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    So I used to watch this reallife show which aired around 2004 in my country. It was in English. It was def a Sci-fi show. It has 3-4 Teenagers from what I remember. 2 guys and 1 girl I think. There was this futuristic car/vehicle (from what I remember, was very fast, could maybe fly and be invisible)(and has soo many features inside it). The Teenagers discover this car. And Inside this car One of the teens could put armour on and make him self like a robot and fight crime ( the armour was shiny silver). The Villain from what I remember was a Girl dressed in red leather. Everyone went to the same high school. One scene I remember was one of the teenagers (the asian i think) was captured and tied to a chair and he manages to get help/or contact by typing on a laptop with his hands tied backwards cause he's so smart. Thats all I remember, please let me know if this rings a bell to anyone. Thanks. Reply
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    which episode of the price is right 1976-77 did a contestant won a beautiful bar and a boat Reply
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    There seems to be something of an edit war on Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Bugsters. Possessiveness over an entry seems to be the issue. Reply

      It's escalated quickly. Now they're just using edit reasons to go at each other.

      They've been suspended.

      Suspended all three for using the edit reason box to yell like schoolchildren.
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    AthenaBlue seems to have decided to edit-war over the quotes placement for recap episodes, even after being told to let it go earlier, here on ATT. Notably for the pages: NoodleIncident.Doctor Who, Funny.Doctor Who50th Anniversary Specials, Funny.Doctor Who Series 8, Funny.Doctor Who Series 9, Funny.Doctor Who Series 10. Reply


      (Puts out aspirin and hot chocolate for the mods)

      It'll be worth a whole bottle of vodka to deal with this in Edit Banned... /sigh

      I'll go raid P5's cabinet. :p

      Can I ask a revert on the aforementioned pages? I'm not exactly feeling courageous enough to go through them again...

      That's done.

      ^^^^^ LOL.

      Update: AthenaBlue's suspension looks to be a permanent ban.

      We needn't worry about what the situation is anymore. She's permabanned, clearly. That said, could we close this to avoid speculation about the user?

      Adorable avatar, Irene. :)

      I think a lock is a good idea. There's only so many vodka and chocolate jokes you can make before it gets old. :P
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    Do you know the name of that crime mystery whodunnit drama show that took place in New York, USA and aired for two seasons and was from the 2010s? (I think it aired either from 2011 to 2012) and one of the main characters is a woman and is divorced. In one of the episodes, a girl had looked like as if she had committed suicide by hanging herself, but her older sister and her boyfriend had killed her and made it look like as if she had hanged herself and in another one of the episodes, the victim was a woman who was found dead in her pool and she was, like, the president of a beauty/fashion magazine company and the murderer was a woman who had gotten into a fight with the victim and had shoved her into the pool.

    Can you please help me and tell me the name of the show that I'm talking about? Reply
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    Could someone fix it? Reply
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    My impression is, that in sitcom families with more than one child, the first child is almost always female (unless all children are male). Married with children, Roseanne, Bill Cosby, ALF, Grounded for life, My family. Just a few, that come to my mind right away. Am I right, that writers of this genre prefer older sisters and/or avoid older brothers? Could there be a trope behind this?

