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    Kyrtuck has added a few natter-y, speculative, or opinionated comments to the YMMV and Headscratchers pages for Runaways. I don't think they mean any harm (they seem to just be a very enthusiastic fan), and I've managed to integrate some of their edits into the pages, but I suspect the commentary might continue, as Runaways is now an ongoing series again. Am I authorized to just send them a message to cool it with the editorializing, or is that a job for the mods? Reply

      You can send the warnings. There's an automated Natter warning accessible from the history page.
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    I am a huge fan of the second Hellboy film. And I am very curious about the elfs, specially the King Valor and his children. Do you know where can I read more about this entire topic within the comics?

    Thanks a lot in advance!!! Reply

      That might be a question better suited to the forums. There's a couple of Hellboy comic threads, but the last posts in each was years ago. If you'd prefer to avoid Necromancy, here's the thread for the films where the last post was October, so it's relatively more active and a bump there won't be as big a deal.

      Necroing such threads is perfectly OK.

      In that case here are the two comics threads:

      Hellboy: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=13273080050A33640100&page=1

      Holy crap, I love Hellboy!: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=cq3fivdo5l2o3hmxe31fxrd8&page=1

      Thank you very much for your help!!!! I will be posting my question in these threads you have linked me. Sorry for not posting in the correct place, I had just found this webpage and was (still am) pretty lost. Thanks again, very appreciated!

      As there are two of them, one's a duplicate. Specifically, the one that just says, "Hellboy" rather than "Holy Crap" was created a year after the first one died.

      Which one should we use? I've Hollered one but included a link to the other in my Holler.
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    In the comic book Top 10, is it ever explained *why* everybody has in Neopolis has super powers and a secret identity? Id really like to know the reason. Reply

      That's something to ask either on the discussion page or in the forums.
  • 2 Jan 3rd, 2018 at 5:05PM
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    I found an Analysis page for Star Wars: Legacy that's written in first-person POV with Word Cruft and isn't indexed anywhere. I don't know enough about the analysis namespace to fix it, leave it, or cut it. What are the guidelines for an Analysis page? Reply
  • 1 Dec 12th, 2017 at 8:08AM
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    Dr.Finitivius in the Sonic Archie Characters' Other Antagonists is listed as Affably Evil, yet the YMWV part where it lists the Complete Monster also has him as a CM. Co plete Monsters can't be Affably Evil Reply
  • 3 Dec 6th, 2017 at 4:04PM
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    Another from the YMMV page for Brian Michael Bendis. There are examples of Critical Research Failure, but they are all cases where the characterizations made by Bendis contradict previous characterizations of the characters he wrote. Is this a correct usage? I thought that Critical Research Failure was about egregious mistakes about real-world information (such as assuming that bats are bugs). Reply

      I think the bigger problem here is that it's a YMMV subpage for a Creator. And there are several examples there that are directly troping him and not his works.

      Yeah, inconsistency within a work isn't CRF. There's a trope for that, but I can't remember it off the top of my head.

      Nuke any troping of the real life person.

      I've already put the whole YMMV page on the cutlist.
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    Why is Howling Commandos not called Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos like it is on the page image and for the entire series barring the occasional use of just "Howling Commandos" for other teams? If it's a case of being too long, WesternAnimation.Sgt Savage And His Screaming Eagles is even longer and it fits. Reply

      Because everyone knows it as Howling Commandos? I didn't know there was more to the name till you mentioned it

      I always heard it as Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos, though that may be because I read a lot of silver age Marvel comics XD;

      If nothing else looks like there may be a new entry for Officially Shortened Title

      The Sgt Fury title may be something to keep in mind as a way to disambiguate if someone ever makes a page for the various modern Monster Mash-themed Howling Commandos series.

      I've also heard it just called Sgt. Fury.

      For what it's worth, Google says the first edition of the comic was Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos. There were also Nick Fury's Howling Commandos, and a few others (it says here).

      However, the only other version we actually have a page for on a quick search is Marvel Cinematic Universe Howling Commandos.

      Which might be enough to turn HC into a disambig and transplant the page. Or not,

      The comic was always "Sgt. Fury and...", and the page we have now is not one of those weird comic book character pages. It can be straight-up renamed without any problems.

