• 6 Nov 7th, 2017 at 6:06PM
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    Okay so the characters kind of looked Halloween based if I remember correctly. But there was like a mummy, vampire, werewolf and so on but they were all kids and one of the families moved into this house and it was like the only dark house in the neighborhood. I can barely remember it but if I see it I would know. It wasn't popular I don't think but I use to watch it like everyday when I was younger. They would go on adventures it was animated Reply

      When and where did you watch it, we don't know when you were younger

      Sounds like it could be The Baskervilles.

      Sounds like it could be The Baskervilles.

      Lil creepers?

      Mona the vampire? One was a mummy one was a vampire and the boy was an alien.

      It could be Scream street? The main characters in that are a girl mummy and two boys who are a vampire and a werewolf, I think it's pretty new though so it might no be.