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    So I remember when I was little around early 2000s I saw a show about women with shooting bracelets, they were underground I dont remember much only that there wasnt a big cast and mainly women. Also I remember that they had some hate against robots that lived above them. Oh and I strongly remember one plot twist- one the women turned out to be a robot too Please help me out Reply
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    Can someone who's already either finished or started Iron Fist (2017) please list which of the barefoot-related tropes on this list apply to Danny? Reply
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    Trying to remember the name of a show from the 90's (I think?) that was about this "cool science guy". Best way I can describe him is if Johnny Bravo were a scientist. The guy had black hair (Johnny Bravo style) and always wore sunglasses. For some reason I keep thinking his name was Cody...? Reply
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    I could use some help in cleaning up the Hell's Kitchen character pages. A lot of the formatting looks off, and there are a few spots of Natter and Zero-Context Example. Reply
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    The TV history of Patrick Stewart does not list an uncredited appearance in the Avengers This was an episode called "The Town of No Return" at the start of the episode he played a man walking from the sea. This has been mentioned in some places as being his first TV role. I however think he might have had a role as a soldier in an Episode of the Saint prior to this. Anyone got any information as to this being correct? Reply
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    I was browsing and found that the page Glee S 4 E 1 The New Rachel was incredibly long (~3000 words before you get to the trope list). The Glee S 4 E 2 Britney 2.0 page is about 2700 words. I checked a couple other Glee recaps, and they seem to be about as long.

    Aren't the recaps supposed to be much shorter than that? It almost looks like a liveblog instead of a recap. (I've never seen Glee, so if it does need clean-up, I wouldn't know what to do.) Reply
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    Are pages allowed to have two page quotes​?? Because Pilot has two, not one Reply

      Generally no (I think some pages like Commie Land are exceptions). Put the second one on a quotes subpage.

      Most pages -nope.

      Page quotes are oft discussed here -I advise taking it there.
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    I remember watching a clip of a Tv series about this rock band, the lead singer was a gay hottie (or something like that) and a married girl gets into the band, stuff goes down between the lead singer and her. A lot of nsfw scenes and prob 13+ channel. Help!! Reply
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    Well this is awkward. The Character page for Supergirl (2015) makes mention of Batman, or rather an "unnamed vigilante" that was only mentioned in a roundabout way and consists mostly of speculation based on the character in other medianote  that similarly goes out of the way to not explicitly mention the character bar the Writing Around Trademarks entry (because it partially explains why, and even there the name Batman was still not used) and arguably the Superman Stays out of Gotham entry (I can only speculate that is only due to the no sinkhole rules and use elsewhere on the page forbidding that being an "Unnamed Vigilante Stays Out Of National City" entry instead). All of this for a character that is only mentioned in one episode.

    What do we do? Reply

      Clean it, I'd assume.

      I'm just guessing here, but probably clean out the pure speculation stuff that's not confirmed by Word of God or something else outside the work(?). If it "could" be Batman, then it "could" be Nightwing (who eventually does become Batman?) or other bat-themed superheroes related to Batman. I think it'd make sense to move those tropes to a single WMG entry, but I'm no longer familiar with normal WMG standards. So, probably clean out stuff that just assumes it's Bruce Wayne.

      Even if it is Batman, you don't trope anything that isn't seen in the show itself (or at the very least in related official material treated as canon).

      Okay I scrubbed the speculative examples (including commented out ZC Es, mainly due to being appearance tropes for a character who hasn't appeared) and changed the Vigilante Man entry to instead reflect the context of Kara's mentioning him in the first place (for reference its because she doesn't want James Olsen to become a Vigilante himself).
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    I heard about the tv show but couldn't find the name, it's about scientists who made chemicals to remove the existence of humans on earth. obviously those scientists were shown as the "bad" side of the series, and as I heard it is more than one season? Reply
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    goldenroad originally made an odd change to all the Series.The Flash 2014 pages exposing a major spoiler. It was discussed here, and reverted. A note was made on the discussion page. He then reverted all the changes last month with no discussion or edit reason. I'm fixing them again, but he needs a talking-to. Reply

      Suspended them for defying consensus.
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    7th Heaven needs some serious help, as it's getting way too biased against the show. Reply

      Wiped out most of the Unfortunate Implications, since they had no citations.