      Except for all the cross-wicking and subpage-wicking wed have to do XD;
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    Okay, I just noticed an issue with the pages Franchise.Archie Comics and ComicBook.Archie Comics. Namely, that they have LOTS of redundant content, starting with the picture but including most of the decription and tropes.

    Checking the history, the ComicBook/ page was until recently (October 25th) a redirect, before being expanded by editor Piku-chun with the edit reason "Splitting the Franchise page into Creator and Comic Book pages".

    Now, that would be relatively warranted if the Franchise/ page had been trimmed in consequence, but that's not the case, resulting in lots of redundant content. Also note that the three pages (Franchise/, ComicBook/ and Creator/) are an index, which seems really superfluous. What corrective moves should be done? Reply

      In some threads, it was mentioned that it should be split. I'm currently moving the examples from the Franchise page -> Comic Book page. The image on the Franchise page should probably be deleted as well, since it better suits the Comic Book page.

      That still leaves the descriptions. They need to be made more individual.

      Okay, since it's work in progress, we'll see how that come out.

      My intention when I proposed the split was to redirect Franchise/ to ComicBook/, which would leave only one page for the comic series itself.

      Remember, ComicBook/ is the work page. Creator/ is for the company themselves.

      But Archie's is a multimedia work so it fits the "three separate mediums" criteria for a franchise page.

      I'll copy the rest of the Franchise examples over to Comic Book page tomorrow, btw.

      Franchise/ is for series which have pages for works in three separate media. If no one has created separate pages for the separate works, then we don't make a Franchise page, no matter how many works in how many media might exist.)

      (Archie qualifies for a Franchise page by this standard—it has pages for comics, western animation shows, and live action TV shows. I just wanted to be clear about the criteria, because a lot of people seem to be confused on this point.)
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    I've been going through the list of comic-book series where someone has requested a summary, and someone requested a page for "Housewives At Play". As far as I can tell, that is a straight-up porno comic. Now, I am aware that we do have a Porn with Plot page, but as far as I can tell, most of the plots of HAP revolve around pornographic adventures. Shall I just delete the title from the summary-request list? Reply

      If adding the page would violate our content policy, then please remove that entry.

      You can run it by P5 just to be safe/get official backing on the lack thereof.

      I’m with Berrenta, just nuke the request for being a pornographic comic.
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    I'd added a YMMV.Mega Man entry about Vesper Woman being (accidentally) wasted as a character since she only appeared in the second-last issue of the Archie comic, but RebelFalcon deleted it since official word was that the comic was on hiatus and they waited to wait until the comic's fate was known. If it was back when it was announced I would've agreed, but a lot of factors since have made me think that, though there's been nothing official, the comic is canceled.

    Dreamwave's Mega Man comic was canceled but said they were on hiatus, as was Archie's NiGHTS series, it's been 2 years and nothing on Archie Mega Man in any way, the collected Master Edition was canceled almost immediately after announcement but not delisted (and delayed to 2035), we never got Volume 9 of the trade paperback, and the Sonic comics, which sold a LOT more than Mega Man, WERE canceled due to Archie's struggling finances and putting more focus on their own properties. Since Mega Man's sales weren't great and only really boosted during the crossovers that would be another factor as well—if not for the first crossover the comic would have been officially canceled due to low sales. Reply

      Hmm. I'm thinking of at least sending a deleting YMMV notifier to Rebel Falcon, since that's not kosher.
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    ComicBook.Power Pack:

    I think this example is too general. Thoughts?

    "Badass Adorable: All of the kids in the out-of-continuity stories, but Katie Power is this in pretty much any appearance."

    If too general, I think it should be removed. Reply

      It is definitely too general and should be removed.

      Also a zero context example.
  • 1 Oct 19th, 2017 at 5:05AM
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    A user has started an Edit War by putting back examples I feel should be deleted because of the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment. Reply

      Seems like an entry you want to pull to the discussion page and have people hash it out there.
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    it's Because I had this doubt for some time. Is it possible for me or another person to make a page about the 1994 Wonder Woman comic?


