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    There's been a small Edit War on the Sonic Forces page over how the ending should be interpreted (spoilers for Sonic forces):

    After Infinite is defeated, he's teleported away against his will and afterwards Eggman, despite his ultimate weapon disappearing suddenly, is rather smug in his demeanor about the situation, which implies it was his doing after Infinite's failure and repeated screw ups throughout the game.

    After this, Eggman appears in his Death Egg Robot powered by an overclocked Phantom Ruby. At this point in time, only two Phantom Rubies are known to still exist: the one in Infinite's chest and the prototype model that the Avatar has DNA bonded to them, and thus cannot be used by anyone else. Expanded universe materials show Eggman still possesses the original one from Mania, but there's nothing given in game to suggest this is the one he's using in his mech.

    I interpreted this as meaning:

    Eggman performed a You Have Failed Me on Infinite, and somehow took the Phantom Ruby embedded in his chest back to power his final mecha, as while not explicitly stated, as far as the game's story acts, Infinite's Phantom Ruby is THE Phantom Ruby and it's only from expanded universe materials and DLC that the audience could even know it's a copy of the original, and nothing in either source suggest Eggman was using the original. Further more, Eggman acting smug when Infinite only makes sense if he was responsible, as otherwise...he's acting smug when his ultimate weapon vanished into thin air, and that makes LESS sense.

    However, the other troper involved believes this is two speculative to mention and has repeatedly erased my entries despite me expressed explaining my logic in both comments and P Ms.

    Here is the explanation they gave: " According to the supplementary comics, eggman just found it outside his base. why it showed up 6+ months before classic sonic did, nobody knows. why it now needs a power supply, nobody knows. sonic team didn't really think this game's story through. He found the original one outside his base, researched/experimented with it, and then made a lot of prototype copies of it (with the perfect one going to Infinite) while he kept the original. I don't think Sonic Team even understands how this game connects to Mania. They just kind of... disregard it."


    "Eggman has the original who's fate is unknown. It may need more power or send it and Eggman to another dimension for all we know. Infinite obtained a perfect copy of the Phantom Ruby. Avatar obtained the alleged last remaining prototype."

    If I am wrong, I accept it, but I feel like it's not 'speculative.

    Furthermore, the posts concerning this have even been deleted on YMMV pages such as entries involving Fridge Horror, which I do not feel is fair as YMMV are expressedly subjective in nature and if only two Phantom Rubies exist, it is fair to apply Fridge Horror to the idea Eggman may have disposed of Infinite to retrieve it on the YMMV page. Reply

      I tried reading that but the wall of text collapsed and injured me. Can you summarize in a couple sentences?


      By story's end, only three Phantom Rubies still exist, the one in Infinite's chest, the Avatar's, and the original both were copies of, as Infinite explicitly destroyed the other prototypes onscreen. Eggman is using one of those in his mecha.

      The Avatar's can't be it, as it's DNA locked to them and will only work for them.

      The story does not even acknowledge Infinite's Phantom Ruby is not the original, and it's only DLC and expanded universe materials that explain it, as far as the main story is concerned, Infinite's Phantom Ruby is THE Phantom Ruby.

      Immediately before, Infinite is teleported away against his will with Eggman acting smug about it. Eggman then shows up inside a mech powered by a Phantom Ruby.

      The logical interpretation is it's Infinite's and Eggman performed a You Have Failed Me, but the other side of the edit war says it's 'too speculative' and has deleted every single edit pertaining to it.

      Edit warring and deleting YMMV items, outside of very specific criteria, is right out. Guy needs a tap.

      This is what discussion pages are for. You can discuss the example there.

      I tried. I also tried P Ming him. He just kept copying and pasting his comments from deleting the entries.

      It's worth noting that the dudes deleting the entry are Sonic Sol Snake and Horus, our same friends from this other ATT query.

      Also, in the stage immediately following Infinite's defeat, Tails is tracking the Phantom Ruby. IE, you're following Infinite's Phantom Ruby signal, and it leads to Eggman's final mecha. So yes, the game all but says that the Phantom Ruby inside the Death Egg Robot is Infinite's.

      That sockfarm has been squashed. Feel free to correct the article(s).