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    Context: DC is having an imprint spinning out of Dark Nights: Metal which is called Dark Matter. Problem is the Name's the Same. Specifically, the imprint's sharing a name with the TV show Dark Matter. And with it, several subpages.

    I ask if it would be alright to move the page for the upcoming DC imprint as to avoid conflict with the series (under the assumption that the imprint will at least attract a YMMV and/or trivia pages for general events and that like Young Animal, it would not be branded as apart of DC Rebirth despite being set in that continuity) Reply

      Makes sense. Although often both sets are moved to appropriately named pages and the primary page held as a disambiguous.

      (Yes, autocorrect, that last one is a real word.)

      I see, I think Series.Dark Matter 2015 works for the TV Show? But what about the Imprint would Creator.Dark Matter 2017 or Creator.Dark Matter DC be preferred for the imprint?

      Update: I noticed a third work under that name, a Tabletop Game setting published in 1999 and a book from 2010, The TV show still seems to have the subpages, so i presume moving those to Literature.Dark Matter 2010 and TabletopGame.Dark Matter 1999 might be required as well?

      Hi, I'm the guy who created the Dark Matter page.

      I made it a Creator page because of Young Animal and Vertigo. And despite both it and Young Animal being in-continuity with the mainstream DCU, there are some weird things about that, like how Bug! (a Young Animal comic) is sort of a follow-up to something that, as far as I know, isn't in continuity with Rebirth.

      Anyway, I figure it would be fine to leave as is, since it's a Creator. Creators aren't supposed to have YMMV pages and their Trivia entries are supposed to just be placed with the main tropes as far as I know. The works themselves will have their own pages too, so... yeah.

      If we DO change it, I'd say make Dark Matter a disambiguation, with each of the things named Dark Matter having a year at the end or something. With the Dark Matter comics line, I'd avoid a year, since it's... well, an imprint. I think Dark Matter (comics) would be best, if we had to change it.

      Okay I'll ask for a related question before moving ahead with the pages. Right now all the subpages are related to the series, and I noticed that some similar cases tend to add examples form all the works sharing the name to the same subpage. Is that kosher or does disambiguating the pages by year seem preferable?

      Also is there a precedent for an imprint that was disambiguate form other works with the same name?
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    The picture on ComicBook.Venom was changed by WolfThunder Reply

      Feel free to start a thread on it in Image Pickin'. I'll message the culprit.
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    Over at Ironheart, it seems like Logic Meister has a grievance against the character in the YMMV and the main page with the Genuis Ditz entry and the Memetic Psychopath and Designated Hero section. He even sites two completely biased sources for the YMMV section and I and another editor previously edited down his Alternative Character Interpretation entry a while back to Base-Breaking Character. He also might be editing under the name Diegoshi. Reply

      Well, there's one other problem that I spotted on the history page for the YMMV tab: LogicMeister readded a Designated Hero example 24 hours after it was removed by another troper. He reworded it, but it still means the same thing.

      I think that's Edit War.

      Edit: FYI, he has not edited since early in the morning of the 1st.

      Add-remove-add -yep.

      Diegoshi does not appear to be a sock of Logic Meister, but I've suspended the latter for edit warring and grammar issues regardless.

      Looks like we still have an Edit War going on the YMMV page.

      One of the users on the page after the suspension is named Aiden Carter. Might want to double-check to see if that's Logic Meister ban evading just to be safe.

      Checked, and there's IP overlap with a user that isn't Logic Meister. Geolocation check may be needed to see if they are indeed different users.

      Edit: Geolocation negative, please message Aiden.

      Sent a standard PM to Aiden Carter that includes an invite to this thread and telling him he was essentially edit warring.

      I think I should message the other user, Mega J. Comments?

      Probably a good idea. Get everyone on the same page.

      Sent a PM to Mega J too.


      I deleted Logic Meister's edits on YMMV after he was suspended, Aiden Carter added them back. After some thought, I just went ahead and added most of them back with edits as they were audience reactions, it was just that they were misrepresenting a scene in order to fit their bias.

      I Think Designated Hero is pushing it. Atleast the part of her using MIT tech to build her suit since there are plenty of Heroes who have done something similar.

      Designated Hero is definitely pushing it, but decided to err on the side of caution for that one and readded it with edits.