      Yes! Work Pages Are A Free Launch. go to The Contest and click "edit page" to start it

      They may need to differentiate it from the other The Contest that's currently in Darth Wiki for being an unpublished work.

      Other question, Can I create a YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) about The Contest (Comic Book)?

      You may always create work articles and subpages for those articles, unless they are banned for some reason, and I can't imagine that a Wonder Woman comic would fall into that category. Just please try to use good grammar when you write wiki articles, and follow our other style rules found under How to Create a Works Page.
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    I want edit the red link in Comicbook Teen Titans Bronze Age (The Guardian folder). But which is the trope that has replaced Biblical Allusion? Reply

      Looks like "Biblical Allusion" never had a page / was a Trope, because that red link doesn't lead to a page with a cut reason, just an empty page. The closest thing, though much less specific, seems Symbolism.

      You might better ask in Trope Finder.
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    In several pages, when people talk about comics from Marvel Comics, there's a usual need to set apart the stuff from alternate universes from the "main", non-alternate, universe. And so, they use "Earth-616" to make reference to the main universe. There are 2 problems with that. First, it is a terminology that is not self-evident in the meaning, and only hardcore fans would understand. And second, it is only used by the fandom, the actual creators despise it and very rarely use it. So even a devoted fan of Marvel Comics, who reads all the comics but does not go around forums and online discussions, would find the term "Earth 616" a bit weird. Tom Brevoort, who despises the term, even used the Secret Wars crossover to give creators some last months to use it if they wanted, and then established the term "The Prime Earth". See here.

    I can tell you for sure that those of us actually working on the books virtually never use the term and I kind of wince inside whenever I hear somebody use it. It just sounds so stupid to my ear, and so counter to the kind of mindset we try to foster in regard to the stories we create and the thinking we try to employ. Marvel Executive Editor, Tom Brevoort

    I never use it, I hate the term pure and simple and agree with Toms assessment of it. I cant remember ever hearing it in the office and only really see it used online for the most part. I think the term really came into vogue when the Ultimate Universe came into prominence, but in my world, the language and distinctions are simple, there is the Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe. Anything other than that reeks of all that DC Earth 1, Earth 2, Earth Prime stuff which Ive never really taken to, but then again, I got into DC when they got rid of all that stuff so it was from and for a different era than my own. Marvel Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada

    So, what if we remove the references to "Earth-616" and replace them with more natural terms? Reply

      I think it would need to be hashed out on the Marvel discussion page. If there are official Marvel terms for the universes, that might be appropriate, but if not, any subsistute terms we create are going to be equally confusing. "The creators hate the terms" is not in and of itself reason to drop them.

      Actually, the opinion of the creators is important, as they are the ones who decide what is "official" and what isn't. As I have already pointed, the "official" name for the non-alternate Marvel universe is "Prime Earth".

      The term 616 was first used in a Marvel Comic Book. A Captain Britain run by Alan Moore for Marvel UK. Then that term was brought to American comics by Chris Claremont working under the editorship of Jim Shooter, one of the biggest sticklers for continuity and details of anyone, which obviously Joe Quesada is not, considering he thinks it came into vogue with the Ultimate Universe. But then trying to rewrite longterm readers version of the history with his own assumptions (i.e. married superheroes don't work, too many mutants) is part of his modus operandi. And in the case of comics continuity, I don't think tvtropes is in the business of doing editorial rebranding for major companies. They can do that themselves and much better than we can.

      It was also used many times in the comics itself since then like in the climax of Spider-Verse. So in no way can we say that because some "recent" editors dislike the term, we should stop using it. Besides, the number of comics like Spider-Men and Spider-Verse and so on means that the Multiverse does exist in the Marvel Universe. The Marvel Cinematic Universe also has a multiverse designation so yes Earth 616 does count and does exist.

      In any case, as DracMonster said, it's likely to be a long discussion and this is not the place to have it.
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    Its very weird that one of main Dc character has not her personal page.

    Why dont move all the info from Batman Rogue Gallery page to the comic book page? (just put all in a separate folder called "General Tropes"). Or instead create two page, one for the character and another for the comic book?. Reply

      Comic book character pages are a mess. We'll deal with Harley when we've figured out what to do with everyone else.

