• 4 Mar 20th, 2017 at 8:08PM
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    Cutiesofly replaced a bunch of legitimate tropes with tropes that don't even exist on Characters.Vinesauce, under the pretense that they were "In accurate information." Reply

      Well, that could be considered vandalism, but I don't know.

      None of the tropes ring a bell to me.

      Someone should talk to Cutiesofly.

      Looks like flamemario12 reverted the damage. And yeah, none of those were tropes.

      Cutie is either a troll or doesn't understand how these things work on this site. Needs a PM, might need a shoulder tap.


      Someone will have to still restore the content that was replaced. I know absolutely nothing about Vinesauce, so I can't say if those examples were justifiably removed or not.
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    Can't Find Page that I created in Google or this website's search engine but it does exist?


    Why doesn't my page show up when searched? Reply

      Because pages aren't automatically searchable as soon as they're made.

      I don't know what the usual timespan is but I'm pretty sure it's more than a few days.

      Thanks for the response, I think I'll check again in a few days.
  • 5 Mar 16th, 2017 at 6:06AM
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    Later today or tomorrow I'm planning to take some time to do a write up for a page on a new podcast, RABBITS. The issue I have is that the title is presented in all caps. That in mind, should the wikiword be in all caps also (Podcast.RABBITS) or done normally (Podcast.Rabbits) and custom titled? I think there's been issues before in this scenario and I wanted to have it clear beforehand.

    Thanks. Reply

      Technically, I don't think there's a difference as far as the software is concerned. Main.Harry Pot Ter takes you to the same place as Main.Harry Potter. I would make the page the normal way and custom title it to have the all-caps just to stay consistent in case something in the software changes down the line.

      Do it normally and ask for a custom title. If you make the page with the name in all-caps, everyone who tries to wick it will have to remember that it has to be all-caps to link correctly.

      That was my area of concern, because there's also RABBITS' sister show, Tanis, and its wiki word is in all caps.

      Incidentally, I took the liberty of requesting the all caps wikiword for TANIS now that's been answered.

      I made the custom wikiword for Series.MASH work by using all-caps: M*A*S*H

      Internally, the article title is stored in exactly the same case that was used to create it. When you create wicks to it, however, the case of the wick determines how the article is displayed, unless there's a custom title.
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    (Why do the RWBY pages get so much attention here?)

    Skybrigadier, the author of The Reactsverse, recommended Weiss Reacts (the verse's first entry) on RWBY's Fanfic Recs page.

    I've removed it from the page, under the assumption that any following recommendations are in reaction (heh) to the illicit self-rec. Allowing Weiss Reacts to stay on the page despite initially being self-recced would set a very bad precedent for fanfic recs pages. Reply

      That reminds me, until I removed it a few months back, FanficRecs.Steven Universe had this on its page right from its conception:

      "Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here."

      ^I think that message should be changed so that any references to a person reccing their own fic are removed.

      "Feel free to add a fanfic you like to the list, but remember to use the template found here."

      "Fanfic of your own" could have been phrased better, yeah...

      This is the current version, by the way:

      "These are recommendations made by Tropers for Steven Universe fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. When you recommend a fic, don't forget to use the template found here."
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    Okay I know that pages in need of such go into Needs Wiki Magic Love, and I'm planning to place Hanazüki: Full of Treasures for reasons regarding incompleteness. With that said I've a few questions regarding the process.

    • Should I list the show in the subpages of NWML if it has specific problems as well as listing it on the pages, or am I suppose to just list the show there and mention everything it needs help with.
    • One of the problems is recap pages, Mainly that most of the episodes haven't got a page yet (and one of the two that did lacks a trope list. I want to know if okay to mention that when listing Hanazuki in Needs Wiki Magic Love.
  • 2 Feb 28th, 2017 at 10:10AM
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    How can i get my fanfiction analyzed on TV Tropes? Reply

      Typically, you don't. If people like it enough, it'll happen naturally, but asking here generally accomplishes nothing.

      I thought we had a forum thread for this kind of thing.

  • 5 Feb 22nd, 2017 at 11:11PM
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    I still think a YMMV page on William Grubb is fine on the site, as many of the other brony reviewers have their own YMMV pages. Reply

      That is not a question.

