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    I'm looking for information about a tv show I used to see on PBS overnight (like, 15+ years ago). It was a fake local news tv show. They had a studio set-up, but they claimed they were broadcasting from the 1300's - 1600's AD or something like that. They had "reports" like the local news, and each one was focused on something important like the Crusades, or Joan Of Arc. I remember in one episode they talked about the Black Plague, and showed kids dancing around singing the Pocket Full Of Posies nursery rhyme, claiming it was based on the plague. It was basically historical re-enactment as a news program edutainment.Does anybody remember this show, can tell me what the name of it was, or where to find it online? Reply
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    Who said the Battery Collection Piece is a Zyudenchi from Kyoryuger? It's clearly Oh Pink's Hyper Storage Crystal. The knob on top is round, like Oh Pink's visor emblem and it's far too large to be a Zyudenchi Reply
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    This has been torturing me for over 20 years.

    I have a vague recollection of an early to mid 80s television show or movie in which a woman is reliving traumatic moments from her past during a car ride in a violent rain storm.

    I have a faint idea this was from an anthology program like Tales From The Darkside or the 80s version of the Twilight Zone but I've not been able to find anything.

    Any ideas? Reply
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    YMMV.Hells Kitchen has a quite a few examples of Moral Event Horizon. Considering it's a reality show, this is pretty much calling real life people evil beyond redemption. Thoughts? Reply
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    In the character page for Hydra Leadership I removed Heel Face door slam for not meeting the perimeters of the trope. I left the reason as in show in was never shown him attempting to turn face. Or that evil is not the way. It was put back :

    • HeelĖFace Door-Slam: Ward gets a few, after his betrayal nearly kills all of his closest friends (some of whom he tried to kill personally). First he tries to reconcile with Coulson after months of refusing to speak to anyone but Skye (which made it obvious he didn't actually care about redemption), then when he rescues her in a later episode, she responds by shooting him three times in the chest. Then, when the original team is forced together for one last mission, they continually shoot down all his attempts to shift the blame and reconcile.
      Ward: This is what I regret the most. Not the lies, or the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents I had to put down, not even dropping you two out of a plane. That I ruined this. We had something, for a while, right? We were a pretty good team? [beat] Skye: I'm still glad I shot you. Fitz: Me too. Simmons: You should have aimed for his face. May: Yeah.

    However he never tried to reconcile with Coulson. He later rescued Daisy after putting her in danger in the first place in order to ingratitude himself to both Daisy and Whitehall. Also the one last mission they went together and quoted on, he already was using it as an excuse to place Kara in SHIELD in order to kidnap Bobbie for torture and closure. I took it to discussion no hits yet and I wanted a second option before I reverted it. Basically it cant be a door slam if the character makes no effort to turn face or accept the path he choice was wrong as in evil. As pointed out by Thomas and Christian admitting he was wrong was never Grant's strong point. Reply

      I don't know anything about the work, but the example seems questionable.

      Does not apply. He pretty much admits in that sentence that he doesn't give a crap for all of the people that he's killed. He never actually seeks redemption. He just wants them to forgive him. Hell, the kept him in prison for a while beforehand, and when he broke out he went right back to killing people. In other words, Ward wrecks his own chances of forgiveness because he refuses redemption.

      The person who added it again was Mega J.

      Double post.

      I'll get to reverting it and stating why.

      Don't forget to bring it to discussion.

      Put it up to discussion a few days ago. No takers .
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    Currently, the Recap page for The Ministry of Time (El Ministerio del Tiempo) lists the episodes with their Spanish titles. (Oddly, the Fridge page has the titles in English.) I'd like to alter the Recap page to list the titles in Spanish and English. But first I want to ask:

    1) Is that something we do here at TV Tropes, or should I leave it alone?

    2) If I do do it, what format should it be? "Spanish Title / English Title", "Spanish Title (English Title)", or what? Reply

      First, was the series given an official English release? If so, the whole thing should be moved to English namespaces with Spanish redirects — and then list both episode titles with the English first and Spanish in parentheses. If there was no official English name, then Spanish first and English is parenthesis.

