think an unified meme page is necessary, unless we are dealing with a group of works that are very closely connected to each other.
  • 2 Feb 20th, 2018 at 1:01PM
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    In Worm, there's a couple supervillain characters (Bitch and Tōng LŪng Tǎ) whose names as used by in-universe press are given differently (Hellhound and Ziggurat, respectively). Would these count as examples of Reporting Names? (If they do, do I make a Web Serial folder on Reporting Names for Worm, which would contain only the one example, or do I put it under literature?) Reply
  • 15 Feb 18th, 2018 at 9:09AM
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    Lastest Reply: 19th Feb, 2018 08:27:04 PM
    Oancitizen List is an arbitrary list and should be cut. It is just a list of works reviewed by some guy on the Internet, as opposed to an official list or published list of some sort. There is precedent for removing this content from the wiki, as seen here at the page type corrections thread, where we cut 19 lists that were similar. Reply

      Or at least could be moved to List.Brows Held High

      I'm pretty sure the List/ namespace is deprecated. There have been other articles in that namespace that have been cut in the past.

      I have never seen the web show and couldn't care less about this dude, but there is a page at TV Tropes dedicated to Brows Held High. If there's a work page devoted to the show, it does not seem to be that crazy to have an index of movies he's reviewed.

      A list like that is better off in the description of Brows Held High and without indexing.

      Well there are other such lists, not only for review shows, but for even Mystery Science Theater 3000, so this might be broad enough for a whole forum thread discussing them.

      ^ The MST3K list would also need to go. That isn't evidence that the practice is good or on mission. Moreover, there's been dozens of similar pages cut already and mods have already commented on the issue in ATT, though I can't link to the specific thread atm.

      Such content is fitting for, say, Wikipedia or a fan Wikia site.

      although MST3K is definitely more list-worthy IMO

      I've actually always felt the MST3K list is somewhat problematic, because it seems to encourage the habit of people to trope the MSTing of those movies rather than the movies themselves, which (IIRC) we don't want.

      Troping MST3K episodes should be fine as long as it is done in the right place. Which is not the original work's page, but rather in Recap.Mystery Science Theater 3000 . Also, I might add, that recap page pretty much makes a list of MST3K episodes redundant.

      It's meant to list the movies featured (which is what this thread is about), not the episodes that showed those movies.

      Listing the episodes featured is one thing, and listing works reviewed is yet another, but making that list into an index is something else entirely. It's completely arbitrary and unhelpful.

      Unless there's merit in something like Referenced by... or Shout-Out except it's more like Reviewed By. But I personally don't see the point in that.

      Someone obviously feels it is useful and helpful which is why the list was made in the first place, and why people have added to it.

      Because of precedent, I would rather wait for a mod to comment. I mean, we don't seem to be going anywhere.

      Also, fans would add to the list whether it was helpful or not. The question of helpfulness is whether the index is helpful for most readers looking for those works. Obviously, the answer to that question is no, since there's no real way of being aware of that reviewer's work unless you've already heard of them.

      I don't see value as having a List/ namespace page devoted for chronicling what works are reviewed by another work. What value is taken from the review is tropeable material, which can be covered in regular subpages, especially Recap.

      I agree. Yes, I proposed the index for the films on MST3K, but that was years ago, and like the reviewed by lists, there doesn't seem to be a real reason to connect those works.
  • 0 Feb 19th, 2018 at 6:06PM
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    On GoAnimate, it says that Alan Cook is British, but he is named after his TTS voice "Alan", an Australian English voice. Warren may use a British English male voice, but it is still confusing. Reply
  • 5 Feb 17th, 2018 at 5:05PM
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    Hello I came across a NSFW image series online, I am looking for the artist and there is no way i am browsing deviant art. Here is the image description, it is a female link who is in a raunchy adventure of her having sex and having big tits. They call her linkette and it turns out she has a son called ganon junior. I am simply looking for the artist of the porn image. I dont judge anyone so please dont make fun of me. Reply

      This is really the wrong place for this

      ...Try the forums?

      We Are Not G̶a̶m̶e̶F̶A̶Q̶s̶ Rule 34. If you're looking for porn you can try searching there.

      Yeah, this place is not the place for that kind of question. I'm pretty sure this entire site is not the place for that kind of question.

      I sincerely doubt you will find your answer here.

      I agree that probably nobody here can help you, but I would suggest reverse image search, if you still have the image in question.
  • 1 Feb 12th, 2018 at 12:12PM
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    Lastest Reply: 12th Feb, 2018 01:01:35 PM
    On Characters.The Frollo Show Villains, Umlaut is said to be voiced by Jack E. Haegar. In CarnEvil (which Umlaut originates from), Haegar is indeed listed in the voice cast... but the credits don't tell us which actors voiced which characters.

    So, whoever wrote on the Frollo Show page that Umlaut was voiced by Haegar either knows something that virtually all of CarnEvil's fanbase doesn't, or just made an assumption. What should we do? Reply

      EDIT: Please disregard this. Haeger is listed as the correct voice actor on this well documented fansite. I didn't know we knew who the voice actor was.