      Snark aside, YMMV for creators themselves are not allowed, the page can only be used for YMMV about their work. If those others pages are not like that, they should be removed or fixed and not used as an example of what is acceptable on this site.

      Not sure what a "brony reviewer" is, but the rules apply equally to all creators. YMMV cannot apply to them, only to their work.

      I'm talking about these pages. How come these get a free pass? http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/YMMV/LilyPeet http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/YMMV/JoshScorcher

      Good question. Some of them are about their work, some are about them, and the problem is that, as their work is about RL topics, it's hard to separate them.

      For future reference, A brony review likely refers to people who review MLP:FIM episodes.
  • 3 Feb 22nd, 2017 at 1:01PM
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    Tropers.Orion Pax 09 added this on YMMV.Death Battle:

    • Men Are the Expendable Gender: Some viewers have excused the Death Battle team of deliberately skewing the results of matches that pit males against females such as Gaara vs Toph, Tracer vs Scout, and Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake. Intentionally setting up male combatants to lose.

    Not only is this trope not YMMV, but it's also a repeat of the "Death Battle is sexist" edits that got a user banned before. Reply

      Is there an overlap between that banned user and Tropers.Orion Pax 09?

      Deleted it, sent a rudeness notifier. Which user was a problem before? There's no obvious match for any other banned account.

      It doesn't seem like it. I was just mentioning the ban.

      In case you were wondering, the troper who was actually suspended (my bad) was Tropers.vh1660924. Again, there doesn't seem to be any correlation between the two.
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    Where should one index the character page of a Journal Roleplay? I've seen some people put them on Characters.Play By Post Games, but since according the descriptions Play-by-Post Games and Journal Roleplays are different enough to warrant different tropes and indexes is that a good solution? I'd consider making a separate index page myself, but I don't know how to do so/if it would have to go through the Trope Launch Pad. Reply
  • 13 Feb 16th, 2017 at 7:07PM
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    http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/article_history.php?article=YMMV.PewDiePie is kinda a mess. Reply

      Looks like a permalock is imminent. Sigh... G.I.F.T. is just lovely, innit?

      Frankly, I see only a couple of arguments about this recent "rape" thingy? Nothing that flags the whole page as lock-worthy.

      [up] The most recent edits to the page are pretty bad.

      Not a PewDiePie watcher, etc., but he did recently lose contracts for making antisemitic remarks (both are weblinked articles on the subject for reference - one of them is from Forbes, which probably says something about the significance of this). The incident in general is pretty recent, but thought I'd at least provide some extra context to go with the potential concerns.

      The state of the page isn't too bad so far. Some recent back and forths yes, but no large scale edit war yet. Depends on whether or not we want to trope the recent controversy and how much it has to do with the body of work.

      I only see a few edits, and the most recent ones from after Disney/Maker announced they were dropping him don't look lock-worthy to me.

      The one stickler is the most recent edit that got removed in a reedit. Keep an eye on that in the event of an Edit War.


      and http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/article_history.php?article=Trivia.PewDiePie

      have gotten strange too.

      Um, wouldn't troping the controversy fall under Real Life troping?

      Yes. Please remove any examples having to do with RL controversies about a creator or their work. We are not interested.

      Yeesh, the last few edits are getting rather heated; while no out and out personal attacks that I can see at a glance, there is a definite edge of annoyance with other tropers in the edit reasons. Mods may need to intervene with a note that we're very much not interested in troping the controversy of the hour, and/or lock the page

      Eh, one mention of Overshadowed by Controversy should suffice.

      It would appear that salvadorfranz is editing with something of an agenda (removing anything negative about PDP regarding the controversy and adding in claims of unanimous support).

      ^ I noticed that on the Awesome page as well.
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    I wrote a fanfiction that's fairly popular on the site it's on, but until fairly recently, I have refrained from making a page about it because I felt like if/when it would be added, it would be added by someone not involved when it finally earned enough recognition to warrant it.

    Well, now it inspired a much more popular audio drama that's on YouTube that I'm taking a much less active role in, and I feel now it warrants a page, especially since a related audio drama by a lot of the same crew has a page of its own.

    I wasn't able to find a rule about it, so that's why I'm here. If there is such a rule, I'll go with it, but I thought I'd ask. Reply

      You can create a page for your own work, but you're limited to objective tropes found in the work. You only aren't allowed to add or remove YMMV and Trivia items, though you should be able to edit or remove stuff that's factually incorrect.

