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    So I remember watching this at least 4 years ago and I know it was real despite not being able to find anything on it. It's a TV show and it starts off with this sort of scholarship girl getting in to this elite university or college and when she gets there it's all rich kids and endless amounts of sex and drugs and stuff and I think she gets propositioned by this smarmy arrogant guy and at some point one of the characters gets killed with rowing equipment. Possibly stabbed with an oar? I originally thought it was by BBC or itv but now I don't know. Reply
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    Hey, should we be troping contestants on reality game shows like Survivor and Hell's Kitchen? It sounds like this is skirting the rules on troping real life people. Reply

      A reality game show is still a show. And people don't behave the same way if they know they are being recorded. So yes they can be troped.


      Try to be careful about describing the persona on the show and not the person in real life. Same issue we have with Musicians, really.

      Well, if a contestant's antics on a show get them in trouble in real life, should we mention that, or strip the mention. There's a mention of what happened with Jeff Varney's outing of Zeke on Survivor, which got him in trouble in real life.

      We trope characters and personas, not RL people.

      And that sounds like Trivia to me.

      Well, I may strip it, then.

      Reality shows get very blurry as to whether we're supposed to be seeing the contestants as real people or as "characters" constructed via selective editing and the people themselves acting differently on TV than they would in RL. When in doubt, the ROCEJ should pertain. Things that should be especially avoided include:

      • Any mention of anything done by the participants off-camera — that is, in any part of their lives that is not directly on or part of the show. The sole exception would be Trivia directly applicable to their appearance on the show — like someone injuring themselves or getting arrested and thus being unable to participate.
      • Tropes discussing the contestants in moral terms (Token Evil Teammate, Complete Monster, etc.).

      Well, on Fighteer's note, I did strip a mention of Hell's Kitchen Season 15's Frank getting fired from a job for his behaviour on the show. It also looked like Natter and had an outgoing link.

      Edit here.

      Back to the Jeff Varner Survivor incident for a moment, specifically involving "Zeke Smith the character" as opposed to "Zeke Smith the person".

      The "character", so to speak, was portrayed as transgender in Survivor: Game Changers, which is crucial to his supposed status as The Woobie. The "person", of course, is trans F-to-M. How are we supposed to deal with this on the page...?

      Should we have a dedicated thread for reality shows or would the RL persons thread suffice?

      I heavily edited Kitchen Nightmares a while back for troping RL persons — particularly from the episode featuring Amy's Baking Company. In May 2017, someone moved the content to a Recap/ page (courtesy link) and another person re-added the Henpecked Husband entry (to say nothing of adding indentation problems, natter, and other problems that were already revised).

      If you wish to start a thread in the projects sides of the forums, do so. Probably a good idea.

      I'd recommend the Long Term/Perpetual Projects forum, what with too many studios' love of the reality show format.
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    Black Mirror is currently split into pages by season (1, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Special). Thing is, the series doesn't have a recap page, the individual series pages (as well as their corresponding YMMV pages) are already split up into tropes per episode, and there's no "general series themes" folder for any tropes the series episodes might have in common. Would it be a good idea to ax the individual series pages and just create a recap page for each episode? Reply

      Each series is quite different, though — not to mention that the first 2 were kitch British TV series before it got picked up by Netflix and became massively popular. Recap pages should probably be in order, given how different even they are from seeming like a cohesive show, but the seasons only really have one thing in common: dystopia. You know what, it'd be real easy since there's already a lot of tropes and I'm only really pretending to do work right now so I'll make them.
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    Why after Recap / Supernatural S 12 E 21 Theres Something About Mary, did you stop the body count? That was the funniest thing you had going!


      All content on here is by the users. You can edit the pages to continue it if you wish.

      The power was inside you all along...

      Courtesy Link: Recap.Supernatural S 12 E 21 Theres Something About Mary

      Yeah, this is all done by volunteers. It's possible that the person doing that on those recap pages stopped coming to TV Tropes or they just didn't see a point in continuing, etc. You have the power to continue their legacy.

      Actually, after inspecting this, it's taking up more space than the actual episode descriptions. All for a joke that is just basically repetitive copypasta.

      If it's continued, it should probably either be folderized or ditch the total body count list and just make it the individual episode. The total could maybe be put in the index and updated after each episode.
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    Hello there. i'm having trouble finding the name of a serie and i'd like to find it , here are some things i know about it :

    difusion started this year , not too long ago / It's about a soldier who comes back to his family/ basically we're in a world where supernatural and demons and stuff exist the family has a front as a funeral home/ the principal ennemy of the first season is called The Dredge/ Also one of the main character is immortal.

    i thank you in advance for the help you might give me . Hoping you all are having a good day/night . Reply
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    Students, around 16-17 years, main caracter this handsome fit blonde guy. First episode,early in the morning, he is doing abs in his room, through the windows he can see her sister gettingback home after spending night away, and the guy pump up the volume of the radio to cover her from her parents view. He also can.see through the windows a milf neigbour spying him. The goal of this episode is to help his nerd guy to have a first time with a girl. They sent him to buy weeds for the party, and they get into the lake with their car after that party. Reply
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    There's a edit war about a Narm entry. Reply

      Courtesy link: YMMV.Crisis On Earth X

      Looks like Evil Versus Evil, there's petty bickering and insults on both sides.

