• 2 Nov 8th, 2017 at 9:09PM
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    Lastest Reply: 9th Nov, 2017 05:53:18 AM
    This is the first time I'm gonna hard split a page, and the Administrivia says that I need mod assistance for this. The Characters page for Hunger Games Simulation has gotten so long that there's already a warning. How do we split this? Reply

      Hard splits don't normally need direct mod help. The procedure is roughly as follows:
      1. Decide on the scheme for your split, such as Hunger Games Simulation A To J and Hunger Games Simulation K To Z.
      2. Make the new articles, copying in the appropriate chunks from the original. Request custom titles if appropriate.
      3. Change the original article into an index to these new subpages.

      Oh, I get it now. Thanks.
  • 2 Nov 6th, 2017 at 4:04AM
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    Lastest Reply: 6th Nov, 2017 05:24:44 AM
    The [[Web Video/Ahoy]] page is quite lacking. No tropes or anything. Considering how good the Iconic Arms series is, I'm sure some fans could help me out here. Reply
  • 1 Nov 5th, 2017 at 2:02AM
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    Lastest Reply: 5th Nov, 2017 02:36:43 AM
    So I happened to look at the RWBY funny page, and I almost immediately noticed that something was missing. I checked the history page and sure enough, 2 different entries under the 'other' folder was deleted without any reason provided, the date being the 28th of October by one customstone. Incidentally, both entries happens to be related to the character, Yang Xiao Long.

    I obviously don't know his reasons for deleting them, but I wanted to hear if it was alright I added them back until further notice? Reply
  • 9 Oct 28th, 2017 at 8:08AM
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    Lastest Reply: 31st Oct, 2017 05:58:32 AM
    YMMV.MLP Analysis entry for "The Scrappy" is extremely bloated, containing a lot more interpersonal drama than anything regarding the creators works. Particularly accusations of off-screen abuse from parents/friends/community members, linking random drama videos. It is clear that the section is being used as message board more than anything.

    Also it seems a few people are determined to fill the page with entries that have been removed from the specific creators page for troping real people. Reply

      Can you link to the page you're talking about? If MLP = my little pony, it's not clear which MLP work you mean.

      They are talking about the endless list of bullet points that is the The Scrappy entry on YMMV.MLP Analysis.

      What the... these are real people being described as The Scrappy, which I'm pretty sure is 100% not allowed. These should be cut immediately.

      Should that also apply to "Rescued from the Scrappy Heap"?

      Real life people are not troped here. Nuke all such examples into oblivion.

      Taking this into account, I wonder if The Woobie entries on this same page are kosher either. They seem heavily based on real-life events too.

      Nuke the real life entries.

      Flaming Samurai is trying to worm deleted entries back onto the page, and other subpages as well. Rather aggressively too.

      Suspended that user.
  • 1 Oct 26th, 2017 at 4:04PM
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    I doubt this is a question, but I did have a suggestion for one more trope to be added to this series. I am thinking about the trope "The Reason You Suck Speech" especially in this scene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9OmzP2hxj8&t=883s this is where Majora starts reminding Link of all of the crazy things he has done and why he ended up the way he did. Reply

      1: Is there even a page for this?

      2: If there is, can't you add it yourself?
  • 3 Oct 17th, 2017 at 8:08PM
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    Lastest Reply: 18th Oct, 2017 07:28:42 PM
    The latter seems to be redundant. Reply

      It might just be from the history of TV Tropes. Remember that we used to just group all new media stuff from the Internet into "Web Original," but the outside-TV Tropes word would be "New Media." Probably not really worth it to change every folder that says WO to be NM etc.

      It was decided long ago that "New Media" is to be avoided, precisely because its distinction with Web Original isn't clear enough.

      In a trope page, most New Media stuff is split between "Web Original" and "Fan Works", depending whether it's indeed original work or fan work. "Web Animation" and "Web Comics" have their own folders.

      Then The Problem with Pen Island needs a folder fix. It has a whopper of a New Media folder.
  • 8 Oct 18th, 2017 at 5:05AM
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    Lastest Reply: 18th Oct, 2017 02:56:44 PM
    I don't have any problems with this, though from its edit history, the page has been edited many times by the same troper, who runs the YouTube channel and who created it.