      There is a huge contention in the comics world about the so-called SJW-ization of comics and I'm pretty against that anti-SJW view but I suppose it is a valid audience reaction which is why I readied those tropes despite Logic Meister using those sources.

      On second look, I'm going to remove Designated Hero, as it falls within Square Peg, Round Trope after I reread the issues in question. I won't make a move until i get a response
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    ComicBook.Superboy Prime redirects to SelfDemonstrating.Superboy Prime. First off, I'm not even sure if the character has a distinct enough voice to qualify for a SD page. Secondly, SD pages aren't supposed to be linked to, they're Just for Fun, correct? I feel like this should be cutlisted, or at least the redirect removed. Reply

      Redirect needs to be removed. Bring the SD page to the topic for it in Long Term Proposals.

      You know what, I looked for that topic, but I couldn't find it. I'll take it there.

      e: I just didn't scroll down far enough. I'm a doof.

      Same for Self Demonstrating.Deadpool, though we're grandfathering that one. The difference is that Deadpool is a parody and SBP is a parody of a parody.

      Not that, whether the SelfDemonstrating/ page is the only one or not, you're not supposed to link at all to SelfDemonstrating/ pages. So, a redirect is necessary to always have a valid ComicBook/ link. Also simplifies things if a ComicBook/ page is later created.

      Obviously you can also create a proper page on ComicBook.Superboy Prime...
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    What was Garfields' dolls' name? Reply

      Well he had a teddy bear called Pooky, is that what you are looking for?

      Sorry, just see the print comic label. Please ignore this.
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    FuzzyBarbarian just turned the character pages for Batman Rogues Gallery into an alphabetical list; the previous iteration divided them into Batman's main villains and the other rogues. From what I've found, they have no permission to do this, and asked before with no response. Reply


      How were they organized before? My phone is being wonky and I can't see the pages anymore.

      And have they been P Med or anything like that?

      As far as I know, it's rare that an alphabetizing overhaul is a problem . Other methods often invite duplications and other messes.

      It's also not uncommon for a request getting no response to be considered to have tactic approval as long as it isn't defying anything in Administrivia or on the Edit Banned Suspended thread.

      Looking at the page itself, the links were just called "Part 1" and "Part 2" (2016, by Mullon), then "The A-Listers" and "Everyone Else" (1 May 2017, by Eric W with the edit reason "let's not kid ourselves"), then "A-L" and "M-Z" (8 May 2017, by Fuzzy Barbarian with the edit reason "Joe Chill isn't A-list, nor is Strange, and Clayface IS. And again, still no proper order. Alphabetising").

      I don't think Eric W or Mullon changed who was where on the two pages, but Penguin — for example — was on the "Part 1" page but then was unilaterally moved to "M-Z."

      I'm also not sure where this "again, still no proper order" is coming from; it's kind of rude, especially since it's referencing the discussion page inquiry — pointed out by J Rads 47 already — that nobody apparently noticed. The question was posed on 19 March 2017, and Fuzzy Barbarian said "It's not even in anything resembling an order," even though it was. My issue with this is that Fuzzy never got any response but decided to go ahead and do it anyway. I think they ought to have taken it to ATT if there was no response since it's very easy for nobody to notice a discussion page and it was a pretty big move.

      So would it be a good idea to revert it back? An alphabatized list is cool and all, but I did like the idea of having the biggest rogues on one page. Maybe we can alphabetize the "A listers" page and do the same for the lesser villains page.

      I mean, "A-lister" is subjective. There are clearly obvious ones like Joker, but what makes Clayface more of an A-lister than Hugo Strange? I personally don't think Clayface is one and I think Hugo Strange is, but that really kinda depends on the particular comic/video game/interpretation/etc. that they're in.

      I don't personally mind it being in alphabetical order and removing the subjectivity, but I do think they should've tried to get more input into it before unilaterally changing it.

      With no real objective criteria for what makes an "A-lister" or a "B-lister", alphabetical is as good a way to organize them as any.

      I still think that they should be talked to in case they want to do something similar in the future

      Except unilaterally alphabetizing a page that has no commented out notes or discussion otherwise generally does not have to be discussed.

      Alphabetizing is encouraged as a form of organization and making the wiki neater. There's no need for a PM for something that's normally allowed.