      The trivia thing is up in the air actually because one mod says they 'strongly discourage it" and another says there's no rule against adding objective trivia tropes as long as you're not invoking your own Word of God for stuff that can't be verified/sourced from the published work itself.

      Yeah, there is no requirement. I created a page for my work, and I have... about 4 readers. But the page is there, so hopefully someone will care enough someday ^_^

      What about YMMV's from your readers' opinions, such as reviews (examples: The Scrappy, Values Dissonance, Ensemble Darkhorse, etc.)?

      No is no. Lets readers add it.

      Editing your own YMMV pages is unanimously off-limits, no dissent on that one because it could easily turn into gushing about your work with positive audience reaction YMMV tropes.

      ^ The main reason is actually that authors aren't qualified to judge audience reactions. They're likely to list the reactions they were trying to get instead of the ones the audience actually had.

      But yeah, claiming positive reactions the audience didn't actually have is a problem too. :)

      The only permissible creator YMMV edits are transferring misplaced trope examples.

      And grammatical/proofreading edits (you can edit words that are misspelled, bad Example Indentation, anything to improve the quality of the page without determining content).
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    Kaiser Neko (Yes that same guy who directed Dragon Ball Z Abridged) deleted a moment on DethroningMoment.Team Four Star regarding the moment between Goku and Chi Chi due to a having a different opinion whether it's rape or not which As You Know, doesn't break the rules of the DMOS. Should it be brought back, I mean it's their own opinion. Reply

      Reverted and sent an issue notifier.

      Ironically, it could be pulled for having more than one moment... The entry specifically says that the follow up episode is even worse, despite the claim that the moment is in the first episode.

      Is it just me, or is it REALLY bad form for creators to try and police people's opinions of their works as listed on YMMV pages like this?

      There needs to be a major announcement clarifying the "the work is yours, but the page is ours" rule.

      Kaiser Neko can debate with Catmuto and convince them to remove the entry, either by PM or discussion. That is an option if he wants the DMOS entry removed.

      It's not just bad form, it's explicitly against the rules.

      Sorry, I was just having a bit of trouble grasping the full rules of how everything works around here. As all of this is based on opinions, I have no place trying to erase or correct people's posts. It's just getting frustrating for me because we never wrote the joke to be a rape joke, and people flat out stating otherwise and acting like we were trying to make up for it later is getting frustrating. Sorry about this, regardless, I don't want to censor anyone's opinions. It won't happen again.

      Sorry personally to Catmuto.

      I think we need to have a serious announcement hammering that home because not only was there the infamous JesuOtaku incident (where she encouraged and engaged in page vandalism over some people pointing unfortunate implications in her works) but I noticed Lily Peet was stalking her pages and had made some pretty massive edits to one of them of a political nature before the lock. Now this.

      Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped

      ^^Good. Be aware that you can edit your page to correct FACTUAL errors, but you're not allowed to touch YMMV tropes or start edit wars or control the page via abusing your own Word of God

      Gotcha. Again, apologies for this. I don't want to tear down anybody's opinions or censor their speech on public forums.

      Kaiser Neko, going through your edit history, I'm finding some issues with your edits. Back in September, you removed a YMMV sub-entry without an edit reason. I'm also noticing a lot of your edits being on YMMV subpages for TFS works (which include awesome, funny, heartwarming, and Nightmare Fuel pages).

      It should be noted that creators are actually not allowed to add entries to YMMV pages (including Awesome Moments, Funny Moments, Heartwarming, and Nightmare Fuel pages). You can fix certain issues like grammar and indentation, but that's about it.

      99% of the edits I've made have been to fix grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. However, if that edit I made in September was unacceptable, then I'll accept that and apologize again. If I've been acting out of line, I accept being called on it and will either adjust my behavior or leave. Just tell me.

      I don't think I've ever actually added a YMMV entry, though.
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    I noticed someone last December had added the YouTube Mother's Basement to the Bias Steamroller page and I'm confused because while him being on there isn't bad since it's just an opinion, the example is very biased towards saying he's being unreasonable on his dislike of SAO. I thought the page, since it wasn't a No Examples, Please needed a fair writing for the example? The other examples on the page are more neutral in how they discuss the example but the one for him is, no pun intended, biased. Reply


      The example doesn't come off as bashing him to me. I've never watched his videos so I don't know how factually accurate it is. If he made three whole videos just to bash SAO that does suggest he's pretty open about his bias.