    Does "The Fic Maybe Yours But The Trope Page Is Ours" also apply to tropers who have their own YouTube channels? Reply

      Yes. It's their work, so they have the same restrictions as fictional writers. If the author follows the guidelines, then there's no harm in that page.

      What Berrenta said. Is there a specific reason this query was asked.

      Nothing at the moment.

      Well, if Kitchen90 is the creator, we have issues because he made the YMMV subpages.

      Plus lots of ZCEs, I'll send a notifier on that.

      Yeah, all of the content on the YMMV page was added by Kitchen90 personally. One other editor modified the page, but edited a second time to remove their own addition.

      Edit: Every edit on the funny sub-page is also from the creator.

      Which would mean that removing the edits would entail page blanking. Should those pages be cutlisted, instead?

      Cutlist them and message the author.

      I've put them both on the cutlist. I'd send a notifier, but I don't believe we have a pre-made one that covers this.

      Edit: Sent a PM to the user with a link to this thread.
  • 4 Oct 15th, 2017 at 6:06PM
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    Lastest Reply: 16th Oct, 2017 05:25:46 AM
    This is really part question, part shameless shilling. I have started a fictional horror mystery blog called the-cryptic.com, and I was wondering...is there a specific forum I can post a recommendation of a personal work so it can find an audience with tropers? Reply

      We explicitly do not allow self-recommendations on the wiki, because we're a site for fans to share things they like, not for creators to promote their works. That said, in the media section of the forums, we allow people to post about their own work so long as it takes the form of a discussion and not a solicitation.

      In other words, post here to talk about your work, not attract readers. If you work is interesting, that'll come naturally.

      You can create a page for it. Just remember the page belongs to the wiki, and creators don't get to add YMMV tropes.

      Edit: ninja'd while sidetracked

      @Fighteer, would asking for tips be acceptable? I don't want to do anything against the community rules, but I would love to hear some feedback.

      There is a section of the forums called Writer's Block that is expressly designed for authors to solicit feedback and criticism for their works.
  • 3 Oct 13th, 2017 at 4:04PM
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    Lastest Reply: 13th Oct, 2017 09:47:28 PM
    I don't know where to put this entry, so I'll place it in ATT. But seriously, should there be an article on Manuel Bartual's story?? I bet it would fit in "Web Original". Reply

      The WebOriginal/ namespace is (for the most part) deprecated. And given that it's a bunch of tweets, I don't think it's a work.

      if its a fictional story publicly accessible it can have a work page, regardless of the medium or website it was published on. Web Original sounds about right to me, possibly Literature since its technically a short story

      Yeah, web original could work: that's where ''17776" ended up because it fit there better than literature.
  • 3 Oct 11th, 2017 at 1:01PM
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    Lastest Reply: 12th Oct, 2017 10:49:32 AM
    Dravencour changed all spellings of "Freeza" to "Frieza" in Characters.Dragon Ball Z Abridged Movies. His name is officially spelled "Freeza" in this series, a point stressed multiple times. There are far too many examples for me to correct myself, can a mod please revert the changes? Reply

      Reverted. Better send them a PM so they don't do it again.

      It's important to stress that the translation policy only applies to derivative works if there is no other option. DBZ Abridged is a derivative work and spells it "Freeza", so pages for DBZ Abridged should spell it "Freeza".

      (This is why we need a better page for our translation policy...)

      It's made explicit in abridged as well.

      "Are you 'Fri-eza'?"

      "It is pronounced 'Freeza'."

      "Then why is there an I in it?"

      "There isn't!"
  • 3 Oct 9th, 2017 at 8:08AM
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    Lastest Reply: 10th Oct, 2017 06:46:50 AM
    I've seen tropes page done for fan-related works such as Tsuki Desu, the Grojband Demon Spawn fan fiction series, and other stuff. Does someone find these and recommend it to you guys or is it a random choice? Reply

      There Is No Such Thing as Notability. Anyone can add a page for a fan work if they can find enough tropes for it.

      In my case, the pages I've added for fanworks have come about the same way as the pages I've added for professionally published works: I read something or watched something and thought "I wonder if there's a TV Tropes page for this?" and then "Well, there should be".

