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    Western Animation
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    I believe it's a french animated tv series. It was about the staff of an airline company: the protagonist was kind like Jim Phelps, both physicaly and on the role of leader of the team, i remember a blonde flight attendant who kinda fell in the dumb blonde trope and a flamboyant black guy who was the comic relief. I think the intro was similar in style to that of Spielberg's Catch me if you can. I guess the show was a bit adult oriented 'cause i remember some sexual innuendo on some episodes. The designs of the charaters and the animation was kinda like the show 6teen. Itīs probably from the early 2000's. Does anyone knows the show i'm talking about? Thanks. Reply

      Flight Squad?

      Close, but not quite what I was looking for XD The plot is very similar, but I think the show I'm lookin for had a more adult aproach to the premise (while having a ton of humor nonetheless), besides the animation was much different from Flight Squad, it was slick and angular like the show 6teen... But thanks anyway


      Maybe Jet Groove?

      Yes! That's it, thank you!!