      WaggishPony has restored the deleted Unfortunate Implication items without adding any citations.

      All other issues aside with it, is "Unfortunate Implications" supposed to be text-formatted like that?

      (Small-caps heading, listed above all other YMMV - rather than as a bullet point alphabetically between other YMMV entries?)

      As far as I know, that's not proper indentation. No other page I've seen uses that style of heading for its tropes.

      Also, Tropers.Waggish Pony is now Edit Warring since it was technically add->delete->re-add.

      As it stands right now, the UI entries (that are inexplicably at the top of the page) have... links... which is not the same as a citation. They seem to be borderline tangentially related.

      The page's history is so convoluted I have no idea who did what when. In any case, I'm going to move the UI to the right place and comment them out and bring them to discussion, because they're pretty problematic.

      Thanks for confirming my suspicions. And yeah the Edit War and bigger issues are what need addressing first (by a Moderator), but I was just wondering / nitpicking :-)

      Waggish Pony has received an edit suspension.

      The Fridge Page might need a look at it too, since it seems to have gotten... more Nattery than Fridgey.
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    There is this movie/show,Not sure which but I'm putting my money on show, But there was this one scene taking place at night in a large city where a woman who was guilty of her crime was running and was captured by her pursuer who was a guy,but she screamed for help pretending she was being raped to a group of construction workers across the street doing roadwork and they came and almost beat the guy up and let the girl escape but his partner/associate came before they could beat him up but she managed to escape. Any help appreciated, link to the scene in question would be wonderful for comparison if possible. Reply
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    Hi. Back in the late 70's or very early 80's there was a t.v. program that came on right after "She-na-na" went off the air. The opening theme music was creepy as hell and while it played there was just a negative image of a landscape with a road,a fence and a tree (possibly a few trees or maybe a small grove of trees). I was a small child at the time and just the opening of that show gave me the creeps, so I used to run to the t.v. and try to turn it off after Sha-na-na's "Time to Go" outro, but before this other show came on. Anyone know the show I'm talking about? Reply
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    On the page for The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries, there's no way to create pages for Heartwarming/Awesome/Funny moments. The "Create New" dropdown doesn't list those options. Someone at some point did create a "Funny" page and has it linked in a text link in the page's main description, but that's it. Could those options be added to the "Create New" drop down for that Series's page, please? Reply
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    When sketches or photographs are shown on TV it's common for the camera to zoom in slowly onto one of the figures in the photograph. As it does so the background moves as though the figure were actually a few inches in front of the background. What's it called, how do they do it and why? Reply
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    Does anyone seem to care about seeing this post? Reply

      "Have a question about tropes, the content, or how the TVTropes wiki works? No one knows this community better than the people in it, so ask away!"

      Pretty sure questions like these aren't what ATT is for.

      Indeed, this isn't what ATT is for. This query doesn't belong anywhere else either, for that matter.

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    In Kamen Rider.

    On 20th Feb '17 5:55:07 AM, Ryulong remove fan-speak term from description with edit reason "don't use that it's stupid as shit".

    On 21st Feb '17 5:40:54 AM, Wolf Thunder add it back and claim that Ryulong edit is rude.

    Personally, I agree with Ryulong that the term doesn't make sense (I think Western fanbase of Kamen Rider is too small to worth noting their lingo). And while their edit reason is bad, it's direct at the term itself, not editor.

    Too bad, checking history, this isn't the first time Ryulong remove it. So it is Edit War. Reply

      Oh noes. Ryulong was notorious in the toku fandom and not in the good way...

      Has someone PM'd either of them about this Edit War? I know nothing of Kamen Rider, but the edit reasons are telling me this is a classic example of a brewing Edit War.

