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    In the early '80s there was a one-time TV comedy show featuring Randy Newman's pop song "Short People Got No Reason."

    I don't remember any special characters in the show. This was not a series, but a single show with no future. I watched the whole thing, and it was very funny, but the humor was largely slap-stick, which is one of my favorite types of humor. One of the scenes was a 'public service announcement.' It showed a man running down the street. He turned away for a second, and ran face-first into a road sign, and his feet flew up and he landed on his back. A voice-over then said "Don't do this."

    This could have aired in the late '70s, but I'm thinking more like '81 or '82. I would love to see it again. So many shows are lost. Aired once, and forgotten. Reply
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    Seems Sonofaphrodite was looking to split the page for Once Upon a Time between the main cast characters and the rest of the core characters, but didn't get around to finishing the job. Could we get a reversion or fix please? Reply

      What do you mean? The only difference I see is that the "Main Villains" page is gone and now there's a page for "Hyperion Heights."

      EDIT: Oh, he moved all the old Main Characters to the "Former Main Characters" page. Considering they were on the show for six seasons, it may be best to give them their own page while the new Main characters get a separate one.

      ..."Main Characters" and "Former Main Characters"? I don't think I've ever seen a split like that...

      Been kind of out of touch since Hades came into it but Emma, Snow, Regina, they're all former main characters now? That's a hell of a change in the status quo.

      I had a PM conversation with that troper, so perhaps you should ask them over PM to complete the job.

      Well, finishing the job may not be great if we're going to split those pages again so the main character of seasons 1-6 isn't exiled to someone that left after episode 6.

      Maybe the character page split should be done by seasons? Or something.

      I think the best way to do it is to have a "Main Heroic Characters" page with Emma, Henry, the Charmings, Baelfire, Belle, and Robin Hood and a "Main Villainous Characters" with Regina, Rumple, Hook, and Zelena.

      The minor characters under "Former Main Characters" who are only their because they were regulars for a season should be moved to some of the setting specific pages. So, Graham, Red, and Jiminy would be moved to the "Storybrooke" page while August would get moved to the "Lands Without Magic" page. Sound good?
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    There appears to be something weird going on with the main work and YMMV pages for Desperate Housewives. Rather than just listing the examples, all the examples have been split into Character Tropes, Episode Specific Tropes and Show Wide Tropes sections. Reply

      Well, we have Character and Recap pages... but they're pages. Show-wide tropes go on the main objective and YMMV pages.

      I'd say it looks like someone split up the tropes without making the pages.
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    Hi I am hunting for a episode which i saw back in the 90s. it has a scene of a hospital orderly / male nurse talking to a patient in straitjacket saying "it's Time for breakfast" I suspect it is from the episode from "Nurses" but not luck.... please help! thanks! Reply
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    Editor dgenega5764 continues having problems shoehorning the Arch-Enemy trope, assigning it to almost every single character who becomes an open antagonist to another, among other minor problems ( Zero context examples, the "arguably" word, not using present tense narrative, walls of text... ) Example

    Several editors already cleaned some of the misuse in the past, but he keeps readding it without paying any regard to the reasons or explanations given. Reply

      Calling them in.

      Could you please check if the account EO01163 is related by any chance?

      This editor just added verbatim one of the entries written by dgenega and previously fixed after being seriously trimmed down , added again with no reason behind it . The entry is quite bad as it stands, but it's somehow salvageable, I'm fixing it now.

      I wouldn't put my money on it, but given the timing is just suspicious, this second editor was banned recently and shares this pattern about putting numbers at the end of the name account, they remind me of some evader who did the same , I just hope I'm wrong and the I Ps are not from Singapore.

      Thank you for your time

      No IP overlap or geolocation. Please message EO.
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    So there’s a show I remember from my childhood but I can’t remember the name of it. I remember a guy who had a ring that when he touched his computer with it and said a catch phrase (don’t remember what that phrase was) it transported him to a ‘spaceship’ in cyberspace or something. Sadly that’s all I remember of the show… Does that ring a bell for anyone? Reply
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    I have a bit of research to do since I haven't seen nor heard about OutOfTheBox in about a decade. I've seen someone made the page before, but apparently made a stub. Is it cool to try my hand at this one? Reply

      As long as it wasn't cut for something like P5 violations and you can do more than the original stub I think you're good

      Remember to put it in Series/.

      How to Create a Works Page.
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    It is Episode 11, not ten, but where can I change it? When I change it in the recap overview, it just beomes a redlink Reply

      You need to move the page to the correct title.

