• 4 Oct 5th, 2017 at 2:02AM
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    I seem to recall reading or watching a work, most likely science fiction, in which there was a minor character named Eldon Morrow. I'm not thinking of Ogden Morrow from Ready Player One or Eli Morrow from Agents of SHIELD. I can remember the name, but not anything about whichever work this character came from.

    There's also a small chance that I have merely researched/read about this work but it seems like it's from something I've actually seen myself. Searching the name only turns up obituaries for real-life people. I'm thinking in the region of Philip K. Dick novels because over the past year or so I've read quite a few of those. Then again, I've consumed a lot of science fiction media over the same time period so I'm stumped as hell.

    I'm assuming it's a minor character because searching doesn't turn up any fictional results. I'm also supposing it's a minor character from something with a relatively small fanbase/established universe (unlike one where smaller details and characters would be typically documented at least somewhere by the community). Reply

      There's a Marvel character called Elton Morrow?

      I thought it could've been something Marvel-related but I have never come across that guy before.

      I was looking at books I've read recently and found an Eldon Rosen in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? but I still don't think that's it.

      Really really stupid suggestion: there was a character called Eldon in HM Hoover's This Time of Darkness and she wrote an unrelated urology: The Children of Morrow and The Treasures of Morrow, so maybe conflating the two?

      It's definitely not those, sorry.