      Nip this in the bud now.

      Ryulong? The same one from Wikipedia?!

      It appears that he needs a tap on the shoulder from the mods.

      ^^ Probably not the same Ryulong. The troper's account was created in May 2016, well after the Wikipedian's prime,

      There was a Ryulong who was also very rude on the Jojo character pages. I say we give them a tap on the shoulder.

      Disclaimer: Not a Mod.

      Generally, we don't directly prescribe actions such as banning/tapping. That happens at the Mod's discretion. Just report and move on. As Jamey said, send them a PM, but the report's already here.

      (disclaimer: neither Candi nor I are mods)

      I don't know if this is official policy, but Fighteer didn't discourage it and that's good enough for me :^)

      I figure the mods are fine with it. :p

      I've been using it for over four years now, and never even gotten a PM or anything over it.

      You can point out someone causing trouble; just don't tell the mods to pull them into the office for a writeup. (/warped humor)

      Pulling them in. Also, let's not speculate on the identities of tropers outside the wiki, mmkay?
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    There is this show called Summerlandhttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summerland_(TV_series)that I've been watching starring Jesse McCartney, Zac Effron, Lori Loughlin, ect. And out of habit I wanted to look it up on TV Tropes...But there isn't a page for it. If possible may I create a page for it/get help in creating a page for the show? Reply
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    While looking for something else, I came across Series.Wizards And Warriors.

    Should the description have a link to the Wikipedia page at the bottom of the description text?

    (I also have a negative opinion of the way the description is written. Snark here, delicious comment there. But one thing at a time.) :p Reply

      I agree that the link to Wikipedia should be removed.


      Searching didn't turn up a forum thread, and I'm not familiar with that work, so I don't know what to do about the description. I don't think snark on who we should be rooting for and commenting on how 'delicious' the bad guy looks is warranted, but how to fix it?

      I think the current description, while entertaining, violates site policy for being so snarky. The work description is not the place to review, gush or complain.

      So it should be rewritten in a more neutral tone. I'm not volunteering, since I haven't seen the series.
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    Is it possible? I'm worried that I might also cut the "current/main" page. Reply

      You can. Need to use the Cut List though.

      Thanks, man.

      Me again. is it possible to cut multiple entries? I'm trying the Cut Me but it's not working. Not sure if I'm doing it right.

      You need to submit them one by one.

      What pages are you trying to cut, anyways? Just curious

      Main/ namespace redirects, probably.
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    There was this show for kids in the 00s and maybe 90s where there were 2 teams and they would each go up and sing karaoke to a song back then. I remember one of the songs being "Life is a Rollercoaster". I'm pretty sure the title had "star" in it? It's been driving me mad. I think it was sort of late kids show and it was on a kids channel. Please remind me of the name? Reply
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    Is there a name for the sitcom trope where one character lies to another character and a third character is forced to go along with it? (e.g. - character A is missing but character B says they're actually in the next room, so character C is forced to agree even though it makes things more difficult) Reply
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    I can't remember the name of it Reply
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    The YMMV.Seventh Heaven page is pretty heavily biased against the show, and there's natter too. (Or at least there was when edits brought it to my attention a few hours ago XD;) Reply

      Can you give some examples of entries that are biased or natter, to be more specific? (Full disclosure: I regularly contribute to that show's page too).

      " Acceptable Targets: Virtually anything or anyone that doesn't fit into the show's version of Christianity."

