• 3 Sep 12th, 2017 at 1:01PM
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    Do we have a trope for when the characters discover that there's a Land of Lost Object where everything that gets lost ends there? I remember several of such examples like in an episode of Eerie Indiana, another episode of Peter Pan & the Pirates (were they even find Captain Hook's lost childhood there) and maybe the Trope Namer an episode of The Real Ghostbusters in which the Land of Lost Objects was rule by an ancient cursed ghostbuster named The Collector. Reply

      In the Hitchhiker's Guide novels it's revealed that ballpoint pens are sentient, and that all the ones we misplace sneak away through personally-created wormholes to a ballpoint pen paradise planet. Book excerpt here.

      Might be worth a trip through YKTTW.

      For now, check out Another Dimension and it's subtropes. Lost World and Acid-Trip Dimension in particular would be closely related.

      Yup, but I guess it does requires the YKTTW after all.