    [Edit:] I just saw, this question is better suited for Trope Finder. I'll repost it there. Maybe someone could remove this one, and sorry. Reply
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    its not my post but a copy and paste) I will try to correct as much as I can hello. Iím sorry to bother you, but Iím DESPREATE . Iím looking for movie for like 15 years that based Stephen Kingís book probably. I saw it as a child and before year 2000. Iíll tell it as I remember: what i do remember from the movie is residents for small town in no where finding some day transparent wall that locked them inside it. when the townís residents found the wall, they tried to beat it. one gypsy sent her crow above the wall Ė but the wall took her and her crow (make them dissappear). another muscular guy tried to punch the wall. and the wall took him too. another guy (black guy) tried to dig under the wall Ė the wall expend the hole and took him too. meanwhile one fat pastor committed suicide with dagger at some church or something like that (place with candles). one by one they all dissappeared until there was only the main character left. in that stage, the pastor came back too life and began to fight with the main character in that point i was too scared and i went too sleep. the movie is not horror movie, doesnít contain some paranormal activity (beside the wall and itís power), no aliens or demons or vampires. i donít even sure that the movie was in English. for years iíve been trying to find that movie. please help me. thank you, ok we know this: ITS NOT STEPHEN KING ITS NOT A MOVIE WE THINK ITS AN EPISODE ON THE OUTER LIMITS (THE 2 THAT HAVE A WALL ARE NOT IT) THE WALL IS INVISABLE ITS BEEN ON TV BEFORE THE YEAR 2000 ONE LADY SAID SHE REMEMBER THE MOVIE AND THE PEOPLE BEING TRAPPED AND COULD NOT ESCAPE/GET OUT SHE REMEMBER THE RAVEN (OR CROW)WE DO NOT KNOW THE END OF THE STORY (HOW IT ENDS) LADY SAID SHE SAW IT ON THE COMET TV CHANNEL (HOWEVER I HAVE EMAILED COMET TV AND THEY DONT KNOW IT EITHER) PLEASE HELP

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    On the 5th of May Etherjammer added an example for Status Quo Is God to the YMMV page for Gotham,on the 16th I deleted the example because 1. Status Quo Is God is not YMMV and 2. it was listed as a "meta-example" which usually means it's not an actual example of the trope. Etherjammer has since added it back. Reply



      Calling them in for a talk.
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    The recap page for the Supergirl season finale has its own Headscratchers page. (Spoilers for the finale which aired this week.)

    Two issues: 1) Should a recap page for an episode get its own headscratchers page? 2) The page is a mess. It's mostly an argument about who should have won a fight that happened in the episode. It also seems to be violating the rules about civility, since the tropers involved are making jabs at each other. Reply

      A Recap is a form of work article, so it's not impossible for it to have subpages. However, in this particular case, it seems that the subpage in question is being misused. Those tropers may also need a chat.
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    I'm looking for the name of a TV show. I do not remember any actors or character names. It's similar to Eerie Indiana, the RL Stine shows, and is geared towards young adults. It takes place in a town where weird things happen. A kid moves their with one of his parents. (One of the parents is missing or presumed dead and they are moving back to their hometown.) The main character of the show befriends two characters that are odd. They know weird things happen in the town. The girl is nerdy. There's also a wealthy family that the town seems to think is evil and avoids. I know they spend time at a little diner. It was on a streaming service and I can't find it again. It was a serial show. I don't know how many seasons. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I think it was made past 2000, but I'm not positive. Reply
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    Is there any particular reason why the YMMV pages for Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash (2014) are divided by individual seasons (especially since the other two shows in the Arrowverse aren't) and is this allowed? Reply

      There's no rule against it, if that's what you're wondering.

      ^ This, and also, it makes it easier to not spoil yourself when reading by just being able to read the relevant season, since spoiler tags are a no-no on YMMV pages.

      I seen spoiler tags in YMMV.

      If spoiler tags aren't allowed on YMMV pages, then we need to remove each and every one of them for violating Handling Spoilers.

      Spoiler tags are most certainly permitted on YMMV subpages. They are not permitted on Moments subpages, but that's not an issue here.
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    The Characters - 19 Kids and Counting page lists over 25 characters, but only about a handful of those characters have any Tropes assigned to them at all, most are empty folders; almost all of the Tropes that are assigned are Zero-Context Example; none of the characters have a screenshot or quote. All-in-all, the page is a stub.

    Would it be best to:

    1. Submit this page to the Zero Context Example forum?

    2. Submit this page to the Cutlist and request for it to be cut as it is now?

    3. Just mention it here as I did now and hope somebody who knows more about the work comes along to add on to the content? Reply

      Add-on: the Troper who created this Characters page, started it with:

      Editor's Note: Recent events surrounding the show's cancellation have led to more traffic for this show both here and on The Other Wiki. Now that TLC has announced a few new upcoming specials surrounding the family's daughters, a cast page seemed in order.