      I don't know how to do that, never did that in all the years I was here sorry

      This will help: How to Move a Page
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    I thought that we frowned on links to YouTube that contain the full-length version of things that can be purchased. The The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) page has a link to the full show on YouTube, and even though the DVD is technically out of print it's easy to find copies on eBay and Amazon for reasonable prices. Should this link be removed? Reply

      Full-length YouTube videos raise copyright violation concerns. I'd recommend their removal.

      YouTube tends to remove them when they spot them/they're reported anyway.

      I already removed the link; this thread can be deleted.
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    Any input would be welcome

    Elliott The Sheep (javaxcore) I Reply

      There isn't any description; only one sentence addressing the other Topers on the TLP forum? You need to add (a few paragraphs or so, but but at least one) of description. Don't put any form of "I" in that text: see This Troper . There also need to be at least 3 examples from Works (wicked to those works, if they have TV Tropes Works pages). I don't understand how the Laconic relates to the Trope name but maybe that's me.

      The pages on Administrivia will help out a lot, especially the stuff under "The Basic Stuff" and "Manual of Style", and "Editing Basics".

      Welcome, good luck and have fun.

      I suggest you read TLP Guidelines

      How do i get to TLP?

      TLP is Trope Launch Pad, you've already put your trope there. I suggest you read Administrivia.Text Formatting Rules so you can see how to format your text like other pages
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    Just bugs me: why was the Dark Matter TV series moved, and not in its entirety? The WMG, dedicated entirely to the series (as opposed to the neglected RPG system) was left with the old name, and the move itself happened last weekend. Reply

      The fact that Dark Matter now disambiguates between four different "Dark Matter" pages should answer your first question. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/query.php?parent_id=55117&type=att

      Whoever did the migration probably didn't realize that the WMG page only contained entries from the TV show, since the page doesn't actually mention what work all those guesses refer to. Or maybe it was just an oversight.

      It's the latter. sorry about that. I moved the WMG page.

      Okay, thanks.

      Uh oh. I have no idea what happened, but I did add the character entry for Teku Fonsei on the Characters page, but now it's missing - like someone copied an older version of the page. Is that even possible?

      I can see it on the page. The entry at the very bottom, right?

      ^^It's possible if Alice lets her editing session lock time expire without exiting, then Bob goes in and edits, then Alice saves her edit window.

      Yes, Paul A, I added it again, in a more adequate space ("Others" as opposed to "Opponents/Zairon", as Teku is not hostile towards the Raza crew, unlike Misaki). I'm not sure whether I included everything from the previous attempt this time, though, and I can't check (the edit history for the page before relocation got nuked).
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    Back in January of 2015, Randomguy490 made an update to Tropes Examined by the MythBusters changing a mention of 'butter zone' to 'buffer zone'. It was changed back by Giant Space Chinchilla about a week later.

    Fast forward to August this year (IE about a 2 and a half year gap). Randomguy490 made the same update again. Then just now, I reverted it, without realizing I had technically taken part in an edit war.

    I can bring the entry to the discussion board, but since Adam does actually say 'butter zone' on the episode (and the gap between edits is so large) I'm not sure it would help anything.

    I wanted to bring this to ATT now, in hopes of avoiding a suspension for edit warring. Reply

      My own two cents is that a two and a half year difference does not constitute an edit war. But don't quote me on that; I know the mods tend to be stricter about such things than I am.

      And my recommendation would be to add a note on the entry to the effect of "their words, not ours". That or just rewrite it so as not to use the phrase to begin with.

      I mentioned in my edit reason that it is what Adam says in the show.

      While it is a pretty big gap, it's the same troper changing it to the incorrect thing. Maybe sending a PM about it. That seems like a long time to care about the phrase "buffer zone" versus "butter zone".

      I have been mistaken. Randomguy 490 made the first change, but the second was by Randomguy5850. The first guy hasn't been active since 2015.
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    I remember this special very vaguely however it most likely aired in the early 2000's. There was one particular episode apart of the special itself that I remember most of. The episode appeared to have people working on a kids show television set where there was a creepy doll. The only way I could possibly describe it is a cabbage patch kid mixed with Barney's height (at least from what I recall). The particular line that stands out to me is it talking to one of the cast members who happened to be a mail man on the kids show, she basically said something along the lines of "I'll cut out your heart and you can cut out mine." The man of course thought the doll meant paper hearts as there were materials to make them on a nearby table. Unfortunately the doll stabs him in the heart with a pair of scissors and says something mentioning a baby, I don't know. What I think I remember is the cast member who played the mail man had romantic relations with the woman who provided voice over work for the doll and recently discovered she was pregnant. This is all I really remember from it, it's been a while. Reply
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    Could someone confirm if the entries for Scrappies on Murder, She Wrote is true? The fandom for this show is very hard to find on the web. Reply
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    I'm trying to remember the name of a show that was late 90s early 2000s. It involved two muppet style puppets who traveled through a "warp" type worm hole and go to different places around the world. They have a human female that they talk to through her watch. Teenage girl who went by the name of "charlie (Charly)". The one episode i saw had them go to some kind of imagineering location to see some stuff. This has been bugging me for years because i have not been able to find any information. Reply
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    Seems like there's some edit-warring going on on Game of Thrones by Julain Lapostat/some others. Basically, it seems like he's adding "bashing" examples which others are arguing should be removed/are removing, and then he's re-adding them. Reply

