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    This one's a little tricky to describe since there are tropes similar, I'll admit, but I'll try my best to be specific. Apologies if this is rambling, this is my first question here.

    Is there a trope that covers when a character uses up the last of their energy or ammunition for one last all out devastating push, possibly pushing beyond their previous limits, leaving them utterly spent afterwards whether they win or lose? I don't just mean they're out, I mean they're on the floor, can't move, utterly defenseless out.

    Two examples I can think of are from Dragonball Z:

    The first is where Teen Gohan unleashes everything he has in a final Kamehameha against Cell; He's been holding back right until the last second, then the final BIG push he gives basically quadruples the size of his Kamehameha and wipes Cell out completely, leaving him basically 100% immobile and helpless afterwards. This is the Winning condition example.

    The second is much earlier in the series where Tien uses his Tri-Beam against Nappa; He's lost his arm, he's on his last legs, but he summons up his power and sends a rage powered Tri-Beam that's a lot more powerful than his previous ones. He then faints from exhaustion and is utterly spent, he's not continuing the fight no matter what. Even though it barely scratched Nappa. This is the Losing condition example.

    To differentiate this trope in question from others, what WOULDN'T count for it is Goku's final attack against Kid Buu; Goku was able to move around fine after despite giving an extremely powerful attack that won the day.

    It's not just super-powered energy attacks, it fits with physical stuff too; A real life example is the 'Hysterical Strength' concept, where people are forced to use 100% of their muscles to get out of a situation, but it leaves them utterly immobile afterwards as their muscles rip themselves up.

    I've seen similar Tropes to this like Determinator, No Holds Barred Beatdown, Deadly Upgrade, Power at a Price, Heroic Second Wind, Heroic R.R.O.D, possibly Psychoactive Powers, Desperation Attack and Not Too Dead to Save the Day, but the key feature is that the person gives 200% for one last BIG push and is unable to do ANYTHING else afterwards, win or lose, and I can't find a specific trope for that. Sorry for the long read but this has been bugging me for YEARS.

    EDIT: Death Or Glory is the closest shown to me, but the characters will get backlash whether successful or not, so could be a cousin trope to Dor G

    Any help? Cause if not I'm gonna put forward a new Trope idea. :) Reply

      Would Desperation Attack suffice?

      I'll admit that's close, thank you, but it's the 'unable to move after' part that's a main factor of the trope itself. Desperation Attack could be linked with it I suppose, but this is for a Non-Video Game fashion. Also realized it's a little like 'Last Stand' too to be honest, but still not the exact thing.

      EDIT: Added Desperation Attack and Heroic R.R.O.D to close Tropes

      Death-or-Glory Attack or Suicide Attack?

      Suicide Attack, probably not; They're not dead at the end, just unable to carry on.

      Death Or Glory is very close... Although it's a penalty whether they succeed or not... It's kinda like "Death Or Glory; Either way you're screwed" xD I'll add that into Similar if that's alright.

      Am I being too picky here? Or too obscure?

      Over Drive? Power-Strain Blackout?

      The 'hysterical strength' concept is likely covered by Uninhibited Muscle Power.

      I'm not seeing anything here not covered by the tropes you've listed in your original post and others have mentioned.

      the person gives 200% for one last BIG push and is unable to do ANYTHING else afterwards, win or lose

      These situations specifically are covered by various combinations of Heroic Resolve, Death-or-Glory Attack, Heroic Second Wind, and Heroic R.R.O.D., with others mentioned here sprinkled in for the details.

      the characters will get backlash whether successful or not

      Still death or glory- the glory outcome is succeeding while using up everything you have left on one last big effort.

      Hmm... You guys may be right, it's probably just a combination of several Tropes. Guess I'll have to settle with it being a mix of Tropes instead of one. ^_^ Thank you everyone! Been a huge help!