• 9 Sep 12th, 2017 at 6:06PM
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    It was an anime, I'm almost certain. If it wasn't an anime, it looked a lot like one. It's been several years now since I watched it. So, the best timeline I can come up with is 2007-2011. It had to have come on Adult Swim, because I remember feeling as though I shouldn't be watching it. Not that it was a "bad" show. From what I remember, (and I only watched one or two episodes) it was pretty sfw. The main character was a girl with short-to-medium-length brown hair. She had to of been at least 16 or older. She was kind of tomboyish and I remember there was a scene either in the episode itself or the opening where she was wearing a white sports bra. I remember some sort of arena, perhaps a stage for battle. There was spaceship like aircraft which I'm pretty sure was a main part of the story. They might have used these to battle. I remember a scene in the episode I did watch where the main character was laying in her bed (she, like, lived in the arena building??) and a tall man (I'm guessing he was an adult, or at least older than her) with I believe blonde hair walked in and they argued about something. Perhaps she had done something dangerous and he was scolding her. I do remember the show having a rather dull color scheme. Mostly browns and grays. This is all I can really remember, sorry. After all, it's been quite a while since I saw it. I've already spent several hours trying to find it on my own. Going through lists of "2000s anime" and character databases to no avail. So, any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! Reply