      Works Pages Are a Free Launch

      How to Create a Works Page

      A good solid description and three tropes with full examples are the minimum you need. Hope this helps. :)
  • 0 Oct 8th, 2017 at 10:10AM
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    I have an entry I want to add to In Spite of a Nail but I wasn't sure it counted, due to having a bit of an Entry Pimp habit when it's a series I like a lot, so I'm trying to get it vetted. I haven't had any luck in Trope Talk, either with the Is This an Example Thread or a dedicated thread on the matter, so I thought I'd try here.

    I've only gotten one response on the matter, from Fighteer, who said that the two worlds/timelines involved seemed to different than was normally allowed under the trope. The question I've been pondering since is, isn't that the point? My understanding of the trope is that despite the differences involved between two universes or real life and the fictional setting, certain significant events still occur more or less the same? I've gone through a few versions, but this is the most recent version of the entry.

    Any and all help is appreciated.

    • In the Red Panda Adventures episode "The World Next Door" and its Sequel Episode, "A Dish Best Served Cold" a time traveler from an Alternate Timeline's World War II named Baboon McSmoothie convinces the Depression era Red Panda to help him steal the prototype of an invention that would one day become a major part of the Nazi war effort by offering him the case file of a Villain Team-Up that killed his Red Panda's Flying Squirrel. It's noted in-universe that there are enough differences between the two worlds, such as the Red Panda's costume being different, the alternate Flying Squirrel being a teenage boy instead of an adult woman, and three out of five members of the Villain Team-Up being either Gender Flipped or having different identities entirely, that neither the Red Panda nor McSmoothie are sure how much, if any, of the file's information will be relevant. Despite these differences, the conference the prototype was to be displayed at, the Villain Team-Up, and eventually World War II itself, all occur across both timelines. The conference in particular is part of the reason the main universe was picked for McSmoothie's heist in the first place, besides avoiding a Temporal Paradox.
  • 4 Oct 4th, 2017 at 12:12PM
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    Exploding TNT is one of the "millions-subscribers-popular" personalities on YouTube, And yet, the only person to attempt creating a proper "Web Video/Exploding TNT" article left it a poorly formatted stub with no examples, leading to its deletion. I implore you to respond: it safe to re-create this page? Reply

      Huh. Whoever cut it didn't cut the characters page.

      But anyway, if you're prepared to make a proper page that's up to our standards, go right ahead.

      If you want to recreate it, please format it correctly, get an original description and three tropes with content. How to Create a Works Page may also help.

      Got kinda ninja'd.

      Oh, and that characters page is nothing but empty folders. That will need to be filled out or die.

      As of posting time, I had recently added the folders because the Characters page was even more' deletion-worthy, only containing "Pink Sheep", which wasn't even a folder! Tell any Exploding TNT and TV Tropes fans to feel free to fill in the Characters folders. :)
  • 9 Oct 1st, 2017 at 9:09AM
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    Lastest Reply: 3rd Oct, 2017 06:26:57 AM
    With Twitter now doubled their character count to some users (I havn't have that yet as of 2017/10/01), as I was editing the page to tweak out the recent edit from a user named reterusu, I left out this part out of reluctance to remove it and had to consult to you guys about it first:

    I think it's more of a Broken Base than a metaphorical shark jump for having 280 characters, (I myself kinda like that idea. 280 is more than enough to add more tags.) but I'll let you think about it more. I intentionally left that sentence because I thought to myself that removing that might start a potential Edit War.

    EDIT: Changed some instances of "this troper" to "I to avoid confusion.

    EDIT 2: I wasn't being clear here. My bad. The 'this troper' to 'I' edit" was for this thread only.


      > This troper

      Here we go again...

      Topic creator.You dont get it. Neither this troper or I go on articles.

      Twitter is not creative media. Our article on it should at most describe what it is and does, but the reactions of its user base to its structural changes are completely out of scope for our wiki.

      You could also bring up Website.Twitter to the websites clean-up thread here. I agree with Fighteer that it is not itself a tropeable work, but if you're a fan of Twitter you could bring it there and defend it (as a work, as a Useful Note, or whatever) in discussion.

      What I mean was that the recent edit on the page. The last edit before mine felt too complain-y about the 280 character count, and I was reluctant to edit that so I had to ask first on ATT before editing. UPDATE: Someone else fixed it be removing the latter one.

      The edit for the "this troper" to "I" part was for this thread only.