      EDIT: Actually, I count three people that need a talking-to. Ajitter 89 and Ry Cyber, but also Far Sider — might he be a sock of one of them?

      I'm just going to point out that the entry is based on a false premise. She was already in the camps and was giving her food to children, not caught in the first place for it.

      And factual inaccuracies are one reason to pull YMMV entries.
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    I'm in disagreement with Troper makarovak47 on this page. I think that characters who don't appear at all should logically not stated to be played by an actor, but he keeps adding it back, citing the fact that they are the (unseen) doppelgangers of other characters and that other pages do that too as an argument. Reply

      Are they just voices? If so, then you should have their VA. If not, then don't.

      Yeah, I'm confused. Did they show up or not?

      If they haven't actually been portrayed by the actor, it's incorrect to list who would've hypothetically played them.

      No, they don't appear at all, which is why I find his reasoning totally confusing. The only real argument is that they are being described as looking exactly like other characters (who do appear).

      So they don't appear, yet you know what they look like? Are they just mentioned in passing as looking identical to the characters? If so, they don't need credits. It's like Schrodinger's Actor.

      It makes absolutely no sense to list actors for characters who are not in a work. I mean... seriously? That smacks of headcanon intruding into the articles. If they keep it up, we'll have to suspend them.

      Removed it and told that he should contest it here if he wishes to.
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    Hi I'm somone seems to have added an Unfortunate Implications trope to the ymmv for series/Crisis on Earth-X and used a tumbler website as a reference. Is this fine or incorrect. If it is incorrect could you please fix it and PM the person who did that. Reply

      I thought it was explicitly stated in the description of Unfortunate Implications that the citation has to be from something a little more formal than someone's personal Tumblr blog.

      Yeah I deleted the Unfortunate Implications entry and PM'd the troper but could a moderater please check this person who added it out as it seems they want to go against the rules and force there opinion using that trope when it's not allowed.
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    I remember a man walking slowly up to a post in the darkness, lighting a cigarette, and, suddenly, a knife is thrown into the post, next to his head. What show was it? Reply
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    While I understand how touchy the term "politically correct" can be, I ended up undoing part of an edit on the Role-Ending Misdemeanor page that smacks of either a nannybot or excessive erring on the side of caution. Bill Maher's former program actually is called Politically Incorrect, so I changed every instance of that show's title back from Disrespectful. Reply
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    On this show a boy was dumb and failing school then one night he became super smart and built a DNA model over night. This girl who has her hair in a ponytail and glasses was crushing on him but he doesn't like her. She becomes super smart and loses the glasses and looks hot. She becomes the boys nemesis and tries to kill him a lot of time. One episode they made a dinosaur I don't know how that helps but that's what I remember. Oh the girl's layer is in the schools abandoned clock tower. Please help me find this out so I can concentrate on school Reply
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    Hey there was an episode of a crime investigation show that i saw. It was an episode from season 2 of the show. Sadly i dont remember the name of the show. In the episode the police dept investigates 2 murders- local motorcycle club is suspected to be involved. One policeman goes undercover into the MC. The common factor between the murder victims is their car model n type. The cars have drugs in them belonging to MC which the MC wants. The undercover policeman has a son who he wants to get back to. The MC always knew that he was a cop & planned to use him for thier benefit to mislead the cops. One guy in the MC is pyscho & enjoys killing. He's been killing the people. When the MC goes to last victims' house, the psycho tries to rape the lady there. The police come just in time to stop it and save the undercover cop. Reply
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    The YMMV.Riverdale page is full of anti-Betty stuff mostly made by one troper, hiddenelastic, who's used Base-Breaking Character and Creator's Pet incorrectly. I sent a Pm about Word Cruft since it was the closest match but we might need to craft PMs about problem tropes like that, IE " Base-Breaking Character needs to acknowledge both sides of an argument" or "Creator's Pet must meet four specific criteria".


    "Base-Breaking Character: Betty, especially as of Season 2. Some fans argue that they find Betty annoying and hypocritical. Many fans opinions of her have changed for the negative after she blackmailed and threatened Cheryl in 2x02. Her self righteous attitude hasn't done her any favors with some of the fans either. The fact that a lot of fans feel that Betty is favored by the writers, doesn't help matters at all."

