• 0 Oct 12th, 2017 at 5:05PM
    Hi guys, So, I saw this movie a long long time ago, somewhere in the middle to late 90's (maybe? I have realized I'm terrible at time). A few years ago I tried searching for it and even asked on another website and couldn't find anything. Now even more time has passed, and my memory of it is....vague, and probably with some of the details incorrect. It was a drama movie about a photographer who goes to visit her best friend/sister who is pregnant and also has a little girl. They are in a bedroom and the little girl is running around in just her panties, and they're are talking about the pregnancy, so the photographer takes pictures of the little girl and her mom, with the girl touching her pregnant belly or something. Then, I don't remember how,(maybe the person that develops the pictures?) but the police gets called and the photographer is accused of child pornography or being a pedophile or something and the rest of the movie is the trial. At the end she's acquitted. I saw in on TV, I have no idea if it was ever in the cinema, or if it went to VHS/DVD. Pretty sure (but I'm not 100%) that they spoke with an American accent. That's it. I don't remember any of the actresses or actors. If you have questions maybe it will jog something in my memory. I'm sure if I see it, I'll recognize it.