• 2 Nov 8th, 2017 at 1:01PM
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    Charles Fort once jokingly proposed the existence of a Super-Sargasso Sea; an Eldritch Location where all irretrievably lost things end up — it's why those things are irretrievably lost. This is pretty common in fiction — check the wikipedia page — but I came looking for it after seeing Thor: Ragnarok; To all outside observers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if a faster-than-light craft has any problems during transit, it disappears forever — but when Thor is thrown out of a Bifrost transport, he ends up on the planet-sized junkyard of Sakaar for the bulk of the movie. It's not just a Derelict Graveyard — sure there's loads of broken ships there — but there's also lots and lots of lost people. One of them is the Hulk. Reply

      I ask something similar long ago, for Land of Lost Objects, and no there's not trope for it yet. I'm planning to do the launch someday but if you want, go ahead first.

      This could possibly be Island Of Misfit Everything