      According to the Bias Steamroller description, it's supposed to be "critic doesn't like [genre], therefore they don't like [work] for not other than that it is an example of [genre]." The Mother's Basement example is just one of many on that page that skip all that in favor of "critic doesn't like thing I like therefore they are teh bias." Honestly, looking over it, the whole page might be TRS-worthy; it's a real complaining magnet.

      I think TRS might be a better idea than just editing it. The other problem with the entry is that people do like his videos, his views and likes are a good indicator. The editor seems to be a Single-Issue Wonk, especially since he's not the first person to make videos discussing SAO.

      High Crate: a genre isn't the only thing that can cause a bias steamroller. If a critic is biased (either way, incidentally, positively as well as negatively counts) about something or someone (a genre, a director or author or performer or artist, a company, a plot, a style, whatever) and allows that bias to affect their reviews, it's a bias steamroller.

      The neutrality we're looking for on that page is a statement of fact about what the bias is, avoiding opinions about whether it's justified, correct or not.
  • 1 Feb 10th, 2017 at 8:08AM
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    Lastest Reply: 11th Feb, 2017 11:00:25 AM
    Hello, I'm Jared. I've been a writer in the Sonic fandom for a few years and I've created two series, Dimensional Wars, and Flawed Deities. Currently I've tried to write an article about my Dimensional Wars story, however the problem is I don't know all the layout of the site and my page is suffering because of it. Could I perhaps have any help in tidying up my content?

    http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Characters/TemplatePageForNewFandomRecommendations Reply

      Boosting because I'd also like a "how to" on how to write pages before I resort to copying another works page and cutting the text to make a template to fill in.
  • 3 Feb 7th, 2017 at 10:10AM
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    Lastest Reply: 7th Feb, 2017 04:00:04 PM
    A couple days ago I commented out the Zero Context Examples found in Characters.Tanis with an explanatory edit reason. Less than an hour later, a troper, KittyEden, put them all back. I found this out the next day and sent a ZCE Notifier and, when I had more time, a more detailed PM explaining what I'd done, why I'd done it, and requesting they put it back as it was since I couldn't without edit warring.

    I know it's too soon to expect a reply. It hasn't even been a full day yet, after all. How long should I wait, though and, if I don't get one, how should I approach this, since I can't replace the commenting out without edit warring? Reply

      Since you brought the issue here, it's just matter of time until a moderator sends them a PM. Tropers are much more likely to follow their advice than ours. In the meantime, you should check the troper's editing history to see if they've shown this issue in other articles.

      You can comment out the examples again or add context, since you brought up the issue here. I would do it automagically for you, but that would undo your latest edits. :P

      Let's keep an eye out for Kitty Eden. Any additional ZC Es without acknowledging the PM will merit a suspension.

      I wouldn't mind redoing the couple edits I made. They'll still be in the history, if I'm not mistaken, so I can just copy paste.

      Uncommenting, if I do it, would have to wait until later tonight or tomorrow evening. I'll just have my phone until then and I don't use it for big edits like that would entail.

      EDIT: Got a PM back from the other troper. Mostly just a confirmation type deal. But with that and the mod permission above I think I can safely uncomment the ZCE's without it turning into an edit war now. Also added a note up top "Tropes marked with a %% instead of a * are instances of Zero Context Examples. Please do not put them back without first adding more detail to them."
  • 3 Feb 5th, 2017 at 5:05PM
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    Lastest Reply: 5th Feb, 2017 08:51:01 PM
    While indexing Funny.Tanis I came upon the discovery that there are two namespaces for both Podcast and Podcasts. Only Podcast (no S) has a Main namespace page indexing them, while Podcasts (with an S) has namespaces for Funny.Podcasts, NoodleIncident.Podcasts, UnreliableNarrator.Podcasts, and WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes.Podcasts

    Given that Podcast (no S) has the main namespace and subs of its own, am I safe to assume that the Podcasts (with an S) stuff should be moved under it and the with an S sub pages cut? Reply

      My understanding would be that, yes, the Main.Podcast page is the one to keep and to cut the Podcasts pages. If people want to put an -s on the end, they can just use the curly brackets followed by an -s, and they have to use the curly brackets anyways for single-word articles. (I'm talking about Funny.{{Podcast}}s ratherthan Funny.{{Podcasts}})

      Offhand I cannot think of any other namespace with a plural, so yeah. Consolidation is the right choice.

