• 11 Nov 9th, 2017 at 5:05PM
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    Two pages that I keep an eye on, Survivor and amiibo, have folders in their intros that give a list of entries with some description (a list of seasons for Survivor, and lists of figure releases and compatible games for amiibo). The thing is, these folders are getting rather long and I've been considering moving them onto their own subpages. If I were to do so, would the Recap namespace be a good fit or should they go somewhere else? Reply

      Folder length is not a concern in these cases. The folders work as content the reader has to click to see, which makes them perfect for long lists.

      While I agree with bwburke concerning folder-use, I don't think length is really the issue to focus on here. Is the information in those lists what ought to go on a work's main page? IMO, the answer is no.

      The whole point of the Recap/ subpage is to include the information on the work's parts, such as the seasons or chapters, etc. The Survivor information could easily go in Recap.Survivor imo.

      The amiibo one is a bit more tricky, I think. Since they don't actually have a narrative (as far as I know), I don't think Recap/ would be the place to put that information. I'm not even sure if that information is "on mission." Technically, the information on the figure lines might be a Shout-Out (or maybe another trope) to each of those specific series. I don't think the main work page's description would be where that information ought to go but rather the tropes list or a subpage (if it's a bit too long). The information for the compatible games, on the other hand, could be useful for troping the amiibos, but it doesn't really seem like TV Tropes is the place that information best fits (hence the question about being "on mission")?

      To tell the truth, I've been a little worried about the amiibo games list being on-mission myself. I'd hate to get rid of it, though, as it's useful and I haven't found a comparable list anywhere else. And I do think that we should keep crosswicks between amiibo and their related games, even if we have to drop the explanations. In any case, it's another reason to get it off the main page.

      How about putting it in a sandbox or Just for Fun page?

      Sandbox seems reasonable, JFF does not.

      The list of amiibo-compatible games is totally fine since we can use it as an index and the info is relevant. My only issue is that it's not alphabetized for some dumb reason.

      I went ahead and migrated the Survivor info to Recap.Survivor.

      @Larkmarn: Yeah, I forget why the amiibo list is organized by release date. Probably a case where we originally added new entries at the bottom, then it got minor tweaks to have some sort of official order; it would have been reasonable when there were only a few games but got out of hand later on. I've been considering alphabetizing the list, too.

      For the amiibo series, is there a website out there with the same list? A link to it may be useful. Or if nothing works, an Useful Notes page.

      Maybe you could make it multiple folders?

      So, and I didn't know this last time i commented in this ATT thread, apparently amiibos are part of a new genre of gaming called toys-to-life. It's a genre defined by the RL toys altering a video game in some way?

      My point is that the "games with amiibo support" list actually might be on mission. The "figure lines" list may not be, though, since that's just a list of available toys in the line. That sounds like Shout-Out.

      "The "figure lines" list may not be, though"

      It's a page in the Toys namespace, I feel like that's pertinent information