      Starfire's page has character tropes and series tropes. I think Harley's page could use a similar structure.

      There's already a ComicBook.Harley Quinn page that deals with her solo runs.

      ^^ Exaclty, this is a possibility. Move the info from rogue gallery to a folder (for general tropes) in the comic book page.

      Treating a work page as both a series and character page is part of the existing problem with Comicbook pages.

      The problem is the civilian name/hero name/title overlap. How DO you neatly intersect those!?!

      I'm not sure if we can "neatly" intersect everything. That's why I started this thread. I've had some ideas, but I'm not enough of a fan to know it they ideas will work properly for everyone/everywork.
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    So guys, I went to browse the page for the Wanted comicbook and I noticed it got deleted for "miscapitalized namespace. The last time I visited it was around a year ago but the page was fine. Can anyone explain to me why it was deleted and what steps should I take to bring it back? Sorry if this question is stupid, I'm not that involved this community but I like the comic and wanted to find out what happened to it. Reply
  • 6 Aug 16th, 2017 at 7:07PM
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    Context: DC is having an imprint spinning out of Dark Nights: Metal which is called Dark Matter. Problem is the Name's the Same. Specifically, the imprint's sharing a name with the TV show Dark Matter. And with it, several subpages.

    I ask if it would be alright to move the page for the upcoming DC imprint as to avoid conflict with the series (under the assumption that the imprint will at least attract a YMMV and/or trivia pages for general events and that like Young Animal, it would not be branded as apart of DC Rebirth despite being set in that continuity) Reply

      Makes sense. Although often both sets are moved to appropriately named pages and the primary page held as a disambiguous.

      (Yes, autocorrect, that last one is a real word.)

      I see, I think Series.Dark Matter 2015 works for the TV Show? But what about the Imprint would Creator.Dark Matter 2017 or Creator.Dark Matter DC be preferred for the imprint?

      Update: I noticed a third work under that name, a Tabletop Game setting published in 1999 and a book from 2010, The TV show still seems to have the subpages, so i presume moving those to Literature.Dark Matter 2010 and TabletopGame.Dark Matter 1999 might be required as well?

      Hi, I'm the guy who created the Dark Matter page.

      I made it a Creator page because of Young Animal and Vertigo. And despite both it and Young Animal being in-continuity with the mainstream DCU, there are some weird things about that, like how Bug! (a Young Animal comic) is sort of a follow-up to something that, as far as I know, isn't in continuity with Rebirth.

      Anyway, I figure it would be fine to leave as is, since it's a Creator. Creators aren't supposed to have YMMV pages and their Trivia entries are supposed to just be placed with the main tropes as far as I know. The works themselves will have their own pages too, so... yeah.

      If we DO change it, I'd say make Dark Matter a disambiguation, with each of the things named Dark Matter having a year at the end or something. With the Dark Matter comics line, I'd avoid a year, since it's... well, an imprint. I think Dark Matter (comics) would be best, if we had to change it.

      Okay I'll ask for a related question before moving ahead with the pages. Right now all the subpages are related to the series, and I noticed that some similar cases tend to add examples form all the works sharing the name to the same subpage. Is that kosher or does disambiguating the pages by year seem preferable?

      Also is there a precedent for an imprint that was disambiguate form other works with the same name?

      If you can untwist the example lists, splitting subpages as well is advisable.

      Okay then I made pages for the 3 works (all by year) that shared the name with the series (I'll work on that later). Next step would be custom titles, which should be "<work name> (year)" right?

      Update: I also went ahead and changed the wicks for the indexes for the tabletop game and all the wicks for the imprint. I noticed that the book was not wicked or indexed however.