      On closer inspection with the exception of the Funny.Podcasts all of them were stubs with only one entry, so I just put them on the cutlist as stubs without moving them over.
  • 8 Feb 1st, 2017 at 5:05PM
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    Lastest Reply: 2nd Feb, 2017 01:40:01 AM
    vexer is removing moments from the DethroningMoment.That Guy With The Glasses simply because of misinformation and not because of rule violation or anything. It's their own opinion and shouldn't they not be erased because of it? Reply

      Regardless of misinformation, Dethroning Moments are some of the few edits that are actually owned by the tropers who make them. Deleting them is against site rules.

      I don't know if the examples they removed qualify as misinformation, but If they do, they'd have a valid reason to remove them, opinion or not.

      Also, he's written like 4 things on that page, which, no.

      One moment per reviewer to a troper, if multiple entries are signed to the same troper the more recent one will be cut.

      To follow up on an earlier point:

      • Do not remove an entry from the page nor create a Justifying Edit to defend a moment - it's an opinion. Caveat: A Moment may be removed if it is blatantly untrue or otherwise breaks the rules. However, if you do remove an entry, move it to discussion and explain what is wrong (blatantly untrue, multiple entries for the same work, unsigned, etc). Even if the rules were broken, people should know what they did wrong.

      This does mean Vexer can be docked for removing the entries since there is no discussion on them.

      @Mega Mario Man That's different reviewers so it's not against the rule to have more than one moments on that page. You just can only have one moment for one reviewer or folder.

      One moment per troper per work is how it runs, I believe.

      And the different shows related to That Guy With Glasses are all their own works, sharing a network, hence the folders separating them.

      Chit-chat, folks. Please don't do it. I've sent them a notification about removing YMMV items improperly.
  • 5 Jan 26th, 2017 at 10:10AM
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    Lastest Reply: 26th Jan, 2017 03:31:15 PM
    I just removed a reference to The Web Series That Shall Not Be Named on Point-and-Laugh Show. Am I right in assuming that this is a banned topic round here? Reply

      There's a Web Series That Shall Not Be Named?

      Hint: It's the one that kicked off the Google Incident.

      Yes, references to that series shall be removed. We shall not bestow any support in the form of mentions or links to people who attacked us like that.

      where can I read more about this?

      In a nutshell: it was a YouTube series that featured dramatic readings of this site, all in the name of a nasty Take That! at the skeevier aspects of it (Troper Tales, Fetish Fuel and the like). About the only decent thing it did was prompt the beginnings of the Google Incident (and thus the Content Policy) after a DR of one of the most infamous articles ever to grace (read: bedevil and shame) this site (read The Google Incident to find out which one; I don't think naming it here is a good idea). So basically a drama factory aimed squarely at our heads (and thus against site policy to mention, let alone catalog.)
  • 15 Jan 18th, 2017 at 2:02PM
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    Lastest Reply: 19th Jan, 2017 05:25:22 AM
    There is a review series called Movie Dorkness on Agony Booth. The page for it, however, was littered with some references to a so-called ascended fanboy called the "Professor Detective". According to the edits, this person has their own review show and is a fan of the host of Movie Dorkness, and indeed, there's a page for said show. Only the show doesn't exist. The page for Professor Detective mentions a YouTube account, but I found no videos by any user under that name. It mentions a Tumblr, but I found no such Tumblr bearing that name. And to top it all off, the edits done to both pages were done by a user named Professor Detective. I edited out some mentions of the person in the Trivia page for Movie Dorkness, but I'm wondering if this is possible some kind of self-promotion for some anonymous troper? Reply

      You are glossing over the very worrisome edit here.

      That is just creepy.

      ... actually, it's all very cringe-y. I did find this on Youtube, but it's almost assuredly not the same guy.

