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    Live Action TV
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    This was a religious thing for kids that I watched at church, sometime between the late 90s and early 2000s. It involved some kids being visited by an angel, who looked like basically a regular kid as well. The kids questioned why the angel didn't have wings, to which the angel sarcastically commented "Hooray for Hollywood." The angel, I guess, took the kids on some kind of adventure or discussed things with them, then left- and one of the kids still thought angels should have wings. I think it was a one-off video, not part of a series. Reply

      Was it a Precious Moments cartoon? I haven't watched it in 13+ years but I know of a cartoon from the 90s about an angel visiting a kid. Iirc, it's pretty cutesy though.

      Was there a girl who called her guardian angel "Mikey" who was kinapped? That's about the only 90's religious movie involving kids and angels I can think of, and unfortunately, I don't know the title. I am wondering if we are looking for the same film?

      The film I mentioned is called "My Secret Friend: A Guardian Angel Story." I couldn't find much information on it, other than it came out in 1994 with a 1997 VHS release. It sounds like it's at least from the right time period. Edit: I just realized you were looking for a live-action film, not an animated one.

      Yeah, it was live action.