• 3 Oct 4th, 2017 at 7:07AM
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    There have been a number of recent controversies of this kind, where people oppose consuming a work because of who the author is or what they have done. For example, Casey Afflecks sexual harassment accusations, the director of 2016's Birth Of A Nation rape accusation, Mel Gibson anti-sematism, Tom Cruises Scientology, HP Lovecraft's racism... basically the opposite of Death Of The Author, where the faults of the creator color the work so much for some people they choose not to support it, regardless of the quality or content of the work itself.

    Do we have anything like that? Reply

      Fallen Creator is the major one for real life examples, mostly focused on poorly received works that taint the rest for some people. (Note that this is a Darth Wiki trope as it is both Flame Bait and extremely YMMV.)

      See also Undermined by Reality and Fan Disillusionment. The latter one is No Real Life Examples, Please! for obvious reasons.

      While I don't know if there is a trope for it here, there is a meme that mirrors what you described: "Milkshake Duck".

      Fallen Creator certainly seems the closest, though it's more focused on a drop in the quality of work rather than activities in their life outside of the work they produce. It looks like we don't have anything that covers this specific idea, which would definitely be a Darth Wiki trope, but I'm not sure that it's partcularly one worth creating; super subjective and liable to be extream flame bait. It just came up in a recent On The Tropes episode, and I wondered if there was a trope for it.