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    First of all, sorry for the quality of my writing. English is not my first language. So there's a tv show, that aired maybe end 90 or 2000-05. A investigation one, with a woman with blond or red naturals hairs and a man as main characters. The episode that I remember the most about is one where they investigate about bodies found in the city without any blood in it, and they found so many of them that they have to store them on a ice rink /skating rink. Most of them are found in a river . And they visit someone rich (who's actually the killer), who later tries to kill the woman investigator. There's a pursuit and the killer ends up jumping from a pond and got himself impaled in the water. At the end of the episode, the body of the killer is at the coroner (an old guy) , who manages to take the stake out of it and then the hand of the dead killer has a spasm. Reply