      Update 2: moved the series pages to their own year-disambiguated pages and then found out that a locked disambiguation page already exists, I'm going to bring my edits up on the locked pages thread. Also, I've sent in custom title request to parenthesize the years.
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    The picture on ComicBook.Venom was changed by WolfThunder Reply

      Feel free to start a thread on it in Image Pickin'. I'll message the culprit.
  • 13 Aug 1st, 2017 at 8:08PM
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    Over at Ironheart, it seems like Logic Meister has a grievance against the character in the YMMV and the main page with the Genuis Ditz entry and the Memetic Psychopath and Designated Hero section. He even sites two completely biased sources for the YMMV section and I and another editor previously edited down his Alternative Character Interpretation entry a while back to Base-Breaking Character. He also might be editing under the name Diegoshi. Reply

      Well, there's one other problem that I spotted on the history page for the YMMV tab: LogicMeister readded a Designated Hero example 24 hours after it was removed by another troper. He reworded it, but it still means the same thing.

      I think that's Edit War.

      Edit: FYI, he has not edited since early in the morning of the 1st.

      Add-remove-add -yep.

      Diegoshi does not appear to be a sock of Logic Meister, but I've suspended the latter for edit warring and grammar issues regardless.

      Looks like we still have an Edit War going on the YMMV page.

      One of the users on the page after the suspension is named Aiden Carter. Might want to double-check to see if that's Logic Meister ban evading just to be safe.

      Checked, and there's IP overlap with a user that isn't Logic Meister. Geolocation check may be needed to see if they are indeed different users.

      Edit: Geolocation negative, please message Aiden.

      Sent a standard PM to Aiden Carter that includes an invite to this thread and telling him he was essentially edit warring.

      I think I should message the other user, Mega J. Comments?

      Probably a good idea. Get everyone on the same page.

      Sent a PM to Mega J too.


      I deleted Logic Meister's edits on YMMV after he was suspended, Aiden Carter added them back. After some thought, I just went ahead and added most of them back with edits as they were audience reactions, it was just that they were misrepresenting a scene in order to fit their bias.

      I Think Designated Hero is pushing it. Atleast the part of her using MIT tech to build her suit since there are plenty of Heroes who have done something similar.

      Designated Hero is definitely pushing it, but decided to err on the side of caution for that one and readded it with edits.

      There is a huge contention in the comics world about the so-called SJW-ization of comics and I'm pretty against that anti-SJW view but I suppose it is a valid audience reaction which is why I readied those tropes despite Logic Meister using those sources.

      On second look, I'm going to remove Designated Hero, as it falls within Square Peg, Round Trope after I reread the issues in question. I won't make a move until i get a response
  • 5 Jul 25th, 2017 at 9:09PM
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    ComicBook.Superboy Prime redirects to SelfDemonstrating.Superboy Prime. First off, I'm not even sure if the character has a distinct enough voice to qualify for a SD page. Secondly, SD pages aren't supposed to be linked to, they're Just for Fun, correct? I feel like this should be cutlisted, or at least the redirect removed. Reply

      Redirect needs to be removed. Bring the SD page to the topic for it in Long Term Proposals.

      You know what, I looked for that topic, but I couldn't find it. I'll take it there.

      e: I just didn't scroll down far enough. I'm a doof.

      Same for Self Demonstrating.Deadpool, though we're grandfathering that one. The difference is that Deadpool is a parody and SBP is a parody of a parody.

      Not that, whether the SelfDemonstrating/ page is the only one or not, you're not supposed to link at all to SelfDemonstrating/ pages. So, a redirect is necessary to always have a valid ComicBook/ link. Also simplifies things if a ComicBook/ page is later created.

      Obviously you can also create a proper page on ComicBook.Superboy Prime...
  • 2 Jun 15th, 2017 at 7:07PM
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    What was Garfields' dolls' name? Reply

      Well he had a teddy bear called Pooky, is that what you are looking for?

      Sorry, just see the print comic label. Please ignore this.
  • 11 May 8th, 2017 at 6:06PM
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    Lastest Reply: 9th May, 2017 09:54:54 PM
    FuzzyBarbarian just turned the character pages for Batman Rogues Gallery into an alphabetical list; the previous iteration divided them into Batman's main villains and the other rogues. From what I've found, they have no permission to do this, and asked before with no response. Reply


      How were they organized before? My phone is being wonky and I can't see the pages anymore.

      And have they been P Med or anything like that?

      As far as I know, it's rare that an alphabetizing overhaul is a problem . Other methods often invite duplications and other messes.