      I did a quick google... it's had two official English titles: The Ministry of Time and The Department Of Time... IMDb says Ministry is most recent, so I would say go with that one.

      In the US it's being shown on Netflix in Spanish with English subtitles. They call it "The Ministry of Time" and have (official?) English titles for every episode. Not sure if this counts as an official English-language release or not. So, I'm not sure what you feel should be done here, but... changing its title and moving all of the articles is beyond my capabilities, so I'll just be adding the English titles in parenthesis.

      ^ Netflix appears to also be original broadcaster so the titles are official. If you put up the English language versions I can move the pages.

      It should probably be noted, though that the show was originally only broadcast in Spanish for its first 2 seasons, with the Spanish title, before being given subtitles and made available outside of Spanish-language nations. Just to note.

      And it looks like you already did all the work. Thank you.

      ^ I managed to find the episode names list released by Netflix, I presume they're correct?
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    I have an old commercial in mind, but where do i go to ask if anyone knows? Reply
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    Regarding Supernatural, I saw a post that said Castiel episodes are better rated, but the rating doesn't support it. For example the 7x17 episode was heavily promoted as "Castiels big return", but it was the lowest rated episode in the season. Castiel is irrlevant to the ratings, in fact on average the episodes where he is featured as more than a plot device tends to be lower. So is there any way I could make the corrections for you guys? Reply

      If the information is inaccurate then go ahead and correct it, just make sure you leave an edit reason. Put the source of your information in the edit reason box too.

      Thank you so much! That was scarily easy.
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    Could I create the trope page for the British sci-fi comedy 'The Strangerers?' Reply
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    What are the applications of artificial gravity? Reply

      Tvtropes mentioned artificial gravity allows you to create shields, inertial dampeners, and tractor beams. But fails to explain how

      This belongs more in Trope Talk or maybe the Real-ish forums.

      Gravity is simply acceleration, so artificial gravity is arbitrary acceleration. Inertia is how much acceleration and what direction it's going in. Because of that, artificial gravity can add or remove inertia in areas/objects. Remove the inertia from a bullet and it stops. Accelerate an entire ship in the same direction, and everyone aboard is convinced the ship is motionless.

      Yeah, this isn't really a suitable Ask The Tropers question. We talk a lot about physics in science fiction in the World Building forum.
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    Question re-listed in "You know that show ...."


    Jason Reply
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    Right so I need to find this bbc one tv drama, (2012-2015 ish) and I canít remeber the name. It was a period drama set in the early 1900s I think and had a mentally unstable boy in it (19 years?) and he had a troubled childhood and I think he self harmed and stuff and punched a mirrror so had his hand bandaged for a bit. The local police man also is worried about him and helps him out a bit. His parents try to help. He gets picked on by his friends who they get into an argument with one time they get out of a lake. The main guy I remeber had blonde hair and sort of a tan suit thing (IDK) PLEASE HELP THIS IS DRIVING ME NUTS! Reply
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    I just created a Works page for the Netflix series _Collateral_ (2018), and it became part of the page for the movie _Collateral_ (2004). How do I separate them? Reply
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    Trying to find an old show that I canít seem to find on google. Seeing if anyone remembers. I think it air in the late 80s or early 90s. Itís a story about a world where people realize that death isnít the end but is an escape to new life or something better. The worlds looks a little war-torn. The scene I remember most is the main character a woman who I think is out of place somehow in this world. She meets a black women in derick car who is going to attempt suicide but she tries to convince her to live. That is my best recollection of that episode. I thought it was an episode of the series ďAmazing StoriesĒ but I canít find it. Seeing if this rings a bell for anyone, itís been bugging me for years. Reply

      The best place to ask this type of question is You Know That Show, which is specifically dedicated to answering it.
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    When I was little there was a show I was absolutely obsessed with but I don't remember much. all I know is that there was a woman who told stories to her puppet friends(I think some of which were animals) in her home with what looked to be a glass ball of some sort that spun when she told stories. Reply
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    Someone keeps deleting the Double-Meaning Title entry I made on an Arrow Season 6 recap page. Here's my entry:

    • Double-Meaning Title: At first glance the episode title (which is "Doppelganger'") seems to only refer to Black Siren (the Alternate Self of a deceased main character), but the episode also features the return of Roy, a man who took the identity of the Arrow to take all the blame from Oliver back in Season Three. It also shows Diggle, Oliver's most constant stand-in, expressing his desire to officially don the Green Arrow mantle.