      "This troper" has been banned from the wiki. Everywhere. No exceptions. If you see it, it's because it hasn't been cleaned up yet.

      Okay. Noted. I will always use "I" instead of that certain third person phrase that must not be named.

      Can we close this thread now? I think the thing on Twitter has been resolved.

      Oh Lord. Okay. Let me rephrase that. First-person has been banned from the wiki. No ifs, ands, or buts. Don't use "I". Don't use "this troper". Don't use first person at all. Anywhere.

      I don't see what's so hard about this. The use of the phrase "This Troper" was being used as a substitute for the common noun "I" within this thread.

      (at least I'm extrapolating that based on the edit notes and comments left by the original poster)
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    So I produce this show on YouTube (it's in French, but I'm working on English subtitles, less than halfway done as of today), where I basically explain Tropes to a french audience, and of course, TV Tropes is the basis for most of my work. I've been a long time TV Tropes user, from afar, but never created an account. I just thought now that it would be nice if I could create a page for my show, seeing as how it would never have existed without TV Tropes. Problem is : I have NO idea how to do that. Could someone explain to me how to create a page for a media ? Reply

      This will give you the basic steps to get started: How to Create a Works Page

      Since it's for a work you've created, however, I advise you be mindful of this section:

      "Can I make a page for a work that I created?

      Yeah, sure, go ahead. You're allowed to trope your own works. Just make sure you understand that once the page is out there, you won't have any control or ownership over it - anyone is allowed to edit it, and any editor will have the same rights and privileges as you. This is why it's a bad idea to make Word of God statements for your own work on its wiki page. You are also not allowed to create or add items to a YMMV subpage or related subpages, and you may not review your own work or add recommendations for your own work."

      See How to Create a Works Page.

      Thanks very much, No Word of God (and I think I'll try to ask the English speakers in my subscriber base to fill it in, instead of doing it myself) and no YMMV !

      We have a French version of the site, too, that you can probably take advantage of. The namespace is "Fr/"
  • 2 Sep 26th, 2017 at 3:03PM
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    Lastest Reply: 27th Sep, 2017 08:09:02 AM
    I seem to remember there being a thread for cleaning up Web Original series that drifted into troping Real Life. I can't seem to find that thread though. Anyone got a link to it? Reply
  • 3 Sep 17th, 2017 at 6:06PM
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    Lastest Reply: 18th Sep, 2017 05:39:45 AM
    After reviewing the page http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Funny/ProtonJonLivestreams , I noticed that the Fortune Cookie streams folder has become colossal in scope, eclipsing most of the rest of the page. At one point should we consider moving Fortune Cookie moments to their own page? Reply

      The page is definitely long enough for a split.

      As someone who has made some contributions to that page, this might warrant a split sometime down the line.

      There's no too-long warning yet, but there might be in the future.

      It could break the folder markup, though, so maybe split it into two folders within the page.
  • 6 Sep 14th, 2017 at 3:03PM
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    Lastest Reply: 16th Sep, 2017 09:00:23 AM
    DC Superhero Girls is getting a tv show next year. So, should what should it be classified under? Web Animation as it currently is, Western Animation, or Franchise? Reply

      I think we're going to need a Franchise page for this, with a separate page for the TV show, etc.

      Per Administrivia.Namespace, Franchise is out. The requirement is "at least three work pages in different namespaces." Web animation and Western Animation only makes two.

      If the TV show is sufficiently different from the web series, it could merit its own pace in Western Animation. Migration of the current stuff to Western could work, too. But until the show actually premiers next year there is no reason to move anything at all

      ^ Actually, right now it exists in two namespaces, Toy/ and Web Animation/. When the Western Animation/ page launches, it will qualify for Franchise/.

      That said, I'd hold off until, say, it gets some spin-offs with different titles. As-is, every single work page is already accessible via the page tabs so a hub page connecting them would be entirely redundant.

      Why not make western animation one a redirect for now?

      Does the Western Animation version of the series even exist yet? I got the impression it was in the works but nowhere near premiering. Seems premature in that case for just a redirect.