      No doubt heir intentions were good, but is it kosher for a "This Troper" to explicitly refer to themselves as "the Editor" on this Wiki?

      No. Never use first person at all.

      The quality of that characters sheet is so bad. Few tropes, many of them are ZCE, and there is YMMV trope on it too.

      Geez, I thought about making basic fix (comment out ZCE, removing YMMV, etc). But even the trope with proper context readed like misuse too. I do not think it is salvageable (although I have no knowledge about the show). Is it really a high traffic page?

      Oh, and the grammar is worse than mine.

      Aside from the recent spate of corrective edits to the show's main page today, the next most-recent was in March of this year, and the one immediately preceding that was in November of 2016. I wouldn't consider that "high-traffic".

      I commented out most of the Zero Context examples.

      Well, I remove the "Editor's note" and few misuse (somehow they think "appear less on camera" is The Quiet One). As well as "is this trope"-style ZCE.

      Since they're technically real people, are we even allowed to trope them?

      Since they're technically real people, are we even allowed to trope them?

      Yes. People in reality show are acting persona, not real people.

      Kuruni and SithPanda - Thanks, it looks better now.

      InsanityPrelude - These people are Creators in Real Life yes, and if you'd create a Creator page for them, the "No troping real people" rule applies there - but this is a Characters page for a Series (Reality T.V. yes, but still a Series).
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    Looks like the Fremantle Media page could use a little scrubbing. Noticed it's pretty critical of the group. Reply
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    I just created a page for the upcoming Netflix show GLOW (2017) but the WikiWord button so I can ask for the title to appear as GLOW (2017) doesn't show up in the page.

    Is there a waiting period for it to appear? Reply

      It's there, next to "history" under "more". You might not be seeing it if you're on mobile though.

      That's it. I'm on my iPad. I'll have to wait until I get home.

      There's usually a link at the bottom of any given mobile page to switch to desktop version. I'm an Android and chrome has a "request desktop site" option. Don't know offhand if Safari has anything like that though.

      (Checks on iPhone)

      Safari does over here. :) (Prefer the Chrome app myself.) :p

      ^^ You're an Android, sgamer82? I knew it! The signs of being unable to pass the Turing Test were all there... ;)

      (Technical issues like this are why I generally stick to Firefox, whether I'm using a Mac or a Windows machine; it's a memory hog, but it works, mostly.)

      I've heard Turing test, but not sure it was in this context so not sure what you mean

      It was a joke. You wrote that you're "an android" and the Turing test is used to measure artificial intelligence.

      Anyway, looks like this topic is done.
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    Spoilers if you arent caught up to Animal Kingdom's season 1 finale. This is listed on the series trope page for the show - which most likely happened around the 8th or 9th episode:

    The Dog Bites Back: After numerous cases of having his life threatened by his uncles as well as his girlfriend manipulated as well as seduced (right after he broke up with her to protect him), J decides to turn state's evidence. His teacher seducing him didn't help.
    The season finale (episode 10) shows that J wasnt going along with the FBI and was lying. Should something be added to the Dog Bites Back trope to correct this? Reply

      You're allowed to correct/update/remove incorrect or out-of-date information without asking for permission. I've never even heard of this show, so i don't know how things go down, but if at any point it looked like the trope may have applied, you can add a spoiler-tagged line to explain that it didn't at the end.

      That said, this example probably needs more context. I have no idea what's going on or why the trope applies.

      In a nutshell - the trope says he was going state's evidence. As of the very next episode, he didnt go to the FBI and was lying - that was my question. But if I can edit this to make it more up to date - will do.

      I meant that it doesn't explain who (the uncles?) would be affected by it and how.
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    I know that book/show's incredibly divisive already, but BronyoftheOctaves keeps adding justifying edits to any criticism of it on the YMMV page. The rest of their edits seem okay aside from hyperbole.

    Examples: "* No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: The myriad of attacks the show has gotten from in-depth critiques to the occasional troll have only made the show more popular! Special points when its actors/actresses claim the show could "trigger" some viewers despite the obvious subject matter being a big Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped, which makes it more glaring considering Episode 9 onwards puts trigger warnings.