      Arctimon, the reason Clayface is a bigger name than Strange is that he's actually part of the hero cast of Detective Comics (Rebirth).

      OK, but again, that is one iteration of one comic. I could probably come up with cases where I think he's less important than Stranger. It's subjective. Thank you for proving my point.

      Since it doesn't appear that anything more will come up of this, barring a PM to Barbarian, I am requesting a lock to this query.
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    There is a series of High Fantasy comics named Elves from French publisher Soleil that is reasonably successful. It sparked a Spinoff series named Dwarves.

    Is it okay for the two to share a page under one name for simplicity's sake, like Elves and Dwarves? Both have a Shared Universe and sometimes intertwine. However, none of the authors or editors have bothered to give a name for the Shared Universe, simply treating those two series separately. Reply

      Seems like, assuming they are not too different.

      What do you mean by different?

      As I said, it's the same Shared Universe a run-of-the-mill fantasy world with elves dwarves, dragons, sorcerers, kingdoms warring each other, political plots, many Chosen Ones, although it's not the same places or people that are featured. All fall under the same Myth Arc during which a Necromancer tries to inflict a Zombie Apocalypse fantasy style upon the world.

      Both series follow a cyclical And Now for Someone Completely Different trend where each album switches to different races of Elves/ caste of Dwarves in a periodical manner, always following the POV of a protagonist that may or may not reappear later.

      If you do use a combo page, it's probably a good idea to have redirects set up for the individual sub-series, so any series-specific tropes can easily be split off onto their own pages at some future date, if the page gets large enough.
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    Any particular reason for Quino using the ComicStrip/ namespace rather than Creator/? It's clearly a creator page. Sure, it mainly tropes his works, but that's nothing new for creator pages. Reply

      It should be moved.
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    On 23rd November 2016 a troper called Wuz removed all comic details on the main Manhua page, including the Chinese language titles of the publications, leaving nothing but a list of their English titles. This was done with the edit reason: "We can save the descriptions for the individual pages; this page is just for indexing."

    According to a PM exchange with Wuz, this was done without any discussion, so is this OK? Personally, I think the original Chinese-language titles should be retained, even if the description is regarded as undesirable. Reply

      I'm not sure... but there should be some consistency in our foreign-language indexes. All of the indexes below should either have the original language next to the page link, or not include the original language (list is not exhaustive):

      I think a vote in wiki talk would be proper.Should Media by nationality indexes use the untranslated name next to the page name?

      Y'know, it's much easier to process such a query when you actually link to the page in question. I don't think there is a reason to remove the original language titles, they can be useful for identifying the work.
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    In Batman Supporting Cast, the trope Butch Lesbian was removed from Harper Row/Bluebird's folder for some reason. The trope accurately describes the character (canonically lesbian, has masculine traits and appearance, etc), so I feel it should stay in her folder. Reply

      PM the troper who removed it and ask them to give their reasonings here. Or to take it to the discussion page. Best way to resolve it.
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    Request to move the page of Gentleman Ghost, a minor Dc character with few tropes, to Jsa characters page. Reply

      You know, I'd actually really like to have this discussion... what's the threshold for making a Comic Book/ page for a character? I realize that Comic Book characters are fairly unique since they're so often not tied to a single title, or even a single universe. In this particular case I would be inclined to leave him on his own page, since he's got a bit of Rogues-Gallery Transplant going on (not to mention that in recent years he's best known as a Batman villain thanks to the Brave and the Bold cartoon).

      Aside from the cartoon (is a comic book relative page), he appear just against Jsa and hawkman sometimes. It is not even a major villain. It is like make a page for B-list villain like Electro or Shocker.

      I personally think that characters should have at least one solo book for a page.

      As I unerstand, Rule of Three is all that's needed to make a subpage: Three fleshed-out tropes. And Gentleman Ghost has been around more then long enough to accumulate those.

      I also think this is where There Is No Such Thing as Notability comes into play.

      My sense is that you actually want to have a franchise-defining character or something very common to make a page about a character. Not merely having a few works to one's name, let alone a few tropes.

      Exactly. There are other examples like Lana Lang that has a personal page when she is totally a minor character in Superman universe. Lois Lane? Ok. Jimmy Olsen? Uhm..o-ok. But why Lana?