      Oh yes, I'd forgotten to mention that as well. There was some other writings on the main page that felt oddly sexual as well. A Ms. Fanservice entry was one of them, and it read "The Cosplay. Holy Crap! The Cosplay!". Not only is this a rather unprofessional edit, it feels kind of lewd.

      That YouTube page is definitely not the same person. That Youtuber seemed to stop making videos a year or two before the edits to these pages.

      Honestly, all of these edits look really unprofessional. One of Us is a Trivia trope, but it's in the YMMV page of Movie Dorkness, the examples are poorly worded and poorly written, not to mention lacking in any specific description, and the outright lies these user made just reek of shameful self-promotion, but to what end?

      His troper page tells you to see the work page, which makes senses since it's written like a Troper page.

      I feel faint.

      I say scrub everything they've added to it. Googling "Sensei Liv" comes up with nothing but us, so it's a self-coined nickname. Cutlist their own stuff for troping a non-existent work, and severely purge the tropes they've added.

      Admittedly I've only used Ask the Tropers once, and it was about a year ago, so do we need moderator approval to go ahead and scrub?

      EDIT: I trimmed it some in the Movie Dorkness page, should I go ahead and scrub the entirety of the other page?

      I put the page for Professor Detective on the cut list (took me a while to find that).

      This person probably needs a talking-to as well.

      I have P Med the user

      If they're around anymore, of course. I don't see much activity since 2015.

      They have activity dating to two days ago. ([1])

      Oh, huh. Didn't know that.

      Well, let's hope they get the message, then.

      Or that they reply to it.

      It sounds like a moderator should look into this. Deliberately adding false information to the wiki is vandalism.

      This kind of crap happens occasionally. Definitely worth mod attention.

      I suggested that Adric take the issue here because the troper community can do a very thorough job of vetting the facts of the matter. Since it seems clear that this account is adding false information to the wiki, I've banned it.
  • 4 Jan 17th, 2017 at 8:08AM
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    Lastest Reply: 17th Jan, 2017 10:11:28 AM
    You know that DMOS entry I posted a week or so ago showing a post somebody made on the Web Original page, that I showed and eventually deleted for being off-site website drama importation?

    Well, apparently Asue was banned and I assumed he was the OP of the post under a different account, I said this in my edit reason.....and the OP of it, Tommy Tiger, is still around and maybe NOT the same person....today I messed up. I feel too embarrassed to come back onto the page because even though I frequently look around on it, because I fear he or she might of reacted to it massively. What do I do? Reply

      If you think he's ban-evading, try luring him out. Ban evaders are perma-banned on the spot once they're caught.

      I should also point out that any threat he makes to you is an empty one; he can't carry it out easily, and the rules here can help protect you from anything he tries to pull. If he harasses you on another site, block him and/or report him.

      I'm sorry, but I don't understand the issue. There's no evidence that Tommy Tiger and Asue are the same person.

      If you made a mistake about the identity, you could apologize via PM.

      Yeah, this is a confusing issue, I might just apologize.
  • 4 Jan 10th, 2017 at 8:08AM
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    Lastest Reply: 11th Jan, 2017 08:36:32 AM
    There is an entry on this Dethroning Moment page that is literally just a rebuttal to a random comment on Kiss Cartoon. There is another entry that's a rebuttal to a YouTube comment but I feel that one fits just fine because the comment comes from an actual creator. The Kiss Cartoon comment comes from some random nobody. I dummied it out but it was added back onto the page. This is what it looks like

    • Tommy Tiger: When someone at KissCartoon said he found the song from the episode "The Hero" in The Amazing World of Gumball to be a Tear Jerker. Now, it could have been something I'd say was a good point, if he didn't say that Gumball needed to get spanked. As indicated by the DMOS page for the show, Gumball and Darwin were pelted by Nicole and Anais with cupcakes made of cement and then denied necessities like bathing and food. All they did wrong in the episode was say that Richard didn't amount to much, and even that is justified by the episode "The Job". They didn't deserve to be bullied, no matter what that user said. They also deliberately ignore the boys apologizing to Richard. In other words, they think that children should be "rightfully" abused for saying all the things Richard failed at. Wow.

      That's blatant offsite drama importation. Kill It with Fire.

      Is this troper Asue?

      Affirmative. He also seems to be unaware what the "preview post" button is for, for what that's worth.