      " Critical Dissonance: Played with. While many Christian and family-oriented critics and viewers praised the show's family friendliness and somehow became the number-one show on the WB, there are many people who just can't understand what all the bother was about, often criticizing its acting, dialogue, writing, and overall plot arcs. "

      " Moral Event Horizon: Many fans thought Annie crossed it when she threw the twenty-something Matt and Lucy and the then underage Simon and Ruthie out of the house and forced them to live in the unfinished (read: no furniture or plumbing) garage apartment until they agreed with her opinion that Mary coming home was a good thing. Ironically, Mary eventually became The Scrappy and general "disappointment" of the Camden family in later seasons and Annie would pretty much cringe if you even mentioned her name. "

      " Pandering to the Base: What some assumed the show creators were doing — essentially crafting a show to appeal to a demographic that most other shows have nothing but venom for. Things like the above-mentioned point in Fridge Logic don't make much sense... unless they're less trying to reflect what they see as reality and instead prey on the fears of the religious (that "Christ has been taken out of Christmas"). Considering the sheer amount of Narm, you could almost interpret the show as a Stealth Parody or Take That! that kept itself low-key enough to be loved by the people it was actually mocking. It wouldn't be the first time a character meant to mock conservatives ended up being popular with them. See The Simpsons, Family Ties, and All in the Family. "

      " Snark Bait: Read the Television Without Pity recaps! Before the 'cappers ultimately began vomiting at the sight of the show, of course.

      The show could also be seen as Bile Fascination because of its sheer narmness. "

      " Values Dissonance: Out of universe example. For conservative Christian viewers whose morals match up with those of the Camdens, there's no difference, but for the casual viewer...oh, yeah. Some subjects, such as gun control, anti-smoking and drinking, and no sex before marriage, would turn off any viewer that wouldn't bat an eye at any of those topics. Yet, the show had a significant following that led the show to becoming the longest-running family drama in American television history. "

      " Vanilla Protagonist: The Camdens could technically fall into this category, for viewers who were more interested in characters that would evolve over a series instead of characters that remain virtually the same throughout the entire show. Let's see: Eric and Annie are the Good Parents, with Nice Guy tendencies (though Eric also falls under Overprotective Dad, Annie My Beloved Smother); Matt was the Generic Guy and the responsible eldest kid; Mary was the Academic Athlete who later became the Bratty Teenage Daughter; Lucy was the boy-crazy Clingy Jealous Girl at times; Simon also a Nice Guy who later succumbed to Wangst, and Ruthie was the sneak of the family. While the characters did mature (though their character traits weren't tweaked too much), and we are meant to believe that the Camdens are good-natured, intelligent people (over and over again), when you compare them to more complex characters of various other shows during the same time period (e.g. The Sopranos and Six Feet Under, which both also focused on families, just not in the family-friendly sort of way), the Camdens seem boring and nothing more from their simple characterizations. "

      There are additional violations in some of those examples.

      The Acceptable Targets examples is a ZCE.

      The Moral Event Horizon example violates Examples Are Not Arguable and has Word Cruft (namely: pretty much).

      The Pandering to the Base entry has Word Cruft (namely: essentially, "above" to reference earlier entries).

      The Snark Bait entry is a ZCE.

      The Vanilla Protagonist entry violates Examples Are Not Arguable, and there is parabombing.

      Looking at the page myself as someone that's never seen it, it honestly feels someone with a serious hateboner for religion has gotten a hold of the page and spewed their dislike of Christianity all over it.

      The Moral Event Horizon example is absolutely not biased, it objectively describes exactly what happened on the show.

      The rest are debatable yeah. Probably too long-worded.

      To those who say everything on that page is hateful: this show has always been, by Christians and non-Christians alike, a point of discussion of whether it was good in its portrayal of Christians / people with conservative values or not, and most consider it not to be (just take a look at the Imdb reviews...)

      EDIT: Taking a look at the Moral Event Horizon example again, I now see and agree there's natter there indeed ("Many fans thought").

      Values Dissonance doesn't quite line up with the trope page. The page is about how tropes don't age/travel well -not about how values themselves are perceived.

      That's not natter, that's Word Cruft. Also, the Moral Event Horizon has to be considered one In Universe. Its not there for people to complain.

      ^^I'd argue there's not much of a distinction. "Travel well" is equally applicable to different cultural groups within one nation, IMO.

      The way it's written doesn't reflect that, though. It's a general criticism of values and statement of value conflict with no reference to anything trope related.