• 17 Oct 11th, 2017 at 8:08PM
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    And that scene is an Octopus pulling off girls swimsuits. Can someone tell the name of this anime. Please? Reply

      Can be a lot. How does the girl look? What color is the octopus? For now, I can only think Monster Musume and Assassination Classroom

      Neither of them. Also, I don't remember what they look like because I can only remember that vague description I provivded.

      As tentacles in general is a bit of a common thing in ecchi anime, it'll take a while to find one you need. Do you remember what year you saw it?

      Dye Fantasy?

      Not an anime.


      BUMP II: Electric Boogaloo

      BUMP: Episode III - Revenge of the BUMP

      I think its (The Urusei Yatsura)

      Here's your culprit!


      No, this octopus is small, the one I'm referring to is HUGE. Like, really huge.

      The Seductive Beach OVA of The Familiar of Zero?

      OK Fine...........................(researching)

      Than it must be either (Girls bravo)? https://imgur.com/a/VChB4

      Or (Kiss x sis)? https://imgur.com/a/2MIGJ

      Both have a giant octopus

      What do you think?

      Neither of them. Also, this octopus had a look that basically said 'I'M PISSED".

      BUMP IV: A New BUMP

      Anime isn't really my area of expertise but after trying a few different keywords Google eventually turned up something called "Shin Koihime Musō OVA". I found this image (warning NSFW).

      Congrats Apeaccount


      That has got to be it

      That's it! That's what I was looking for! Thanks Ape Account!