      There's not an edit-war on, because no one has taken those points to discussion and the reasons I added for keeping those examples have not been refuted or disputed.

      And show-bashing is an Ad Hominem charge, that does not take into account the content of the argument or the reasons for the entry...

      I had cleared up and updated the YMMV page over the last three days because some of the entries were dated, like mentioning Season 3 plotlines like it was correct and so on and so forth...

      Add, Delete, Add or Delete, Add, Delete is an Edit War.

      In this case there were Entries I kept for a long time...:It's the Same, Now It Sucks which was deleted because one troper said it didn't fit.

      I readded that entry by quoting and citing the trope page showing that it did in fact qualify and since then it hasn't been deleted.

      Now the other case is Strawman Has a Point which I transported from the YMMV page for a Recap. That was removed with a reason that cited Fanon, while I re-added by pointing out the comment.

      So it's more Delete-Restore (with Comment)...which is still not an Edit War. Were it to go there, I would have taken it to the Discussion page, and I did invite people to the Discussion page in that comment...

      ^Did you initially add It's the Same, Now It Sucks and then re-add it after it got deleted? You did say you added Strawman Has a Point to the page via transferring and re-added it after it got deleted.

      I added It's the Same, Now It Sucks a year ago towards the end of Season 6. It stood there with little alterations and changes for several months. Then a troper comes and removes it saying that the entry doesn't fit the trope description...without taking it to the Discussion or anything. I then looked at the page and found that the trope description in fact does fit and re-added it with the relevant paragraph and clarification and suggested a return to the Discussion. That was two or three days back so it still stands.

      Strawman Has a Point was this day. And it did happen as you say. I added, someone removed, and I re-added with clarification and an invitation too the Discussion...so that's all.

      Then at least one of those, if not both are Edit Wars; edit wars have been known to happen over several months, even about a year, so long as either add, delete, re-add or delete, add, delete again is at work.

      Should I post the relevant disputed entries on the Discussion page and start a dialogue then?

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    What do you call it when writers/showrunners give character some terrible situation then give them a tiny bit of hope then slam the door again then another bit of hope then slam the door again. Over and over until the episode ends where you think he may have fixed the horrible problem but end with one final terrible failure. Jerking the character and audience around. Reply
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    So i looking to buy a new tv.. D65u-D2 vs E65-E1 vs D65-E0... I found them on my local target/bestbuy store. i asked the sale rep, they said they are same. just different model name... i went to displayspecifications com... to see full specs.. What do u guys think? which one should i get? thanks.

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    Hi I'm trying to remember the name of this show. It was a kids show and was also cartoon, the main characters were a sister and brother the sister had red hair and the brother had blonde hair and I don't remember the plot it was just the sister going on adventures and the brother using his imagination to make the adventures seem real. The boy might of been named Sam I think but not sure there was also a dog in it if that helps. It was those show that come on at like 6 in the morning and it's really cute and I can't find it. Reply
  • 1 Jul 27th, 2017 at 2:02PM
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    Can't think of this show about a boy who is either searching for his father or his family and what happened? He searches for these rock or chip like objects that some how relate. He travels with one blue monster that has blue furry boots that make him fast and a blue ice looking staff, the character also seems to be really cold. Other characters might be a girl, and a tall red guy maybe. There also might be a villain who never really shows his face but is somehow connected to the main character and is collecting the chips or rocks as well. Reply
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    Hi there Iv been trying to think of this kids Rv show possibly from the 90's it is situated in a real life kids bedroom with "puppets" as the characters it has a slow theme song and I think the puppet reads a book like story time on these shows please help!! Reply
  • 1 Jul 26th, 2017 at 4:04AM
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    Ok so its an older show in early 2000s where an alarm would sound and fog would come out disco lights would go and an elephant would come out it would be dancing with children and it would shake its head the whole time Reply