• 4 Nov 9th, 2017 at 12:12PM
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    Seems like a pretty obvious one, so apologies if I'm just completely missing it in my search. An example would be that two people have a bag of money and someone tries to steal it. Just when the audience and characters think they're going to lose the money, they manage to fend off the thief. Almost immediately they then lose the money in a way they and the audience didn't see coming such as dropping it off the side of a mountain or it get's stolen by an animal that runs off with it. Or using the same example, one of the two characters beats up the thief to save the money and both he and the thief end up in jail. The other then has to use the money to bail him out.

    Not sure if there are two different tropes for the above examples or if there is one to encompass both. Either way they lose the money when they (and we) thought they'd saved it.

    Essentially it's just the point of the audience thinking that the character(s) have succeeded, only for them to fail immediately after but it's not specific to death, more general misfortune. Also in these examples this happens to the Protagonist not the Antagonist if that makes a difference. Reply