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    Seven Deadly Sins Any special reason why the Real Life section was deleted? The edit is recorded in History, but no reason was attributed. Just a bit puzzled as to what the logic weas for deleting this section, which listed several examples of how the trope has emerged in real-life contexts and seemed relevant enough. Mindful of flame wars emerging, I'm not restoring the deletion - but forgive me for feeling the temptation to... Reply

      It's not marked with No Real Life Examples, Please!, so that's out. Regardless, if there was no edit reason, just restore it with the reason "no edit reason for removal"; content MUST have an edit reason when being removed.

      The troper who deleted it was Apocalypse 101, and they deleted a large chunk of the Western Animation folder with it.

      Almost assuredly Data Vampires. His deletion started halfway through a sentence.

      That said, lord, does this trope need a clean up.

      Thanks! No biggie, but it's nice to be able to consult and get advice before doing things that might cause more problems than they solve.

      That image is adorable.

      Looking in the history, the RL examples come across as shoehorning to me. (A drink by that name? Really?)

      I think the descriptions of each sin at the top of the page could use trimming. I saw a couple of unnecessary history lessons there.

      Discussion page or cleanup thread in the forums, I think.

      At some point (prior to the earliest edit left in the history) someone sloppily switched "avarice" to "greed" in the description's list, without really changing the description of the sin as it still refers to avarice and makes the distinction from greed, and the way some recurring description details are Pot Holed suggest it was originally first in the list.

      I find it kind of funny that an ancient edit to that page's description clearly fell afoul to one of the sins itself.

      The Real Life section should be deleted.