      It sounds like a discussion might be needed on TRS or Wiki Talk about the Comic Book/ namespace then

      Seconded. Seems like a Wiki Talk topic, as there just plain isn't a rule one way or the other.

      Ok. Someone can open a thread in Wiki talk? My english is not sufficient good to explain all the situation.

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    The comics folder on the First Law of Resurrection page has the following two examples

    • Jean Grey wasn't actually meant to die at the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga (as stated by Claremont and others), and it was the intention from the beginning to bring her back, just not as a super hero who committed genocide. She has yet to return only because Joe Quesada demanded her death and enforced a "dead means dead" policy concerning her, out of his "characters are 'more interesting' without their Love Interest" beliefs. They got around this by eventually bringing in a teenage, time-displaced Jean in All-New X-Men.
    • Jean is remembered as doing this more than she actually has; the Never Live It Down trope was originally named for her. She died at the end of The Dark Phoenix Saga, returned at the beginning of X-Factor, and was an A-list X-Man for decades until a certain cheesy quesadilla decided she had to die to make Cyclops "more interesting." The current comics version of Jean is a younger one from the past. Exactly where the idea that she dies over and over and over comes from isn't quite clear; it could be the various adaptations of the ending of the Phoenix saganote , or it could be the fact that hosts not staying dead is an official power of the Phoenix, so she has to have used it a bunch, right, right? But actually, she hasn't.

    while the 2nd one goes into detail about how many times Jean "Phoenix" Grey has actually been brought back from the dead, the first part of it covers the exact same thing as the preceding example, which explains her death at the end of the dark Phoenix saga, Joe Quesada wanting her gone for reasons and that a time-displaced version was used to circumvent that dessication (the only difference being Jean's appearance in X-Factor)

    I'm debating with myself what do to do with these entries. The first bullet could be cur or merged with the 2nd, but I feel like that the 2nd example is might have natter problems. Reply

      This maybe.
      • Though Jean Gray is often thought to have died and come back multiple times (possibly the result of adaptations of the original story), the ''orginal Jean Gray died and stayed dead. Jean Grey wasn't actually meant to die at the end of the Dark Phoenix Saga (as stated by Claremont and others), and it was the intention from the beginning to bring her back, just not as a super hero who committed genocide. She has yet to return only because Joe Quesada demanded her death and enforced a "dead means dead" policy concerning her, out of his "characters are 'more interesting' without their Love Interest" beliefs. They got around this by eventually bringing in a teenage, time-displaced Jean in All-New X-Men.

      That gets rid of most of the natter, I think.

      Also, while I'm no defender of Joe Quesada, considering that this isn't a YMMV page the example could definitely stand to lose some of the editorializing about him.

      Okay I added the first part of the proposed edit, cut the redundant example and cut the part mentioning Joe Quesada
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    Is it okay to make a page for Caligula the comic? It's graphic and violent but it does actually have a compelling story and the violence isn't glamorized. Reply

      I don't think that violence is a disqualifier for a page.

      That being said, there is already a video game page and a character page for a game called Caligula, so I think we'd have to differentiate those.
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    Hey, I'm looking for a page for the 2014 and new run 2016 comics of Deathstroke and all I find is this.


      Do any of the New 52 runs have separate pages?

      Wait. There's only 1 page? That's very confusing for those who read only one series out of an entire continuity.

      It's generally not really worth making pages for different main runs of the same character, especially with the same (or a similar enough) title. Most people would be interested in the page containing info about all of the character's runs as a whole, without needing to go through, say, Aquaman 1989 run, Aquaman 1995 run. Aquaman 1999 run, Aquaman 2005 run and so on. Pages are usually made for significant storylines instead, like Knightfall or The Death of Superman, and for books that are different enough from other main runs with the same title, like with the different Batgirl comics.

      If you have enough unique tropes to justify it having its own page, you can make one with no worries, but I personally don't think Deathstroke needs separate pages for all of his runs. It might be better to do what they did with the Blue Beetle page, and just separate the tropes with an "In General" folder, followed by folders with different runs.
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    From Trivia.Black Panther:
    • Executive Meddling: Highly possible for the recent lead change in the latest Black Panther volume...

    This sounds like an Examples Are Not Recent violation that would plague a nightmare: It sounds so vague, it provides no clues at all to when it was written. Anyone here have any idea who it refers to? If no one has any idea, should I just delete it?

