• 14 Aug 12th, 2017 at 11:11PM
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    I really am curious about how to become a moderator on this site. Is there anything I need to verify or confirm to become one? Reply

      Unhidden this query as it can be publicly answered.

      New moderators are made during an ancient ritual repeated every new anomalistic new year. When this happens, you'll see strange colours on Earth.

      Some tips that may help, but won't guarantee success (Even though I'm not a moderator):
      • Be active. You only did two edits, which happened yesterday. It may take more than a year of good edits.
      • Avoid suspensions. Don't do natter, edit wars, complaining, vandalism... the list goes on. Administrivia may help.
      • Don't force it. Even if you show you're a good user, don't ask ¬$PLZ GUYZ MAKE ME A MODERATOR¬$. It's up to the mods to decide.
      • Be ready for the responsibility. Mods are supposed to visit this site often, and do lots of things. Ban people, answer questions... seriously, it gets long.
      I don't think there's an official page on how to become a mod. I just wrote general tips. Please correct if I'm wrong.

      So how do I get chosen to be one?

      If we think you would make a good candidate, we will ask you. That's all there is to it.

      When someone who has been on the wiki less than a week starts asking how to get powers, that tends to be a red flag.

      Being good contributor. Keep making good edit, fixing problem, and always has good manner.

      Eventually, you'll get a SSR rare drop from one of those edit. What is it, I cannot say. But you should known it if you're chosen one. From that point you can start the ancient quest to become mod according to the Tome of Eldritch Lore.

      @Septimus Heap LMAO. I'll be watching the sky for the next few months, then.

      No one is chosen to become a moderator. They are and we aren't. They have always been and will always be.

      Unless they aren't.

      Shit, I've confused myself...

      It's the Ancient Circle of Mods.

      Heh, I didn't know we codified some of the old recurring jokes and...issues...that came on up on ATT.

      And now I'm confused as fuck as to what "Anne Frank Vampire" is on the JFF index.

      Are there actually websites/forums out there where mods are selected from people who just show up and ask to be one? Now I'm somewhat intrigued as to what behavior on such a website would look like. I'm picturing chaos, but it would be an interesting social experiment...on someone else's website!

      A red-tailed hawk descends from the sky during a blood moon, with an ancient scroll clutched in its talons. If you open it too soon, it dissolves in your hands. If you open it too late, the ink drips off of it onto the earth, where a poisonous flower will bloom throughout the year. You must open it between blinks, breaths, and only when you have an exact blood pressure of 100/70. Then - you are a mod.

      You must also align the 12 Stones of Power on the sacred altar, then activate the medallion at the moment of total eclipse to become a mod.

      More seriously, you need at least a couple years of good behavior, edits, and active site participation to even have your name brought up. Then they might put you on the maybe list, and then they might drop you a note asking if it's a thing you want, and then you might be put on a list for 'when we need more staff'.


      Ignore all of this. Mod powers are a prize in specially-marked boxes of cereal.

      You must have already been a mod in a past life. We hold seances to examine your spiritual chakras and determine if your past-selves have the right credentials.

      Also, OP is a recurring ban evader.