• 5 Nov 8th, 2017 at 7:07AM
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    Hi, I wonder if anyone, can help. I'm trying to find out the name of a TV show I watched repetitively in the 1980's. I use to get it out on video. I'm not sure if it was shown on TV. This is all I can remember about it. - I'm pretty sure it was episodic. - At the start, I think it showed how Dinosaurs became extinct, it featured an astroid hitting the earth. - It was animated, used models. - It featured humans, investigation or searching or something. - These humans would travel around in a long grey (with blue and red fringing) vehicle. It had lots of wheels or caterpillar tracks. - The vehicle was located in a base underground (or perhaps in a volcano). It would be brought to the surface on a big lift platform. - They used radar, perhaps to search for dinosaurs. I remember the sound of the radar. - The world they were in was full of vegetation. - I don't think it was modern day but the vehicles were futuristic. I have been searching for the title or stills of the show for years but no luck. Help! Reply


      No. I think it was stop motion animation, using models, at least for the vehicles. Thanks for the suggestion though.



      No, that's not it, but thanks. I think the characters exploring the land (and dinosaurs) were animated too, perhaps puppets. I have a very a vague memory of a dinosaur being injured and them helping in some way. I have been looking for this show for years, with no luck.