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    Live Action TV
    The show isn't a Grossout Show, it's more of a Lifetime Movie of the Week.

    Bob moves into a flat with Alice, Jon and Sarah. He gets on well with everyone, and they have petty squabbles but nothing that comes to the point where anyone's a Poisonous Friend.

    A few weeks into the Story Arc, Bob discovers Jon sitting around in his underwear, at noon, and when Sarah asks him to get dressed, Jon gets angry and calls her "you f—in bitch!" and rants at her "I'm gonna wear just my tighty-whities, clothing is f—ing awful and if you ask me to get dressed I'm gonna f—in lose it with you assholes" and Alice, Bob and Sarah are annoyed with this behavior to the point where Sarah (who's very similar to Darlene from Mr. Robot except without the interest in hacking)

    Sarah says that seeing Jon in his underwear grosses her out (In-Universe, Jon is not hyper-attractive, but looks more like a fatter version of Oliver Queen from Arrow with a long, straggly beard, and he speaks in a tone that sounds stoned, but we're never told on the show if he is a stoner or not).

    At first, Jon seemed civil, but now the conflict is over his clothing and behavior.

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