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    So I noticed this graphic novel, Jax Epoch, (http://jaxepoch.com/), doesn't have it's own works page. I already have my tropes, but never created a works page. How do I create a works page? Reply
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    is there any reason why, say, Awesome.Marvel Comics is in one section, but NIghtmareFuel.Marvel Universe is another section? They even have two separate Funny pages! Funny.Marvel Comics and Funny.Marvel Universe. Reply

      The list at Funny.Marvel Comics implicitly shows why: not every comic book published by Marvel is set within the Marvel Universe.

      Aah, that makes sense. Thanks! :)
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    Hey there! We recently successfully launched Variant Cover. I added it to some of the most obvious index choices but now I'm trying to be as thorough as possible and want to know if there's some others it could/should be in? My first thought for instance is that, particularly as Variant Cover as an article discusses in its introduction some of general different kinds of covers you might commonly find as Variants - such as parody covers, Deliberately Monochrome "sketch/pen and ink" style, and deliberately-left-mostly-blank (It Makes Sense in Context - read the article for more information), it might be a good fit for the Photography and Illustration index? Or is it fine where it is, since it's been indexed to "Cover Tropes" and "Comic Book Tropes" and a couple of other, like I said, really obvious ones on that front?


    ETA: nevermind on Graphical Tropes, as I just noticed that BOTH Cover Tropes AND Comic Book Tropes are among its sub-index list and it explicitly says to only put tropes on the sub-index in those cases. I would still like to hear if anyone thinks it's suitable for another index though! :) Reply
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    There was a scifi comic like, 5 years back. There was a female lead who always wore a bubble helmet and I remember at least 3 issues. The thing that stands out is in the second or third issue there was a robot body that had George W Bush's head in a jar on top. Really want to figure out what this is. Reply
  • 2 Aug 4th, 2016 at 10:10PM
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    Okay, so, while by necessity discussing the ridiculously confusing labeling of the covers of the Green Lanterns series it became necessary to reference the fact that part of the problem is that with fans knowing that there are Variant Covers for the issues in this comic event, it's even harder for them to automatically notice that there's more than one issue that is a different chapter of the story but numbered the same and named/labeled so closely as to be easily confused with another one (yes, I know it's confusing when tldr'd. I think I managed to give an accurate enough summation on the page itself if you need clarification on what the heck I'm talking about, though. That part doesn't really matter though, because...).

    Thing is, I assumed (though yes as always I would have double-checked my link to make sure) that Variant Cover would lead to a page describing the trope. But...nope, it's a red link. "Perhaps it has an article, but just under a different name" I figured, so I searched and...

    ...surprisingly, there are a LOT of uses of the term "variant cover", in the correct context, all over the site. A notable example being The Great Comics Crash of 1996 which explains the logic behind the practice. What there apparently isn't, though, is an actual article telling you what it is...?

    For those less familiar with publishing industries, particularly comic book publishing, where the practice is currently still very common, a Variant Cover is:

    An alternate cover option - not an alternate edition that happens to have a different cover to differentiate it, that is, but in fact a "collectible", internally identical, alternate version of the same issue/book produced at the same time, but simply with a different cover. The idea being the actual comic book issue (again, usually it is comic books where you see this) is exactly the same on the inside but it has the option of an alternate and often rarer or more exclusive cover, usually with primary art done by a different artist than the "main" cover. Sub-types of Variant Cover include: a normal full-color cover that just happens to differ from the original "main" cover (often done by a different artist, who may or may not specialize in cover art); "sketch" or black and white covers meant to show the original pencils or ink drawing instead of a full-color version of the drawing; comedic/parody covers like the series of covers Marvel did with Deadpool; event-exclusive V Cs like for San Diego Comic Con; and even mostly-blank covers, where there's only the important logos and basic information like price and issue number (these are intended for bringing to artists at events like conventions and book signings, where they can sign or sketch on the front for you)

    The practice became particularly popular in the early-mid 1990s Western comic book publishing industry as a way to boost sales among obsessive collectors, but it's still very common in the West today; so common in fact, that DC recently reassured readers kind of sick of the practice that there would be only "one variant cover each" for any given issue in the DC Rebirth relaunch! But it's not just DC that does it, or even just DC and Marvel: some "indie" publishers do as well, as well as prominent but non-Big Two companies, such as Dark Horse (I know for a fact that the Buffy Season 8 and 9 comics had V Cs for instance).