    I think I made a valid explanation, but I don't wanna cause an Edit War so I'm here for second opinion(s). You guys think its Ok to put this back? Reply

      Courtesy link: Recap.Arrow S 6 E 15 Doppelganger

      Both of you are already edit warring, for starters, though it's good you chose to stop and come here. That said, you're confusing Diggle for a Legacy Character (assuming this is a retirement/replacement thing) and the bit with Roy seems a stretch.

      I'm not confusing it. Diggle is actually suggesting his desire to be an official Legacy Character so Oliver could have a peaceful life with his family. He only donned Oliver's vigilante identity/identities in the past in order to protect the latter's Secret Identity when it was at risk. In Roy's case, the fact that he turns up is made a big deal since he publicly claimed the identity of the Arrow during Oliver's arrest in late Season 3 and he's supposed to be "dead" after arranging his murder shortly after.

      This is a question for the discussion page, really, which is conspicuously empty at this time.

      Alright, next time if there's a problem (hopefully not) I 'll go there. But with that said, should I put it back or not?

      You can go BEFORE there's a problem as well you know?

      I know. Anyway, I just came here for second opinion(s) whether to restore it or not. So what now?

      ^Well... ^^^^ was a hint as to "what now".

      Can't I just get a quick, direct answer?

      Take it to the discussion page and if anyone wants to talk about it the arguing can be done there. Since I don't watch the show (and potentially other people in this thread are in the same boat) I don't have an opinion as to what the right answer is for your question. The question can best be determined by fans of the show and the best place to collect them is on that show's discussion page.

      Edit to add: but don't make any further edits without some kind of consensus or you could potentially get a thump for edit warring.

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    I have been trying to locate/remember a TV show: Outer Limits or Twilight Zone, possibly, in which there is a female comic book artist and she is either drawing a new character or an established one. Nevertheless, the character comes to life and enters her life/world. I have Googled and looked through Wikipedia and in this forum. Also tried IMDb, nothing. I would say the time frame is the early 90s, not later than 1996. However, since I cannot seem to find the episode the timeframe could be one of my problems, it's in color. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Reply
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    Newbie question thanks in advance for your help but this is been driving me nuts. Maybe from 1980s, perhaps before. May have been something like tales of the unexpected or the Twilight zone. Canít remember much about it other than the main character is a middle-aged guy whose shoulder starts to sag, it becomes progressively worse throughout the program. Anyway it turns out that heís got some kind of devil or Demon sitting on his shoulder, I think at some point it might even transfer to his wife.

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    'hiddenelastic' has been adding a lot of long entries to the Riverdale character pages, some of them being Wall of Text, and has been adding a ton of tropes to the pages in general (in particular the main characters; Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead). While I do admire his/her commitment to the show, I'm concerned because I feel that, at this point, the Riverdale character pages are getting bloated with too much information. Reply

      Courtesy link to her edits.

      She's got a pretty big obsession with the Riverdale pages, barely editing anywhere else.

      If I'm not wrong, I already know this troper. She used to make a lot of edits in the The Vampire Diaries character pages (now all locked) and similar shows. She had a lot of different accounts over the years, incuding this but her edits are always similar

      That, and she's a ban evader from what I read among the history of one of the pages she edited. Not sure how easy it'd be to restore some of these pages though. ._.;

      Banned. Over 3000 edits...

      Holy moley!