    "* Unfortunate Implications: Listing all the articles describing how the show/book can be construed as "romanticizing suicide" (among other things) would take long. Many experts that parents of young people watching should at least have a conversation about the events in the show. Again, considering the show's themes of suicide and rape, it's bound to upset some." Reply
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    Watched this when I was a kid, probably mid 90s. I can't remember how the show starts out but in the show there's a guy who mixes a pancake and recites the pancake poem and when he flips it, it lands on his face. Bits and pieces also include a wind up frog and him mixing some colours. Somehow, I think the show is called Colours/Colors (not sure about the spelling), as that resonates in my mind but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Please help! Reply
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    This troper http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/el.php?findfor=Peeve has basically started an edit war (last 3 edits) about what he personally sees as 'objective', despite the matter being present as the typical 'AI gains consciousnes and overthrows her creator' on the show, with Aida doing a lot of things clearly out of spite and self-interest, not just 'following her programming' and several tropers besides me see it the same way, so just deleting it is not very productive. Reply

      Suspended for edit warring.
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    Could you put Elena Gilbert from the vampire diaries in the damsel scrappy section? Reply

      It's not locked, so nothing's stopping anybody, including yourself, from adding it. Though I think you need a bit more context than "Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries" to make it stick.

      Yep, read How to Write an Example so it doesn't wind up a Zero Content Example.
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    I don't know too much about the show because I saw the brief description on Netflix spotlight. All I remember is part of the description was something about people living in a perfect world but all their worst nightmares come to life. The preview picture was shattered glass and the pieces made a smiley face. Reply
  • 2 May 7th, 2017 at 11:11AM
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    To Filipino Tropers, this page has not been fully edited for two years. With Aldub and Encantadia on the roll, an update is needed, lest this would be cutlisted. Thanks. Reply


      I don't see the point of that article. It has no works indexed, and reads like a historical essay. Leave it to Wikipedia.
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    So I've been trying to put together a top ten list of the Dumbest/Useless Smart Characters in Dramatic Television. I'm specifying dramatic television because these are characters who are supposed to be highly intelligent, competent, and one of the most useful people on the team. Yet they are constantly making terrible choices, putting the team in danger, and more often than not, whining like little children when things don't go their way.

    But on the flip side, these characters really are highly intelligent. They have knowledge and abilities in fields like science and medicine, and really are a benefit to their team in certain specific moments. But those moments are incredibly few, far between, and seem to only serve as a reminder to the audience that this character is actually capable of doing something right.

    In dramatic television, these characters tend to be accidents, not intentional. In comedic television, these characters are made for laughs. Like Michael Kelso in "That 70's Show". He was a huge buffoon, but he had his moments of intelligence throughout the show. That was intentional.

    No, the characters I'm looking for are more like Professor Arturo from "Sliders". This is a man who was one of the leaders in his field, taught at a well-respected school, advised caution every time the team entered a new world, then proceeded to stumble around like a toddler, whining that everything was different from their world, and constantly causing problems for the group. I recently watched the show, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that the majority of the problems the group faced were caused by Arturo breaking his own rules about Sliding.

    So, is there already a Trope for this, or do we need to start assembling a new list?

    @Legitmateidiot: I found the Genius Ditz, and no, it doesn't fit my description. This person doesn't act like a ditz. Like I said, they're legitimately one of the smartest people on the team, and they act like one of the smartest people on the team, but they constantly make terrible decisions that put the team in danger. Reply
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    I wanna make an page since i wanna add an page for L.A Heat (1996-1999) since no one did it. Reply
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    Hi Tropers, I'm a trope explorer and came across one of your pages, "Series/The Apprentice" and wondered why you would do a page and not mention one trope? Reply

      The tropes are in folders (the gray things labelled "US Version", "UK Version", and "Irish Version"). To see tropes relating to a certain version of the show, just click on that version's folder. Or click the thing above the folders that says "Open/Close all folders" to see the tropes for each version of the show.