• 3 Aug 12th, 2017 at 9:09AM
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    So this is going to be a jumble of shows that i can remember bits and pieces of. All of them watched about 10-15 years ago and they are all pretty much australian teen shows (i think at least). The oldest one is about two kids and a man in a black trench that seem to travel to different realms and there is this blue crystal like thing, that is seriously all i can remember. Another is a kid and maybe his family i think they live near a zoo? And someone can transform into a tiger? A very specific scene i can remember, though i have no idea where it is from is an autralian girl eating an apple and talking to a boy, maybe her brother, i also think they are at school. The apple was green if that helps XD. Soooo if anything here seems familiar do comment Reply

      For the kids and crystal I would suggest the traditional Josh Kirby... Time Warrior!, but that's a very long shot.

      Well the tiger one is probably Wild Kat

      Thanks! Pretty sure Wild Kat is the right one, not sure about Josh Kirby