      Asue has been suspended. You can remove that entry.

      I think that DethroningMoment.Web Original is being misused, if there are entries about specific things that creators or reviewers have said. Our policy is one moment per troper, per work. Things that people say on forums or message boards are not "works" by that definition.
  • 2 Jan 2nd, 2017 at 5:05PM
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    Lastest Reply: 3rd Jan, 2017 11:41:52 AM
    The series that is always listed in the near-bottom right of every page, Personal Space, says that it "will premiere in 2016", when the year is already passed. Is there a problem with it? Reply

      They seem to be a bit behind schedule, but according to their Kickstarter page they finished shooting in September and post-production work is in progress.

      That should say 2017. We'll fix it.
  • 12 Dec 21st, 2016 at 4:04PM
    Web Original
    Lastest Reply: 1st Jan, 2017 08:50:22 AM
    I've just found these two sub-pages; AlternativeCharacterInterpretation.Allison Pregler and AlternativeCharacterInterpretation.SF Debris, which are being treated as if they are legitimate Work/Character Pages complete with Trope Examples Lists, when they're.

    And looking through the respective page histories reveals that the pages were created by the frequent ban-evader Johnnyfog, albeit before he was perma-banned from the wiki. Reply

      Cutlist 'em, I'd say.

      Who are you to say that they are not legitimate works? I can't speak to the Allison Praegler subpage but if you have seen any of SF-Debris's video reviews you would know that he does create his own interpretation of the characters. For some series, particularly his Star Trek reviews these interpretations have been consistently evolved as he adds new video reviews to his site. His view of Janeway as a power hungry tyrant or Paris as an overworked savant has been consistently built up in the fictionalized version of the ST universe. (Yes a fictionalized view of a fictional universe)

      Your decision to excise the entire category and the sign off by the moderator seems...premature at best.

      Shouldn't that be under AlternativeCharacterInterpration.Star Trek Voyager then? or AlternativeCharacterInterpretation.Kathryn Janeway?

      Or it would be listed as an invoked trope on the main SF Debris page.

      They being "legitimate works" is not the question, although alternative interpretations of characters are not really "works" in the sense that we define them. They're just collections of fan opinions, which is utterly irrelevant to tropes.

      That said, the real reason we're cutting them is to punish johnnyfog, who is a serial ban evader. Everything he has added to the wiki that isn't factual tropes about a work should be purged.

      I cannot talk to the the Allison Praegler subpage either, but I would say that SF Debris' alternate character interpretations are hardly "irrelevant to tropes". In fact, many of them, especially the Star Trek ones, are fully formed takes on the characters that have enough life of their own to be quite akin to fanfiction (though with a very satirical blend), which this wiki has no problem with cataloguing tropes for.

      Also, does it matter that much who wrote the page in the first place? I would say that it has been edited by many other contributes since its creation, so this johnnyfog person really shouldn't matter here. It comes across a bit like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

      If you're just mentioning SF Debris's interpretations of characters, presenting it as invoked (like with the AlternativeCharacterInterpretation.Zero Punctuation page), it should be fine. I'm assuming they were being used to trope real people as well, otherwise I agree they shouldn't have been cut (since it would probably be too big to just list on the shows' main page).

      Just for the record: No, the page wasn't used to trope real people.

      I don't know if I should make a proper Question entry for this, but could recreating the page with something along the lines of the following introduction (which I based on the mentioned Zero Punctuation page) work?

      "Chuck's use of Alternative Character Interpretation is frequently invoked across the many series he reviews, where he casts many characters in a humorous light, usually by way of exaggerating certain character traits and (especially) flaws. Over the years, many of his takes on various characters has taken on a life of their own, effectively becoming Running Gags that are often referenced across reviews."

      You might want to leave the SF Debris page cut, but put the contents back as a normal character page. That's what it was being (mis)used as anyway, a character page for his parody versions of the characters.

      I'm a bit late to the party, but the SF Debris pages were:

      1. Created before Johnnyfog was banned. 2. Edited by many tropers beyond johnnyfog 3. Basically character pages for the parody versions of these characters used in SF Debris's reviews. They were not in any way troping real people.

      I am asking for permission to recreate the pages as character sheets.

      I guess. Doesn't seem to cause any harm.