      While being a ban evader makes it a moot point, I have to say that I'm not sure I understand why focusing on editing pages for one specific series in great detail is actually a bad thing. I mean, that's how wikis work.

      In itself it's not a bad thing at all. It's just that hiddenelastic's edits were *absurdly* long. I'm all for having a fleshed-out character page, but it was getting excessive. Just check out the "Birds of a Feather" entry on Jughead's page to see what I mean. It's so long that you can't even fit it into one browser screen.

      As well, I felt that s/he was trying a little too hard with some of his/her trope examples, to the point that some of the tropes were exaggerated and/or misused. Sometime when I'm feeling up to it, I'd like to go through with my hedge trimmers and clean those pages up.

      Here's more of what they've done. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/query.php?parent_id=58206&type=att

      Chirst. I've never seen Riverdale and never visited its page, but even I can tell this person is obsessed. Is "concern for user's health" a valid reason for a ban?

      @lalalei2001: I decided to just go ahead and delete Creator's Pet, at least.

      If it's sugarbabe, that troper has serious mental health issues that manifest in her obsessive editing of certain articles. We had to lock some of them because of it. If she's back, well... that's going to be something we'll need our editors to keep a sharp eye on.

      Should we have a short-term projects thread for coordinating trimming these articles?

      Is it possible to block their IP address from the site?

      They can try, but if she's using dynamic I Ps, proxies, or library/school computer access, it's much harder. The last especially is a non-starter re: IP banning; you can't ban everyone using that access because of one person.

      However, the mods can, and on one occasion have, alert the owners of that network to the issue.

      That was a school district.

      Depending on the location, especially the rules some libraries are made to operate under regarding access, the location may not be able to ban her. Which leaves the mods playing whack-a-mole.

      Lock this, or leave this open for further reports?

      Looks like they're back as Silent Eyes. Same kind of edits and all.

      Did an IP check, and they aren't matching up locationwise. This will need a further investigation.

      I'd be surprised if it wasn't the same person. Seems too coincidental otherwise.

      Meatpuppeting is also a possibility. Which is just as bad, if not harder to catch.

      Really sad, though, when someone's been snowed by the banned. :(

      It's them. Their IPs are all proxies.

      I have edited down some of the tropes of Jughead's page but I don't know the show well enough to make more changes

      Probably here again, as middlerulez. Same Riverdale edits

      Yes, it's them. I cutlisted several of the pages they made, and will probably lock them if this keeps up.

      I notice that Archie, Veronica, and Jughead's pages were all cut. Should Betty's page be removed as well?

      Is there a chance that the character pages, if trimmed down a bit, will come back? Idc if they're locked or not.

      If someone wants to remake them properly, that's fine.

      Probably here again, as Shadow Base. Same Riverdale edits

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    So back in like the 2000s I remembered watching this one tv show that was really creepy. It was British tv show program that had actual people in it as well as 3D animation. They would also sing songs. There was this one character, a man dressed in all white and was literally silent the entire time. Any ideas?? Reply
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    trying to remember this show. seen in Ontario possibly in the 80s or 90s. possibly a title like Ms. (xxxx)'s Farm . Miss' Tiggy's Farm, Miss' Piggy's Farm ? Can't really remember. The set was very small. The girl wore overalls and a farmer's straw hat and voiced all the characters in the farm. She moved them around on the tiny set to act out the drama. It had its moment of popularity, so someone else must remember it. Reply
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    Here is a trope that I don't see listed. Hidden Under a Coat. Whenever a character, usually a woman is wearing a long coat there is usually a sexy costume underneath. Example of this - Frasier (TV) Roz arrives at a party wearing a long coat. Under the coat, she is wearing a sexy Halloween costume. This could be an example of Ms. Fan Service but it is more of a way to hide a joke until the last moment. Reply

      If you don’t think it exists, you can propose it at TLP. However, it may be covered by Sexy Coat Flashing.

      The best place to ask if we already have something as a trope is on Trope Finder, as it's dedicated to answering this type of question.

      Yeah, you should've asked this in Trope Finder.