• 3 Oct 4th, 2017 at 9:09PM
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    There was this sitcom about a family, the daughter was hot and his son hang out with loser friends, the dad whould throw them to the pool when they did something stupid, there was this episode where the daughter somehow or for some reason enter school's wrestling competition and the dad sabotage her in the end by contacting a guy who had anger issues to wrestle with her. Reply

      It's a bit vague. That sounds like it could have been anywhere between Married... with Children and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

      I don't think they had a pool on Married...With Children. The "throwing them out" running gag on The Fresh Prince of Bel-air was with Will's friend Jazzy Jeff, not the son and daughter. It doesn't sound like either of those unless you're thinking of two different shows.

      I can't say for certain but it might be Unhappily ever after. It's a rip off of Married…with children, except the father imagines his rabbit puppet talks to him.