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    Alice tells Bob to repaint the room from boring brown to another more exciting color. After countless repaints that leaves Alice unsatisfied, Bob repaints the walls brown again, by which Alice gleefully tells him "Perfect!".

    I've seen that gag on two Spongebob episodes, where Squidward tells Spogebob and Patrick the couch to a more comfortable position; and where Squidward tells Spongebob and Mr. Krabs to redecorate the hotel suite. Reply


      I don't think we have this one.

      I don't think it's restricted to interior decorating, either. I've seen one where a character wants to buy a new uniform, rejects several designs, and ultimately settles on a design identical to the uniform he already has. And another, played for drama example, where a character tries to reinvent his entire life—but winds up moving into a new town just like his old town, working a similar job, and marrying a woman just like his old wife.

      Also happens with personal appearances, when someone wants to find a new style for themselves... they would go through many different dress/hair styles, until finally settling on something that everyone thinks works for them — which just turns out to be the very same thing they had at the beginning!

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