      Drac: that's exactly what it is.
  • 1 Sep 14th, 2017 at 4:04PM
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    Lastest Reply: 14th Sep, 2017 04:55:20 PM
    I used to watch a vampire web series on youtube (this is back in the twilight obsession days) by a channel or company that had their own website. I actually entered a vampire video contest of theirs back in the day. I think the channel/website starts with a T. I cannot remember the name of the series or channel yet I wanted to reminisce a bit. Does anyone has any ideas about what I could be talking about? The series has to be 2007-2009 range. Reply
  • 2 Sep 12th, 2017 at 7:07PM
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    Lastest Reply: 13th Sep, 2017 12:54:25 AM
    I'm making a video series where countries of the world fight each other, form empires and alliances, collapse, etc. as in this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4RzAqhAlYI

    What ratio of countries should be focused on and actually affect the story? Each country is a character - I'm not focusing on individual people. Reply

      I think I misunderstood the purpose of ask the tropers.

      Writer's Block should have a topic that could help you with this question.
  • 1 Sep 9th, 2017 at 5:05PM
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    Lastest Reply: 9th Sep, 2017 07:03:16 PM
    On the So Bad, It's Horrible sub-page for Fan Fims, some of the entries listed include fan films that no longer exist. They were taken offline at some point and no one bothered to upload a mirror link. In a situation where there's no copies or reviews, should we still list deleted Fan Films out of posterity? Reply

      Honestly, for a page like SBIH, I don't think it's really necessary.
  • 2 Sep 7th, 2017 at 11:11PM
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    Lastest Reply: 8th Sep, 2017 05:23:41 AM
    Seems the page has tropes about Answers and other features and nothing more. Nothing about a little bit of history other than it was acquired by Verizon this year.

    EDIT: The Verizon part is the only thing I knew of, and that's the one I added. Reply

      If you feel that the page is missing some information you can always add it yourself.

      Wait, it's about the company? Shouldn't it be Useful Notes?

      Kind of surprised the work from home rescind isn't on there.
  • 3 Sep 5th, 2017 at 2:02PM
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    Lastest Reply: 5th Sep, 2017 04:25:49 PM
    It looks like Stxclusive Pretty Little Liars is set as an index. I'm not sure if that's something I can fix, or if it needs a mod? Reply

      Look for [index] tags on it and remove them. Then you'll need to make sure the page type is set correctly, and null-edit the page again to remove any indexing.

      Removed the tag. Not sure what you meant about setting the page type.

      The stuff under the Page Info menu on the right. Scroll down a bit, perhaps.

      It's not an index, anyway. Just checked.
  • 6 Sep 3rd, 2017 at 1:01PM
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    Lastest Reply: 4th Sep, 2017 05:45:28 AM
    Hi guys, I have a little suggestion to make. I would like to restore the so bad it's horrible sub-page off from the Permanent Red Link Club with an additional rule; if anyone tries to make an edit war again, they will be banned up to 1 or 3 and a half weeks. No buts or ifs. Reply

      I don't think it should be restored, even with that new rule.

      Those pages added nothing of value, and were just a place for people to drip bile about things they don't like. They served no legitimate purpose then, they don't now, and they never will at any point in the future.

      Whine about what you hate elsewhere.

      We already suspend for edit wars. Wagging our finger and going "We really mean it this time!" isn't likely to make a difference.

      Banning is never about length of time here; it's about whether the perpetrator can be trusted to not repeat the problematic behavior.

      The deal with that page is there was so much trouble from so many people that that page got permanently removed and locked. Same thing has happened to other pages that were so out of control even a standard lock wasn't sufficient.

      When it reaches that point -it's not coming back.

      When a page is sent to the Permanent Red Link Club, it's not coming back. Also, we don't do definite time bans here.

      Request denied.

      To be fair, that page was listed on PRLC back when everybody could arbitrarily list pages there.

      That said, the Horrible.Web Original page was the source of disproportionate issues with drama importation. So I'd say no as welll.
  • 2 Aug 30th, 2017 at 1:01PM
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    Lastest Reply: 30th Aug, 2017 03:38:25 PM
    The GameFAQs page looks more like Useful Notes page, and there are no trope examples listed. Why is that? Also, should the page be a Useful Notes page if there are no examples? Reply

      You could make a thread on the Trope Repair Shop and suggest it be made into a useful notes page.

      GameFAQs isn't really a narrative work, so it would make more sense as a Useful Notes page anyway.

      We have a dedicated clean-up thread for Website/ pages. link