    Again, there are a LOT of examples (like, literally everything DC is putting out right now, probably literally everything Marvel is putting out, at least a few LONG-running Dark Horse titles, etc), to the extent even that I might suggest using it as an explanatory-only article that notes you can link the trope from the individual work's page - but I definitely think the practice is specific enough, distinctive enough from simply "different edition/different cover", and widespread enough, to deserve an article to explain it to those not familiar with the practice?

    Given all that, I'd like to know if there's ANY good reason why there is NOT already such an article, aside possibly from the fact that nobody's thought to/bothered to make one yet? I don't want, after all, to start an article that might not exist for a reason, but I can't imagine a reason why it shouldn't? Reply
  • 3 Jul 28th, 2016 at 1:01AM
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    Lastest Reply: 28th Jul, 2016 08:36:07 PM
    Guh, I'm so tired my eyes are swimming and I need to get some sleep, but Green Lanterns (covering the DC Rebirth series of that name) is up and running, with at least a proper description, a number of its tropes cataloged (by no means all, but hey, it's a Wiki and we can always add the rest later)...and, I am proud to say, no red links! I'll happily add a page image tomorrow when I'm conscious again and online, and probably a quote as well, since I have all three issues and can pick from those pretty easily (there's some good ones, particularly in the opening one-shot).

    However, I will say this: this is the first time I've created a whole new page for a work and I have no idea how index it. For some reason (this is my clue to go to sleep) I cannot even make sense of the How Indexing Works thing, so I figured I'd leave a note here to draw attention to the fact that the page needs proper indexing, since I'll be offline for a number of hours (possibly most of tomorrow)?


      Holy crap that happened fast. I refreshed because I forgot to add a really obvious trope, and BOOM, indexed already! THANKS! You guys are the best! :D

      In the future, it's best to index the pages you make yourself. Not indexing pages you make can get you suspended.

      Ah! I didn't know that or I might have held off until I knew better/could comprehend better how indexing worked. I'm glad that instead, it was fixed and I was informed of the policy. Thanks for letting me know Nerf Guy! :)
  • 6 Jul 15th, 2016 at 5:05PM
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    Due to how, nowadays, It Was His Sled, I suggest the following edit to the Captain America YMMV page:

    Signature Scene: The most (in)famous part of the 2016 reboot is the plot twist of the first issue of the Steve Rogers run; two words, Hail Hydra. Reply
  • 3 Jun 29th, 2016 at 7:07AM
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    Lastest Reply: 30th Jun, 2016 02:10:33 PM
    With I feel good reason the Captain America page was locked because of that controversial reveal. However the second issue came out yesterday and they more or less immediately backtracked on it . So should it still be locked? Reply

      As the one who originally requested it (which isn't worth much) I'm cool with it being unlocked now, as long as we keep a close eye out.

      You can request the unlock in this thread.

      It has already been requested. The recommendation is to wait a month.
  • 2 Jun 29th, 2016 at 9:09AM
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    It seems like somebody who was upset at the removal of Wall Bangers created this page to try and get around it. There's also a couple of sub-pages.

    The strange thing is that a moderator saw this page and only did some namespace corrections without noticing that the page should probably not exist. Reply

      They've complained before about removed content. I banned the user and cut and locked all of the pages I could identify.

      ^^That's far too easy to do if you have a bunch of tabs open and are opening, editing, and saving one after the other.
  • 2 May 28th, 2016 at 5:05AM
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    why do some cartoon characters walk around with their eyes closed? Snuffy Smith did it, and others, The raccoon on "Over the Hedge" did it today. Usually cartoon animals. It only happens occasionally. Reply

      Eyes Always Shut, you say?

      v Please read questions before making assumptions. Same to you mod.

      if you're asking if it's a trope, use Trope Finder. If you're just commenting on it, you'd be better off posting in the Western Animation forum.

      ^just point them to Trope Finder, answering here means people will continue to ask here. ^ rewarding bad behaviour results in more bad behaviour. It's clearly a Trope Finder question, and you need to learn not to argue over this with the moderators.