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    Is there a trope for where a show's cast size is larger than at face value, for example, if the OBB (opening billboard), listed 22 characters, but in reality, there's actually 38 characters (with the other 16 listed in the closing credits)?

    The characters are main characters, not bit-part or a One-Shot Character, and aren't a Victim of the Week.

    This would be for a show that has an OBB, like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit or Supergirl (in this example, assume it's a Continuity Reboot that takes the original series in Broad Strokes.).

    Is there such an example of a credit from the Credits Tropes for this? Reply

      Could be related to Loads and Loads of Characters? Also, you might want to look at the various Degrassi shows which seem to fit what you're describing, but I don't think your specific trope is mentioned there.

      Thank you. I knew it was partially that trope, but wasn't sure if there was a Credits Trope for TLP.

      How about if the cast size being "larger than it seems" in the sense that at the beginning of the show, or in the show's preview, audiences are only being shown about action of a really small club or family with only a few members, but then as the story goes on eventually dozens or even hundreds of characters are given important character development and plot points that can be considered as part of the main cast?