    " Creator's Pet: Betty. Dear God, Betty. It's speculated that Betty is arguably the writer's favorite given how much focus they give her. This in turn has turned many fans off of Betty's character and they actually find her more annoying and boring, especially in Season 2. Many fans have complained that they wish the writers would stop putting so much focus on Betty and focus on other characters like Kevin, Josie, and especially Cheryl. " Reply

      The latter has Word Cruft in the form of "Dear God". Should we remove that?

      They responded to the PM and promised to do better ^^

      [up] [up] Yep!

      Purged the "Dear God, Betty" part, at least.

      Bumping to point out that they've edited the page since, and added thing about Archie being shipped, but they've also added a Ron the Death Eater entry for Betty. Is this kosher?

      I didn't send the Word Cruft notifier last night, but I will now. Should I PM them here?

      I believe the last time Ron the Death Eater came up here, it was pointed out it's a fan work trope, and generally can't apply to canon.

      Maybe P Ming them here would make it easier to sort this out.

      Sent a PM asking him to come.

      Hey guys. I believe that the Creators Pet trope for Betty should be Creators Favorite instead. I will re-edit it to the latter trope.

      No, that requires they admit to favoring her. Removed Base-Breaking Character since it's just one of two required sides, and that misuse makes me question the validity of the other edits.
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    I'm struck by a particular character in Sea Quest DSV, named General Guzmano, who's played by Luis Guzman - it's strange to me that he plays a minor character with such a strangely similar name to his own, but... NOT appearing as himself(?)

    Came here looking for the trope name and some more examples, but found nothing :-(... Maybe this isn't a typical enough thing to have a name? Maybe it's not even a trope kind of thing? I'd love to know Reply

      specifically the antogonist in Season 1, Episode 21 "The Good Death" — www.imdb.com/title/tt0696949/?ref_=nm_flmg_act_112

      Honestly, I'd just consider it a variant of The Danza. Though I think Trope Finder is the best place if you want to find something more specific.
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    Normally, after indexing the main Recap page itself, a blank edit on that is enough to index the individual episode pages, but for some reason it just doesn't work on The Punisher. Is that simply a bug or is there an editing error? Help would be appreciated :) Reply
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    I removed text from the page "What An Idiot / Survivor" that shouldn't have been added in the first place. I also gave a reason when I did it. Anyway, awhile after I removed it someone readded the same example phrased differently. From what I understand if I revert that user's edit it will be an edit war and I don't want to get into an edit war. Should I send that user a private message or do something else to resolve it? Reply

      Sending a PM is the most direct way to approach the problem.
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    Hi guys! This one is pretty old, possibly from the 80s, there was this rabbit (a person in a rabbit suit) and probably the rabbit's name is Stove, but never found anything related to that, and there were other characters, all of them being people on suits, and they all you get on a hot air ballon at the end of the show. That's it, if you guys can help :) Reply
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    I remember i watched one tv series in the early 2000s but it seemed like it was filmed in the 90s.I dont remeber much but it was about some kids who lived in one room with bunk beds.And on the 2nd floor of the bed there was a box (or something like that) where the toys they had were alive and lived in their little town.I dont really remember anymore Reply
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    Im trying to remember the name of a show where people would come on the show and wear a mask. They would reveal the worst things theyve done to the audience and at the end they got the choice to take the mask off or not Reply
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    I remember having a children's program on VHS as a child but it recently poped back into my head an I have no idea what the show is called and can't find anything about it online. What I know; It was a children's program about animals who could talk. I'm pretty sure that it was live action-as in people inside costumes and then dubbed over similar to the popular show dinosours. I know that the main family were actually rabbits I remember that clearly but I feel as though the other families were other woodland creatures not just rabbits. I remember the young daughter of the family specifically and the grandma. One episode that sticks out in my memories was when she is trying to run away or go camping. I rememb3r they lived in cottages and the girl may have been called Jenny? Not sure I would have watched this n the 90s. If anyone can also remember this please let me k ow as it's driving me crazy Reply
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    New account eo0406 has debuted here adding back verbatim an entry already discussed as misuse and which got some editor banned some weeks ago, could you please check for evasion? Thank you very much Reply

      There is a positive match, but the bannee has already appealed successfully.

      Still, reverted. Will ask the rest of the staff about what to do with the new account.

      Edit: Suspending both the new and the original, as there's no clear "evasion" per se, just socking.
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    This would have been on kid's TV in about 1984-1988, it was a drama series so one story about a particular boy. He lived in the countryside and had a pet dog whom he loved, I think it was a black and white sheepdog. He goes out to muck about with his dog in the first episode and swims in a pond. They don't realise that the pond has had barrels of toxic waste hidden in it until his dog dies and then he gets really sick. I can't remember what else happens except the boy ends up in hospital looking quite poorly and I think he gets revenge on the evil toxic waste dumpers. I just remember being really upset by the dog being killed.

    Anyone have an idea what this show was? Reply