      I don't know how these people know it, but considering how much about the game they have uncovered, I wouldn't be surprised.
  • 2 Nov 22nd, 2017 at 10:10PM
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    Lastest Reply: 12th Feb, 2018 10:23:24 AM
    So I remember watching a vhs about a beaver and him building a damn with his tail. Itís in colour and the damn breaks and he picks up mid with his tail to fix the dam. Other cartoons like a dog in a doghouse in the rain or being caught by a dog catcher. Very earlier 90s possibly way before. Driving me insane! Reply
  • 2 Feb 5th, 2018 at 2:02PM
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    I'm making a page for the youtube show PlayStation Access, and the title is meant to read PlayStation Access. I just can't find the link to make or request custom titles. Reply
  • 1 Feb 3rd, 2018 at 8:08AM
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    Suppose someone made some videos that weren't entirely original content, but came from different works that were later put together. Would it be okay to make a page for this? Reply

      Yes, if it results in an original work in some way. Like commentary or comparison or something.

      If it's nothing but clips from other videos and doesn't do anything with that, probably not.

  • 4 Jan 31st, 2018 at 2:02PM
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    Lastest Reply: 1st Feb, 2018 12:03:41 PM
    Hi! I'm the noob in question, and I have no idea how to make a works page for Chimney Chickens, a series of animated short videos. Any Shepherds willing to teach me?

  • 1 Jan 28th, 2018 at 8:08PM
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    Lastest Reply: 28th Jan, 2018 09:03:32 PM
    Not sure whether it was intentional or not, but a recent edit removed a good half of the page. Can it be reverted? Reply
  • 4 Jan 25th, 2018 at 3:03PM
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    Lastest Reply: 26th Jan, 2018 04:53:37 AM
    Digibro's page lists under Acceptable Targets several shows that he has lambasted in his videos. I feel that this is an abuse of the trope; it refers to subjects that are safe to mock because the audience is assumed to agree. But Digibro knows plenty of viewers disagree and his entire purpose is to explain why he thinks they're bad. They are not "acceptable" targets, they're his targets. (Also, it's YMMV, but it's objective that he dislikes them.)

    I know the treatment of semi-fictional online personas such as Digibro is a thorny issue on this wiki, but deleting these as misuse seems tome straightforward. Reply

      Might it be some play of Acceptable Targets? Maybe Exploit?

      By the trope's definition, that's misuse. It's not about what one person considers Acceptable Targets.

      To quote another Youtuber about Sword Art Online:

      "By now it's no secret that Sword Art Online is terrible. It is so terrible that the fact that 'The Fact That It's Terrible is a Meme' is a meme."

      Not trying to argue for either side here, but my general impression of SAO (as someone who's never watched the show) is that it's pretty well established as being terrible, but still popular.

      Funny thing about work name emphasis...

      Since Digibro refers to the persona, it doesn't receive any emphasis. A Youtube channel or secondary blog by that name would be written in italics, but not the personality. A single episode would be put "in quotes".
  • 10 Jan 24th, 2018 at 12:12PM
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    Lastest Reply: 25th Jan, 2018 10:27:31 AM
    Why was the page deleted? Reply

      You can't trope real people.

      Then why are there YMMV pages for Jontron, PewDiePie, etc...?

      Because no one has deleted them yet?

      Those aren't Creator/ pages. They're about those people's works.

      It isn't necessarily troping RL people.

      Also, the Creator.The King Of Hate page should be moved to the proper namespace. I'm pretty sure there was already a discussion here about that page being moved to the Web Video namespace.

      Maybe those pages aren't about the people themselves but about their work.

      And if they're not, then they should be.

      There was another ATT thread where The King of Hate was discussed. It was determined there that some creator pages should probably be migrated to Web Video namespace to allow YMMV subpages.

      It's been PRLC'd too.

      There was some serious complaining and ROCEJ problems with that page in the first place. Real nasty stuff.

      @Candi That's exactly what I was thinking!
  • 1 Jan 22nd, 2018 at 5:05AM
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    Lastest Reply: 22nd Jan, 2018 06:15:35 AM
    I don't know if this is the right place to ask this; however, I want to know if there is anyone working on an entry for Peter Knetter? If there isn't, I regret to say that I wouldn't be able to work on any pages until the summer. I only ask because you have an entry on him in the Funny/YTP section, and nothing else. Edit: I think it would be better if someone else did this. Besides the fact that I am not going to be on here often until summer, I am also a noob when it comes to creating pages. Sorry to put that on anyone, but... Well, yeah. Reply

      You could use the Sandbox namespace. Pages there are assumed to be under construction, so you could work on it whenever you have a couple minutes and net access. Since they're open to anyone's edits, others could work on the page too if so inclined.

      One of these will do:

      Sandbox.Peter Knetter

      Sandbox.Reynard Thirteen