      It's also not uncommon for a request getting no response to be considered to have tactic approval as long as it isn't defying anything in Administrivia or on the Edit Banned Suspended thread.

      Looking at the page itself, the links were just called "Part 1" and "Part 2" (2016, by Mullon), then "The A-Listers" and "Everyone Else" (1 May 2017, by Eric W with the edit reason "let's not kid ourselves"), then "A-L" and "M-Z" (8 May 2017, by Fuzzy Barbarian with the edit reason "Joe Chill isn't A-list, nor is Strange, and Clayface IS. And again, still no proper order. Alphabetising").

      I don't think Eric W or Mullon changed who was where on the two pages, but Penguin — for example — was on the "Part 1" page but then was unilaterally moved to "M-Z."

      I'm also not sure where this "again, still no proper order" is coming from; it's kind of rude, especially since it's referencing the discussion page inquiry — pointed out by J Rads 47 already — that nobody apparently noticed. The question was posed on 19 March 2017, and Fuzzy Barbarian said "It's not even in anything resembling an order," even though it was. My issue with this is that Fuzzy never got any response but decided to go ahead and do it anyway. I think they ought to have taken it to ATT if there was no response since it's very easy for nobody to notice a discussion page and it was a pretty big move.

      So would it be a good idea to revert it back? An alphabatized list is cool and all, but I did like the idea of having the biggest rogues on one page. Maybe we can alphabetize the "A listers" page and do the same for the lesser villains page.

      I mean, "A-lister" is subjective. There are clearly obvious ones like Joker, but what makes Clayface more of an A-lister than Hugo Strange? I personally don't think Clayface is one and I think Hugo Strange is, but that really kinda depends on the particular comic/video game/interpretation/etc. that they're in.

      I don't personally mind it being in alphabetical order and removing the subjectivity, but I do think they should've tried to get more input into it before unilaterally changing it.

      With no real objective criteria for what makes an "A-lister" or a "B-lister", alphabetical is as good a way to organize them as any.

      I still think that they should be talked to in case they want to do something similar in the future

      Except unilaterally alphabetizing a page that has no commented out notes or discussion otherwise generally does not have to be discussed.

      Alphabetizing is encouraged as a form of organization and making the wiki neater. There's no need for a PM for something that's normally allowed.

      Arctimon, the reason Clayface is a bigger name than Strange is that he's actually part of the hero cast of Detective Comics (Rebirth).

      OK, but again, that is one iteration of one comic. I could probably come up with cases where I think he's less important than Stranger. It's subjective. Thank you for proving my point.

      Since it doesn't appear that anything more will come up of this, barring a PM to Barbarian, I am requesting a lock to this query.
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    There is a series of High Fantasy comics named Elves from French publisher Soleil that is reasonably successful. It sparked a Spinoff series named Dwarves.

    Is it okay for the two to share a page under one name for simplicity's sake, like Elves and Dwarves? Both have a Shared Universe and sometimes intertwine. However, none of the authors or editors have bothered to give a name for the Shared Universe, simply treating those two series separately. Reply

      Seems like, assuming they are not too different.

      What do you mean by different?

      As I said, it's the same Shared Universe a run-of-the-mill fantasy world with elves dwarves, dragons, sorcerers, kingdoms warring each other, political plots, many Chosen Ones, although it's not the same places or people that are featured. All fall under the same Myth Arc during which a Necromancer tries to inflict a Zombie Apocalypse fantasy style upon the world.

      Both series follow a cyclical And Now for Someone Completely Different trend where each album switches to different races of Elves/ caste of Dwarves in a periodical manner, always following the POV of a protagonist that may or may not reappear later.

      If you do use a combo page, it's probably a good idea to have redirects set up for the individual sub-series, so any series-specific tropes can easily be split off onto their own pages at some future date, if the page gets large enough.
  • 1 Jan 19th, 2017 at 8:08AM
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    Any particular reason for Quino using the ComicStrip/ namespace rather than Creator/? It's clearly a creator page. Sure, it mainly tropes his works, but that's nothing new for creator pages. Reply

      It should be moved.